A response to HRC’s Municipal Equality Survey. On these giants shoulders we stand.

These two essays were written in response to HRC and their survey ranking cities in the US as far as LGBT rights were concerned. We thought it only appropriate to write about the folks who fought the good fight to bring us to where we are today. These are only some of the people and some of the organizations in this area without who the comfortable class of LGBT folks today would not have been able to be where they are at. We here do not praise those who walk in the door, harvesting the spoils that others fought hard for but we praise as the old saying goes the giants on whose shoulders we stand.

1. HRC scores Hartford, New Haven, Bridgeport and We Applaud our Revolutionary Sisters and Brothers. A Look At Ourstories.

2. We Applaud Our Revolutionary Sisters and Brothers. Lessons in Our Stories Part Two.

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