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This system is a joke, a real damn joke. The whole damn system shut it down!

CODEPINK Activist Arrested for Laughing at Jeff Sessions’ Hearing Will Face Yet Another Trial.

Today’s sentencing of CODEPINK activists Desiree Fairooz, Lenny Bianchi, and Tighe Barry for protesting at the confirmation hearing of Attorney General Jeff Sessions was shameful. Desiree Fairooz, who was arrested for laughing, will have to go through the whole process again with a new trial in September. (The judge said Fairooz should not have been tried for laughing, only for speaking out as she was being removed. Instead of dismissing the whole case, he ordered a retrial.) Lenny Bianchi and Tighe Barry were given a $100 fine, 10 days of (suspended) incarceration, and 6 months of probation from Capital grounds for each of the two charges; disrupting Congress and demonstrating.

These sentences are designed to discourage dissent and prevent activists from engaging in the daily protests that are taking place during this tumultuous time. CODEPINK feels that the judge should have overturned these absurd convictions and dropped all three cases.

As Desiree was leaving the courthouse, she remarked, “I would have never spoken out at the hearing if I hadn’t been arrested for laughing, and now I am going to be tried again! It’s absurd. This is a waste of everyone’s time and a waste of tens of thousands of dollars in taxpayers money. The only thing more ridiculous than being tried for laughing, is being tried twice for laughing.”


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Mug from somewhere on facebook that came up on my page. (it might have been those liberal democratic folks in the Women’s March, but not sure)

Yeah, yeah, yeah, more liberal democratic bull shit. More and more coming out daily from those in the mainstream resistance to Trump but loving the democrat side so damn much. You know if that is the best your side has to offer you are rather limp.

Well here are our inspirational women that should be on the mugs.

Persist like Harriet Tubman

Inspire like Dorothy Day

Speak like Sylvia Rivera

Influence like Jeannette Rankin

Defy like Emma Goldman

Fight like Angela Davis

Empower like Shulamith Firestone

Focus like  Lucy Parsons

Rule like Wilma Mankiller

On Saturday folks from furbirdsqueerly join with about 45 other people in what was dubbed an Equality March. It was wonderful to see so many LGBT and queer folks out that day. Young folks, old folks, Black folks, Brown folks, white folks, all out for equality bringing their issues out to the streets of Hartford Ct. we wrote this as a response:

“We would like to bring up a point here as lesson. A lesson for learning to all of us in these dreadful times. A light to shine in darkness. A please remember others beside yourselves. A all for one and one for all! This article has been adapted from our comment over at The Equality March Page found HERE.

Before marching I had asked the organizer if she would please have the march go a little slow as some of us would most likely not be able to keep up. This was met by some off remark by someone in the crowd and a laugh by her. When the march was going down Pearl Street I noticed that the front of the march was getting further and further away. I yelled out a few times to slow down and was met with a few off handed remarks from other marchers which took me by surprise, until Pickles heard me say “Slow Down- Pass it On” and repeated it. Thank you Pickles for passing it on. Thank you for helping stopping and slowing down the marchers. I couldn’t understand why the rush, why would we want to become a blur? The cops were blocking the intersections, no need to rush through, why the rush, were we out to please them so they wouldn’t have to stand there? Did we care about the people sitting in their cars waiting for us to pass so much that we forgot about those who were all ready standing with us? Funny I heard no honks in support of the march from any motorist waiting. It wasn’t pouring rain, or freezing cold. Some of us older people and folks with children were having a hard time keeping up. The children in this march had some wonderful signs that they had made. What did it say to them that the march left them way up Pearl Street.

What was at play here? Self centered ableism? Getting into the moment of the thing and forgetting that everyone who was out that day would help to make this resistance succeed? Breaking a number one rule of revolution (yeah I will call it that for now, when push comes to shove that will be another story) “all for one and one for all.” Forgetting that some are not as able as others for whatever reason? Or as one person said, “These people are just oblivious and only think to the tip of their nose.” Sad commentary on our state if that is the case. What is next non-accessible meeting spaces?

I would like to tell a little story here. In my long history of resistance, I started as a young queer child, I have always made it a point to say when any action was to be taken, or laws to be passed, how will this effect the least of those among us? How will this affect the poor, the elderly, the young? Then I would work up from there. If I couldn’t see advancement for those of us who were not privileged then I would not take part. Many years ago there was an argument about a space that some in the LGBT movement wanted to use. Well the space had 3 stairs to get into. I knew that one of the speakers was in a transportation chair. I couldn’t believe my ears when one person a very able bodied lesbian said, “Well all we have to do is carry him up the stairs.” Needless to say folks on my side of the fence booed her out of the picture and another meeting space was found. What length were we willing to go to? Busting up the group and forming a new one? We were willing at that point. 

Another point that should be well taken and contemplated is this, in these times when in small marches we must look out for each other. Folks left behind could become victims and when we rush ahead we put them in danger. No one in that line of march should have made an off remark about stopping and slowing down. One person had the nerve to say, we were “power walking.” So funny I forgot to laugh. What only the able folks got the power? Honey get with it. With messages such as ours wouldn’t a stroll be nicer. Give folks on the sidelines time to read your signs, to hear your chants. Instead we go rushing by, to beat the band, to get to the fire, the fire is in the streets not in front of an empty state capitol.

In the future please remember to check out others, look behind you, get off and out of yourself. Extend your compassion. If you see folks falling behind you and your friends please go and walk with them. One thing please don’t be just like trump and his boys, leaving seniors and the young behind. That is what I took away from this lesson. I know many folks who are out and about protesting today are new at the game with many lessons to learn and I know one lesson is to stop being so damned privileged. You and I well know, we all have a lot to learn in these times.

Onward and forward! Remember, “What force on earth is weaker than the feeble force of one!” Together we are strong. This resistance will not succeed with only you, if you think so welcome to the end of the cliff.  Equality March? Equality March? Equality March? Come on folks forget your able body fast walking selves? Equality march no it isn’t when some are left way up the next block. 

They almost had us until the last 2 lines.

In from Homophobia Exposed

when I was hungry, you canceled my food stamps
when I was thirsty, you diverted lead & coal into my water
when I was sick, you tripled my insurance rates
when I was naked, you raped me & blamed me because I was naked.
when I was in prison, you enslaved me to corporations
when I was a stranger with brown skin you deported me
from the lonely, YOU took away social programs
from the elderly & disabled, YOU took away meals & medicine
from the workers, YOU took away legal protections
from the young, YOU took away school funding
from the victims, YOU took away shelter
instead of diversity, YOU encourage intolerance
instead of caring, YOU encourage isolation
instead of equity, YOU encourage military excess
when the 1% has ground US into the dust, taken all of OUR money, and let US die for lack of insurance – who will YOU feed upon?

First who ever wrote this please take a real hard listen to this song:

Note from Furbirdsqueerly

Why would any one let it all get this far. Ground US into the dust. NO WAY!!! Take all my hard earned money!  Go Fuck yourself! Let us die for the lack of insurance!  Blast off!! Who will you feed upon! Not us!!

Got to get out from under their thumb.  We would think that by the 6th line of this happening folks would have formed a united front and fought back. Fought back by any means necessary. By all means possible. Over on Homophobia Exposed postings we read these two comments:

Love only wins when you stand up, strap on your armor, and charge into battle for it.”

and this doozy

Karama will get the wicked. The justice will win one day. Tomorrow is only a day away. Love always wins.”

We would like to ask the two who wrote such nonsense, What are we to do why we are waiting for love. Someday peace will come?  For Karma to come crashing in, for love to win? How many will die? How many must suffer at the end of the beating stick. As long as its someone else is not at all appropriate. Give up, give in, sit down and die, wait for a savior from on high to come and save us, someday my prince will come. Bullshit!!!

by punkpink

Always a laugh in the strangest way this amerikkka day by day.

How are inauguration plans going? People Magazine interviewed retail workers and dress shop owners and it’s bad news for popular vote loser Donald Trump: his inauguration ceremony appears to be as unpopular as he is:

“We have not gotten a huge influx of traffic specifically related to shopping for inaugural dresses,” Anastasia Thomas, an employee at Betsy Fisher, a D.C. women’s wear shop, said.

In fact, Peter Marx, owner of Saks Jandel, a D.C. area boutique, told PEOPLE that there have been fewer people seeking inaugural gowns.

“There’s never been less demand for inaugural ballgowns in my 38 years,” Marx told PEOPLE.

“Never ever has it been less for the inaugural.”

>and this:

“An employee at the Neiman Marcus at the Mazza Gallerie told Racked, when asked whether it had evening gowns available, “Absolutely. A lot of them!” A staff member at Saks Fifth Avenue at Mazza Gallerie informed us that it does indeed have evening collections in stock at the moment. An employee at Gucci City Center said that clients can shop its ready-to-wear by appointment, and that offering “absolutely” includes evening dresses. A local Lord & Taylor has “a lot of evening wear dresses,” according to an employee, and they’re 15 percent off with a Lord & Taylor Card! Betsy Fisher is “definitely not sold out,”

Got your outfit for the Inauguration yet? Don’t worry there are plenty around and if you don’t find what you like we have a suggestion for you.

How about these little numbers? Made from Sack Cloth they are very stylish and just add a bit of ash and you will be all set to go. That is if you wish to repent. But of course you don’t. Some of you will be there dripping in diamonds and furs and satin, silk and lace and we’ll be there to throw mud in your face.

Image result for sackcloth clothing

 Of course every good sack cloth dress comes with a stylish sack for over your head. Now now some folks just may not like it that you are in attendance at such an affair or that you are really a Trump supporter. Milly just said, “let them wear a sack over their head to remind others that the new like the republican nightmares before them support torture.” YES, let’s be real here. These types of folks think they are right. These folks want to return amerikkka to white. These folks want straight and boring. These folks have fascist tendencies.

Of course the master Trump had this to say,

“We are going to have an unbelievable, perhaps record-setting turnout for the inauguration, and there will be plenty of movie and entertainment stars,” Mr. Trump said. “All the dress shops are sold out in Washington. It’s hard to find a great dress for this inauguration.”

Liar liar pants on fire along with you hair.

Parts of this are taken from the pages of the Daily Koss for more on this story see HERE.

Every day they come, filling my e-mail box and my snail mail box, assaulting my ears on the street corner and outside the store with their ringing of bells and my eyes with their red kettles give to the poor and needy.  Every day another begging plea, help us bring down the current regime, that malevolent bunch of bastards who will be taking center stage come January 20th. I even got one yesterday called “Giving is Resistance.” Hopefully I can still resist even if I don’t give. I often wonder, what else do these groups do beside send out letters of appeals for my hard earned dollars? I even got one that said I had not answered their appeal and didn’t I want to be a part of the resistance to trump? I tore into them and never heard back. As I have stated before I will not give to anyone who sends me a begging letter and doesn’t recognize that the LGBTQ peoples are targets of this regime most foul. I know many are in the trenches everyday folks who have been fighting way before the current situation facing us in our faces, but some just won’t stop begging. Show me what you do besides sending out begging letters and talking. Long live delete and unsubscribe! Tell me what you do and don’t do show me where the money goes as I do enjoy giving as I can not always make the street actions. Yes I do enjoy giving even if I am not a liberal. (Here sing that line from Phil Ochs, “I will give all the money you ask for but don’t ask me to come out along, Love me love me I’m a liberal.”)

Now some folks I know to be quite honest, folks in the streets and working full time for Socialist revolution. I received an appeal from Radical Women and the Freedom Socialist Party to send two of their members to Standing Rock. They asked, they told me and I gave. We have been publishing some of their report backs on this blog.  (more…)

Randy Rainbow destroys Indiana’s Mike Pence and his legalized discrimination in the most hilarious way.