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We Support Reclaim PRIDE!

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“The current Pride Parade is shameful – a corporate extravaganza that completely ignores the profound fights we’re still waging all over the world,” Larry Kramer said in a statement released by Reclaim Pride. “We must send a powerful message to the homophobic, racist Trump administration and regimes and corporations everywhere that are killing our brothers and sisters,” 

For more on Reclaim Pride go to HERE and HERE.

Rival Group to Hold Competing Pride in NYC. 

A New York City-based group called the Reclaim Pride Coalition announced last week that more than 50 LGBT rights organizations in the U.S. and other countries have endorsed its plans for a “non-corporate, grassroots” civil rights march to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall riots.
Organizers say the “Reclaim Pride” march will take place on June 30 on the same day and at the same time but along a different route than the official New York City Pride March, which has been organized for more than 20 years by the group Heritage of Pride or HOP.

Similar to disputes over LGBT Pride events that have surfaced in recent years in other cities, including D.C., Reclaim Pride Coalition officials say they decided to hold their own march after their attempts for more than two years to persuade HOP to change its Pride March to better reflect the historic atmosphere of protest and rebellion triggered by Stonewall have been unsuccessful.
“Eschewing the corporate-saturated, highly policed nature of recent parades, the [Reclaim Pride] March is a truly grassroots action that mobilizes the community to address the many social and political battles that continue to be fought locally, nationally, and globally,” the Reclaim Pride Coalition said in a Jan. 24 statement.
Reclaim Pride Coalition leaders have noted that many LGBT activists have been troubled that in recent years large splashy floats by major U.S. corporations that serve as sponsors of the Heritage of Pride march, which looks more like a parade, have become the public face of the event.

Heritage of Pride officials have said corporate sponsors make it possible for the nonprofit group to pay for a march and related events that have grown immensely since the first Pride March in New York in 1970. That march commemorated the first anniversary of the riots that began in New York’s Greenwich Village in response to a police raid on the Stonewall Inn gay bar, triggering what historians say was the start of the modern LGBT rights movement.


Justice & Faith: Hartford’s First Black Church 1819-2019

February 5, 2019 – 12-1 pm

For two hundred years, African Americans — both enslaved and free — have maintained a vital community of worship in Hartford. The Talcott Street Church also provided a safe haven to speak out and organize around American slavery, the primary moral issue of the day.

As the church grew, it became the home of women and men who were powerful examples of faith-based justice, including James Mars, Rebecca Primus, Rev. James Pennington, and Ann Plato. Today, Faith Congregational Church continues this proud and unbroken history.

Join historian, Steve Thornton, founder of the Shoeleather History Project, as he introduces some of these fascinating figures and uncovers previously unknown stories that are relevant to our times.

This event is free to attend and registration is not required, but is encouraged, for this Conversations at Noon program. Register for the program HERE.

Encounters: La Amistad

February 16, 2019 – 10 am – 12 pm

The Encounters Series is a program that fosters unexpected conversations around divisive issues. On July 1, 1839, fifty-three Mende captives overtook the crew of La Amistad. Unable to return to Africa, these individuals were interned in New Haven, Connecticut, while a trial deciding their fate took on the crucial question of the relationship between humanity and the ownership of human beings in the early Republic.

Program participants will join in the conversation as we discuss the Amistad revolt; the Supreme Court case, United States v. The Amistad (1841), which began in the room where Encounters will take place; human rights and international politics; and the intimate connections between slavery and freedom. To register for this free program, please RSVP to


Looking guilty as hell.

Conservative Group hosts anti-transgender panel of ‘feminists from the left.’

By Tim Fitzsimons

The conservative Heritage Foundation, which has long advocated against LGBTQ rights, hosted a panel in Washington on Monday titled “The Inequality of the Equality Act: Concerns From the Left.” But instead of highlighting the left’s opposition to the Equality Act, which seeks to add LGBTQ protections to federal civil rights laws, all four panelists had one thing in common: They oppose transgender rights.

If gender identity becomes a protected class in federal civil rights law, there will be serious negative consequences,” Ryan T. Anderson, a senior research fellow at the foundation and the event’s moderator, said in his introduction. The increase in those identifying as transgender, he added, “has become an epidemic.”

Those invited by Heritage to share their “concerns from the left” included three women from the Women’s Liberation Front, or WoLF, a self-described radical feminist organization best known for its opposition to transgender rights, and Hacsi Horvath, an adjunct lecturer at the University of California, San Francisco, who formerly identified as transgender.

Throughout their hourlong discussion, the four panelists — at least two of them LGBTQ — shared similar views on transgender people and the rights many in the trans community are currently seeking. Horvath likened the trans rights movement to “the new eating disorder,” and Jennifer Chavez, a WoLF member, read from a letter that described increased transgender visibility and acceptance as “a social contagion all over the internet.” (more…)

From the publisher: The gripping story of how a multi-racial group of woman warriors put their bodies on the line to gain a foothold in the male and largely white electrical trades at Seattle’s publicly owned utility.

This important new history tells the story of women’s fight to gain entry into electrical trades at Seattle City Light beginning in the 1970s. Female pioneers came forward to implement affirmative action in the face of life-threatening sexism and racism. Some saw the trades as just a means to a better paycheck. But other, more radical, participants sought to build alliances with men of color, white male union members, and office staff to change the culture of discrimination at City Light and in the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 77. High Voltage Women offers insights into the role of feminists in Seattle’s vibrant activist and labor movements and exposes the sorry record of city politicians who acted as roadblocks to social progress.

Community historian Ellie Belew has captured the drama, the events, and the personalities in an extensively researched saga. Belew is the author of Bringing Power to the People, the history of the International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers Local #77, and Fully Involved, which records the experiences of Washington’s professional fire fighters and their role in the labor movement.

224 pages – Photos, index, notes – ISBN 978-0-932323-34-7
Advance copies are $20.00 (incl. shipping

To order copies from Red Letter Press go to HERE.

This is the year folks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion. We will be publishing through-out the coming months articles, photos and what every else strikes our fancy about this one great moment in LGBTQ history.

Let us start with a statement that should be thought about and thought about again and again. How can we apply these words written so many years ago to what is happening today in amerikkka? We had better be fully aware that it can and is happening and do more and more about it.

So let’s go back to our brave radicals when they confronted the NACHO mainstream L & G movement with some sobering words of wisdom.

This came through on our facebook page.

Here is some of what was written about it.

A friend shared this I want to include what he said: He is J. Bruce Wilcox and this is what he wrote: “Man’s ultimate inhumanity to man continues on in white supremacy- racism- anti-antisemitism- homophobia- misogyny- religious human hatred of the *other*. We are all one. There is no other. Until humanity grasps this basic reality- we will continue to foolishly hurt each other.”
I would also like to thank Steve Drexler for his wonderful words.

I would like to humbly add:

So many times I have thought, why would god, if there is a god sit out the holocaust and all of the horrors that the world has undergone over the years. Is it to teach us a lesson? Is it to tell us, hey this is wrong and you have got to stop it? Can you learn from this and do better? Why didn’t war end after the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan? Why didn’t holocausts end after what happened in Germany? Why are the people around the world having to endure the wars and more wars brought to them by men? Can not God strike these war mongers dead? Why won’t God? And why can’t people see this horror and put an end to such leaders and those who use the people as pawns in this game of power. Yes so many people have so many questions of god.

Here is what the original poster Steve Drexler wrote:

Today is the 74th year anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp Auwschitz. This is what happens when a madman is in charge and goes unchallenged by power hungry and delusional supporters.

Our president is a narcissistic psychopath. He is demonizing everyone who is not just like him. He is destroying our alliances, relationships, and values.
We owe it to the millions of people who died in the fight against fascism and toxic racism and bigotry, to resist all bullying and to call it out, and defeat it, or we are doomed to repeat the past.
WWII saw the fascists and Nazis try to exterminate not only the Jews as a race, but Jehovah’s witnesses, the Roma people, anyone identified as LGBT, the physically and mentally challenged, people of African ancestry, and countless other people who have never been documented.

We know there were 6,000,000 Jews killed, there are not exact counts for the others who were murdered. This was on top of the millions of people who died as collateral victims as a result of the war. Then there were the soldiers who were killed in the fighting directly, and there were those who died of starvation and exposure because their homes were destroyed.
This is unacceptable!

Never again!

Yes I guess we can only take the idea of NEVER AGAIN to heart and work out from there by opposing all war and all man’s inhumanity to man.

Furbirdsqueerly will continue to follow this thread and publish more comments as they become available.

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Phosphorousa , is an lgbtq+ driven psychedelically and spiritually influenced independant musical project lyrically and vocally created by me ( angel feathers) i am a singer songwriter who just so happens to also be male to female transgender person . if you enjoy my music please like and share and subscribe on both my facebook and youtube!!! any love helps and all love matters !! 🙂
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Case in point. Democrats support the overthrow of the elected Socialist government of Venezuela just as the republicans. Are you ready for the destruction of yet another country by the United States? Have you seen the thousands of people of Venezuela out in the streets in support of the government? Yet still the democrats and republicans persist in trying to force their will on another country. We must resist this move. U.S. Hands off Venezuela!!!

Pro Maduro US diplomats refuse to leave.
Hands Off Venezuela!!!!

The streets are for Chavismo. The people, invincible and dignified, defend the homeland from imperial threats and support the president Nicolas Maduro.

 U.S. Hands off Venezuela!!