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From the WE HA News.

Legendary West Hartford Halloween House Features Pirate ‘Ship of State’

The annual Halloween scene on the front lawn of West Hartford resident Matt Warshauer’s North Main Street home makes another overtly political statement this year.

By Ronni Newton, Photos by Joy Taylor

Even Matt Warshauer admits that he has outdone himself this year with the Halloween scene he has created on the lawn in front of his West Hartford home.

Warshauer, a professor at Central Connecticut State University and a political historian who has become known for creating elaborate and message-laden Halloween displays for well over a decade, built an elaborate and overtly-political “Trump wall” last year that garnered national and even international attention in the midst of a vitriolic election season. Past displays have included a Vietnam scene complete with a downed helicopter and the the Roman Colosseum.

It didn’t take long for Warshauer to get inspired for this year’s display.

“I got this idea earlier than I ever have – literally the day after the election,” he said. “It’s been disastrous on so many levels,” he said of the Trump presidency.

“I said to myself, ‘My God, the ship of state has gone totally off course,’” Warshauer said. “So I built a giant pirate ship.”

The ship is 50 feet long. The sides are 10 feet high, and the masts and rigging stretch 20 feet into the air. “It’s a bit of a feat of engineering – and mania,” said Warshauer.

He prefabricated the ship in pieces, crafted from cardboard attached to a lightweight wood frame, and staged the display in his backyard. It was ready to be screwed together and set up, as is his custom, on the last weekend in September. His three daughters, some of their friends, and some of his friends also helped and Warshauer estimates that he personally put in at least 80 hours this year.

To read the rest of the article and to view photos go to the WE-HA News article. (Many thanks to We HA News for sharing this amazing art.  HERE for more.

Professor Matt Warshauer has a web site found HERE. (Well worth the trip to see other Halloween displays.)



Last week we published a new work about the Lee family. All the Lee’s from A to Z. Well low and behold Mr. Dickie Lee called us up and said, “Hey what about me?” “Can’t I be in the art show too?” “Well,” said Goosey Bell, “Ok,” said Mabel, “Why not,” said Richie, “Get going and look through our archives somewhere in archive land and find Dickie Lee’s work from 1994, Until We Meet Again, Kiss My Mono Print, and let’s publish it.”  Dickie was always the one who would do prints of his private parts and loved to use Portrait Pink. “You know said Emma to Moe,” I saw Dickie Lee naked once and this print does him no justice.” He must of put paint on someone else and used it as if it were his.

We hope among all of the evil going on, with all the crap coming out of DC, and with all of the drum beats for war that this piece will give some of our readers a little chuckle.


Back in the day Emmo O. Furbird and Cassey Role ran a mail art gallery. This work as noted was sent to them by Dickie Lee.

The following are from a series that I have been doing over the years. It is fall again and soon the pine needles will be falling and the leaves will be coming down. I wanted to do more this year with the pine needles but a number of the trees were cut down do to some type of disease. Mostly the white pine was affected. For anyone who doesn’t know what a white pine is here is a photo.


This first section of works were done using Locust Leaves. They are fun and love to travel especially when wet. These works were done in a tribute to Andy Goldsworthy.

Breaking the Grid

Night Time Goldsworthy

Two Falling and swept.

White Pine Needles are fun to use.



Charter Oak Cultural Center is proud to present an exhibition displaying the works of photographer Arienne Davey, “The Art of Protest.”

Join the artist for a complimentary wine and cheese reception from 6-8pm on September 28!

Arienne Davey has been creating photographs for a little over 25 years. She has shot from below sea level, snorkeling with sea lions in the Galapagos, to the ruins of Machu Picchu at almost 8,000 feet. She spent many hours photographing the various groups of protestors outside of the gates to the inauguration area during President Trump’s inauguration and then attended the Women’s March the next day as well as a “Not My President’s Day” protest in New York City in February. She believes that documenting these protests will be an important reminder for future generations that “the people united will never be defeated” (César Chávez).

The Art of Protest September 21–October 20, 2017
Artists Reception: Thursday, September 28, 2017
6:00 pm – 8:00 pm
21 Charter Oak Avenue, Hartford, CT 00106
Tel: 860-310 2580 | |

Information on Facebook HERE.

Artist Lee’s Family Tree.

Posted: September 16, 2017 in art

Here is a new work. It has been in the making for perhaps some 50 years. It was one of those projects that have fallen by the wayside with the slogan, “will get back to it again someday.” Well yesterday I was doing nothing and said, “Hey do you remember all those folks named Lee?” “Why yes,” I said and proceeded to write. Artist Lee is from back in the day when we were young and full of fun, living in Goon City on the other side of town.

We republish this piece written last year on this date. For Victor Jara and all of the victims of the Military Junta in Chile.

Plegaria a un labrador

Public Prayer for a worker.

Public Prayer to a Worker

Stand up, look at the mountains
Source of the wind, the sun, the water
You, who change the course of rivers,
Who, with the seed, sow the flight of your soul,
Stand up, look at your hands,
Give to your hand to your brother so you can grow.
We’ll go together, united by blood,
Today is the day
We can make the future.
Deliver us from the master
who keeps us in misery.
The kingdom of justice and equality come.
Blow, like the wind blows
the wild flowers of the mountain pass.

Clean the barrel of my gun like fire
They will be done at last on earth
Give us your strength and courage to struggle.
Blow, like the wind blows
the wild flowers of the mountain pas

Clean the barrel of my gun like fire
Stand up, look at your hands,
Give to your hand to your brother so you can grow.
We’ll go together, united by blood,
Now and in the hour of our death.

The following is a beautiful poem written by Adrian Mitchell and set to music by Arlo Guthrie about the life of Victor Jara.

read up on Victor in the following essay:

The Life of Victor Jara, from Marxism Leninism Today.

Victor Jara was machine-gunned to death. His body, and four other victims, were later found dumped near a railroad track outside a cemetery (one of the victims remains unidentified).

According to the autopsy report, he had been shot 44 times.

The special military unit who massacred Jara and many other political activists became known as the “Caravan of Death” and flew across the country in helicopters executing trade unionists, leftists and members of the Communist Party of Chile, and many other progressives like liberation theology priests.  More than 3,000 people were killed or went missing during the US-supported military dictatorship in Chile, from 1973 to 1990.

“With that same strength our collective fist / Will strike again some day.”..Victor Jara (more…)

RICHMOND, Va. (WSET) – Eight Klu Klux Klan effigies were hung in a Richmond park. The project is the latest from the anonymous American Art Collective, INDECLINE.

The group said in a press release that the project was conceptualized this spring “in protest of the White Nationalist uprising in the United States.” The figures hung in Joseph Bryan Park are clowns dressed in KKK robes and hoods.  INDECLINE says they chose Richmond as the site for the protest because the city was the capital of the Confederacy.

The Gabriel Prosser slave rebellion in 1800 happened in the park where the effigies were hung.
Each effigy has a placard around their neck that reads “If attacked by a mob of clowns, go for the juggler” and is signed simply “INDECLINE.”