Bad boys and girls from history past. Bad boys of today.

Posted: January 20, 2019 in Be on your guard, Call to Action, for your reflection, Revolting, SHUT IT DOWN!!, Take Action, We remember

Students of the Deutsche Studentenschaft, organized by the Nazi party, parade in front of the Institute for Sexual Research in Berlin on May 6, 1933. They later attacked it, looting the archives, and setting afire much of the material.

May 10th Berlin Germany

Bad boys and girls of history past. Where were their mothers and fathers? Throwing in the books right along with the kids. Put nothing past trumps youth. “On April 6, 1933, the right-wing German Students Association called for a celebratory burning of “un-German” literature in cities across the country. Exactly a month later, students in Berlin ransacked Hirschfeld’s Institute for Sexual Science and carted away the contents of its library and archive. Four days later, on May 10, they threw the materials onto bonfires in Berlin’s Opera Square.” Please LGBT folks let us stop this scum while it spreads. This is no time for one issue LGBT organizing. No time at all.

and we know the rest of the story.

Scum trumps youth of today. Mocking and chanting at an Indigenous Elder. Name them!

Is this an excuse for grown boys behavior? Yes we think both parents and kids are equally to blame. But these kids are not 6 year old. And let us add the Catholic Church whose hate is cloaked in respectability. Put nothing past these kids. How old do they have to be before they kill someone?  How old do they have to be before they throw people into the fire? Stop this herd of ignorance.

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