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In from the Gay Liberation Network Chicago

The Supreme Court is hearing oral arguments today in a case which could mark a stunning reversal for LGBT rights. The facts seem clear, the precedents should seem to hold, but we live in a country where those things increasingly don’t matter.

Supreme Court

Turning LGBT Rights

Clock Backwards?

Oral Arguments Today in Colorado Bakery Case
May Be Tipping Point for Our Movement

By GLN’s Andy Thayer
For many years LGBT progress seemed “inevitable.” To casual observers, it seemed that victory invariably followed victory (never mind Prop 8, DOMA, AIDS, Anita Bryant, etc.). The logic of LGBT equality was self-evident, and so surely the truth must win out, right?
Such complacency is itself foolish, particularly in these times; and two Supreme Court decisions this week – one upholding Trump’s Muslim ban in full and the other refusing to hear a Texas case where same sex couples are denied equal employment benefits – show the dangers of complacency.

By refusing to hear the Texas case, the same Supreme Court that we’re counting on saving us from bigots’ specious “religious liberty” claims in the Colorado bakery case let stand a lower Texas court ruling that said LGBT employees aren’t entitled to equal access to accommodations granted to their heterosexual peers. (more…)


Here is a little dream for you. Then reality snuck in. A talisman perhaps.

And Benny was dreaming up the large mountain to get to the other side. No, he knew he wasn’t the bear that went over the mountain just to see what was on the other side, not Benny. I’ve been up this mountain before. On the top of the mountain was a large tall building but Benny couldn’t see above the 2nd floor that was skinned down to only its girders. Funny place Mr. Johnson is renovating that floor for his new condo. Someone lives up stairs but we only hear them. Benny walked to the back of the building hoping that it was all down hill from there but saw in front of him a large swamp. The swamp is wide and I can not cross over, wish I had wings to fly, that old folks song came in his head. Shit if I did I would be home by now having my dinner in my cozy little cottage. Suddenly Benny’s eyes spied something moving across the swamp, dodging the trees of the forest. It was a wolf, and Benny was afraid not so much of the wolf but about what could have happened if he hadn’t spied the wolf from where he stood and ran smack into its snarling face on the other side of the swamp. Glad I saw it as if I figured out a way to cross this swamp I could very well be the next Little Red Riding Hood’s Grandma. Eaten up by the wolf and no telling how long I would have had to spend in the belly of the wolf before some handsome woodsman came and slit open its belly and let me out.

Handsome Hank the Handy Woodsman

Went up to the 2nd floor, I will stay up here safe from any prowling wolves. They say they come in packs though I have heard of lone wolves before. Maybe there is something to block the door. A boy named Billy tried to find an old door that had been taken off its hinges, or some boards just lying around. Come on now all places should have a board or two to do the trick of blocking the entrance so a wolf couldn’t enter. Others joined us looking out from the floor and then we spied the wolf which had now crossed the swamp and was going south on the path down below. A lone wolf if one ever saw a lone wolf. A woman with us couldn’t see the wolf no matter how hard she tried. No wolf out there I am going out for a walk, she told us. Passing by cubby holes after cubby holes down the ramp and outside she went.

Benny woke from the dream frightened. Wondering out loud are there any packs of wild dogs here in this city? Now I know there isn’t any wolves. Scaring himself more and more thinking about snarling dogs, biting at him, surrounding him and pulling him down to the ground. Hey there can’t be wild dogs around here as I have to go out this morning at 4:15 way before anyone would hear my screams if attacked by a pack of wild dogs. What do I have to protect myself, no gun, no baseball bat, no mace, nothing. I suppose that I could throw ammonia at the dogs and that would chase them away from me. I certainly don’t want to become any dogs meal I would be rather messy if anyone could tell it was me after finding what was left there in the early morning hours. Wild dogs must be hungry with all this snow around and all the furry little animals hiding in their den, not venturing out or maybe not at all able to get out. Hole buried by so much snow. Wild dogs gotta eat.
Well thought Benny the laundry must be done and no fear of a pack of wild dogs is going to bother me and get me to stay home and not do my early Sunday morning job.

Benny left his apartment and out on the side sidewalk he looked down and saw the word wolf. WTF!! WOLF stared back at him. He pick up the round little container and read, Longcut Wintergreen Timber Wolf. Something to protect me on my journey thought Benny. I use to know all about such things back in the day when I was with Harry. What to do with the snuff in the can if any wild dogs come around. Sprinkle it all about and hope for the best. Tune up your fine senses, tune up your eyes, tune up your nose and walk lightly. Remember the old ways.

The wind began to howl and blow so cold. Pssssssssssssssssssssssst- Art comes in many strange ways now doesn’t it.

Benny gave us the can of Timber Wolf Snuff and we promised that if invited to show in the next art show we will show it.

From the Hampton Institute.

This is the institutional role that police have. And this is why the police are and always will be the enemy of the people. They serve and protect property, wealth, and the ruling class. Period. And in the US particularly, they fulfill this role under historically racialized terms that dehumanize people of color, even under a black president.
And *this* is where some defenders of the police get it wrong. Our critique of them is not as individuals, but as an institutional force that exists in opposition to our collective interests. The individuals throwing people around in this video may very well be loving and caring fathers, mothers, sons, daughters, and neighbors at home. But, as soon as they don this uniform, they become mindless drones in an inherently oppressive structure. And the “thin blue line” they have constructed allows them the self-righteous and psychotic delusion that it is “them against the world” at all costs.
The “bad apple” narrative misses this entire point, whether ignorantly or intentionally. The entire orchard is rotten to its core. And it is designed this way.


As queers we have long known that cops are our #1 most dangerous enemy. The 2015 U.S.Transgender Survey found that, Respondents experienced high levels of mistreatment and harassment by police. In the past year, of respondents who interacted with police or law enforcement officers who thought or knew they were transgender, more than half (58%) experienced some form of mistreatment. This included being verbally harassed, repeatedly referred to as the wrong gender, physically assaulted, or sexually assaulted, including being forced by officers to engage in sexual activity to avoid arrest.

Police frequently assumed that respondents—particularly transgender women of color—were sex workers. In the past year, of those who interacted with law enforcement officers who thought or knew they were transgender, one-third (33%) of Black transgender women and 30% of multiracial women said that an officer assumed they were sex workers.
More than half (57%) of respondents said they would feel uncomfortable asking the police for help if they needed it. Of those who were arrested in the past year (2%), nearly one-quarter (22%) believed they were arrested because they were transgender. So there are good reasons why we fear the police. Does anyone really not understand why many of us say, No Cops at PRIDE. Cops out of our neighborhood!

We can only hope that when LGBTQ folks see videos such as the above that they understand that an attack on one group of people no matter what is an attack on all of us. That we must no matter what crumbs have been given to us by the master join with others who are oppressed and fight back. There can be no middle ground on this. We can not wait until we are suddenly in the crosshairs of this machine. They will roll over us just as they roll over, murder and kill Black women and men. We know that many of them stand hand in hand with the Neo- Nazis and the Klan. It is fully in their nature. Remember that they will beat us just as they beat anyone who dares to step up and say “This is wrong!” They will kill us and they will continue to do this until the people rise up and put an end to this madness. All Power To The People! Long Live the Revolution!

The ACLU says, “It defies logic to arm the police with weapons of war, but that’s precisely what President Trump and Attorney General Sessions have decided to do.” We know as others do that police departments all across amerikkka have been doing this for years. We have written many times about this and have asked for a complete list of what weapons Hartford police have stockpiled. The police are not our friends and know and know again if they have such weapons they will use them against the people. But the people strong and united will storm the storage houses and confiscate these weapons.

and remember this: Cops are just one component of the bourgeoisie’s repressive apparatus for subjugating the working class and anyone else that strays from the bourgeoisie norm. If they can’t subjugate us they will kill us.

This is an important comment written by Joseph James Connolly on a facebook post concerning disasters and who profits from them. Yes its true folks we are up against some mighty horrible people. Thanks to Joseph James for permission to post this.

“Marx’s analysis in Das Capital of the so-called “Irish Potato Famine” provides a good start for a class analysis of disasters, especially within an imperialist context. Disasters are systematically used by the master class, just as they use unemployment and poverty, to discipline the working class through objective insecurity that amounts to class-based terrorism. Disasters also open the way to reconstruction of local economies that maximize profit while “thinning the herd.” In the case of mid-nineteenth century Ireland, Marx demonstrates that the British government knowingly refused meaningful assistance to a disaster-afflicted starving indigenous population in order clear away low-profit serf-like crop agriculture and pave the way for estate-based pastoral agriculture which provided much higher profits per acre. The fact that six million people died horrible deaths or were forced to flee to other continents was acceptable damage to reach a desired goal for Capital. In Houston, the real disaster is starting now. As in New Orleans, the population is likely to be systematically downsized, gentrified, and white-ified. “Precariate” members will remain at least partially displaced. “New Houston,” like “New New Orleans” and “New Detroit” will be a captial-friendly place with excellent “police protection” and hefty government subsidies to investors.”

Fight back!!

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or rather a very misguided man who calls himself a pastor. Fool is what many of us will call him. Big fool is better. I would be very careful to claim to be speaking for god. We have heard he works in mysterious ways. Like the time when one of those so called reverends said that a hurricane would hit if a city in Florida held a gay pride. Well honey don’t temp the lord god for a hurricane did hit but it was in that reverend’s own home town. So Mr. Jeffres we would have to say, be careful. God don’t play with ugly.

…from all over the news media. This excellent article written by Sarah Pulliam Bailey was found in the Washington Post. We like it as there is a bit of a back ground to why some Christians may feel this way.

Image result for Robert Jeffress

Texas megachurch pastor Robert Jeffress, one of President Trump’s evangelical advisers who preached the morning of his inauguration, has released a statement saying the president has the moral authority to “take out” North Korean leader Kim Jong Un.

‘God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un’ evangelical adviser says.

“When it comes to how we should deal with evildoers, the Bible, in the book of Romans, is very clear: God has endowed rulers full power to use whatever means necessary — including war — to stop evil,” Jeffress said. “In the case of North Korea, God has given Trump authority to take out Kim Jong Un.”

Jeffress said in a phone interview that he was prompted to make the statement after Trump said that if North Korea’s threats to the United States continue, Pyongyang will be “met with fire and fury like the world has never seen.” (more…)