Stonewall 50 Some thoughts as we approach the anniversary.

Posted: January 29, 2019 in *Celebration*, Fight Back, Fight war and war mongers, for your reflection, PRIDE, Queer Thoughts, Solidarity

This is the year folks the 50th anniversary of the Stonewall Rebellion. We will be publishing through-out the coming months articles, photos and what every else strikes our fancy about this one great moment in LGBTQ history.

Let us start with a statement that should be thought about and thought about again and again. How can we apply these words written so many years ago to what is happening today in amerikkka? We had better be fully aware that it can and is happening and do more and more about it.

So let’s go back to our brave radicals when they confronted the NACHO mainstream L & G movement with some sobering words of wisdom.

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