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“Our journey towards collective liberation is inextricably linked to dismantling systems that reinforce white supremacy and capitalism such as the prison industrial complex, immigrant detention, housing discrimination and Native genocide — battles in which Wells Fargo and HRC sit confidently on the wrong side.” -Lourdes Ashley Hunter

NO JUSTICE NO PRIDE saying it again like it needs to be said. We do hope and we will help in anyway we can to get this message out to HRC, and other mainstream LGBT groups. We have been fighting this battle for so many years. I can only hope as a 70 yr old queer activist that this message will finally get across and folks will realize the real struggle. We fully agree with the above poster and ask that our readers go to the No Justice No Pride page like them, thank them and pass on the information.  To connect with No Justice No Pride facebook page go to HERE. Be sure to read the statement Complicity is Horrifying” Why No Justice No Pride is taking action on October 28, 2017. See HERE.  AND remember to thank these young folks who stand up truth to power.

We would like to add from a piece we wrote awhile back these words:

Dear readers be prepared. These HRC types and their fellow travelers will turn any and all of us liberationists in to the man without a second thought. Many of us are in the way of their being model citizens. These types of people go about making alliances with some of the most dreadful corporations in the world, aligning themselves with the masters, the CIA and the military industrial complex all for equality. We ask how can they claim to be for human rights when they align their group with corporate culture, with the prison industrial complex and selling good manufactured in sweatshops. Contrary to popular belief, capitalism has nothing to do with respect for human life. Our dislike for HRC did not just drop suddenly out of the sky but has been a long running feud with the comfortable class gays and lesbians who run HRC. Folks like these we have been in rebellion against for most of our life. They seek power and become power, power that is some of the worse kind. They have become face of face of the oppressor. Their power  we must continue to deal with in any manner, shape or form that we deem necessary to end it. (1) One question for HRC and all the comfortable class “gays”, now that you have your equality what are you going to do with it?”


On the 100th Anniversary

Lessons of the 1917 Russian Revolution

Committee for Revolutionary International Regroupment
October 2017

One hundred years ago, the Russian people stepped onto the stage of history, taking destiny into their own hands. The revolution they made changed the course of the 20th century and became an inspiration and touchstone for every rebellion since.

The Committee for Revolutionary International Regroupment (CRIR) honors the legacy and the responsibility we owe to those who made the Russian Revolution. We are committed to fully absorbing and to sharing throughout the socialist movement our understanding of their invaluable experience on the road to their great and hard-won achievements. We are first and foremost internationalists. We reject the notion that socialism can ever be a national project. Rather it must be based on a global economic plan, designed to meet the needs of all human beings. This can only occur through forging the unity and solidarity of working women and men around the world. In these simple but profound ideas, we follow in the footsteps of those who made the Russian Revolution.

One hundred years later

While today’s world looks very different from the Russia of 1917, there are critically important lessons to be learned from both the first victorious wielding of state power by the working class, and from its ultimate defeat nearly three-quarters of a century later—understandings too valuable to consign to irrelevance in the new millennium.

And while society today is defined by the ‘new’—the internet, near-instantaneous communication, computerized and automated everything—there is much in the human situation that echoes the condition of the world when the working class first rose to its feet.

Now, as then, capitalism, with its inexorable drive for economic and military domination, continues to embroil the world in war and genocide, creating enormous suffering and driving millions from their homes. Recurrent crises and recession wreak havoc on working people globally, with the greatest burden borne by women, particularly those belonging to ethnic and racial minorities as well as oppressed nations and indigenous societies.

The leadership of a vanguard party is indispensable

Worldwide, the capitalist system is getting a “no confidence” vote by more and more people, especially as corrupt oligarchies and corporate conquistadors grow ever richer at the expense of the majority. Again and again, the oppressed rebel– from Egypt, Syria, and Tunisia to Greece, Spain and Venezuela, yet no strong, revolutionary leadership emerges to guide the rebellions toward the conquest of state power and revolutionary socialism. Instead one tyrant or ruling clique is simply exchanged for another. The capitalist class may change faces at the top, but remains in power and reasserts its will and interests.


 In 1917, as the main training ship of the Baltic fleet, the Aurora took an active part in the Revolution. On the night of October 25-26 1917, it fired a blank shot at the Winter Palace (then the residence of the Provisional Government), giving the signal to the rebellious workers, soldiers and sailors of the city to storm the palace. That moment triggered a dramatic episode in Russia’s history and was the start of over 70 years of Communist leadership.


Shifting Landscape: The Reds Surround the Last of The Whites.. R. Nelson

Beat the Whites With The Red Wedge. El Lissitzky

The Red Flag… Billy Bragg

The Kalos Society and Gay Liberation Front of Hartford were at the march.


My then boyfriend Miguel and I had returned to NYC from the West Coast that spring. We got a place on the Lower East Side. When it came time for this march I said to him, “We missed Stonewall I am not going to miss this march. We went with a group of our friends dressed in our fine “gay” hippie style.

Greetings of the season.

from Pumpkin Town Village. Check it out, its fun, and a non-scary treat for Halloween.


Well, well, well. We got a call the other day from dear old punkpink you remember pink now don’t you? That rabble rouser, tell it like it is, no holding back or holes barred, (now that would be fun to work with that statement) type of person. Yeah dear old punkpink gone off to the wilds of Vermont studying twigs and berries and forging for food, chopping wood, living the good life among goats, chickens, and other barnyard animals. Yes, dear old revolutionary punkpink. Well pink called us the other day and said, “Now I may be out of sight but I will always be in your readers minds and yours too for a matter of fact. So you’re doing essays I see on LGBTQ Ourstory month, how about publishing one that I wrote?” Well how could we refuse but which one should we publish? May Day suggested the essay that ended Part 2 of ourstories We applaud our Revolutionary Sisters and Brothers. A lesson in Ourstories. Okay sounds good, sort of puts it where its at, rings true still and needs to be said. So punkpink here it is your contribution to our LGBTQ Ourstory stories for the month of October 2017. (ha ha ha, yes baby we are all all ready as the straights say history)

Mr. and Mrs. Jones be Dammed. I never liked those fuckers and would rather kill them than be like them.
or, Why Do They Hate Their “gay” So Much That They Want To Be Straight?
by punkpink

I asked typist to do my essay all in pink so no one in their right mind would think that I was a straight person. I’m as  queer as queer can be. I like pink and pink likes me is a slogan that I have above my writing desk. I have taken from articles that I wrote and that have been published on furbirdsqueerly to form this essay.

Hello from the woods of Vermont, where I stopped working my back woods person butt off for a few, to write these lines to you. No don’t worry I don’t claim to be a poet cause I can rhyme a few lines and get away with it. No not me. Too busy chopping wood, shoveling snow,(when it does, I thought this was winter in Vermont) taking care of the goat and chickens and doing what way out in the woods folks have been doing for years. Waiting for spring but trying hard to enjoy the winter and not eat all of the food that has been put by for weather such as this.

So Mommy and Daddy or Mr. and Mrs. Jones is what I am suppose to write about, those dear folks who represent all that was and is wrong with everything, those folks who we escaped from so many years ago, who we claim we would never be like in a million years even if they tied us up and make us squeal like a piglet. Nope not us. We were determined to burn down the old world and from the ashes a new world was to be in birth. Well something derailed the liberation train way back in December of 1969 back when all heaven was breaking loose all across americkkka and “gay” folks were acting up just like other oppressed folks. Well in that cold winter month nineteen people met and formed what was called the Gay Activist Alliance. Their goal was to be completely and solely dedicated to securing basic rights for homosexuals to the exclusion of the other movements. The Alliance wanted to win acceptance within the country’s institutions. So sad and how different from those whom I called comrade, friends, lovers for our mission was to topple and transform the country’s institutions. To set in their place justice and freedom. Institutions that cared about all of the people not just the comfortable class of war makers, the bourgeoisie, the white middle class and any one else who mindlessly waved the red, white and blue and rah rah over dead Vietnamese. The key here of course is to “win acceptance within the confines of that which was strangling so many of us all around the world, to win acceptance even today with the institutions that are still strangling folks all around the world. I don’t think that any of us reading this need a listing of the corporations that straight gays have cozied up to, to begin to understand what we are talking about.

Yes back in that December on the road to liberation a dreadful turn was made. The ugly place we had fled from, the place that looked at us and said burn fag burn became our grabbing new reality. The place we all swore up and down that we would never be a part, we began to delight in. And they said, “If only we had some rights then we could be free. Let’s march on up to the state capitol and get some of that good americkkka that the straight folks enjoy. If we just tuck and tweak and reform it a bit we will be okay. After all we are just like straights except for what we do in bed.” Those who wanted to be just like mommy and daddy were able to wrestle the movement away from those who rejected such a plastic boring selfish straight vision of what life was and what it could be. This horrible sameness this stench of war and bosses, this get what we can in this good old apple pie land. Yes boys and girls cozy up to evil and you become just that. Yes this gay elite, these white middle-class boys had their eyes set on the americkkkan prize carrying along all the movement with them for their own good and the good of those just like them. They have spent so much of their time straightening their genes that slowly but surely they became one with the enemy. (more…)

Please do not put it off, do not say I will read the article some other day. Get to it today. Read the articles listed below. Very important work by Rev. Kittredge Cherry that we must know to understand our people’s stories. Important work in helping to find our place, to throw off the straight jackets. Up from out of between the lines! Out from the darkness of someone else usually straight telling the story. We celebrate this work!

From Tony Nada

Read More At Qspirit / Kittredge Cherry

Artwork By Br. Robert Lentz OFM…/art-i…/we-wha-zuni-1849-1896