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Mr. and Mrs. Jones be Dammed. I never liked those fuckers.
or, Why Do They Hate Their “gay” So Much That They Want To Be Straight?
by punkpink

I asked typist to do my essay all in pink so no one in their right mind would think that I was a straight person. I’m as queer as queer can be. I like pink and pink likes me is a slogan that I have above my writing desk. I have taken from articles that I wrote and that have been published on furbirdsqueerly to form this essay.
Hello from the woods of Vermont, where I stopped working my back woods person butt off for a few, to write these lines to you. No don’t worry I don’t claim to be a poet cause I can rhyme few lines and get away with it. No not me. Too busy chopping wood, shoveling snow,(when it does, I thought this was winter in Vermont) taking care of the goat and chickens and doing what way out in the woods folks have been doing for years. Waiting for spring but trying hard to enjoy the winter and not eat all of the food that has been put by for weather such as this.
So Mommy and Daddy or Mr. and Mrs. Jones is what I am suppose to write about, those dear folks who represent all that was and is wrong with everything, those folks who we escaped from so many years ago, who we claim we would never be like in a million years even if they tied us up and make us squeal like a piglet. Nope not us. We were determined to burn down the old world and from the ashes a new world was to be in birth. Well something derailed the liberation train way back in December of 1969 back when all heaven was breaking loose all across americkkka and “gay” folks were acting up just like other oppressed folks. Well in that cold winter month nineteen people met and formed what was called the Gay Activist Alliance. Their goal was to be completely and solely dedicated to securing basic rights for homosexuals to the exclusion of the other movements. The Alliance wanted to win acceptance within the country’s institutions. So sad and how different from those whom I called comrade, friends, lovers for our mission was to topple and transform the country’s institutions. To set in their place justice and freedom. Institutions that cared about all of the people not just the comfortable class of war makers, the bourgeoisie, the white middle class and any one else who mindlessly waved the red, white and blue and rah rah over dead Vietnamese. The key here of course is to “win acceptance within the confines of that which was strangling so many of us all around the world, to win acceptance even today with the institutions that are still strangling folks all around the world. I don’t think that any of us reading this need a listing of the corporations that straight gays have cozied up to, to begin to understand what we are talking about.

Yes back in that December on the road to liberation a dreadful turn was made. The ugly place we had fled from, the place that looked at us and said burn fag burn became our grabbing new reality. The place we all swore up and down that we would never be a part, we began to delight in. And they said, “If only we had some rights then we could be free. Let’s march on up to the state capitol and get some of that good amerikkka that the straight folks enjoy. If we just tuck and tweak and reform it a bit we will be okay. After all we are just like straights except for what we do in bed.” Those who wanted to be just like mommy and daddy were able to wrestle the movement away from those who rejected such a plastic boring selfish straight vision of what life was and what it could be. This horrible sameness this stench of war and bosses, this get what we can in this good old apple pie land. Yes boys and girls cozy up to evil and you become just that. Yes this gay elite, these white middle-class boys had their eyes set on the amerikkkan prize carrying along all the movement with them for their own good and the good of those just like them. They have spent so much of their time straightening their genes that slowly but surely they became one with the enemy.
No it was not the way it was always. We once held a vision that through our liberation that others would be liberated also. We knew that we were here, there and everywhere so all issues were and are, our issues. We wanted to be free not like those who opposed us. We once knew our stories and rejected those who took those stories away from us. We took off our masks, our straight jackets and walked freely. We no longer were content reading between the lines and knew that an injury to one of us was an injury to all. So we started to be more and more like them, to want what they had, to dream like they dream and one by and one by more and more folks were pushed aside as the dreams of a certain few became they dreams that we were all suppose to fall in line for.

…oh beautiful for gay skies, for mommy, daddy and apple pie.

Marriage is full of shit.

This marriage business gets me. Don’t we realize that one should not have to get married in order to get rights or benefits. That every one of us who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender or queer should have been fighting for a system that did not depend on who we sleep with. Fighting in the marriage battle gays adapted themselves to the system instead of thinking really thinking about all of our people. People who just don’t fit into the neat little package of Mommy and Daddy. Folks who are and should be just as deserving of health care and protections as those who are married. But the lure of wedding bells, of pleasing of being just like the straights was too strong. I firmly believe that the wrong people are leading this movement and leading the movement to its death. I like what the group Against Equality has to say, “Gay marriage increases economic inequality by perpetuating a system which deems married beings more worthy of the basics like health care and economic rights.” This is just not fair and not the way that most of our people live. Mommy and Daddyism creeping up and the more it creeps into this community the more and more community is killed. Everyone will be in their own little space of a place living a very selfish life. See mommy I don’t have horns. See daddy I don’t do the nasty in the men’s room. Wait just wait till I get a baby all my troubles lord will be over. Mr. and Mrs. Jones are so proud of you.

Cannon Fodder for Uncle Scam.

Now I marched in many a demonstration against war and occupation and when this DADT thing came up as a burning issue within the LGBT movement I had to say, Man you have really gone off the deep end now. We are really losing it wanting to help boss that much. Boss that hates us to the core even if he has a smile to hide it. Yes boss we want to share in some of the privileges of this society and we think by being in the army now we can do it. So many of our boys are being thrown out of the service because straight boys think we want to get on our knees or drop the soap in the shower, fall in love with their dicks and sweet rose bud, and all in all fuck up the U.S. Army. Oh to have such power this rejected queer would have joined up long ago and fucked it all to death. It would have been my duty to end Uncle Scams running all over the world burning and bubbling the skin off of children, destroying the villages and the jungles of Southeast Asia. No my war was here, here in americkkka not thousands of miles away attacking folks who did nothing to me. No none of those folks made my life miserable, who beat me up and pushed me down. Why in the world would I want to be like them in the army now? Why would I want to fight and die for them?

One of these brave slaves for boss told me that he can’t get a job so he might as well join the army. The economy is bad so why not join the military? So I said to him, so you think that since you can’t find a job that you might as well go blow up some people half way around the world. Your little no Jobie thing is baby talk to the murder and mayhem that you will cause others. How many that say that could look a mother whose children had just been killed in a US Drone attack, “Sorry Mrs. I am sorry about your kids who have been killed but I couldn’t get a job back home so I came thousands of miles landed here with a job to kill your family and anyone else who gets in the way of my good old Uncle Scam. Why are you so ready to bury others because of the economic situation here in amerikkka? Why don’t you look the real enemy in the face just once? Take a look and see.

There are some of us and we hope that our numbers grow that will not stand up and support the biding of the imperialist army of Uncle Scam. We can not do the bidding of these masters and we can not join the enemy. There is nothing civil about rights in the military, once in you go by their rules and what they dish out. We like very much a quote from Queers Against War which states, “Some say that we are not considering the fact that working class and poor lgbt people have a right to join the military in order to go to college. We say to that if we believe that then we uphold centuries of oppression against poor people in stating that only the wealthy are worthy of education without being asked to risk their very lives to do so.” Let’s think hard about that.
But beware gay folks the mad dog amerikkka is for the time being wearing a muzzle. Mad dog loves you and you love him. When push comes to shove you all will find out real fast that they know who you are and it will be curtains for you McGee. We all are really perverts and outsiders in their eyes. Laws come and laws go. In today out tomorrow. Changing a few laws here and there is really nothing. It just give you pause, it just makes you think that all is okay. It is just another tool of the ruling class and another way to silence you. This is never the road to liberation. We know full well that we can never build a new world while clinging to the symbols, ideas and ways of the ruling class and never by loving the master and doing his bidding. We know that those who are lgbt that do will not hesitate to pull their guns out and shoot us queers who oppose dead. Hell they hate us anyway as we stand in the way of their being straight, in doing what straights do and do so well that is fucking up the world that we live in. Yes, hell yes, we stand in their way of being straight just like mommy and daddy. They are convinced that straight folks will like them better if they do what straights do. My lord what a sorrow how they have paled their genes, how they have grown out in the wrong direction. My lord what can we do but stand firmly in their way.