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Yes we are old fashion we refuse to use (his)-story month. Its all of ours not just his so we use ourstory. Let’s begin with the great sign.

and may we add fuck you if you don’t like it.


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After a summer of exploring identity, intersectionality and youth leadership, our Queer Academy campers are draguating! You’re invited to Queer Academy’s Draguation on Sunday, August 20th for a show, a ceremony, and a celebration! Queer Academy campers will share their messages from the stage through drag, song, dance and more…

Draguation will be at TheaterWorks from 6:00 – 9:00 PM, with a Silent Auction included.

Draguation is free and open to the public, but donations are accepted.

Facebook Page HERE.

No it aint gonna change unless we change it.

The wonderful site Homophobia Exposed posted this today.

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Stonewall Warriors, Anticapitalist, Trans Liberation Contingent

Saturday June 10, 9Am-3PM, Copley Square, 560 Boylston St. Boston Mass.



Pride was founded by Marsha P. Johnson, a black trans woman, in response to police brutality against queer and trans POC. Yet Boston Pride continues to segregate anyone with a political message at the end of the parade. Pride was founded as an antiracist political protest, yet the “Stronger Together” rally segregates those speaking on these issues to the day after the parade, and was in conflict with other major events until we raised our voices and pressured the Pride Committee to change the time. We demand that Black, Latinx, and Indigenous queer and trans communities lead the action that they founded. End the silencing of the oppressed.


Black trans people are the #1 targets of violence in the queer community, closely followed by all other trans POC. Trans women who exercise their right to self-defense are unjustly convicted and imprisoned. They face violence at the hands of guards and inmates, and the only “protection” offered is inhumane solitary confinement. Violence, murder, and abuse will continue to escalate under the Trump regime. Promote TPoC-led programs that advocate for LGBTQ self-defense.


Corporations like TDBank, Santander, Citizens Bank and Capital One invest in pipelines that destroy the earth and crush indigenous sovereignty. They profit from prisons disproportionately target POC and abuse QT inmates. Anyone with a financial policy that devastatingly impacts QTPOC has no place in a tradition which was founded by them for the purpose of demanding their human rights.


Police and ICE violence against QTPOC is an ongoing concern. The glorification of law enforcement that routinely brutalizes the community shows blatant disrespect to the legacy of Stonewall as a response to police brutality. By accepting cops and ICE officers into the heart of Pride, the Pride committee has shown a complete lack of respect for QTPoC.

If you truly want liberation for all, join the Stonewall Warriors in the streets!

Stop cis-gay-washing
Stop selling our oppression
End intra-community white supremacy and transmisogyny

Brought to you by Workers World Party & your friendly local Anti-fascists

Groups who want in, and groups who want to endorse us, contact Andie Michelle OR Frank Neisser

Solidarity, QUEER POWER!

Well us old gals are at it again. Traveling in search of a new home. This should be our last trip. We have contacts who have contacts who are in the know of where to live and where to go. Where to stay away from and where to check out.  Someone told us Vermont is full of cows, well we said even if we don’t drink milk, eat cheese or ice cream we love cows. Bonnie said with giggles, “you should see the place during rush hour, cows here, cows there, cows everywhere.” Yeah okay we will be in the city where we are sure there are very few cows. We’ll see some cows from the train give them a moo moo and be glad we don’t have to clean the barn. We love cows even if they do a job on the ozone. “I have to wonder,” said Bessy Marie, “do cows ever escape the field and come and stand on the train tracks?” I really hope they don’t as the train has no cow catcher in the front of it and if we hit such a creature it would be all over for the cow and cause delays. ( 1 ) Let’s hope not said Olga, lets hope the cows know where they at suppose to be and if they go anywhere else they will not hear the dinner bell. Here is a little song to start us on our way.

I am Cow, by Arrogant Worms.

Rush Hour In Vermont.


Lots of these on our trip. No worry the train is only 5 cars long. We were happy we weren’t waiting to cross the road or go on through to the other side of the tracks in Springfield as there was a freight train with almost 75 cars passing by.

The train route

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We know that by the time the train gets to us the bathrooms can be and usually are very smelly. Olga is the smart one in the bunch always brings a mask to wear when she is in the toilet. I just can’t sit there and smell that horrid smell, do my business and not have vomited all over the floor. Then the train folks would have another mess to clean up. So I get one of those masks fold it up keep in in my pocket along with a Lysol wipe or two. No telling what germs lurk around in the train. Germs are a funny thing can’t see them but if they get into you man can they do a job. Both of us gals are too old for that and thank our lucky stars we haven’t contracted anything this past winter on top of what either one of us have all ready. We take our Elderberry syrup each and every day. Getting old, now that is a whole other story. We don’t know too many old folks to sit around with and talk about getting old. I wish we did as then we would say, “Hey we don’t have it all that bad.” At the very least we would know what this getting old is all about and if this or that pain is worth complaining about. Maybe it will go away in a couple of days.

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Gals like us love the train. Having never learned to drive we take it all the time. You know the things you see on the train are much different than what you see in a car whizzing by at 60 miles per hour. These highways leave a lot to be desired as far as good scenery is concerned. Trees, cars, trees, cars. We love the train we get to see the backside of the cities, usually the older part, the graffiti along the tracks is always something to marvel at, an art show caught out of the corner of our eyes and then it retreats into the distant. Last time we were amazed at all of the mullein patches along the tracks. Huge Mullein plants, skunk cabbage, and ferns, ferns, ferns all along the tracks edge and into the woods. Something we very rarely see around these parts are white birch trees. The white lines among the green and brown, lovely. We came home last year in October and what a site to see out the windows of the trees changing colors. Never saw such beauty. What will we see in the spring time wondered Bessy Marie, of course we will be north and hopefully the gardens of tulips near the State Capitol will be in bloom. (more…)

A friend asked if I would write something about the art that I did/do after reading a piece of mine, The Museum Was Closed Today So I Took A Stroll: Some Art in 10 city blocks. My favorite line in that piece which would go under the categories of  “performance, flow, dance, and let’s eat” is, “A thousand ants carry a dead beetle home.” I like that art work, it works well under the series Now You See It, Now You Don’t. It only asks you to use your mind and see it. See the action as it moves across the dirt toward the hole in the ground. I know the ants are artists do they? Does it matter? Can only people be artists? Are they? A person asked me years ago when the piece was first written if I had a photograph to show of this work. I wondered out loud if they had a mind and never heard from the person again.

Another of my happy go lucky works of art in dance is this. Mind it now it is very simple. “Jump Up Create a Space, Go Back Down Space Erased.”  I do hope there isn’t any need to say anymore. Try it on a windy day and see if you get blown over to the next space. Do it again if you do. I also wrote at this time about out sweeping your sidewalk rearranging the dirt and dust. “Dust cloud up in the air, dust it lands down other-where.”

A little revolution in art never hurt a damn person.   A revolution in society leaves many without heads.

I read the other day in an art magazine (gad I hate those things) that now due to the economic times art will get lighter. There it goes see it going, going, gone into outer space. I had a good laugh at the person making that statement. He was answering a question, “Where is art going in these economic depressed times,”  Or the statement from the Dean of Yale Art School when asked with a host of other art worldly conductors had this to say about where art was going. “People who travel light and do things that are contrary and ephemeral are going to have a good moment.” WOW. Is dat me Jesus?  I know that I have always been contrary. In fact I was a contrary in my former life. I love being contrary. My art is contrary to the art system because I think it is full of shit.  Hey I mean the art system not my art. My art is contrary to buying and selling I do neither. My art does not rely on a collector base to support it, my art is neither priced too high or too low, its free, and I don’t have to worry about a dealer selling my art to stay in business. My art doesn’t look good over your sofa but it might sting you in your ass. You will never have to dust my picture frames nor Windex my glass.  I don’t like glamorous, I don’t like to play kissy buttee. I don’t like being cooler than the next gal.

Someone said the other day now that the glitz and glamor in the art world is over maybe we can serve some heads on a stick. You know who buys art won’t touch that with a ten foot pole, as they will be the art. The same miserable bastards that have taken everything for a ride.  Damn wait a second, this type of art making I am now engaging in wasn’t suppose to appear to near the end when I offer the solution on what to do about leftovers if you don’t want to eat them. I have always held that if we are engaging in revolution and smashing capitalism part of that effort by me as an artist is to break down and destroy that which is called and named art, the art market and those who butterfly around it all. If we hate the capitalist pigs why give them comfort, why give them more bragging rights, why give them prestige, why give them anything. A report came across our desk here are the opening lines: A document listing all the contributions to Donald Trump’s $106.7 million inauguration includes the names of quite a few art world power players.” ( 1 ) In these dreadful times our job is to take. Please don’t give me any of your sick sobs about how your glad the rich are supporting art rather than whatever else they could be supporting honey we been over this a million times, they are using the money that they made in supporting whatever it is that they support to support the arts. I once knew of a woman, have written about her before, who was of the DOW Family. You know the folks who brought good things to life like napalm, well she was all over the place buying contemporary art,everybody love her and said, fuck her shady past, fuck all of the folks and forests that were hit with napalm. She gives to the arts and supports us. What bull that type of reasoning is!  All of the rich take and they are taking and taking again and again. This job of smashing, it’s a big job. Thanks our lucky stars that with Trump in office some of our rallying cries are bearing fruit.

I want my art to question people’s actions and assumptions. Rather than continuing what they are doing just because everyone else is doing it or because it is the way it has always been done. Please don’t get me wrong, I don’t give a fuck or a rats ass if everyone and the grandma is making art for the system. Go ahead and do it. I don’t care if there are more artists now than the population of all of Tarnation. If everyone paints lovelies for their walls, or paints their angst for all to see.  Do I care if you make a picture that when one looks at they are transported to a place where they would rather be because of your skills in making it look so real. That looks just like a postcard I have heard someone say one day while I was working in the art museum. Yeah, back in one of my days I surround myself with 5 buildings full of art for 8 hours a day just to make a living. Damn was that something. I finally had to leave when I discovered that I had the whole place memorized. I knew where everything in that place was and could tell you if you asked me. I bet I was better at museuming than all the hotsy totsy curators in the place. Them that only knew theirs and missed out on all of ours. I think that I like politicks better than art anyway.

All of that said I will start by telling you about some of my old art. Art from back in the day. Art from when I traveled light.

art and ME.. (more…)