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Posted: March 16, 2019 in Call to Action

Some serious fun.

Marielle Franco, presente! Today is one year since Franco, a Black queer councilwoman, was murdered in Brazil. This week, two former police officers were arrested suspected of carrying out her murder. Her life should inspire us to fight for the rights of the most marginalized sectors as a path to liberate us all.

Meet organizers defending Marielle’s legacy and fighting against the right wing in Brazil at Feminism for the 99% – Women’s Conference


We have disliked TERFS since June 1973 when Sylvia Rivera was booed while on the stage of pride speaking truth to the fledging power of the L and G movement. The TERFS lead by Jean O’Leary still dislike her even if she apologized and is now dead and gone on her way. TERFS are still a big problem and just recently some of them were seen an heard rubbing elbows with enemies of the LGBTQ populations. So fuck TERFS. Chase them out like one would and should any right wing scum for that is what they are. Let’s not play nice with these folks.

March 12, 2019
Oppressions: the capitalist connection and the socialist solution

FSP contingent at Washington D.C. Women’s March in protest of 2017 inauguration of Donald Trump. PHOTO: FSP

The following excerpts are from a 1989 keynote speech by Clara Fraser to a conference called “Parallels and Intersections: Racism and Other Forms of Oppression.” What is the relationship between the oppression of different groups of people — and what are the implications for social change? These are the issues Fraser and the conference were addressing, and it’s one that has stalked movements for equality and liberation from their beginnings.

In the 1960s, Fraser and the organizations she co-founded, the Freedom Socialist Party and Radical Women, answered these questions with multi-issue revolutionary socialist feminism. The excerpts below capture the essence of these politics and their relevance to debates about intersectionality and identity politics today. The full speech can be read at or in Fraser’s fierce and funny collection of essays and speeches called Revolution, She Wrote, available at

Chains forged by history

All the many brands of oppression — racism, sexism, heterosexism, ageism, classism — are historical; they have not been always with us. It was not ever thus. And it’s not going to be this way, come the revolution!
Human nature, by itself, is fine. If you’ve raised children, you know babies don’t come into the world nasty and exploitative — they’re nice people! They want support and help and solidarity. And they give love and gratitude. They’re cheerful; they like life. It’s what happens to them as they grow up that turns them into the kind of people you hate to meet. So the problem doesn’t start with human nature but with historical categories.

Oppressions grew. They developed — not out of somebody’s evil mind, but out of material reality. Given certain economic conditions, levels of technology, and the particular development of the forces of production, assorted varieties of subjugation had to happen. When production of “commodities” — goods for sale — became widespread, private ownership arose and with it came new family structures and relations among people. Classes emerged. And to entrench these new classes, new forms of rule developed. The state was born; laws came on the scene. The culture changed.
We live in an epoch in which there coexists class oppression, racism and sexism, heterosexism, ageism, ableism, anti-Semitism, et cetera, et cetera. There’s a name for this kind of society and it’s called capitalism. In its most developed expansionist form, it’s known as imperialism. (more…)

This continues our series on The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Populations: No love affair with cops. In this part we will examine groups that have sprung up in the LGBTQ populations and more stories from ourstories here in Hartford and nationally. Someone told us the other day, “Hey wait a second here” You are talking about years and years and have only listed a few incidents of police misbehavior. So, are you saying without realizing it that most of the time the police behave? That all of you LGBTQ folks really have nothing to worry about.” Yeah okay Miss Lilly Law, we damn well know many times and many crimes go un-reported and that is a fact. Folks fear that more criminal activity will take place from the very people we are not suppose to fear and that is a fact.

This posting is a collage gleaned from many sources in the service of and for the people.

So let’s begin this with some very wise words, important words that we has queers have been hammering away with for along time.

**This has got to be one of the best articles on our history and the police: Reclaiming Our Lineage: Organized Queer, Gender-Nonconforming, and Transgender Resistance to Police Violence
By Che Gossett, Reina Gossett, and AJ Lewis. Please read the article. We will provide the ending which we feel has a powerful impact.

The authors end their article this way:

“Unfortunately, many of the largest national LGBT organizations constantly recall and reference the liberatory and antipolice “Stonewall” riot as a battle cry for their homonormative agenda: marriage, military inclusion, access to the market, and hate crimes legislation. The narrow and singular pressure to accept this agenda and assimilate into mainstream society elides the rich and dynamic history of our movements for liberation and self-determination. A critical analysis about the dangers of aligning with the police, and an alternative practice of building real protection from violence in the form of strong and diverse communities, is part of that rich heritage. Remembering our radical history, and reclaiming ownership over it, is a powerfully transformative act of love for the value of our movements and our lives.”

Know your rights if you have any.

A 2017 survey from Harvard found that one in six LGBTQ people avoid calling the police for fear of harassment, with that number doubling for Blacks and People of Color. 

Let’s go back to Part 1 and review the case of the 11 Kalos Society members arrested for picketing a “gay” bar due to the harassment of lesbians who management of the bar said were not dress properly. We read from the Griffin Magazine the publication of the Kalos society this report:


As reported in the last newsletter Kalos women and men began picketing the Park West(local Gay bar)on the 27th of August. We did this to help our sisters who were being indiscriminately hassled by the management. On Friday, September 1, 1971, eleven of our Gay sisters and brothers were rudely and unfairly arrested by the local police. We were charged with Loitering and Breach of the Peace .
We were guilty of nothing but expressing our protest via picket as a means of free speech guaranteed in the First Amendment of the Constitution of this country. We were verbally and physically abused by the sexist policemen and later discovered the reason for our persecution. Cornelius Shea, the Chief Prosecutor of the 14th Circuit Court(Hartford), had personally occasioned our arrests. He happens to be a direct blood relative of Pat Shea, one of the owners of the Park West. Therein lies the real reason for our illegal arrest and detention. Needless to say, these false charges were dropped, after several postponements in court. We went back to the Park West the night after our arrests and picketed every weekend night until Pat Shea agreed to drop her dress code” hassling of women(On Friday, Sept. 17,1971). The Park West is presently the only Gay establishment in Hartford that has been liberated. We congratulate Pat Shea on her change of policy. Wake Up 1492 East and Nick’s – Et Tu next?????  ( 1 )

We find the connection of Pat Shea one of the owners to Hartford’s Chief Prosecutor to be of interest. We can just hear her now, “Oh please Cornelius, please get these nasty pickets away from the front of my bar.” And the crackdown came and went and the people still full of discontent continued their fight back.

The harassment continues on the street in Asylum Hill, Hartford Ct.

From the Connection, a newsletter of the Kalos Society Hartford Ct. September 1973

Hartford Gays are experiencing a new low in cruising freedom these days. It seems that the police have run out of robberies and murders to solve and are now intent on filling the city’s jail s with the gay population. Ask anyone who normally cruises the infamous Asylum Hill and Garden Street area. The numbers of people who have been taken down to the precinct houses are already legion, and the arrests and frisking’s continue to mount. It is commonplace to see 2,3, or 4 police cruisers going around the two block stretch on any night of the week. The surveillance is not sporadic. It is continuous, and the police in their desire to do their duty are stopping literally everyone. God help you if you don’t have a legitimate reason for being out. But then it really doesn’t matter if you do or don’t– you are at the mercy of the individual officer’s whims in any event. One individual who lives in the neighborhood was arrested for loitering while walking to his car i n order to go to the store for milk. Protests so far have fallen on deaf ears, but the protests shall continue, and, hopefully, redress will be obtained. Until such time as this can come about, all concerned gays are advised to limit their cruising to the bars and wait till the heat dies down.

At the individual officer’s whims, isn’t that how it is many times. Get the wrong cop, get arrested, clubbed, choked to death, pepper sprayed you know the story. Nice one second and then wham bam off they go. Do what they want as just about everyone of these guys brought into courts have been let go. Let go even when they murder.


by James Hall

Hartford, CT (Nov. 14, 2005) – This past Friday, Hartford police confirmed that they are investigating a beating last month of two lesbians after leaving a local club. The two women went to the Polo Club, located at 678 Maple Ave, on Oct. 29 and left when it closed, at 2am, on Oct. 30. They were walking to their car, which was parked on Campfield Avenue, the street behind the club. The young couple, 22 and 24, heard words such as ‘faggots and dykes’ being shouted, which were coming from a group of people hanging out on the street and on a house balcony. The couple yelled back objections. According to the one of the women, she was punched in the back of the head and sent to the ground. When her girlfriend attempted to stop the attack, she was hit. At one point, each woman said that they found themselves fighting off three men. Eventually, the men stopped the assaults. Frightened for their safety, the women went to their car, returned to the dub to pick up a friend and drove home. The 22-year-old suffered a broken cheekbone, an injury that will require reconstructive surgery. The 24year-old suffered a broken sternum as a result of the attack. The women asked that they not be identified for fear they would be in danger. The couple went to the hospital, later in the day, on Oct. 30 for treatment. It was there that they called city police. The couple were asked why they didn’t report it right away and said that they were panicked. Initially, the women found the police to be less than sympathetic, in responding to the attack. After filing the report on Oct. 31 , the officer indicated that there was not much hope for solving the case since the women could not Identify their attackers. On Nov. 2, the officer called the Campfield address and they knew nothing of the attack. Lt. David Polletta said the major crimes division is investigating this attack and it is being followed up on.

Asked if she had a problem with the way the police handled the attack, the 22-year-old said, “They could have been more helpful. They weren’t sympathetic at all.” In fact, they were “kind of rude about it,” she said. (more…)

We don’t expect any Trump supporters to be reading this blog but one never knows now-a-days. Yeah maybe that cop who is a spy, checking us out, or maybe that right wing nut who wants to punch out our running lights, (careful on that one baby as we got the goods) or someone who is just curious to what a furbird is. We came upon this meme that someone send to us and asked that we publish it. We said yes but we want to add that this is only a part of the problem. A horrible nasty part of the problem. We have some trump supporters in our family and haven’t spoken to them since the election when we told them off. Just think saying “we love you out of their mouth and then voting against us as queers. Doesn’t work that way. Better study your history nazi.

and them some.