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Sunday August 6th

Hiroshima/Nagasaki remembrance

A shared call for the abolition of nuclear weapons promoting a vision of a nuclear free world.

Unitarian Society Meeting House

500 Bloomfield Ave, Hartford 06105

6:00pm Pot Luck Dinner

6:30 Program with Music, Speakers and Poetry

8:00 Candle Lighting ceremony–creation of a large Candle-lit Peace Sign on the Meeting House lawn.

For more information:


Facebook event: Hiroshima/Nagasaki Remembrance 2017

Sponsored by: Hope Out Loud, No Nukes, No War, Unitarian Society of Hartford.

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It was 1999.

When Sylvia Rivera our True Shero of the Revolutionary LGBT peoples came to town.
Letters to the editor began appearing in the LGBT news magazine the Metroline condemning one of our comrades Mucha Mucha Placer and also drag queens in general.  Mucha as we fondly refer to her as is revolutionary drag queen, co-chair of the Ct. Coalition and damn hard worker for LGBT civil rights. A flurry of letter in support of Ms Placer and drag queens responded. We felt at this time it was the same type of folks, white comfortable class gay men and feminist lesbians who were leading this charge as they had so many times in the past. Members of The Ct. Stonewall Foundation also participated in responding to this hit against the drag community and transgender folks and decided to at their next conference  bring Sylvia Rivera to town for a key note speaking engagement. Arrangement were made that the conference was to be held in October right before the opening of the Foundations exhibition, Challenging and Changing America. The Struggle for LGBT Civil Rights. Richard Nelson one of the Foundations educational program directors gave the opening speech welcoming Ms. Rivera to Hartford and speaking out against the denouncing of Ms. Placer, the drag community and our trans sisters and brothers. The conference was attended by over 100 people who applauded Mr. Nelson and Ms. Rivera through out their talks. We will always remember Ms Rivera and thank her for fighting the good fight for all of us. We miss you Sylvia but carrying on your work whenever and wherever we can and need to.

As we said at that time, no one is going to take ourstories from us or denounce our hardworking comrades or leaders in the fight for liberation of all. We salute Sylvia and all of our foremothers and fathers, we say thank you and we shall always cherish your memories. Here is the video of the Ct. Stonewall Foundation welcoming Sylvia to town and her talk to us that day.

An ad for the women's "ban the bomb" march.

What will it take to ban the bomb see HERE.

In support of the “ban the bomb” process, the historic Women’s International League for Peace and Freedom, or WILPF — along with many partners — are calling for a Women’s March and Rally to Ban the Bomb on Saturday, June 17. The organizers hope it “will bring together people of all genders, sexual orientations, ages, ethnicities, abilities and backgrounds” in New York City and across the world.

2 Important Events

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Saturday: June 10 @ 3pm
Marxism and Literature
Please RSVP! 97 Whitney St., Hartford, CT
contact Hutch: 860-967-9836 or reply to this email

Marxism is a theory and practice of historical change, of class struggle and revolution. Is there, then, a relationship between Marxism and literature, or does each exist apart, with separate concerns and separate purpose? If there is a viable Marxist theory of literature, how does it operate?  Would it function at a broad, general level, or is it capable of providing insight into specific literary texts?  Finally, in a class society with all its social ills, why should revolutionaries bother with aesthetic questions when we have a world to win? These are some of the topics to be taken up in a brief talk about Marxism and literature given by a writer and critic for “Socialist Action” newspaper. Prior to the class, it would be helpful if participants could read the first three chapters of Jane Austen’s novel, “Pride and Prejudice.”

Friday June 16 @ 7pm
Dinner and a Movie “Finally Got the News
Elmwood Community Center West Hartford
1106 New Britain Ave (Gain Access Via South Quaker Ln to Burgoyne Street), West Hartford, Connecticut 06110

Finally Got the News – Documentary on The League of Revolutionary Black Workers

$15 suggested donation includes a dinner!
No one turned away for lack of funds

In 1969 Black workers in the Detroit auto industry lead a struggle to organize a political movement for Black Liberation and socialism. The League was formed out of the wildcat strikes against speedups at the Dodge factory in 1968 and demonstrated for a very brief time, the power of workplace organizing.

Save the date

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Its a bit early but info is starting to come around. Save the date.

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Check out their facebook page HERE.

The sponsors have this to say about their event:

IndivisibleCT is announcing its first major event—a fundraising concert and a rally for the resistance! “Songs of Despair and Hope” will feature local musicians, and protest music from across time and cultures.

The Shinolas present “Songs of Despair and Hope” to unite and uplift people–a musical catharsis in the face of constant uncertainty. Sponsored by IndivisibleCT with the help of other grassroots groups, this concert will bring together musicians from across the spectrum, as well as help rally resistance groups from across the state. A portion of the proceeds will be donated to local action groups, and a portion will help fund future IndivisibleCT actions.

The current line-up:
The Shinolas
Vance Gilbert
Mark Erelli
Christine Ohlman
Hugh Blumenfeld
The Girls From Ruby Falls
Jon Pousette Dart
Joanna Perricone

IndivisibleCT also expects appearances from Connecticut politicians, and will continue to add artists to the line-up as they are confirmed.

Tickets are $20 for general admission, and $40 for mezzanine seating.

Ouch!!!!!!!!! The appearances of Ct Politicians. Well honey the last time we looked politicians are one of the main causes of all the despair and they certainly don’t have the middle name of hope. I suppose though it all depends on which side of the aisle one is on. When one party is in power we get kinder and gentler unless of course you are at the end of amerikkka’s beating stick and then you get despair and a good chance you won’t get to see the next day. Drop the politicians please and let’s get on with real deal resistance against the whole damn system.