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From the Gay Liberation Network, Chicago


Shut Down Racism, War & Bigotry

on 1st Anniversary of Trump

When Trump and the 1% attack, we will fight back!

A year into his and presidency, Trump, the 1% and the establishment are feeling more confident that they will not have to face resistance in the streets.

They have gone on the offensive, approving the racist travel ban, empowering racist police departments and ICE, attacking Native lands and the environment. They’re promoting the Tax Plan assault which threatens Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

They’re threatening LGBTQ rights through phony “religious liberty” laws and a forthcoming Supreme Court decision. These moves threaten equal access to public accommodations, a basic right won by the black-led Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, today using hostility against LGBTQs as a wedge to attack a basic right that should be guaranteed to all oppressed people.

On an international front, they’re funding and escalating the Saudi genocide in Yemen, preparing for a disastrous war against perhaps Korea or Iran, backing election fraud against a progressive candidate in Honduras, threatening net neutrality, attacking the Arab and Muslim world by declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel and much, much more.

Trump and the congress of millionaire’s agenda of unrestrained capitalism and white supremacy and the warmongering and fake resistance of democratic politicians can only be defeated by a united people’s movement to stop racist police terror, imperialist war, environmental destruction, the fascist mobilization and the attacks on immigrants and all oppressed people.

We stand with and will continue to defend immigrants, LGBTQ people, Muslims, People of Color, women, workers, the youth, poor people, the disabled and all those who are under attack!

The initiating cosponsors of this action are BLM Women of Faith, Answer Chicago & People United Against Oppression. They can be contacted at 773.885.3991. Please join and share the Facebook event here.

Additional co-sponsors are: Chicago Students Union; Freedom First International; Gay Liberation Network; Illinois Green Party; Centro Autónomo de Albany Park, Chicago; Anakbayan Chicago: International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines – Midwest; Free from Harm; Chicago Chapter of Veterans for Peace; La Voz de los de Abajo; Chicago Campaign to Expose Crisis Pregnancy Centers; Kofi Ademola, an activist in the Movement for Black Lives; International Socialist Organization; Refuse Fascism Chicago; Chicago Workers World Party; The Party for Socialism and Liberation Chicago; Chicagoland Teamsters Against chump; Albany Park, North Park, Mayfair Neighbors for Peace and Justice; Chicago Socialist Alternative; Chicago Stop Moving Backwards; No War on North Korea; Party for Socialism and Liberation – Milwaukee; Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement; Southwest Suburban Activists; March 19th Anti-War Coalition; No Amazon HQ in Chicago; and Justicia en Ayotzinapa Comité Chicago.


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For information about the January 20th march in Hartford go to HERE.

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Press Alert Jan. 15
Political, labor and international attention will be focused on Philadelphia’s Criminal Justice Center this Wednesday for a decisive battle in Pennsylvania political prisoner Mumia Abu-Jamal’s 36 year struggle for justice and freedom.

Supporters will start gathering before the court hearing at 8am at 1301 Filbert Street on Jan. 17 with signs, banners, chants and speakers. Among the speakers will be a delegation of French political leaders. After the court hearing, a short rally will take place to discuss the ramifications of the court proceedings.
This latest court hearing is a continuation of Abu-Jamal’s Aug. 7, 2016 legal action assailing the judicial bias and conflict of interest in his post-conviction appeal denials from 1998-2012. This is a path to overturn Mumia’s conviction for a murder he did not commit and to win his freedom.

In coordination with the court date, hundreds of US and international political, labor, educational and cultural leaders, organizations and community activists signed an “International Call to Release the District Attorney and Police Files Relevant to Mumia Abu-Jamal’s Case and to Free Him Now”, initiated by the Frantz Fanon Foundation. Among the signers are Angela Davis, Danny Glover, Dr. Cornel West, Puerto Rican Nationalist hero Oscar Lopez Rivera, numerous elected officials and political activists from France, Germany, Great Britain, Zimbabwe, Tanzania, South Africa, Australia, Haiti, Mexico, Canada, the US and other countries.

The document with an incomplete list of signers was delivered to Krasner’s office on Jan. 12, along with a request to meet with the DA on Jan. 15 or 16. The final list of signers plus an additional letter from the French organization Libérons Mumia! will be handed over at that time.

As described in detail in the attached document, Castille was a Philadelphia DA while Mumia’s direct appeals of his conviction were prepared and argued from 1986 to 1990. As DA, Castille was responsible for oversight of all the legal briefs and arguments presented by the prosecution to the PA Supreme Court and U.S. Supreme Court to uphold Mumia’s conviction and death sentence.
After election to the Pennsylvania Supreme Court in 1994, Castille refused to recuse himself from Mumia’s case and denied every one of his post-conviction appeals from 1995-2012. An historic ruling in Williams v. Pennsylvania in 2016 by the U.S. Supreme Court found that Castille’s refusal to step aside in the case was unconstitutional. In April 2017, Mumia’s newest appeal based on the Williams verdict came before Tucker’s bench.

Since Mumia’s initial hearing on this appeal, the DA’s office has repeatedly resisted full compliance with numerous orders from Tucker to produce all records related to the case. They claim there is nothing in their files showing Castille’s personal interest or role in Mumia’s case.

Yet documents the DA has produced do show evidence of Castille’s direct role. They include references to a March 1990 memo to Castille and a June 1990 letter from Castille to then-governor Casey related to death penalty cases including Mumia’s. When the DA claimed they could not locate the memo, Tucker ordered them to produce former Deputy DA Gaele McLaughlin Barthold to testifyon Jan. 17 regarding the contents of the memo.

If the court finds for Mumia, his appeals could be reinstated and his criminal conviction thrown open. That is why a mass movement is demanding the public release of ALL police and prosecution files on Mumia. As a world-renowned writer who is suffering from serious health issues, it is particularly pressing that Mumia Abu-Jamal be released, NOW!

This is an excellent article from Hampton Institute.

Rise of the Scab Army: The Historical Roots of Modern Police as “Paddy Rollers” and Strikebreakers

The Police are a notorious institution due to their function in society. They have a second bill of rights that others don’t, afforded by their “Union” – a term that should be used loosely in regards to Police, as they often play the State’s hand in strike-breaking. In this function, they are an army of scabs. They regularly abrogate others’ rights and avoid accountability on the basis of taking a life daily.
In this regard, the Left and Right have different critiques of Police in society and often meet in the middle; however, the Left has historical context behind its critique. In the Libertarian Capitalist ideology, the function of Police would be privatized, and private security forces or a paramilitary organizations, such as Blackwater now Academi, would fill the void.
Understanding the history of Police and how they came to be in American and British society is important. Police were a volunteer force early on in the colonies, until the mid-19th century. These forces originated in terms of protecting the community and relatives as a whole, providing some social services while “hunting” criminals and searching for lost children.
However, this method of policing proved too ineffective, as these groups were often disorganized and chaotic. Subsequently, authority was moved from communities as a whole to solely the men within the community.
This was called a frankpledge system in England, and these men would form groups of ten called tythings which were grouped into hundreds and then into shires similar to a county. The titles of shire reeve and sheriff were obviously similar and had similar duties, such as oversight of the members of the tythings and deputies.
The duties that these early Police forces performed were of a general nature: collecting taxes and working with the courts. Law enforcement was too ineffective at this time to deal with social uprising in the period of 1700 to 1800.
1829 is the year I will reference as the year a modern force was born in London, created and expanded by a bill introduced by Sir Robert Peel. The goal was to create a force capable of “managing” social conflict, in the time of urbanization and industrialization. Thus, the London Metropolitan Police are regarded to be the first modern force in history. The functions of the London Police would inform the United States on formation of their own forces at a later date in history.
The US has a bitter pill to swallow as far as its history goes in the manner of ‘order through policing.’ In the 1700s, America was a growing country with immigrants and slaves from Europe and Africa as the main contributors to its development. Social disorder was commonplace as antiquated volunteer organizations were ineffectual at controlling disorder.
In the South in the 1700s, the only patrol force was a slave patrol which emerged in South Carolina. They were supposed to “manage race-based conflicts” and “control slave populations,” and whose jurisdiction would eventually extend to monitoring and controlling White indentured servants as well. Like modern Police, they maintained a high level of brutality to control the populace they were intended to police. They were mostly White, and very few tended to be female as far as status went; and they crossed socioeconomic lines as poor Whites and plantation owners alike maintained the same duties as a paddyroller.

To read the rest of the article go to HERE. 

Saturday, Jan 20 @ 8am — corner of Whitney & Edwards:
Stand for reproductive rights! Support our local clinic!

January 20th marks one year since Trump’s inauguration. It also comes shortly before the anniversary of Roe v. Wade. Join members of the New Haven community to demonstrate in support of reproductive healthcare and full access to all reproductive rights, and stand against the hate groups that harass our community.
Local community members have been doing a weekly action for clinic defense every Saturday, intervening when clients and workers are harassed and creating a display of support, for two years. In his first year in office, Donald Trump and his administration have launched a full-on attack on reproductive healthcare, including abortion access, STI / STD testing, HIV/AIDS prevention and gender-affirming care. Across the country, people have been resisting these attacks. On January 20, we ask you to join us in New Haven for a mass action of solidarity!
Dress warm! Signs and banners will be provided, but feel free to bring your own too! Free street parking available.

For info on Facebook HERE. 

We join in solidarity with the Haitian and Immigrant community. DOWN WITH TRUMP!!

For information see Facebook Page HERE.

Hartford Forum: Fascism & Anti-Fascism

Sunday, February 4, 2018

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Sea Tea Comedy Theater, 15 Asylum Street Hartford Ct.

Hosted by the Industrial Workers of the World

From the Facebook page:

Thank you to Sea Tea Comedy Theater for hosting us! Please join us for an engaging conversation on the dangers of right-wing extremism and its remedies. Connecticut is no stranger to white supremacist activities; in October the towns of Bristol, Southington and Newington were the targets of Nazi-affiliated flyers. The UConn College Republicans have now invited not one but two openly racist figures to abuse anyone who does not fit into their warped, narrow definition of personhood. And on December 29th, 15 white supremacists held a public demonstration in Hartford in broad daylight.

What does all of this mean for those of us who are in their crosshairs? Our friend Roger Benham will lead the discussion. Here is his summary:

Since the rise of “Populist” movements in Europe and elsewhere, and the campaign and presidency of Trump, we have seen the reemergence of far right ideas and movements in the bourgeois democracies.

While those of us with a radical analysis are aware that the ideas of liberal democracy are built upon inequality and imperialism, these ideas have presented a challenge to many of us. This year brought them to international attention with the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville in August. How do we deal with them without reinforcing the neoliberal status quo?

Drawing from the actual histories of these Fascist movements, I aim to give a brief history of them in the U.S., from the original Fascist upsurge in the 1930’s, with the Silver Shirts and the German-American Bund, through their postwar manifestations in the Nazi Party of George Lincoln Rockwell, their intersections with Klan organizing through Louis Beam, the currents that fed into them from the Survivalist movement and William Potter Gale’s Posse Comitatus ideas, through the 1980’s uptick in Fascist and neo-Nazi terrorism and organizing by leaders like William Pierce and Tom Metzger, up through their convergence with contemporary European Fascist movements like Identitarianism, the Nouvelle Droite, and their mainstreaming in rightwing parties like the Front National, Golden Dawn, and the Austrian Freedom Party, as well as their similarities and divergences with contemporary Russian far right figures like Alexander Dugin. And to give a brief overview of the major American Nazi and Fascist organizations today, like the Traditionalist Worker’s Party, Identity Europa, and the National Socialist Movement, as well as “fellow travelers” short of declared Nazis like the Proud Boys and speakers like Milo Yianoppolous, Steve Bannon, and others of the so-called “alt-right” and “alt-lite.”

Ultimately, I hope this will lead to a discussion of how we not only as antifascists but also as working class radicals with a class based analysis and liberatory vision beyond liberal democracy can effectively respond to them.

As for me, I am not an academic, but a self taught historian of these movements. I’m also a street medic and an active supporter of antifascist organizing in the streets and elsewhere. I provided medical support in Charlottesville and elsewhere over the past year.