Smash the Gate. After Stonewall so many gates left to smash.

Posted: June 25, 2019 in *Celebration*, Be on your guard, Fight Back

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The gate keeper is on the run or that is what we thought. Chasing the keeper down the street, yelling our loud fuck you, throwing what we could get our hands on as our comrades poured through the gate and went where we were not supposed to go. Punching screaming, kicking our way to liberation, no matter what. Ripping down what was and throwing away the lock. The gate keeper and all of keeper’s merry men who thought that their manpower would last forever, who thought that they could keep us outside of the real deal promise or a promise that many thought was real were put on the run. So many of us came to find out that the promises were on shaky ground and there is more fight on the other side of the gate. Again, as in anything new, gate keepers took their place among our very own people. For a short time that followed we worked hard to be free. That “No, that Keep Out, No Trespassing, nothing here for you was going to keep us fighting for a taste of that other side. What sweetness was over there waiting for us? Beckoning us, Come, Come.

I dream of the gate, every night. A big bold gate with a chain lock. My father gave me a pair of bolt cutter many years ago when he was giving away his tools. You made need these sometime in the future he told me. Bolt cutters are good for cutting padlocks or chains. Put a little muscle into it and snip open “sez a me.” Muscle is and was always needed when one is confronted at the gate unless one has a bulldozer or bazooka handy. Real deal gates present all sorts of problems when one is trying to get to the other side of somewhere you know that old, from here to there. Do you want enlightenment then smash the gate but be prepared as the gatekeepers and their helpers are some mighty dogs armed with teeth and they bite. I would gather then the simple solution is learn to bite but be sure to sharpen your teeth.”

Well a lot of folks back in the day said, we are not going to take any crap from the cops, from the straight man and he isn’t going to tell us what to do. Nobody is going to keep us locked up. Smash that fucking gate, break his heavy hand if need be. But you know a few months later in December something happened, something happened on the road to liberation and a wrong road was taken. A wrong turn that plagues our people to this very day. A road that set up many more gate keepers. Gate keepers who once again say no. Gatekeepers that kept the gates locked. But you know one thing is certain Madame Defarge is still busy knitting.

Its funny and not so funny when some people become gates and gatekeepers. People who have no business in that business who don’t know a fucking things about gates or gate keeping. Let’s take a simple one, one who is really starting to piss me off. He sits there behind the desk all swollen up in his big self. He is the boss. I have a boss that has a one minute rule. If you are a minute late you get written up. Three write ups in a year you are removed from your bread and butter. What should we do with such a person?

That is one lesson that I and many others learned in the Stonewall generation that to fuck with the gate keeper and put him on the run and to smash the gate was the highest form of enlightenment in the revolution. This in one reason I do not participate in juried art shows, panels discussions, interviews at work, being interviewed on subjects I like, playing footsies with cops, or anyone who stands in the way of liberation. If we believe in the message of Stonewall we understand this. Thank goodness for many of the young who understand this message and I will continue to part anything I can to them. One thing I know is that we can not build a new day siding with the oppressor, glorying in what he gives to us or the lines that they have drawn to keep us inside or to keep us down. We can not footsie around with cops who are some of the worse gatekeepers. Those gatekeepers will kill you at the drop of a hat. You know folks are putting there hopes in LGBT cops. Yeah when we get them all will be well for our people. What foolish things these folks are.  I love to give credit where credit is due and to those who claim it all for themselves shame on you. This is a form of gatekeeping and not very revolutionary. Yes some have hero’s some have leaders but its is the people the people together that make it all possible. We can fully say, Fuck Gatekeepers, Fuck Leaders, Fuck Hero’s.

For a long time white gay men and lesbians set themselves up as the leaders of all that is LGBT. It happened early in our, we thought we were being liberated days when a bunch of white gay men broke away from the Gay Liberation Front and  formed the Gay Activist Alliance. We know this from that time: gay liberation organizations of the period such as the Gay Activists Alliance, often emphasized a single identity-focused approach that tended to center the concerns of white gay men. Though these organizations were certainly impactful, their approach came at the expense of a more comprehensive vision of social transformation. We often wonder what would our world look like if a more comprehensive vision of social transformation was on the agenda. Reform has always seemed to be an easy way out a lot like assimilation excusing your true self and joining with those who oppose rather than fighting them and ending the BS. All the time talking about your true self meanwhile conforming to what standards are set by straight society or the assimilationist among us. The assimilationist among us are gate keepers who must be finally put on the run.

Gatekeepers have long been known to suppress, omit, erase, and deny LGBTQI stories, facts, lives. We know this and for the past 50+ years our scholars, artists, historians, poets, and others have worked diligently to overcome this suppression. Reading between the lines, seeing, feeling and knowing from our own lives those who have come before. Many cannot or will not be able to do this as they have what we have referred to as straightening their genes.  A very sad case indeed. A horrible condition.  A place I would not want to be in for anything. It is a sad case indeed when our own people do such things. But you know there is always someone who knows and is willing to say, “Hey wait a minute here.” “Hey wait a second you lying sack of shit.” This has been my case for many years rallying against mainstream L and G gatekeepers when they have tried to keep others out of the movement or worse yet have denied them their rightful place. There is always some one who will pull their clothes off, exposing the lies and deception by remembering our own stories. Always will be someone who will chase them from the gate, naked as a jaybird and they will run, yes baby they will run.


( 1 ) Altered photo of a locked gate by permission of Will Moffet Jr. Note: Many thanks to Will Francis Moffett Jr. for allowing us to use his photo of a gate. The photo has been altered. The gate has yet to be fully smashed.

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