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Ernest O. St. Jacques Auditorium
Elmwood Community Center 1106 New Britain Avenue, West Hartford, CT
(Entrance via South Quaker Lane and then to Burgoyne Street)

Endorse & Support the Climate Justice Teach In!

Speakers Include:
Jacqueline Patterson is the Director of the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program. Since 2007 Patterson has served as coordinator & co-founder of Women of Color United. She has worked as a researcher, program manager, coordinator, advocate and activist working on women‘s rights, violence against women, HIV&AIDS, racial justice, economic justice, and environmental and climate justice.

Anne L. Hendrixson is the Director of Population and Development Programs at Hampshire College. In her Critical Social Inquiry course “Beyond the Population Bomb,” Hendrixson critically examines the gendered and racialized ways that environmental thinkers have framed population in relation to resource scarcity, food insecurity, conflict and violence, environmental degradation and climate change.

Sean Sweeney is the director of the International Program on Labor, Climate & Environment at the Murphy Institute, City University of New York. He also coordinates Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED) a global network of 42 unions from 16 countries. TUED advocates for democratic control and social ownership of energy resources.
Martha Klein is the Chapter Chair of the Sierra Club of Connecticut and a leader in the fight to stop the use and transport by pipeline of climate -wrecking fracked gas in our state. With a background in public heath nursing, Klein is well-positioned to explain the ways that regulators, government, and industry have used a false narrative about fossil fuels to pit social justice and environmental activists against each other.

Alexis Rodriquez is the Fairfield Representative of the Connecticut Puerto Rican Agenda and an advocate of decolonization. He has been deeply involved with hurricane relief efforts, the campaign against coal ash dumping in Penuelas, and educating about the relationship of PROMESA and sovereignty to environmental justice.

James Clement van Pelt helps to lead Promoting Enduring Peace, an organization that encourages the productive interaction and mutual support of the peace, environmental, and social justice movements. Van Pelt co-founded and led Yale’s Initiative in Religion, Science & Technology from 2003 to 2012 and has authored, co-authored, edited, and contributed to various articles and books, including Seeking Home in a Strange Land: True Stories of the Changing Meaning of Home (Utrecht: Stili Novi Publishers; in press) and Different Cultures, One World (Amsterdam: Rozenberg Publishers). (more…)


As we travel around, read our emails, and talk to folks we find some very interesting articles that we wish to share with our readers. Here is one such article published in Freedom Socialist and well worth the reading.

Civil liberties — use ’em or lose ’em

The U.S. government, monarchs, dictators and other protectors of the rich hate civil liberties. Because they provide protections to poor and working people against abusive regimes. In the U.S. these are called the Bill of Rights.

These rights were not in the original of the U.S. Constitution, which was written to protect slave owners and big property owners. Radicals and small farmers who threatened to stop its ratification forced the inclusion of the first 10 amendments — the Bill of Rights.
Exercising our civil liberties has never been an easy ride. Slave owners, property owners and big business have been trying to squelch our free speech rights to organize and protest since the ink was dry.

The Haymarket martyrs were railroaded in 1886 to try to stop the movement for the eight-hour day. Socialists, anarchists and unionist immigrants were deported during WWI to chill support for the Russian Revolution. During WWII, masses of U.S. residents of Japanese, and even some of German and Italian backgrounds, were thrown into concentration camps.
Congress passed the USA Patriot Act after 9/11 and renewed it in 2014. It shreds privacy and free speech and denies trials to “terror” suspects.
I admit, it’s tempting to blame Trump for the current assault on civil liberties. He is so contemptuous of protesters who dogged his inauguration, so dismissive of football players who dare take a knee against police brutality. But he is just the latest example of state repression, not the source.

The U.S. media provokes fear about anti-Nazi “violence” at counter-demonstrations, and ignores the real threat to lives and free speech represented by fascist mobs. Its commentaries and reporting after the Charlottesville killing made little effort to explain the profound difference between what neo-Nazis and anti-fascists stand for.
U.S. government “terrorist baiting,” especially against -Antifa — the anarchist wing of the anti-fascist movement, is an attempt to scare us into silence. As is the jailing of Reality Winner for whistleblowing Russian hacking.

But trying to shut us up isn’t working. Hundreds of protesters were arrested in Washington D.C. at Trump’s January 20th inauguration. Many now face felony trials for protesting Trump’s politics. Prosecutors insist demonstrating is a crime. The jury didn’t buy it and acquitted the first six of over 200 protesters charged! All remaining charges must be dropped! (more…)

If you don’t understand why an anarchist would want or need to cover their face, you probably aren’t doing many anarchist things yourself.

We join Nan Goldin’s campaign.

I don’t know how they live with themselves’ – artist Nan Goldin​ takes on the billionaire family behind OxyContin.

Nan Goldin lights a cigarette and takes a puff. “My dealer came here 24 hours a day, seven days a week. I was one of his best customers.” She giggles sarcastically. “He texted me when I was in rehab saying he was having a sale.” He had dropped his prices in the hope of luring her back. She has since deleted his number from her phone and has been out of rehab and drug-free for 10 months.

“I almost didn’t leave this house for three years,” she says. Goldin looks around the living room in her elegant Brooklyn apartment, her work dotted around the walls and Larry the stuffed coyote fixed in a permanent howl by the window.
Her most recent drug experience was very different to the old days, when she became one of the world’s most famous art photographers, capturing herself and those around her getting high, having sex and hanging out in downtrodden homes in the 70s and 80s.

To read the rest of this excellent article written by Joanna Walters go to HERE. It is very important to read this.

Note from Furbirdsqueerly

We began rallying against these type of art patrons when back in the day we joined in taking on Phillip Morris and here in the Hartford area the war profiteer United Technologies. Over the years we have written about these types of art patrons and corporations rallying against the one percent of today and many time questioning the one percent of yesterday. I love it that Nan Goldin an artist who we have long admired has begun this campaign. She doesn’t mince words and is up and out.

Many thanks to Joanna Walters for his article.

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For information about the January 20th march in Hartford go to HERE.