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On 24 December 1920, biracial lesbian and gay rights icon Stormé DeLarverie was born in New Orleans. Her mother was African American and her father was a white man.  She is credited by many as sparking the Stonewall riots, as according to some eyewitnesses and her own account she was the “New York butch” who was arrested and attacked by police. Bleeding from a head wound, she began to fight back and called to the crowd “Why don’t you guys do something?” The famous words that we have heard that were spoken about the Stonewall Rebellion came from Storme’ when she said, “The cop hit me so I hit him back!” Years of oppression began to fall away with that action, those words. When she was thrown into a police van the crowd erupted and the Stonewall rebellion began. As well is working as an MC, bouncer and bodyguard, she carried a gun and patrolled the streets of the Village, protecting other lesbians from street harassment or assault, and also raised money for survivors of domestic violence.

She is remembered as a gay civil rights icon and entertainer, who performed and hosted at the Apollo Theater and Radio City Music Hall. She worked for much of her life as an MC, singer, bouncer, bodyguard and volunteer street patrol worker, the “guardian of lesbians in the Village.” From 1955 to 1969 DeLarverie toured the black theater circuit as the MC (and only drag king) of the Jewel Box Revue, North America’s first racially integrated drag revue. The revue regularly played the Apollo Theater in Harlem, as well as to mixed-race audiences.

She worked at the Cubby Hole and Fat Cat’s, two popular lesbian bars in the West Village. Storme was often working the door at both clubs as a bouncer.

About Stonewall Stormie’ had this to say: “It was a rebellion, it was an uprising, it was a civil rights disobedience — it wasn’t no damn riot”, she declared at a public and videographed SVA-sponsored “Stonewall Symposium”, referring to the historic 1969 Stonewall Rebellion. Stormé was a part of the uprising on the very first night, Friday, June 27th. “The cops were parading patrons out of the front door of The Stonewall at about two o’ clock in the morning. I saw this one boy being taken out by three cops, only one in uniform. Three to one! I told my pals, ‘I know him! That’s Williamson, my friend Sonia Jane’s friend.’ Williamson briefly broke loose but they grabbed the back of his jacket and pulled him right down on the cement street. One of them did a drop kick on him. Another cop senselessly hit him from the back. Right after that, a cop said to me: ‘Move faggot’, thinking that I was a Gay guy. I said, ‘I will not! And, don’t you dare touch me.” With that, the cop shoved me and I instinctively punched him right in his face. He bled! He was then dropping to the ground — not me!”

Storme’ DeLarverie died in her sleep at 93 on May 24, 2014.

Now that the climate in amerikkka is once again turning against our people we must remember our people who stood up, who never apologized for who they were and who when they had to fought back.

So in honor of this great freedom fighter this Lesbian, Trans liberation warrior let’s have a little fun. We can be sure that Storme’ would love this tribute and it comes from our full heart to you. We can just see her clicking her fingers along to the song. Happy Birthday Storme’ and a big THANK YOU!!!

This work is a collage of ideas gleamed from many sources.

“If you’ve seen one Redwood, you’ve seen them all.” Ronald Reagan ( 1 )

Let’s make one thing clear right off the bat here, We love trees the more the merrier. we love trees firmly planted in the ground, the roots expanding, reaching out, the trunk growing towards the skies and the branches sheltering wildlife. We know one thing our planet needs all of the trees that it can get, start planting Bessy.

As we struggle to build a new world and fight like hell to save the planet, smashing traditions, toppling and transforming as we go we want to present an idea here that received sort of a funny response in some quarters.  But all of us know the old saying that one idea pushes another.  A very certain thing is that the way some things have always been done is not how they will be done forever. In fact the more of the old, the more of the unnecessary and unsavory baggage we get rid of the better off ourselves and the planet will be. So let’s start with this essay.

Making a buck on the death of trees.

This blog, its authors, and comrades are going to state right here, loud and clear so all can hear we are opposed to the cutting down of fir and pine trees to be used as Christmas trees decorating someone’s home from here to there all around the globe for a few weeks in December. Some facts:  It can take six years to grow a six-foot tree and about 1,000 trees can be grown per acre. A tree typically takes 6 to 8 years to grow (1 foot per year), so you’re tying up the land for quite awhile. That being said, at right around 1500 trees per acre, a 10 acre piece will yield you 15,000 (20 acres 30,000) trees. When the tree gets to the popular height it is cut down by saw or axe bundled up brought home and decorated. Let’s leave it living and breathing and doing its job on the planet. Think about all those trees. I will not only talk to them, but hug them too.

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Smith wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.

I am not sure about this type of business. More making a buck on death. It seems that is what the amerikkkans are good for making a buck on death or if not directly then indirectly. Cultivating for slaughter and a frivolous tradition that has nothing really to do with that which folks celebrate. I recently had a clash about cutting down what is termed Christmas trees. I am of the mind that we need all the trees that we can get and for one group of people to grow trees just to kill for a few weeks pleasure seems to me to be rather anti-healthy planet. Let us plant trees and let them grow. I flatly refuse to argue that these Christmas trees are grown for that purpose to be cut down and used as decorations in pagan households, woops I mean Christian households, as that has no meaning to this discussion. I rebel against cutting down live trees and will use an artificial half tree, yes you read that right, as my space only fits such a thing, and I am once again in my old age feeling rather arty. There has to be somewhere for our many decorations gathered after 40 yrs. of togetherness. I am not nostalgic for those wonderful memories of Christmas past when all was right and we all traveled by horse and sleigh to grandma’s house, then tromping through the woods looking for the perfect tree cutting it down and triumphally dragging it home, lighting it with candles and hoping to god it doesn’t get dried out and burn the house down. Let’s let all the trees grow and end this practice.


If you are anywhere near Hartford Ct. and can make it out on a Wednesday night come out to the show, the Pansy Craze. This show presented by the Hartford Gay Men’s Chorus is sure to not only be a delight but a wonderful teaching tool for all of our community. What was the Pansy Craze? Why was it important to our people? Go out and find out.


Just one of the wonderful performers that you will meet at the Pansy Craze.

Ray Bourbon worked on stage and in nightclubs, in and out of drag. He, in no particular order, claimed to have run guns for Pancho Villa and had a sex change operation. Why did this pansy die in jail? Find out in The Pansy Craze.


More research on Ray Bourbon will be done. We love the idea of running guns for Pancho Villa and want to know the full story. Any one who would advocate for the poor and for land reform and help the revolution is a friend of ours.


Check out the facebook page for The Pansy Craze at

And let us hope that this shit of late Capitalism falls and falls soon. No wonder San Francisco has shit on its sidewalks.

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