The Lines have been drawn. No Love Affair with the cops, is Part 3 of our series. This piece is a collage of ideas. This work like many others that we publish is gleaned from many sources, is made up of cut outs,  and brought together in a weaving in the service for and of the people. These works are a gathering of ideas, statements, thoughts, photo’s and whatever else we find at our disposal to tell a story, to tell our stories. We are interested in fight back. Ourselves and the Black and Brown Communities learned a long time ago that when we are under attack, we must fight back. What have we as a people, the LGBTQI+ populations done to fight back against the police? What have other communities done? What still is being done? What needs to be done is entirely up to you the reader of our essays.  At the end of this article are several groups maintaining a fight back mood.

Just about every day we read of police brutality, of misconduct and shootings of men and women of color. This has got to stop. But we know words alone won’t do it. How many times did Eric Garner have to tell the cops on Staten Island I can’t breath but still they murdered him? How many times we ask and ask? Eleven times he told them and eleven times their chokes continued.  Some say we have to spend time in educating, in holding classes with the cops. Well, folks have tried that over and over during the years and still it happens. The first time in Hartford that a gay organization tried to educate was in 1975 when members of the Kalos Society attended roll call in Hartford to brief police on what it is like to be gay. The then police chief Hugo J. Masini arranged the sensitivity sessions which he declared to be a success. ( See Part 1 and Part two of our essays to see the results of this success) Not much changed at all. Indeed our community has never had a love affair with the cops even when they tried to pull a Lavender Patrol with members of G.O.A.L and then police chief Jessie Campbell parading in the streets of Hartford. I am sure that many older activists in this town or in any town could put there heads together and remember all the other times that our community, and other communities have held training sessions, diversity sessions, and what else type of sessions  with the police and still the police act the way they do. How many Police Chiefs, how many administration changes has this city or any city gone through and nothing has changed?  A department can change their chief, hire in new officers, retire some, fire one or two and still the harassment and the murder continues. A liberal said the other day “I thought we were beyond such behavior now.” We will leave that thought right there for anyone of our readers to wonder while they wander what the fuck is wrong with some folks. (1)

African-Americans died at the hands of police at a rate of 7.2 per million, while whites are killed at a rate of 2.9 per million.

The Black and Brown Communities are under constant threats and attacks by the police. There have been over the years trainings and more trainings in diversity but still there are killings, still the harassment goes on. There have been pray ins, march ins, sit-ins and every kind of in and out but every day new cop attacks on citizens appear on my facebook page and every day I get more and more angry. Every day we read about the violence and racism and officers aquitted when they murder. Folks fight back and fight back some more but still the cops abuse their power. What will it take to stop this? A civilian review board made up of citizens with no police or politician interference? A board with teeth. A board willing to bite back. Perhaps a total dismantling of the system would be the answer. But what do we do in the meantime? People are dying, the cops get let off the hook due to a corrupt racist, sexist and homophobic system. Change the system some cry? Yes but when? Disarm the police some others say. Yes we answer but know that is only in our dreams hoping that others will join the dream in anyway that they can and make this a reality.

Let us never forget this statement: “When law enforcement agencies act in such total disregard for civil rights and human life, no minority group is safe. Those who pervert their public trust deserve to be dealt with swiftly and to the fullest extent of the law.” Jim Bradford, Mattachine Midwest Chicago, after touring the apartment where Fred Hampton was murdered.

It must take a certain type of person to join forces with such an idea and become cops, to join forces with evil, to become a enforcer. It takes a certain type of person to be full of hatred, cruelty and barbarity against Black and Brown people, women, LGBTQI folks and others who dare to step outside the line, that false boundary, and challenge the system that the masters have created. So many times just being is enough to get a person murdered. Just walking, just driving, just going out to the store. Do these types of enforcers have any place in a civilized society? I laughed as I wrote that as this society, this amerikkka has three K’s, no we damn well know that this society is not civilized. We can all talk until we turn blue, now wouldn’t that be strange, (wonder how they would treat folks then?) we can pray, and we can try to be as nice as pie but still it persists.

Here is a song that helped me put on my growing shoes, Barbara Dane and the Chamber Brothers sing Malvina Reynolds song “It Isn’t Nice”, a message from 1966 but still it sings today.

But, power didn’t heed the calls of the people and now power faces an even bolder show of resistance and we in the resistance face a bolder show of power.

You know folks let’s not beat around the bush anymore. We know as well as many that the lines have been drawn. The barricades are erected. On one side is us and the other is them. Now the question is do you wish to continue to pussy foot around this problem or join a side? Do you really think that those on the other side of the line, on the other side of the barricades can be educated? If your answer is yes to that educate question, well then we will have to say, “Honey we don’t have a 100 years to wait.”

A note to the LGBTQI+ Populations and those who want to assimilate into such a system.

Harry Hay the founder of the Mattachine Society a early gay rights movement once had this to say to the assimilationists among us. These words ring true today as they did on the day that he spoke them in an interview with the Progressive Magazine.  When Hay was asked what he thought of the assimilationist LGBT folks who wanted to just change the law and fit in he replied “The assimilationist group you have now is exactly the same crowd that threw me out, only forty years later. Assimilation is the way you excuse yourself. It absolutely never worked at all. You may not think that you are noticeable. But they know who you are. They know you’re a degenerate, and they’ve never forgotten that. You won’t find out until the push comes to shove. And then you’ll find it out fast. Because they’re respectable in the eyes of God and you are not.”

Let’s think about that idea for a minute. Within our own population there are those that can and those who cannot, and those who will not. We are talking about passing. Passing in straight society. Being just like them. A good boy and girl. Nice as nice can be. You know them, side with the police, the military, the ones who call for more cops on the street, who come and gentrify the neighborhoods and fly their rainbow colors, who vote for a kinder and gentler fascism, who denounce drag queens and kings, who care more about their property values than providing a youth shelter for LGBTQI youth, who fight for themselves and their agendas that benefits a few. You know those who are acceptable by society vrs. those who are not. Those who are the good gays vrs those who are not. Those who are the spoonful of sugar, you know the bankers, the CEO’s, the movie star, the imitators of straight society, lovely home in the suburb, 2 kids in the yard, a marriage certificate that makes mommy and daddy proud, nice white middle class folks who do not make many peeps unless it concerns them and what they got. You know the folks the assimilationists among us. I have always believed them to be a very dangerous lot. If one sides with power over the people then one is and must be an enemy of mine. Yes, I believe they will when the push comes to shove try hard to pass, try hard to be just like them, will shoot us queers down just as power will. As we said all those little rainbow pins, all the cop cars done up rainbowy, will be cheered by the assimilationist, cheered even while they kill those who dare step outside. Conforming and assimilating in and with injustice is a threat to us, to those of us who wish to explore and build a totally different landscape.

We have written about them and their views many times. More than likely they think the police are only doing their job, and say, Stay inside the line and you’ll be fine. And the best one is, “So you don’t like the cops, who you gonna call if you find yourself in a bit of trouble?” “Which of course,” as Mary says, “has not a fucking thing to do with what we are talking about and is just another liberal way of excusing the bad behavior of power.” We must ask, what are we going to say to those assimilationists who believe that any inclusion is good inclusion? We wonder do these folks really think that a few LGBT cops will somehow work their lavender magic and a wave of goodness, harmony and peace will sweep through the police force and a thousand or so years of oppressor behavior will end and all will be well? If we have an LGBTQI+ liaison officer that somehow things will get better. In part one of our essay’s we put an end to that myth.   The words that come to my mind are Dream on fool. The big bully will be with us always unless we confront, topple and transform the system.

So how we gonna educate them? I would think the cops rather enjoy being paid for protecting the rich, for making sure the capitalist system is still a go each morning, to protect the property of the wealthy and to beat back anyone who tries to pull the plug on this system. Pull the plug in any manner that they see doesn’t fit in with what is suppose to be. The cops true job is to use all the force that is given to them to stop anyone who is a threat or a challenge to this system. Watching videos of cops beating, stomping and kicking black men tells me that they rather enjoy what they do. Educate them, they will educate you with a broom handle up your ass, a choke hold, or bullets to the head. As long as that money comes in and you know it always will, as long as they are well fed, as long as they have the backing of this racist system they will stick to the system like shit on a shoe. If they refuse one by one they will be dismissed and turned out from duty. The police are just lackeys for the twin parties of evil. What I have learned so far is that the cops are just a part of the fist that the capitalist class used along with the military, the courts and prisons to keep us all down and under their thumb. Calling on the police to stop what they are doing and join us even after they have nearly beaten our brothers and sisters to death is not only misguided but shameful and reckless. Brutal attack dogs they are, and as a young person from the Spartacus Youth Club said, “Cops are not workers, They are strike breakers, kill black people and beat, pepper spray and haul protesters off to jail.” They shot Oscar Grant down in cold blood. Cops are not potential allies they are our enemy.”

It is foolish to hold on to the illusion that cops are our brothers in our struggle (yes some liberals and other misguided folks do. I think it has something to do with they are in a union) when they are bound to enforce the laws of the Capitalist Class, and the democratic and republican parties. They are the thugs, the black shirt Gestapo, the folks that we must warn you about again and again. Let’s learn our lesson this time. Let’s thank our many comrades on the left who tell us these facts daily.

In the town where I grew up it was the guys that were the bullies in school who somehow, (give that a ha ha) made it into the police force. They always found acceptance there. As if one had to be a bully to be a police officer as if that is what was expected of them. And when the cop bully began bullying what did the good citizens say? Nothing. It was always the trouble maker who got it from the cops, not them. Our noses are clean as our hands are also. There the lines had been drawn, keep on this side be good and you won’t get a night stick upside your head. Phooey to them. We stare back from the other side of the line.

One of the problems with the suburbanite’s understanding of the police is what they represent. This crowd perhaps does not know what it is like to be policed which is very different from just interacting with cops-when you are policed you know what those guys are all about.. A.B

Here is a poem that our friend Molly wrote for this work.



The Battle Lines Have Been Drawn

with the last breath of Eric Garner, the last heart beat of Philando Castile, Alton Sterling, Stephon Clark, Sandra Bland, Michel Brown, Freddie Gray, Elliott Williams, Henry “Peg” Gilbert,  Tryvon Martin, Daniel Hambrick, Oscar Grant, Laquan Mc Donald, Tamir Rice Jimmy Atchison, D’ettrick Griffin, Kendra James, Antwon Rose, Willie Mc Coy, Oscar Cain Jr.  and the list of the dead goes on and on as we say their names year after year.

With the children of our martyrs blood and tears, and mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, cousins aunts uncles lovers weeping

with the lives of our Black, Brown and white Trans sisters murdered for wanting to just live their lives and breath freely.

with every group of young men and women, with every group of senior men who congregate on the corner to pass the time and the news and the cops harass them.

with the tear gas and pepper spray, the cup of coffee thrown in a police mans face, with coins flung and screams of Here’s your payoff coppers.

with every black child pulled from her seat by the white teacher for really nothing more than being a kid.

With those who are not afraid and come out nightly to fight, to scream for justice.

with every cop acquitted after murdering a Black man.

with every child’s cries from hunger pains, from the cold, from rats scurrying near her bed.

with every child separated from her parents by the U.S government and every parent searching for their son.

with every jug of water dumped out on the ground by border patrol.

The battle lines are drawn when Roxana Hernandez was physically abused and died while in ICE custody and hundreds of her Transgender sisters are held at the border.

with the shooting of Scout Schultz a bisexual, intersex president of Pride Alliance at Georgia Tech. Protesters burned a police car, and broke windows in anger.

with every drone, bomb, and military attack on the civilian population of the world.

with the eviction of children, women, and men from their homes forcing them to live on the streets.

with the knowledge that the local cop is a member of a far right organization.

with every cop who beats his nightstick in his hand daring us to move just an inch or two.

with the teargas, the mace, the pepper spray, the rubber bullets, the military grade weapons patrolling the streets of fascist amerikkka.

with every Trans women who is beaten but afraid she will be beaten and sexually assaulted by the cops if she reports the assault to the cops.

The battle lines were drawn when Eric Crawford threw back the tear gas canister at the cops to protect innocent young lives and Ieshia Evans stood firmly in the street to stop the advancing police

with every time the racist, sexist, homophobic right wing pig president breaths.

The battle lines have been drawn and we know which side we stand on.

The Attack On RENT BOY by Homeland Security. The policing of our sexual lives. Get the government out of our pants.

I think a lot of folks mouths flew open when we heard the news that Homeland Security had raided the offices of the hook up site Rent Boy in Matthatan August 2015.  First let us look at what the job of Homeland Security is as listed.

The core mission and purpose of Homeland Security is defined by statute and regulations. Its strategic priorities are outlined in regulations and its own quadrennial review. None outline supervision of the world’s oldest profession as a law enforcement goal.

There are five homeland security missions. First, it is to prevent terrorism and enhance national security. Second, to secure and manage our national borders. Third, enforcing our immigration laws. Fourth, safeguarding cyberspace from hackers. Fifth, ensuring a resilient response to national disasters. That’s their charge, purpose and duty.

Investigating alleged consensual male prostitution was never mentioned in a summary of their high priority targets?

The ‘ ‘legitimate’ and ‘mainstream’ LGBT organizations like the HRC are unlikely to jump into this fight. They are too busy trying to be accepted by the establishment to stand up strenuously against it. Rent boys represent a fringe element they don’t want to be associated with. (where have we heard this before? Hey right here in Hartford when police were entrapping men down by the river.) Nevertheless, don’t ever forget that the LGBT civil rights movement did not start with corporate Vice Presidents stepping out of the closet in the workplace. It began with youth and drag queens taking to the street in Greenwich Village and AIDS activists marching on Washington.

While we have put an end to sodomy laws and advanced the cause of gay rights nationally, personal acceptance of your sexual identity still remains a challenge for millions of Americans. Escorting services provide a vehicle and conduit for human beings to explore their own identities privately and individually. It’s healthy, not harmful. Those decisions should be protected, not prosecuted. Perhaps this raid may the impetus to start a class action on behalf of those whose rights have been compromised. Frankly, we should all be very frightened. The government has spied on us for a long time in many ways. The only thing that has changed is the way they do it. But every way they do it compromises your freedom and the integrity of law enforcement in America.

The raid on Rentboy came five days after the announcement by several major American LGBT legal advocacy organizations—Transgender Law Center, Gay & Lesbian Advocates & Defenders (GLAD), Lambda Legal, National Center for Lesbian Rights, and National Center for Transgender Equality—that they will join Amnesty International in calling for the decriminalization of sex work. Transgender Law Center has condemned the Rentboy raid, stating, “the US federal government is not only jeopardizing countless people’s lives and only source of livelihood, but sending a clear and troubling message that the country is less invested in addressing systemic issues of racial, economic, and anti-LGBT injustice than in further criminalizing the individuals most marginalized by those systems.” (2)

And on the Homefront

100 million traffic stops shows massive racial bias in policing. Written by Laura Clawson for Daily Kos

We place this in full here. We need to read and understand this in its fullest.

There is racial bias in policing, and a team of Stanford University researchers has erased any shadow of reasonable doubt about it. (Facts can’t do much about unreasonable doubt.) The Stanford Open Policing Project data includes nearly 100 million police stops over six years from 50 state and municipal police departments, finding powerful evidence of bias not just in who gets stopped but in what happens next.

While “officers generally stop black drivers at higher rates than white drivers, and stop Hispanic drivers at similar or lower rates than whites,” there could conceivably be multiple explanations for that. But once a driver has been stopped, black and Hispanic drivers are much more likely to be ticketed, searched, and arrested than white drivers. In fact, black drivers are 20 percent more likely and Latino drivers are 30 percent more likely to be ticketed than white drivers. It doesn’t stop there, though—they’re also twice as likely to be searched as white drivers.

And are searches of black and Latino drivers more likely to turn up contraband? Nope. White and black drivers were about equally likely to be found with contraband: 36 percent and 32 percent, respectively. Just 26 percent of Latino drivers were found with something illegal. The Stanford researchers designed a test of the data that found that “police require less suspicion to search black and Hispanic drivers than whites. This double standard is evidence of discrimination.”

A key defense from the Fraternal Order of Police was that officers are more likely to be patrolling in high-crime areas, which are more likely to have a lot of people of color, and therefore it’s completely reasonable that police would be stopping more people of color. But without even stopping to pull apart all the claims embedded in that defense, there’s this: The researchers looked at whether black drivers are equally likely to be pulled over at night, when it’s harder for police to see drivers as cars go by. And guess what! “After adjusting for the variation in sunset times across the year, researchers found a 5 to 10 percent drop in the share of stopped drivers after sunset who are black, suggesting black drivers are being racially profiled during the day.”

It doesn’t take a police officer sitting there thinking in so many words, “I want to pull over and ticket some black people” for policing to be racially biased or outright racist. If black drivers are more likely to be pulled over than white ones—which they are—and black and Hispanic drivers are more likely to be ticketed or searched than white ones—which they are—and white drivers are the most likely to be caught with illegal items—which they are—and black drivers are less likely to be pulled over at night when police can’t see them clearly—which they are—well, there goes that very last shadow of a reasonable doubt. Which was already more of a shadow of a shadow in a figment of someone’s imagination, anyway.

Here goes an award for one of the biggest shit heads breathing in the U.S today. 

Ohio State Rep: If Police Tase or Shoot a Child, She Probably Acted ‘Stupid’ or Was ‘a Punk’
Rep. John Becker  ( 3 )

Tasers are often billed as “less lethal” weapons,” though Tasers can kill. A 2017 Reuters study found 1,005 cases of fatal stun gun use by police, nearly all since the early 2000s, with “more than 150 autopsy reports citing Tasers as a cause or contributor to deaths.”

When he tased the girl on Aug. 6, Kevin Brown was working off-duty as a security guard at a Kroger market. Police say he believed the girl was shoplifting. (A report stated that the girl had stolen items, including a backpack, candy, and baby clothes totaling $53.81.) Brown fired his taser from about 10 feet away, striking her body just below her waist.
Body camera video includes Brown telling the girl, after he tased her, “Sweetheart, the last thing I want to do is tase you like that. When I say stop, you stop. You know you’re caught, just stop. That hurt my heart to do that to you. Then I got to listen to all these idiots out here in the parking lot, telling me about how I was wrong for tasing you.”

Later, also captured on video, the girl cries as EMTs remove the taser barbs from her skin. Police Chief Eliot Isaac has said Officer Brown’s use of the Taser was “unnecessary in this circumstance.”

We agree with the girls mother: “If you can’t restrain these little kids, you need to find a different job,” “She should have never got tased.”

And here a hero of the people Eric Crawford throws back a tear gas canister to protect children near him.

Rest In Power Edward Crawford Jr.

Edward Crawford Jr. throwing back a tear gas canister at the police, Ferguson Missouri August 13, 2014. Crawford later said about the incident, “I didn’t throw a burning can back at police, I threw it out of the way of children.” Edward Crawford a true peoples hero.

When state Sen. Maria Chappelle-Nadal, who much like Crawford emerged on the national radar during Ferguson, heard the news of Crawford’s death, she took to social media.

“He is #Ferguson’s hero,” the senator wrote on her Twitter account. “For those of us tear-gassed, he was our local champion.”

“Everybody back home is just shocked,” said Chappelle-Nadal, whose district includes Ferguson, from the capitol in Jefferson City.

“It’s depressing. That’s what it is. There seems to be no hope. It’s like we are imprisoned as black people. There are so many barriers that are put up for us as you try to change things and you fail, you try and you fail, ultimately there is very little hope and then you see these cases like this,” she said. “Folks who have been active in voicing their opinion on civil rights end up dead. It breaks you down.”

Let the truth be known Loud and Clear! 

When under attack Fight Back. Note from North Georgia.

Look at this heinous shit. Rapist Prison Guard in North Georgia. Scratch marks are from his victim’s incredible struggle against him.

How about this big bully. Everything about him spells PIG! This is officer Craig Appleby of Hamden Ct. police.

Here is a statement by a grandmother in Hamden Ct. Does anyone still wonder whey we do not, and let me repeat do not like cops. Thank you to Ms. Hebron for posting this and we will continue to fight.

Meet officer Craig Appleby from the Hamden Police dept. In Connecticut. This officer assaulted, taunted and bullied my grandchild in the Hamden Middle School asst Principals office. After getting my grandchild all upset and frustrated, he pressed his body against my grandchild with his hand on his taser and dared my grandchild to hit him! Thank GOD my grandchild did not act on his dare because he would have been tased and beaten by this bully with a badge! Since that incident 4 months ago, I have filed complaints with the police dept and the Board of Education immediately following the incident! I have requested body cam video which I have finally received which was only a partial video that only captured the aftermath which showed my grandchild crying and sweating while still being taunted by the officer and the asst principal while he was quietly waiting for my arrival to pick him up. Now after continuous attempts to demand the footage that showed this officer abusing my grandchild, I have been informed that the rest of the video does not exist! After further investigating their policies and procedures regarding body cam use during interactions with the public, they are supposed to record all encounters so as to protect their self from allegations of misconduct! Now to further inform you of the incident. The officer is a school resource officer in which his daily job is to be present in the school at all times to ensure the safety of the school and the students. He was not called to the school because my grandchild was doing anything wrong, he was already in the building when he chose to engage with my grandchild in a manner that was inappropriate and unwarranted! Since this time its been brought to my attention that he frequently singles out young black children to bully and taunt for his pleasure and entertainment. Also, neither of the complaints that i filed with the board of education or the police dept have completed an investigation. Since they have not taken this case seriously, a few weeks ago i filed a complaint with the COMMISSION OF HUMAN RIGHTS. Now that they have been served with notice from the Commission, they have cut off all communication with me! Now I’ve been down this road with this same police dept. In the past with my son, and happy to say that in the end, we won our case in Federal court and the Commission of human rights! Im posting this to let people know not to give up if you find yourself in this or a similar situation! I will not stop until I get justice for my grandchild!
Just to make myself clear, I am also going after the principal at the school and the board of education for failing to protect and keep my grandchild safe while trying to get an education! Please share this post! Please screenshot it as well in case they try to remove it!  Marnie Rodgers Hebron.

Another creep showing off his manly power. 

It really takes a big man to threaten a young boy. We think here of the white pig who arrested the young 12 year old boy in a mall for what he claimed the child was selling his tapes. When will the day come that the people simply go and take the boy from the cop? His aunt tried and we support her.

A 12-year-old rapper was grabbed by police at a Georgia shopping mall for allegedly selling CDs in a controversial arrest that was captured in viral video and has sparked an internal law enforcement probe.

Corey Jackson — the young performer known as “Corey J” — was with his family at the Cumberland Mall in Cumberland, Georgia, on Oct. 6 when a Cobb County police officer grabbed his arm.

The confrontation was taped by Corey’s aunt, according to police and family friend Toya Brown, a recording studio manager in Atlanta where Jackson’s recorded before.

“You’re 12?” a police officer is heard telling Corey, according to a tape obtained by NBC affiliate WXIA. “You’re about to go to jail.”

The aunt insisted the officer speak to Corey’s dad.

“I have his father on the phone and you won’t even speak to him,” she told the officer.

The camera is jostled when it appeared the officer and youngster tussled. But Cobb County police spokeswoman Sarah O’Hara said Wednesday the camera shook because the boy’s aunt “got physical” with the officer.

“She was still holding on to the camera as she’s assaulting my officer,” O’Hara said.

The youngster, who a police said Wednesday would not cooperate with the officer at the time, was charged with felony obstruction, misdemeanor obstruction and criminal trespassing from the confrontation. He was released to the custody of his dad.

The aunt was charged with felony obstruction, giving false ID, criminal trespassing and misdemeanor obstruction.

Corey’s family insisted the boy did nothing wrong.

“They don’t know why he was targeted, he’s a very good kid,” Brown told NBC News on Wednesday. “He doesn’t get into any trouble. He’s very well spoken and polite. Ask anyone who has met him and they would tell you that.”

Corey’s arrest sparked renewed conversation about police being called on African Americans for seemingly harmless actions.

Corey responded with this:

It’s jusssss like this! When God is blessing you Tha Devil is always rite around tha corner to seek & destroy. Tha fact that he snatched me & was trying to drag me around like I’m sum criminal that’s stealing, robbing or killing or sum is #Crazy. But tha worst part is he trying to charging me with a #felony putting my hands on a #PoliceOfficer he say I tried to brake his fingers, he say I cussed him & he say I pushed him! Where in this video do it show I did anything but tell him I know my rights & then when he proceeded to try and drag me my auntie stepped in & got in between us to get tha #Police off me, cause he was treating me like uh lil rag dog he can sling around…. All #Police is not bad, a lot are good friends of mines. But it’s some of you that do not deserve to be in a #PoliceUniform & this guy is clearly 1!!! Right is Right / Wrong is Wrong!! #CobbCounty #Police We must get to tha bottom of this… I’m just a kid out here standing for tha right & Motivating other kids in a positive way. Why try to destroy & bring me down!?!? #coreyj #thejasminebrand.

Yeah we got to ask like Corey Why try to destroy and bring and of our young folks down? This cop needs to be ploughed down.

221 People Have Been Shot and Killed by Police in 2019 (Updated: 2019-03-22)

Police killed 1,147 people in 2017. Black people were 25% of those killed despite being only 13% of the population.

Killed by police is an excellent site. Please check it out HERE.

Let the Truth be known.

Let me be clear – every single day people are dying, not able to take another breath. We are in a state of emergency. If you do not feel that emergency, then you are not human.

SI SE Puede! Justice for Janitors!

Us Queers are in the Union. Justice for Janitors fight for higher wages, respect and our lives.

After the beating by the cops the next day the janitors returned — in greater numbers and with greater resolve. They quickly won their first union contract. In the years following, “Justice for Janitors” — a term coined a few years earlier in Pittsburgh — became a way for 133,000 janitors in 33 cities across the country to win higher wages and a union.

On June 15, 1990, the Los Angeles Police Department viciously attacked immigrant janitors who were striking for the right to organize in Century City, Los Angeles. In a story that is now all too familiar, the police claimed they were defending themselves. Only later, when TV news footage exposed the police clubbing non-violent strikers, was the self-defense claim discredited. Two women miscarried, dozens were hospitalized, and 60 strikers and supporters were jailed.

After the violence, the workers regrouped in a nearby park where one of the strikers said, “What they did to us today in front of the TV cameras, is the way the police treat us every day.” Another woman striker told a reporter, “I wasn’t robbing a bank or selling drugs, I’m simply asking for an increase in pay but the police beat us as if we were garbage.”

However, the police assault backfired, and the response of the campaign organizers and activists is still instructive today. Far from being beaten into submission, the strikers met the next day and voted unanimously to return to the scene of the violence on the following day.

Over the next weeks, public outrage at the police helped galvanize support for the strikers. Janitors in Century City won their union, doubling their pay and benefits. Century City also proved a tipping point for the Justice for Janitors campaign. Many in the labor movement had argued that janitors were impossible to organize—they were undocumented, part-time, subcontracted, workers of color—but the campaign demonstrated clearly that not only could these workers organize, they could win.

After watching this video if you tell me you still like the cops I will tell you eat shit, bark at the moon and die.

It Isn’t Nice but We Did It Anyway!

Here is our story about a sit in in Hartford with the Justice For Janitors Campaign.

I bet you 500 + people came out. Everywhere in the streets of downtown Hartford. Folks were looking out of their office windows, people at the bus stop were joining in the chants, just about every cleaning person in th city of Hartford came to the demo,  thousands of leaflets were passed out, the plan was to block the doors of United Techonolgies whose CEO was holding out on signing the contract. Didn’t want to give .50 cents more a year, called the workers donkeys and said, “It isn’t my fault that they are uneducated and have to clean toilets” Standing there chanting rallying the troops and supporters, looking down Main Street, up came the riot police all dressed in black with their beating sticks. Marching in a line like good oppressors they marched right up to the Gold Building’s doors and stood there not allowing anyone in or out. Couldn’t have done a better job if we paid them to do it. So to the streets!!  Sit down!! Block the traffic. Main Street and Pearl in the center of town never looked so good. We threw everyone off guard, the cops, the city, the busses, the traffic. No doors to block, fuck them, block the streets!  The riot police were doing a bang up scary job as it was blocking the doors. “Who called the riot police on the cleaning lady?” remarked Mrs. Johnson who had stopped on her way home from work?  It only took a few days and finally the people at United Technologies signed the contract with their cleaning company. (of course the powers that be had to be threatened again, bigger and better next time wait till you see what we got.) Other janitors didn’t fare as well, some got beaten as we saw in the above video. But the power of the people prevailed, the power of the people together united with their allies. Once again the power of fight back! My partner was arrested along with our friends Mary and Jose.

The cleaners have organized and fought hard for every thing, yes everything that they have from power. Recently there has been a push to organize the Security Industry up and down the east coast and the response has been tremendous. At one building here in Hartford 98% of the workers signed on with the union. Cafeteria workers are being organized. Next up parking lot attendants and valets, copy room clerks, mail room workers and everyone else in corporate building who are paid less than a living wage, with very little benefits compared to other corporate workers. The service industry workers demand respect just like everyone else and the more we organize the more power we have. You know as well as I do that respect will not just be given but we have to demand it and take it.


A Leaflet we passed out during the demo. The MADA Art Party was mostly a LGBTQ group that worked closely with folks in the JFJ movement.

The People Fight Back. Black Lesbian Women Lead The Way. Young Black Queer Women Playing A Central Role in Justice, Liberation and Freedom.

In honor of Alicia Garza, Patrice Cullers, and Opal Tometi

Patrisse Cullors, Alicia Garza and Opal Tometi founded Black Lives Matter in the summer of 2013 after George Zimmerman’s acquittal for the shooting death of Trayvon Martin.

In August 2014, BLM members organized their first in-person national protest in the form of a “Black Lives Matter Freedom Ride” to Ferguson, Missouri after the shooting of Michael Brown. More than five hundred members descended upon Ferguson to participate in non-violent demonstrations. Of the many groups that descended on Ferguson, Black Lives Matter emerged from Ferguson as one of the best organized and most visible groups, becoming nationally recognized as symbolic of the emerging movement. Chapters of Black Lives Matter sprung up all across the world.

The activities in the streets of Ferguson caught the attention of a number of Palestinians who tweeted advice on how to deal with tear gas.  This connection helped to bring to Black activists’ attention the ties between the Israeli armed forces and police in the United States, and would later influence the Israel section of the platform of the Movement for Black Lives, released in 2016.

Black Lives Matter incorporates those traditionally on the margins of black freedom movements. The organization’s website, for instance, states that Black Lives Matter is “a unique contribution that goes beyond extrajudicial killings of Black people by police and vigilantes” and, embracing intersectionality, that “Black Lives Matter affirms the lives of Black queer and trans folks, disabled folks, black-undocumented folks, folks with records, women, and all Black lives along the gender spectrum.”  All three founders of the Black Lives Matter movement are women, and Garza and Cullors identify as queer. Additionally, Elle Hearns, one of the founding organizers of the global network, is a transgender woman. The founders believe that their backgrounds have paved the way for Black Lives Matter to be an intersectional movement.

The FBI is a political police force whose principal task in the United States has been not just to monitor dissent, but to actively attempt to destroy it.

You know as Harry Hay talked about push coming to shove, push comes to shove that police used everyday in the Black and Brown communities. Everyday when the leave their homes, go to the store, go to church, go to school, and every place within. Push comes to shove with racist whites getting in their faces for simply living. Push comes to shove by cops, the KKK, white supremists. It’s not enough to just mind your own business and get along and the cops will leave you alone. What is it like to always have to be mindful of where the next encounter is coming from for simply being Black or Brown? It is harassment of the worse kind. Always having to be on ones toes. Even the strongest person must know this. But we all know the day is coming, the great reckoning, be it by god coming by here, or the people simply really tired of all the crap, simply wanting to breath freely, simply wanting to be. Its coming. ( 4 )


( 1 ) Another important training with the cops took place during the early 1990s. After reports of police misconduct in the handling of complaints by LGBT folks the then chief Jessie Campbell encouraged education around LGBT issues and about the state’s hate crime law. Gay police officer Stan Wasilewski who was a member of G.O.A.L, union rep and police officer in Hartford was appointed as the LGBT liaison to the community and to the Anti Violence Project founded in response to the murder of Richard Reihl. The Hartford police department had been charged numerous times with in-action in support of the LGBTQI community and we discussed in Part 1 that harassment, profiling an discrimination against LGBTQI people continues to happen even when there is a liaison to that population.  A note on recruitment of LGBT officers. (I don’t think any political queer worth their salt would even bother to join up)


According to many today we say, just didn’t work so its time to try something new.

( 2 )   Norm Kent has this to say about the Rentboy case:

The seven defendants are charged with conspiring to violate the federal Travel Act. First passed in 1961, the Travel Act makes it a federal crime to use the mail or interstate or international travel or communications for the purposes of engaging in certain illegal acts or for distributing the proceeds of certain illegal acts. It was designed to target businesses and bribery not boys and their butts.

Unfortunately, the list of illegal acts covered by the law includes crimes like gambling, prostitution, drug trafficking, extortion, bribery, and arson. While this is not a complete list, the law provides Homeland Security and the U.S. Attorney’s office a statutory and lawful basis to conduct this investigation. It doesn’t provide an answer as to why they did it or whether they should have. allegedly violated New York’s laws against prostitution, but the U.S. Attorney’s Office is arguing that facilitated and promoted prostitution crimes across state and international borders. It wasn’t the government’s first use of this law either. Last year, the U.S. shut down

What if Homeland Security broadens its investigation? Dozens of websites like,, and facilitate similar advertisements for escorts. Those businesses should today be in panic mode. So you have this singular law enforcement operation, suspect though it is, chilling a score of similarly situated business enterprises.

If the Department of Homeland Security is successful in abusing the intent of the federal Travel Act with this prosecution, it will only extend the power of the federal government to reach beyond its limits and further invade your privacy as a United States citizen.”

( 3 ) To get the whole story about the punk Rep. John Becker and bigger punk Kevin Brown who tased the 11 year old girl go to HERE.
Falling not far from the tree is this on Officer Kevin Brown: The Cincinnati police officer who used a Taser on an 11-year-old girl he caught shoplifting has not had use of force issues in the past three years, but a look at his personnel file shows he was written up last year for using a homophobic slur.

And some Cincinnati City Council members are dismayed Officer Kevin Brown’s comment – out of earshot of the victim he was referring to – didn’t warrant additional training.
“Officer Kevin Brown’s comments are completely deplorable and unacceptable,” Cincinnati City Councilwoman Tamaya Dennard said. “Mr. Brown should be fired for tasing an 11-year-old girl and should’ve been fired for those reprehensible comments about someone’s gender and possible sexual orientation.”
Cincinnati police investigators said an officer who deployed a Taser to stop an 11-year-old girl from shoplifting violated the department’s use of force policy, but also found problems with his telling the girl: “You know, sweetheart, this is why there’s no grocery stores in the black community.”

The comment was caught on Officer Kevin Brown’s body camera and is the second time the officer is accused of making inappropriate comments while doing his job. Two years ago he was written up for using a homophobic slur in reference to an alleged domestic violence victim, though the woman did not hear him.
Councilman Wendell Young, a former police officer, said “I just don’t know if you have room on the police department for people like this. This guy, from what I am hearing, has serious issues. He apparently polices the way he feels.”
Young said he’s not cavalier about anyone’s employment, but said “there comes a time you have to cut your losses.”
Yes please cut your losses and get rid of the guy but know that it is not just one cop that treats the people this way, there is no one bad apple but please throw any away, and while you are at it lets shake up policing to its very foundations.

( 4  ) In a take on this listen to what Madame Defarge in a Tale of Two Cities has to say:
“Vengeance and retribution require a long time; it is the rule….But when it is ready, it takes place, and grinds to pieces everything before it.”…She tied a knot with flashing eyes, as if it throttled a foe.
“I tell thee,” said Madame, extending her right hand, for emphasis, “that although it is a long time on the road, it is on the road and coming.
“I tell thee it never retreats, and never stops. I tell thee it is always advancing. Look around and consider the lives of all the world that we know, consider the faces of all the world that we know, consider the rage and discontent to which it addresses itself with more and more of certainty every hour. Can such things last?

From the website  It’s Going Down we read this:

Why are So Many Cops Involved with White Nationalist Organizations?  A true real deal chant, The Cops and Klan Go Hand In Hand. 

Using a 65,000-person data set drawn from the General Social Survey, a 2017 study of the racial attitudes of white police officers found that white police officers were much more likely than average white citizens to endorse narratives of white victimhood, a backbone of the far-Right’s “white genocide” conspiracy.

Officers were 1.4 times more likely to claim that affirmative action had hurt white people, and over three times more likely than other white conservatives to claim that they had suffered racial discrimination at work – for being white.

But the starkest difference is that white police officers were nine times more likely than even white conservatives to endorse the idea that Black people are more violent than white people.

These kinds of white grievance politics, plus the sort of racial essentialism that causes white police officers to endorse the idea that Black people are inherently violent, are essentially the same as the far-Right.

The “white genocide” conspiracy theory of the far-Right, sometimes called “The Great Replacement” (as it was in the Christchurch shooter’s manifesto), posits that white people are being replaced by people of color, either through falling birth rates (an obsession of the Christchurch shooter), or through immigration, and will become a persecuted minority in the near future.

More optics-focused versions of the theory sometimes replace “white race” with “Western civilization,” as in paleoconservative Pat Buchanan’s 2001 book, The Death of the West: How Dying Populations and Immigrant Invasions Imperil Our Culture and Civilization, the was the book that radicalized League of the South Spokesman Brad Griffin. In the Proud Boys’ bylaws, a reading from the book is mandatory at every official Proud Boys meetup.

With these overlaps in grievance politics, it’s easy to see how a white nationalist wouldn’t actually stand out among other white police officers.

Fact: The Bureau of Justice Statistics estimates that 17,358 individuals in custody died during the period from 2007-2010

The causes for death in police custody may range from suspected homicide by members of the police, killings by other inmates, death due to psychological or physical abuse, capital punishment, to suicide, accidental death, or natural causes. The United States Bureau of Justice Statistics collects data regarding both the cause of death, as well as medical and criminal records of those that die in police custody (restricted to those in federal prison and local jails)

In memory Fred Hampton

Fred Hampton — Assassinated Dec.4, 1969

Every December 4th we remember Fred Hampton. For many of us this assassination in the early morning hours, as he lay in his bed with his pregnant wife, changed our politics forever. We had to face the fact that our government had plotted to secretly kill a powerful political leader. If him, how about the others?
Most of the facts have come out over the years. It was part of an FBI program, under President Nixon, to prevent the emergence of what J. Edgar Hoover called “A black Messiah.” There were many raids and arrests and shootings that same week across the country, and the Black Panther Party was in effect decimated.
It turned out the head of security for the Illinois Black Panther Party was an FBI informant. The policeman who led the raid worked for the CIA. F.B.I. Documents showed the program to eliminate black leadership. The government paid $1.8 million dollars in the civil suit.

Why did they target Fred? Because he was so powerful. This brilliant young man had started a free breakfast for children program and was opening a free health clinic. He made alliances with the city’s biggest street gangs, black, latino and white, creating the first “Rainbow Coalition. He wa followed by much of the activist Left. He won a debate with the Smothers Brothers, showing he was open to any good new ideas. I was ten years older than him, but he had my deepest respect.
from The Assassination of Fred Hampton,

The cops have never been our friends.
Marxist theory situates the development of the modern state as part of the rise of capitalism, in which the police are one component of the bourgeoisie’s repressive apparatus for subjugating the working class.

The Murder of Fred Hampton and the Gay Response:

“When law enforcement agencies act in such total disregard for civil rights and human life, no minority group is safe. Those who pervert their public trust deserve to be dealt with swiftly and to the fullest extent of the law.”..Jim Bradford, Mattachine Midwest Chicago, after touring the apartment where Hampton was murdered.

For a excellent article on the gay response and a history of the murder of Fred Hampton see Marie J. Kuda’s article, The Murder of Fred Hampton,

Emma Goldman
“Order derived through submission and maintained by terror is not much of a safe guaranty; yet that is the only “order” that governments have ever maintained. True social harmony grows naturally out of solidarity of interests. In a society where those who always work never have anything, while those who never work enjoy everything, solidarity of interests is non-existent; hence social harmony is but a myth…. Thus the entire arsenal of governments – laws, police, soldiers, the courts, legislatures, prisons – is strenuously engaged in “harmonizing” the most antagonistic elements in society.”…. Emma Goldman

Where I as a young man learned that the cops are not our friends. Many of us learned that day the same lesson. Grant Park Chicago 1968

The police riot in Grant Park was an angry police rebellion that took them on an unlawful, wild, club-swinging rampage against dozens of reporters and photographers, along with thousands of young and fiercely dedicated protesters against the war in Vietnam. This was during the Democratic convention. All petitions for a peaceful protest and orderly demonstrations were denied. How we hated the police and how they hated us. We came seeking peace and they began a war on us. Lesson one learned during that week. The police are not your friend or your brother that is why we call them pigs. Teared gassed, clubbed, chased in the streets, kicked, beaten, bloodied and broken. But we fought on. The Chicago Police Department in August 1968 initiated a “police riot” according to the Walker Report which gathered testimony on the violence surrounding the 1968 Democratic National Convention and Anti-Vietnam War protests.  From the report we learn this:

In its report Rights in Conflict (better known as the Walker Report), the Chicago Study Team that investigated the violent clashes between police and protesters at the convention stated that the police response was characterized by:

unrestrained and indiscriminate police violence on many occasions, particularly at night. That violence was made all the more shocking by the fact that it was often inflicted upon persons who had broken no law, disobeyed no order, made no threat. These included peaceful demonstrators, onlookers, and large numbers of residents who were simply passing through, or happened to live in, the areas where confrontations were occurring.

The Walker Report, “headed by an independent observer from Los Angeles police – concluded that: “Individual policemen, and lots of them, committed violent acts far in excess of the requisite force for crowd dispersal or arrest. To read dispassionately the hundreds of statements describing at firsthand the events of Sunday and Monday nights is to become convinced of the presence of what can only be called a police riot.””

A bit of fun but some sane advice.

For those Gay men and men on the downlow who cruise the parks, tea rooms and the street. Take a hint from back in the day.
Before you are entrapped by the police take a cue from these two.

Urinal Kiss by Joe of the Desert

A blast from the past: Give me a little kiss will ya huh.

Years ago when gay men were entrapped by cops with a hard dick( not that they still aren’t) we always said, “Let’s start with a little kiss.” If the man shied away well then he wasn’t worth the trouble one may be getting himself in. Most likely the story went he was a cop. Yeah, we know lots of gay men and men on the downlow don’t kiss but you know let’s not chance getting busted. Is a dick really worth all that? Police are still entrapping men all across this country so beware guys.

Here is the ultimate in Gay Power. The ultimate of passing in a straight world. Do you think a LGBT person would hesitate putting her/his finger on the button and let the big one go? Gay Power of the worse kind. A gay power that builds up to the big one. A Gay Power that will be explored in essay 4 Does pink power and rainbow bombs hurt just as much as discolored straight ones? Gay Power turned inside out.

Some groups working against police brutality and fascism. Of course these are not all of the groups but we can’t do all the work for you.

The New Black Panther Party

We want an immediate end to POLICE HARRASSMENT, BRUTALITY and MURDER of Black People. We want an end to Black-on-Black violence, “snitching,” cooperation and collaboration with the oppressor.
We believe we can end police brutality in our community by organizing Black self- defense groups (Black People’s Militias/Black Liberation Armies) that are dedicated to defending our Black Community from racist, fascist, police/military oppression and brutality. The Second Amendment of white America’s Constitution gives a right to bear arms. We therefore believe that all Black People should unite and form and “African United Front” and arm ourselves for self-defense.

Cact,us: Cops are Class Traitors, U.S.

Good site for some good postings and slogans.

Familia: Trans Queer Liberation Movement

We are committed to the collective liberation of trans, queer, and gender nonconforming Latinxs to build power and (re)imagine our communities free from oppression. We seek to abolish the systems that marginalize, criminalize, imprison, and kill our people. We are building on the legacy of racial justice and liberation movements.

No Justice No Pride

No Justice No Pride is a collective of organizers and activists from across the District of Columbia. We exist to end the LGBT movement’s complicity with systems of oppression that further marginalize queer and trans individuals. Our members are black, brown, queer, trans, gender nonconforming, bisexual, indigenous, two-spirit, formerly incarcerated, disabled, white allies and together we recognize that there can be no pride for some of us without liberation for all of us.

Reclaim Pride NYC

RPC seeks to forge a community response to the historic and ongoing problems with Heritage of Pride (HOP) and the Manhattan Pride March, which have spanned decades, and include corporate saturation, unnecessary restrictions, and excessive police presence, as well as new and unacceptable changes to the March made by HOP since last year.


The working class and the employing class have nothing in common. There can be no peace so long as hunger and want are found among millions of the working people and the few, who make up the employing class, have all the good things of life.
Between these two classes a struggle must go on until the workers of the world organize as a class, take possession of the means of production, abolish the wage system, and live in harmony with the Earth.


Network of activist organizations, typically autonomous and focused in local areas, in the United States and Canada (and to a lesser extent Europe) that observe and document police activity while looking for signs of police misconduct and police brutality. They believe that monitoring police activity on the streets is a way to prevent police brutality.

The stated goal of at least one Copwatch group is to engage in monitoring and videotaping police activity in the interest of holding the police accountable in the events involving assaults or police misconduct.

It’s Going Down Antifa groups.

Black Women’s Defense League  

Black Women’s Defense League works for the immediate pursuit of an intersectional, safe and free society by combating racism, sexism, transphobia, homophobia, queerphobia, ableism, classism, police terrorism, and all other forms of systemic oppression.
BWDL works toward the eradication of American imperialism, European colonialism, and settler neo-colonialism in Africa and the Americas We seek to hold these regimes accountable for their continued effects on Indigenous, Black and African people. BWDL organizes to provide immediate protection and services to Black Women and those most marginalized by White Supremacy.

HPD Not Safe For Women:

HPDNSFW was created in response to HPD LGBT liaison Officer Kelly Baerga’s sexual harassment complaint.

Hartford Police Department Not Safe for Women was born in February 2019 in direct response to City of Hartford Officer & LGBT community liaison Kelly Baerga’s sexual harassment complaint. For 9 months, she heard no updates, no reassurance, and no resolution from the Police Department, Human Resources, or the Mayor’s office.

Officer Baerga is a lesbian Latina police officer who claims she was sexually harassed over a period of time by Sgt. Andrew Rodney who is her superior and a Jamaican man. Due to all of the complicated intersections of sexism, homophobia and racism, and the fact that the victim is a police officer, has made this an issue of sexual harassment that many of the usual allies haven’t been able step up for Officer Kelly Baerga. After all, she works for and represents the very institution of patriarchy and toxic masculinity that we claim to want to destroy.


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