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Today while cruising around our favorite places to cruise we found a most wonderful posting over at Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore’s blog. We thank Mattilda for turning us on to this very wonderful queer artist who rates up there in number 1 of queer artists today. Oh how we love the young folks..
As Mattilda says in her posting…
Here it is – you’re going to love it….”
We here love, love, love, love it. While over on the site check out some of the e-cards. Jim Syndor is a fantastic queer artist. All power and support! you just gotta check out more work: go to WOW!!!

an addition by punkpink

It’s nice to be back back back and as punk and pink as ever. When old Furbird SR. asked me to come out of hiding and help out on this new blog I had to think for about a day or two before I could really say, “Why yes I would be glad to join the boys and girls of furbirdsqueerly and put in my two cents every so often as long as one of you will republish my essay: Those were the Days, Hot Sex in the City that was first published years ago over at QWB and then on a couple of other blogs.” Well they told me from furbirdsqueerly that they didn’t have to think it over and May Day is busy now getting the essay ready to put in our pages section. So I said what the f*%+ why not. Since I like sex with any hot guy I can find even if its only in my mind I want to turn on all other hot guys reading this essay to a blog I found.

Hot yes, yes, arty yes, yes, yes, the blog’s work by sissydude is very fine in the world of queer art. We love it. It’s for guys who like to stretch themselves beyond the world of the masters art house. You know those places, they are just not tasty at all, some are dusty and no matter how many new coats of paint and rearranging they do it will never make the grade.  But that is a whole other essay for another day. (more…)