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This piece was first published years ago  on Punkpink is a Bandits tip. Today we dedicated this piece to our comrade Deric who loves buns and you can read on for which side he is on.

Since it is Easter Week for our Christian Buddies I thought we would have a little fun with some Hot Cross Buns. To get us in the festive mood let us all join in singing the Hot Cross Buns song. Now don’t be shy, you can do it. GO______


Now wasn’t that nice? So I want to tell you what I found out about Hot Cross Buns that old time favorite for the Easter Week.  I also want to tell you a little story about a miracle in my studio kitchen that had our  artist friends and many others standing in line, paying a quarter to go through my door. First we will start with the old tale and then work out from there.


This is a picture of a Hot Cross Bun.

According to legend Hot Cross Buns were eaten by the Saxons in honor of the goddess Eostre with the cross cut into the buns to symbolize the four quarters of the moon. Eostre was the goddess of dawn, rebirth and spring. She comes forth dressed in white bringing light to all ending the darkness and cold of winter. Symbols associated with her are the hare and egg. The Anglo-Saxon month Eostur-monath is the equivalent to the month of April.

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During early missionary efforts, the Christian church adopted the buns and re-interpreted the cross in 1361. The buns along with Roman Catholicism was banned in England until Queen Elizabeth I passed a law allowing the consumption of Hot Cross Buns only on Easter, Christmas and funerals. (more…)

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Randy Rainbow is one of the most wonderful queer artists working today. Randy we love you.


Check out more of Randy Rainbow’s work on facebook HERE.

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Banner in New Haven out to block the bus of hate.

for more info go to HERE.

For more information on this See Shut Down Transphobia in New Haven.

For more on this art see Brainshock Zeta, Art Work By Zachariah Scott HERE.

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Tomato’s rotting on the vine. No one to pick them. Where have all the farm workers gone?

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Every act from now until the end of the term should be a middle finger.”     

   We are all in this together.

“Single-issue protests must be tied to broader concerns, or they will succumb to Trump’s uncanny ability to divide and conquer.” 

We must continue to build multi-issue intersectional movements, stand up as we have for all targets of the regime in DC and kept it up wear them down and push them out. What a joyful event the Women’s march was in January, how wonderful to see all sorts of people out at the airports saying no to Trump’s executive orders. We get the connections all across amerikkka and must not let anyone co-op the movement for their own gains. Some will try this we know, some will try to get us into the voting booth to vote from another evil, they will try to scare us, and try to make us think that they the other evil have loving arms to hold us, caress us and care for us. Now over the years where have we heard that before? Over the years where did it get us? Unless we are willing to change the system, nothing will change. A person that we think is nice will come in and sign EO’s and change this and that and then the next one will come in and change this and that. Left, right, left, right over and over. Oh, there goes the court, oh there goes our rights. What a fucking mess. Yes we have to use the word FUCK YOU more.


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“The important thing is saying NO each in our own way.”

Almost Everything We Do Now Is Resistance.

***even dancing****

and on January 19th

Roughly 200 people rallied for the “Queer Dance Party at Mike Pence’s House” against Pence’s history with legislation or opinions that have opposed LGBTQ rights in the Chevy Chase neighborhood where he has been renting a home. “get ready to WERK it and tell Daddy Pence: homo/transphobia is not tolerated in our country!”

We want to send a strong message to Pence that we’re a united queer community,” Firas Nasr, an organizer, told the Washington Post. “We’ve always stood united. There’s always space to dance.

How Much Of Amerikkka’s  Beating Stick Will We Swallow?

As long as the bombs are not dropping on us okay. As long as a democrat president is dropping them okay. As long as we are killing terrorists all right, too bad for the kids in the way. As long as the man we like is doing the deporting its all right?  But man let the other party the pigs of the republicans do it an the liberals cry bloody murder. Nope we don’t agree. Either you are for their capitalist slaughter fest or you are against it. Either you believe that no human is illegal or you do not. For eight years liberals were silent afraid to go up against president Obama. Well not us. 2.5 million people were deported and where were the voices crying out against it? Some yes and thank you all of you for that.

and the mainstream Lesbians and Gays cheered and chanted OBAMA, Jennicet Gutierrez was removed for speaking out.

Not One More Deportation! ( 1 )

An important part of our discussion must be our trans sisters and brothers held in detention centers.

Before you booed Ms Gutierrez, are you going to join us now? Are you going to stand and Say NOT ONE MORE DEPORTATION?! Will you stand with our sisters and brothers who are Muslim? Who are the farm workers? Who sit at the machine dreaming of a better day? Who will pick your fruit and vegetables?

Out of the closets, out of the shadows: LGBT Leadership in the struggle against deportation

Where have all the peacenicks gone?


La MaMa’s Squirts: Generations of Queer Performance

January 06 – January 15, 2017

Fridays & Saturdays at 10pm, Sundays at 6pm

The Club | 74a East 4th Street (3rd Floor)

Tickets $18 / $13 Students and Seniors

Curated and Hosted by Dan Fishback
Graphic Design by Lauren Denitzio

The Helix Queer Performance Network gathers some of the most exciting voices from NYC’s queer performance world for two weeks of theater, comedy, music, dance and conversation. For the fifth year in a row, we celebrate the legacy of community theatrics, multiple generations of queer genius, and the precocious audacity of the millennial mind. Each night of La MaMa’s Squirts features a different inter-generational pairing–six nights of duets to mend the queer generation gap, or at least bedazzle it. Helix is a collaboration between La MaMa, BAX/Brooklyn Arts Exchange and the Hemispheric Institute of Performance & Politics. ACCESSIBILITY: The Club at La MaMa is up two flights of stairs, with no available elevator.

For more information on the amazing artists that will be appearing go to HERE.

We always with each year ending like to scan through our hits and see what posts that our readers liked published during the year. Furbirds was shut down for awhile in 2016 due to the visual artist in us acting up and trying hard to once again make some art without the thoughts that have plagued us for many years. Well we found that one can indeed do more than one thing at once so we dropped off of facebook, painted pictures and reopened Furbirdsqaueerly in June. We came back stronger than ever with these words and this song:

“We here will continue to fight war mongers and war, the police in their racist attitudes, the right wing and their anti-Trans agenda and anti-LGBT laws, the ugly choices that they give folks everyday, racism, queerphobia, sexism, xenophobia, and any other shit that tries to keep folks down. Capitalism (need we even say that??), and the move to the right by the candidates for president of the US. (Yeap, this does mean we have to fight harder)

Fully the lines are drawn in the sand and barricades are being erected and soon the big day will come. A long time coming it has been but man what joy it will bring.  The big question now is as once is and has been Which Side Are You On? Yes, this video may be a few years old now but it still speaks and is speaking. Take a listen.”

The times now after the election of Trump what can we say. We know where we stand and which side we are on.

One work that gained quite a bit of attention, (was it because of the anonymous asshole pictured in Part 4 or because folks were very interested in Benny Bean’s life 50 years after graduating from high school. We will never know. The piece in 4 parts generated over 75 hits (had to be that hole that kept them coming back). We see now that there is a lot of interesting information in those 4 pieces.

This essay is in 4 parts.

Part 1 go to HERE

Part 2 go to Here

Part 3 go to Here

Part 4 go to HERE.

One of our favorite artists of all time and one that we have celebrated was finally given her due. Charlotte Moorman Avant grade musician and so much more We were delighted to travel down to the city for this exhibition. Yes Charlotte  we love you and that is forever.

Another piece that keeps on giving out to readers, we had one yesterday from India, two from France and one from Sweden, with six from Amerikkka is Do you hate the rich as much as we do? Here is a line from Part 1:

“I hate them when they take away our homes and confine us to squatting on blankets holding out our hands or sleeping in tent cities or overflowing shelters. We firmly believe housing, like health care, is a human right, that it should not be based on ability to pay, and that any system that doesn’t cover everyone isn’t a success and that system must and has to be abolished. Let us base the struggle on our needs not on the needs of the developers, the business community or the politicians.  No matter how many times these people tell us that we the homeless have done something wrong, that we take drugs, are lazy, that we are losers and should be scorned we must answer them, no it is you that is the problem and it is you that we must unite and fight against. Too many people still are playing Mr. and Mrs. Nice. Isn’t it time we get over that? Playing nice is a tool, a tool used by the rich and the ruling class.”

Part 2 of this essay. 

Of course the conclusion is as obvious as the nose on our faces, NO WAR BUT CLASS WAR!!  and that dear friends will be a challenge that we will be facing in the coming year and in the years to come.

A newer piece has been quite popular. In our city folks are organizing now for a union. Well where we work there is a stool pigeon among us. Runs to the boss with our every move.  Check out the essay, There’s One in Every Bunch. A Stool Pigeon Among Us, Here.

The essay begins this way: “You know as well as I do,” said Mickey to Moe “that there is a stool Pigeon in every bunch of workers. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, sexes and anything else you can imagine. But they have one thing in common they all have that brown on the end of their nose.” “Yeah,” said Moe, “we got one at work that we never expected to be like that. Always on the left side of liberal, seen it all, can call out whats happening in this country with the best of us but loves that boss so much that you can smell the poop if you get too close.” He’s been stooling around, finking and ratting to the boss about us trying hard to form a union, which we as workers so desperately need. We are talking among ourselves about why we would benefit from a union and all the checks are in the box marked YES.

 banner over the balcony

We love it when readers search the archives and read all about it. One piece in two parts that is a dandy among all of the dandies is, A Response to HRC’s Municipal Equality Survery. On these giants shoulders we stand. Check out both essays HERE.  The photo is from a direct action at Hartford’s State Capitol Building.

In November of this past year Gina Petry of Radical Women and Patrick Burns of Freedom Socialist Party went to Standing Rock. They did some excellent report backs and these can be found  in our archive section in the month of November. Check out their reports.