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One night only in Hartford!
Friday, March 31
Direct from Palestine: Shoruq Children’s Debka & Girls Hip-Hop Performance
The Artists Collective (1200 Albany Ave., Hartford)
Event begins at 7pm, doors open 6:30pm
General Admission $15, Student Admission $5
I hope you can join us for this once-in-a-lifetime performance.
Tickets can be purchased online here:
Video of the performers can be viewed here:

Thanks to Josh for sending this along.


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Tomato’s rotting on the vine. No one to pick them. Where have all the farm workers gone?

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Every act from now until the end of the term should be a middle finger.”     

   We are all in this together.

“Single-issue protests must be tied to broader concerns, or they will succumb to Trump’s uncanny ability to divide and conquer.” 

We must continue to build multi-issue intersectional movements, stand up as we have for all targets of the regime in DC and kept it up wear them down and push them out. What a joyful event the Women’s march was in January, how wonderful to see all sorts of people out at the airports saying no to Trump’s executive orders. We get the connections all across amerikkka and must not let anyone co-op the movement for their own gains. Some will try this we know, some will try to get us into the voting booth to vote from another evil, they will try to scare us, and try to make us think that they the other evil have loving arms to hold us, caress us and care for us. Now over the years where have we heard that before? Over the years where did it get us? Unless we are willing to change the system, nothing will change. A person that we think is nice will come in and sign EO’s and change this and that and then the next one will come in and change this and that. Left, right, left, right over and over. Oh, there goes the court, oh there goes our rights. What a fucking mess. Yes we have to use the word FUCK YOU more.


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“The important thing is saying NO each in our own way.”

Almost Everything We Do Now Is Resistance.

***even dancing****

and on January 19th

Roughly 200 people rallied for the “Queer Dance Party at Mike Pence’s House” against Pence’s history with legislation or opinions that have opposed LGBTQ rights in the Chevy Chase neighborhood where he has been renting a home. “get ready to WERK it and tell Daddy Pence: homo/transphobia is not tolerated in our country!”

We want to send a strong message to Pence that we’re a united queer community,” Firas Nasr, an organizer, told the Washington Post. “We’ve always stood united. There’s always space to dance.

How Much Of Amerikkka’s  Beating Stick Will We Swallow?

As long as the bombs are not dropping on us okay. As long as a democrat president is dropping them okay. As long as we are killing terrorists all right, too bad for the kids in the way. As long as the man we like is doing the deporting its all right?  But man let the other party the pigs of the republicans do it an the liberals cry bloody murder. Nope we don’t agree. Either you are for their capitalist slaughter fest or you are against it. Either you believe that no human is illegal or you do not. For eight years liberals were silent afraid to go up against president Obama. Well not us. 2.5 million people were deported and where were the voices crying out against it? Some yes and thank you all of you for that.

and the mainstream Lesbians and Gays cheered and chanted OBAMA, Jennicet Gutierrez was removed for speaking out.

Not One More Deportation! ( 1 )

An important part of our discussion must be our trans sisters and brothers held in detention centers.

Before you booed Ms Gutierrez, are you going to join us now? Are you going to stand and Say NOT ONE MORE DEPORTATION?! Will you stand with our sisters and brothers who are Muslim? Who are the farm workers? Who sit at the machine dreaming of a better day? Who will pick your fruit and vegetables?

Out of the closets, out of the shadows: LGBT Leadership in the struggle against deportation

Where have all the peacenicks gone?


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Serena Plasikowsky
Connecticut Dances-A Visual History is a must see for anyone who is interested in not only the history of dance in the state of Connecticut but also our contemporary dance companies who work today in the state.  One of our favorites Judy Dworin Dance Project is of course included in the exhibition. The exhibition is held at the Connecticut Historical Society, One Elizabeth St. in Hartford and runs from January 19-March 4 and is sponsored by Ct. Dance Alliance.
The exhibit includes early days of dance in Ct. with images of the Shakers dancing away, historic performances, leaders in dance, dance from universities and colleges, dance groups, photos of children from dance schools and some great contemporary shots. From little ballerinas in Tu Tu’s, tights and toe shoes, to African Drumming and Dancing, from the Ted Hershey Dance and Music Marathon which celebrates the life and work of Ted Hershey, principal dancer with Hartford Ballet and co-founder of Works Contemporary Dance, who died of AIDS in 1998 to the American Dance Festival held at Connecticut College (1948-1977) which brought some of the greats, a who is who of dance, Cunningham, Graham, Rainer, Nikolais, Taylor, Ailey, Brown, Tharp amazing dance happening right here in our state by pioneers of the dance world.
Wonderful photographs that explore the great movements of dance, exploring the stories, cutting through space, and expiring us to new levels.  Ted Hershey said once in an interview “Dancers use their whole being. Dance speaks without words. You need to look. Each moment is unique, and if you don’t look the moment is gone forever.”  Daring new moves by the modern, the avant garde, the contemporary shining a light on what can be possible in movement showing us new approaches to a very old art.
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Judy Dworin The Witching Hour
The CDA History Project has this to say: The Connecticut Dance Alliance is an organization dedicated to increasing public awareness of dance in all its forms and to serving the needs of the state-wide dance community. Our “Dance History Project: Dance in Connecticut” is looking for photos and images from everything from professional performances in prestigious venues to social and cultural, dancing, and everything in between.” This is what we like, everyone who moves in what we call dance has been invited to participate. Of course like many exhibitions this show is curated but all photos that have been submitted to the project can be viewed by clicking on the link at the end of this article. What an amazing collection.
We have always loved this quote, although not part of the show we include it here.
Related image
Barbara Malinsky Curatorial Advisor of Connecticut Dances in her article on the exhibition says: “In reaching back to Connecticut’s social and cultural dance history, the exhibition comprises a series of portraits of the art of dance that represents the state’s significant dance heritage, including the pioneering work of individual dancers, choreographers, companies, and the impact of schools and teachers.  The exhibition brings to life the valuable contributions that dance has brought to the cultural vitality of Connecticut.” Read the full article HERE.

The CT Humanities, The Edward C. and Ann T. Roberts Foundation, the NewAlliance Foundation and the Greater Hartford Arts Council funded the project.  Exhibition dates are January 19 through March 4, 2017 at the Connecticut Historical Society, One Elizabeth Street, Hartford, CT 06105, 860.236.5621.  Thereafter it will tour the state.

To view the complete project collections of images visit:

After its debut at the CHS, Connecticut Dances – A Visual History will travel to the Handel Performing Arts Center at the Hartt School, University of Hartford, the Playhouse on Park, followed by a tour to venues around the state. Tour listing as it develops can be found at

Hours at the Connecticut Historical Society are:

Tuesday-Thursday 12:00-5:00  and Friday and Saturday 9:00-5:00

After its debut at the CHS, Connecticut Dances – A Visual History will travel to the Handel Performing Arts Center at the Hartt School, University of Hartford, the Playhouse on Park, followed by a tour to venues around the state. Tour listing as it develops can be found at

We want to thank the Dance History Project and everyone who has worked on this exhibition for this extraordinary collection of dance history. We will certainly spread the word about the exhibition.


Ms Malinsky states in her article: “As recently as the 1960s, the United States government forbade Native Americans from performing ceremonial dances on their own reservations.  It was feared that the dances might unleash a host of emotions leading to insurgency.  Religious dances, which are an integral part of native culture, were almost lost forever.  Fortunately, some were secretly preserved by a younger generation of tribal members.”

We would like to add our own tribute here.

One of the first times that we were exposed to (wonderful way of putting this) contemporary dance was in about 1965 at a dance performance by Yvonne Rainer.  Now we are older and want to add this wonderful new work by Ms. Rainer, The Concept of Dust or How do you look when there’s nothing left to move?

In the second video Ms. Rainer talks about her piece.