Following the Rainbow Trinkets and Corporate love in the OUT CT Tribe.

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One of our readers who disagrees with us more than agrees once told punkpink to keep his big pink snout out of Hartford as pink left this area and move way up near the Canadian border to a small town in Vermont. Well answered punkpink I still come down to Hartford every few months stopping off on my way to NYC to visit Avery Jones, May Day and Cassey Role and I use to write for this publication and you can keep your dingy little nose out of my business. My, my said Sara that old punkpink sure can get rattled. Well here is a little something that punkpink wrote while visiting us awhile back, right before our big move out of town to the other side of the river. There is a war going on and it is a war for the very soul of the LGBTQ community. The lines are being drawn deep in the sand. Hopefully more folks than not will come to realize that the way we have been going about things is very small. So old pink is here to give a push.

Following the Rainbow Trinkets and Corporate Love in OUT CT Tribe.

by punkpink

So the trinket tribe has announced the publication of OUTINCT the yearly guide to everything pride in the capitol city Hartford. It seems to be a yearly publication out in June and remains until September when the annual Pride is held in Hartford Ct. Word to the wise while you sardine yourselves on little old Pratt Street watch out for the pickpockets, the let me bump your hot ass crowd, and the bloated heads of the organizers.

According to them: Why list your organization/business with OUTINCT.COM

“By supporting us you help provide opportunities to generate celebratory, cultural, artistic & educational events which affirm the lives of the LGBT+ community in Connecticut. Your support will spirit people and our allies through activities that will promote unity, inclusion, and awareness of sexual & gender diversity.”

It all depends where you are coming from. Whose culture? Whose artistic and educational events? What events?  

Here is the best one yet for subscribing and supporting the trinket tribe:

“Your business is exposed to a growing population with an average income of $80,000 and up. Also a population that is loyal to supporters of their community.”

$80,000 and up? Well you know who the organizers are talking about, the rich, the wealthy, the gay and lesbian community. Leaving the majority of the people far behind. This type of false statements lends to the idea that we are all wealthy LGBT folks willing to spend our income without any restraints. Dream on Buster. Maybe the former Mayor of Hartford and his husband who works for the city are $80,000 and up, the trust fund babies and those belonging to rich families among our people and those who think it is quite ok to spend their days within corporate amerikkka. Let’s ask the working poor, let’s ask the Black Trans women who has to work the streets of Hartford to survive. You know it all depends on where you are coming from. Let’s get over the privilege class telling us all what is up. Do we really want to trust those in the upper classes to say what and who we are? As our dear friend Mattilda writes, “A gay elite has hijacked the queer struggle and positioned their desires as everyone’s needs-the dominant signs of straight conformity have become the ultimate signs of gay success.” With them comes their lackeys who are used as fronting, as façade. They suck up but everyone knows that they are just window dressing to make us think that we are all represented here, a community, a community of lovers not warriors.  Just look at us, a rainbow trinket tribe. Been there experienced that, with the privileged being the center of attention, with bills being passed into laws basically for them and about their desires.  You know they have assimilated enough to now help boss and boss will let them for awhile meanwhile keeping the boss eye on them waiting to chew them up and spit them out. Out of the closets and into the arms of boss. Traitors to the revolutionary principles our movement was founded on. Murdering the very soul of the movement.  I always asked how will this or that play out with the poorest among us. Not the richest. The richest I don’t care about. The comfortable class willing to do anything it takes to hold on to their comfort.

I am sure when push comes to shove, the richest, the comfortable, the whitest, they won’t care about any of us and we may even find them on the other side of the barricades. Back in the day there was the idea of passing. Passing to fit into the straight world. Forgetting that we are the “Others” Well our dear brother Harry Hay told us something about all of that when he took the assimilationists to task.  Here is what he said:

“Assimilation is the way you excuse yourself. It absolutely never worked at all. You may not think you are noticeable. But they know who you are. They know you’re a degenerate, and they’ve never forgotten that and when the push comes to shove you will find out real fast”
— Harry Hay

Come on baby advertise with Us.

According to OUT Ct. Why advertize with us?

Your business is exposed to a growing population with an average income of $80,000 and up. Also a population that is loyal to supporters of their community.

Ways to increase traffic to you business or organization.  Money $ Money $ Money $ makes the world go round.

Provide discounts, coupons and useful information about services geared toward the LGBT+ community. Please download our brochure to find out more about advertising with us.

You gotta love the Trinket Tribe see HERE.

You know its about time in this piece that we have a song. We have always thought highly of Adhamh Roland who tells us like it is in every song.

Let’s speak to the idea of push comes to shove. Let’s think about all of the Pride celebrations that think that it is quite okay to have cops in full uniform marching in their parades. You know some things have changed since the great rebellion at Stonewall but many things have not. Again go to those who are the most hurt by cops on the prowl and ask them what they think. I am sure that the story will not be the same as what the Trinket Tribe is trying to put forth as the one and only line. What about when the cops cross the line of being civilized? When they strangle, shoot, beat our Black sisters and brothers to death? When they harass our fem boys and butch girls? When they murder anyone who dares to step out of line. Does the Trinket Tribe understand where folks who say Cops Out Of Pride are coming from? Do these folks realize what side of the barricades the cops will be on? Did they see the photo of the cops with little rainbows on their uniform protecting the right wing fascists in Portland Oregon?

And now let’s talk real politicks. The real deal. The real what side are you on. Here you go for one thought that we oppose. Aren’t they pretty all dolled up with their rainbows.They love us, they love us let us count the ways.  We agree with those in our community who say Cops Out Of Pride. They are not our friends, never have been and never will be. (1)

While we are at it let’s retire the rainbow and all of the nonsense that goes with it. Should I be so bold to say here that the idea of Pride is getting to be old hat.

Wells Fargo and other banks with their rainbow colored ATM machine, the rainbow crosswalks, the rainbow trinkets, can go take a leap. All the rainbows can never cover over their crimes or the crimes of corporate amerikkka. I bet if the real push comes to shove one will see all of the corporate support suddenly begin to dwindle. Take this short paragraph and read the whole story below: “Corporations attempt to divide marginalized people: Some of us are singled out as a valuable consumer base, while the rest of us are treated as expendable. We must resist these tactics and stand together in solidarity with other marginalized people around the world. If we, like the rioters at Stonewall, want justice and liberation for all LGBTQ people, that necessarily means fighting against corporations and cops.” That means fighting for justice for our comrades in the Transgender community and fighting for everyone who is oppressed by this system. ( 2 )

We at furbirdsqueerly will never hesitate to say the following:

Police break strikes and target picket lines to keep companies running during labor disputes; they arrest and target antiwar and other activists who expose the crimes and priorities of the state; and they attack and incarcerate large numbers among communities of color, especially those who are marginalized and poor, as part of the racist “war on drugs.” They shoot, choke, taze, pepper spray and beat Black men and women. How many this year have died at the hands of cops? Read up on it and then tell me, I still love my gay cop brother.

To be a cop means accepting and upholding a system that pits the state against the rights of those fighting for liberation. It means working to maintain a “justice” system that is inherently biased against the poor and marginalized. As a result — and despite the personal experiences of some individual Black, gay or female officers — on the whole, cops are more likely to hold backward, bigoted and violent views.

To put it bluntly, the cops and the Klan not only go “hand in hand.” Often, they are one and the same.


( 1 ) To read more about the cops as an enemy of LGBTQ folks except of course those who stay within the boundaries that have been created by the powers that be. Check out these articles that have been published on Furbirdsqueerly.

  • The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Queer Populations, Never A Love Affair With The Cops Part 1 HERE.
  •  The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queers Population and Others, No Love Affair With The Cops. Part 2 HERE.
  •  The Lines Have Been Drawn. No Love Affair With The Cops. Part 3. HERE.
  • Are The Cops Really A Transgender Persons Friend? HERE.
  • A great site Reclaim Pride has been working over the last year to get the Corporations and Cops out of Pride, to return Pride to its radical roots and to move forward with folks in all communities to build a real new day not dependent on the old. Check out Reclaim Pride HERE and HERE.

Pride is More Than A Trinket Tribe. A leaflet from Queers Without Borders Pride Leaflet 2008 HERE. Most of the ideas contained in this leaflet have not even begun to be explored by the larger LGBT community. The Queer left certainly has taken up many of these issues. Join us.

No Rainbow Capitalism: The Five Worst Corporations To Kick Out Of Pride go to HERE. The article begins this way: “Pride parades across the countries are full of corporate booths and floats. We’ve picked the five most heinous corporate sponsors. These companies drape themselves in rainbow flags while hurting LGBTQ+ people around the world.”

The article is excellent but we can find some other corporations that are really bad. Just check out HRC and the corporations that they give high marks to.

To Think we’ve made it swells the hearts of the Trinket Tribe. Hey hey check this out: Rainbow-washing allows people, governments, and corporations that don’t do tangible work to support LGBTQ+ communities at any other time during the year to slap a rainbow on top of something in the month of June and call it allyship. We’ve made it, we’ve made it look how far we have come. They love us, they love us let us count the ways.

Chevron. Goldman Sachs. Monsanto. None of these are brands that we tend to associate with bringing justice into the world. And yet these three corporations, along with many other Fortune 1000 companies, were awarded a “100 percent” rating in the 2015 “Equality Index” put out by the Human Rights Campaign (HRC).

A ?

Why settle for mere equality when we could have a better, more just, and more equitable world rather than an equal stake in today’s deeply inequitable and harmful institutions? Or similarly, as AE contributor Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore has so beautifully articulated, “When did our dreams get so small?” We must envision and fight for a future far greater than the confines of inclusion provide.

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