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Why? Because the racist system is working just fine.    Rest In Power Stephon Clark!

For clearing up some questions that people may have go to HERE.

Police mute body cameras after fatally shooting unarmed Black Man HERE.

GO FUND ME ACCOUNT has been set up to help Stephon’s grandmother pay for his funeral. Go to HERE. 


To our readers:

Furbirdsqueerly is located in Hartford Connecticut, USA. This essay concerns the police of our city and other cities in amerikkka. This essay certainly smacks of privilege when read by any of our readers in many different parts of the world, by anyone living in a police state or military dictatorship. Our concerns are trivial compared to the many concerns of people around the world. We cringe when we think what it must be like to be a Palestinian living under the fist of the Israeli occupying army. We look out around the world and see so many beaten and killed by the police or by soldiers in their own countries. Each of us no matter where we live must deal with, and correct if we can and in the process make life better for everyone. We will never dismiss the pain and the brutality by the police all around amerikka against people of color. The death of even one person must be our concern. There have been 226 killings of people by the police since the beginning of 2018. This is and must be unacceptable.  Here, Here, Here.  It must be our concern for a life taken, for the victim, for the family and for the community.

Here in amerikkka we are trying along with countless others to stop the developing police state and the alt-right, neo-Nazis, KKK, and other assorted fascists. People are being killed by these dirt bags as they wage war against us. In a way we are “making hay while the sun shines,” doing what we can while we are still able to stop the spread of these dangerous ideologies. One way is to stop and hold our police departments in our cities and towns from becoming more militarized. Our progressive people and movements in this state work hard to keep the police in line making sure that they are upfront and ethical in all of their dealings. Is it a losing battle? Are we wining this war?

Below you can find a statement by the Deputy Chief of Police in Hartford the capital city of Connecticut. Some of us will believe him and some of us will not. Some will dismiss him and some will add to this discussion by research. All in all there is a great battle going on in this country and we at this blog are proud to be a part of that battle. We thank all of our friends both young and old in this battle. We are proud of you and your contributions to this long fight. No need to name you as each one of you know that we love and respect the work you do.

This is a collage gleaned from many sources brought to life in the service of the people.

We´ve seen it everywhere people are rising up: governments are militarizing police, attacking their own people, criminalizing protest, and engaging in coordinated surveillance and disruption of social movements. The 1% and their puppets in government and on the street are waging a war on dissent. In 2009 when friends returned from the G20 Summit in Pittsburg they told me about a device that was called a Long Range Acoustic Device. Of course it is claimed that the device is not a weapon, but a “directed-sound communication device.” Just one of the weapons that a police department has to stop peaceful dissent and to alarm the neighborhoods. Telling it like it is, telling the truth is better than telling a lie isn’t that what your Momma told you? This is a weapon, a weapon in use against people. A weapon in use by a police department against the people. A weapon is a weapon is a weapon.


We learn this from The Marshall Project:

For more than 20 years, the Pentagon program that distributes surplus weapons, aircraft and vehicles to police departments nationwide received little attention or scrutiny. Defense Department officials closely guarded the details of which agencies across the country received which items.
Then, events in Ferguson propelled the 1033 program, as the surplus distribution is called, into the public eye.
Flooded with calls for greater transparency, in late November, the Pentagon quietly released data that details the tactical equipment it tracks through the program, and for the first time identified the agencies that received items. The data is a national gift list of high-caliber weapons, armored vehicles, aircraft and similar military equipment, all delivered for the price of shipping and often with little civilian oversight. The program has doled out $5 billion in equipment since 1990. Want to read a very interesting and informative article from The Marshall Project go to HERE.

One can also scroll down and click on your state to find out how much each city and towns police departments received from the Feds.

Here is a chart:

The Department of Defense Gift Guide. and A Partridge In A Pear Tree.

Shopping for holiday gifts for your local police department, park ranger or campus security team? How about an “interim fast attack vehicle”? Or a nice grenade launcher? These are just a few of the $5 billion dollars worth of surplus items that the Defense Department has distributed to law enforcement agencies and others in its Excess Property Program, also called the 1033 program. Below is a list of gifts culled from records that the department quietly made public last month. The values are based on what the Pentagon paid when it acquired the equipment. The recipients paid only shipping.
For more on what gifts local police can receive from the Pentagon go to: A Department of Defense Gift Guide HERE. 

On the lighter side of all of these weapons we read at the Marshall Project what some departments ask for from Big Santa and received:

The armored vehicles and M-16s get all the attention, but the 1033 program has its lighter side. The non-tactical transfers include games and toys, musical instruments, personal electronics, and exercise equipment.
In addition to two dump trucks and two sedans, the go-getters at the New Lothrop, Michigan, police department scored enough instruments to start a band – two snare drums, a bass drum, an electric guitar, a bass guitar and accessories – in addition to four treadmills and a VCR to watch while exercising.

Other goodies from the five-sided big-box store:
6 French horns
3 saxophones
372 televisions (designated “for personal/home use”)
387 sets of dumbbells
58 softballs
121 treadmills
Oh, and more than 3,700 boxes of ready-to-eat meals, 2,800 of them to the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department.

Here is another chart of interest.

First read over this article: Connecticut Police Have $12.9 Million Worth of Military Equipment.

This is a MRAP. HPD has removed the Machine Gun Turrets from the roof. Did they scrape them or save them?

Photo and from original posting Roberto Tollis.

On to Our Town Hartford Ct. USA

A posting and photos on Dwelling in Downtown caught a lot of folks interest. Opening a can of worms and a call for the Deputy Chief of Police what Military Equipment Hartford Police Department had obtained from the pentagon and if he was willing to make a full disclosure. This question was asked in 2014 when over 100 people marched on Hartford Police Station against the assault by Hartford detective Shawn Ware made against Luis Anglero. I asked Brian Foley twice what HPD had as far as military weapons and finally he answered. I had also asked in another question Why should we believe that HPD is any different than other police departments? (more…)

or of course we could take a lesson from the French back in the day and send them all to the Guillotine. Their day will come as things can not remain top heavy for to long.  When that day comes and the top tumbles over what a celebration we will have. In the meantime let us not fall for the tools of the ruling class, let us not fall for mere reform those crumbs they shake from their table cloths. Let us educate the people so they know that the little they get, the soothing, is not all that we expect them to have.

We are way over here sitting on the other side of the country but are posting this for our readers who are near Seattle and wish to go to this exciting forum. 100 % support form furbirdsqueerly.

A Queer Anti-Militarism Town Hall
Public · Hosted by The Seattle Public Library

Monday, April 2 at 7 PM – 8:30 PM PDT, The Seattle Public Library Central Library, 1000 4th Ave, Seattle, Washington 98104

If the US military is a central institution of global oppression, why is trans inclusion portrayed as a social justice issue?

In this panel discussion, we will connect the fight for queer and trans liberation with struggles against militarism in all its forms. Instead of calling for the “right to serve” in the US military, this discussion focuses on challenging the violence of the military at home and abroad. Panelists will speak from a broad range of organizing experiences, from challenging structural racism to fighting for migrant justice, indigenous sovereignty to prison abolition, anti-war activism to the movement against sexual violence.

With micha cárdenas, Angélica Cházaro, Nikkita Oliver, Matt Remle, Dean Spade, and Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

Doors at 6:30 p.m.

The event photo was generated by activists in 2017 and went viral on Facebook, with thousands of people using it as their Facebook profile picture.

– Jewish Voice for Peace-Seattle
– South Seattle Emerald
– NWDC Resistance/Resistencia al NWDC
– International League of Peoples’ Struggle – ILPS Seattle

Facebook page for this event is:

Over at Diana’s Little Corner in the Nutmeg State Diana a comrade, friend and leader in the Ct. TransAdvocacy Coalition published an article the other day about Ru Paul and his apology to the Trans Community. First let us read what was posted and then a wonderful comment from Diana written in 2014 and after that a updated comment we made on this issue.

I want to believe he is turning over a new leaf, but his actions and words will be the true test that he has changed. In the past he has badly hurt the trans community and it will take a lot to heal the deep wounds.

RuPaul tweets ‘regret’ over controversial transgender comments: ‘The trans community are heroes’
By Joey Nolfi
March 05, 2018

RuPaul has issued an apology for controversial statements he made about members of the transgender community.

“Each morning I pray to set aside everything I THINK I know, so I may have an open mind and a new experience,” the two-time Emmy-winning host of RuPaul’s Drag Race tweeted Monday, two days after the The Guardian published an interview with the LGBT icon in which he indicated he likely wouldn’t allow a post-operative transwoman to join the show’s cast. “I understand and regret the hurt I have caused. The trans community are heroes of our shared LGBTQ movement. You are my teachers.”
In the past he has named segments of the show “You’ve Got Shemail” or the game “Female or Shemale” where you try to identify the cisgender woman; he has far to go to show that he is culturally aware and it is going to take a long time to show me that he changed.

I do not hate drag queens, it is just not my “cup of tea,” I know many “drag queens” and I know many trans women who started off as drag queens, but Ru Paul has hurt many trans women by his comments, let his actions and words show that he has changed.

(Diana wrote) Back in 2014 I wrote this…
Ru Paul
Okay, here is my two cents.

There is a lot of lateral hostility within our community… I’m transgender* you are not… I’m more transgender than you… and on and on.

There are many exclusionists in our community and they usually draw the line under them, drag queens are looked down on by crossdresser, transsexuals look down on crossdresser, post-op transsexuals look down at pre-op transsexuals, and those that can integrate into society look down at those who cannot and call them “men in a dress.” Some transgender people think I am not a “true” transsexual because I haven’t hocked my house to have surgery even though I have been living full time for almost seven years.

So why is this? Why do they want to separate themselves from other people they see as being below them?

The origins of lateral hostility have its roots in our internalized shame as we worked to overcome our own feeling of inadequacy; we transfer that guilt to other people that we see as being below us… I am not like “those” drag queens. We cannot attack those who oppress us so we distance ourselves from those that we see as being below us and oppress them. It is also caused by internalized homophobia/transphobia, our fear of being labeled as gay, transsexuals’ fear of being “just a crossdresser,” and post-op transsexuals who can integrate into society fear being seen as a transsexual.

Another part of the problem is the way the media looks at us. When the media covers a pride event what photos do you see in the newspaper or on TV? Usually it is the flamboyant drag queens or the six foot seven crossdresser, and not the trans-woman who is integrated into society.

We also lump together those that we feel as being below us. Ru Paul is one person, and he is not the “Drag Community” (even though he thinks he is). But we demonize the whole drag community because of him. I am a firm believer that you hate that what you don’t know; so here is a homework assignment for you this Pride month. Get to know a drag queen. That’s it nothing more.

*My definition of transgender is anyone who crosses the gender norm. That transgender is a spectrum from drag queens/kings to post op transsexuals.

We left a comment over with Diana. It has been updated and reworked for this article.

Diana, Excellent piece. Thanks for writing this.

It would be great if we could unlearn all of this crap. This crap that puts down people Why does someone always have to be “lower than us?” Is that what Capitalism teaches us? We know in this system that someone must always be on the lower rung of the ladder and someone must be up higher. Mass unemployment has been a feature of capitalism since it emerged as the dominant social system in 17th century England and spread throughout the world. It is also an essential part of the system — the misery of the unemployed and underemployed fuels the profits, which keep the capitalist economy going. ( 1 ) It is a tool of the ruling class to keep those with a job in line, “Look they will tell us, you could be there, unemployed, getting by with crumbs, losing your home struggling to make your meager ends meet. That could be you down there. Get in line and under my thumb. Then instead of looking at the ruling class and bosses and saying fuck you and doing something about it as Diana says we oppress those on the bottom. When someone puts another person down does it make a person feel better about themselves, does I take the attention off of their flaws, make them feel higher in control?

I have found many times that many of us have not even if we think we have been able to throw off the straight jacket that society has put us in. Most all of us have been forced to wear it all of our lives, to exist between the lines. Forced by family, the church, friends, school mates and many others to be like them. In the early days even some of the so called radical homosexuals stated, “We are just like straights except for what we do in bed.” What bull shit that statement and thinking is. Why in the world would anyone want to be like straights? We know what they are like as oppressors, do we want to love our oppressors? Form ourselves in their mold just to be like them and get along. Why would we want to trade our face, our fabulous beautiful face for theirs? When we put down our comrades in our community we return to that dreadful place we fled from. That ugly place that said, “Burn fag burn.” That ugly place of assimilation into mainstream society. To those who can’t or won’t assimilate we can not say fuck you. We say Fuck the Norm! Fuck the Straights! Fuck the System!

So we say Enough of this dirty rotten system!  Are folks really that miserable and unsure of themselves that we have to point and say you are nothing to someone else. What false gods do we worship that tell us to believe that type of junk? Isn’t that crap a form of bullying.  Isn’t it a shame that a people who are so attacked from the outside and on a very slippery slope with the alt-right threatening to kill us all that we would find others in our community to belittle. If anyone hasn’t read the article, American Neo-Nazi Groups Hell-Bent on Murdering LGBTQ People Are Very Real please do so. It should be enough to bring all of us together. If not then dear friends we have lost and we will allow the pink triangle to once again become a forced fashion statement.

Now how about the person or persons who are doing harm to our community such as gays who are joining the Neo-Nazis or those who support trump, or those such as Ru Paul who is making life harder for our people. What do we do with those folks. We should know from our history and from the history of many others that we MUST fight the right, and the Neo-Nazis. Fight them with everything we have building an alternative vision of what this amerikkka can be. We must never put anyone who are fighting for their lives and the lives of their communities down, or not care if that old beating stick is on their heads. We must fight back and stop the BS of division within our community and towards all oppressed. Remember the saying Divide and Conquer? Of course you do. That is just what the outside is trying to do. Why would anyone who has a target on their backs want to do the same?

As said many times before, when and if they come for us they will sweep us all up in the net of degenerate and it won’t matter one bit what labels we have put on each other, who we like or dislike or what we have between our legs.  Harry Hay once said, “Assimilation is the way you excuse yourself. It absolutely never worked at all.” You may not think your are noticeable. But they know who you are. They know you’re a degenerate, and they’ve never forgotten that. You won’t find out until push comes to shove. And then you’ll find out real fast. Because they’re respectable in the eyes of God and you aren’t.” ( 2 )

Let’s get over ourselves before push comes to shove an we are face to face with an enemy so big that we can not defend ourselves due to our squabbles. But of course then there is the reality of, saying nothing as they take this group or that group away.

Build A United Front of ALL Our People!!  All Power to All People!!!


( 1  ) Al Perlo of the Communist Party USA wrote the article, Capitalism and Unemployment for the Peoples World. It is a very good read which explores this idea.

( 2 ) Cusak, Ann-Marie. “Harry Hay Interview” The Progressive Sep. 1999: n. pag. The Progressive Online. Web. 17 July 2011

Sylvia Rivera in a discussion with Eric Marcus said this:
“Because, straight society always looks, Oh, well a faggot always dresses in drag or he’s too effeminate. You’ve got to be who you are. Passing is like saying a light skin black woman or black male passing for white. And I refuse to pass. ”
You couldn’t have passed.
“No, I couldn’t pass. Not in this lifetime.”

Let’s tell each other its okay not to pass and mean it. Let’s tell each other its not okay to put our community members down. Let’s rise above our petty likes and dislikes.



Long live the victorious people of Vietnam. We remember other battles when all seemed lost, when the powers that be had all the power, when our flag flew above our infant might. Faced with danger everywhere. We were victorious.  The above is a lesson from history for today.