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This very interesting article was published on the Ct. Witch Memorial page. We re-publish it here in our continuing search for justice for the women and men who were falsely accused of being witches and hung.


The role of many Puritan preachers in the Connecticut witch trials was not one of keeping calmer heads but rather one of fanning the flames. In his book, Prospero’s America, W. Woodward states, “Before 1663, Connecticut ministers were aggressive witch hunters, often instrumental in securing the evidence of the diabolical complicity they required for conviction.” Indeed, from the first case to the last, they left their mark even if we do not know every specific detail.

The first witch hanging occurred under the watch of the esteemed minister Thomas Hooker. Windsor’s official minister at the time was John Warham but he was away at a Synod, or meeting of churches, and Hooker was in Windsor in his stead. We even have Hooker’s sermon that he gave in June after Alice Young’s death. Could such a respected minister have acted to stop this first colonial witch trial and hanging? It certainly seems this pastor, a man regarded as a charismatic religious leader as well as a skilled diplomat, could have done something to stop poor Alice’s death. We do not know if Thomas Hooker would have participated in other witch trials because he died just five weeks after Young’s brutal death.
Let us not forget either that his son Samuel Hooker, a pastor from Farmington, played a role in the Hartford Witch Panic when he came to Hartford and took notes during the utterances of Anne Cole as she accused others who would later hang at the gallows. His notes would have been used as evidence during the trials. Reverand Whiting and Reverend Joseph Haynes also took notes and gathered evidence.

And then there was the authoritarian preacher Reverend Stone who questioned Mary Johnson, a Wethersfield woman forced to give birth in jail. How many hours of questioning and torture did the poor woman endure before she confessed to the crime of witchcraft? We also find him participating in the Hartford Witch Panic. It was he who declared that Anne Cole’s Dutch speech during her utterances were the work of the devil (even though her neighbors were Dutch). After Rebecca Greensmith admitted to Merry Making at Christmas, Stone chimed in that the devil loved Christmas and made other damning comments.

There are others too. In general, Puritan preachers in Connecticut believed that the devil was disrupting their towns with witchcraft. In the Connecticut trials, the earliest ones in the colonies, many pastors did what they could to ensure so-called witches were purged from their communities. They were intimately involved in proceedings to bring suspected witches to the gallows.
B. Caruso 2-10-2018

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Blaze Bernstein

Samuel Woodward, the man charged with murdering College sophomore Blaze Bernstein, was part of an extremist, neo-Nazi group, according to a report published by the nonprofit news organization ProPublica on Jan. 26.  Based on the accounts of three sources with close knowledge of Woodward’s past, ProPublica reported that Woodward has been a member of the Atomwaffen Division, which the Southern Poverty Law Center listed in 2016 as an active hate crime group. The Anti-Defamation League has described the group as “a loose group of neo-Nazis” that has been targeting college campuses. The group was allegedly among a range of other alt-right organizations behind the racist flyers that appeared at various American universities, including Penn, in late 2016. For more on this see HERE.

jewish pink tri

Rest In Power

To honor the life of College sophomore Blaze Bernstein, the Kelly Writers House will host a memorial on campus on Feb. 18.
The goal of the memorial, which was planned in collaboration with Bernstein’s friends and other Penn administrators, is to memorialize Bernstein in a way that would be most fitting to who he was, said Bernstein’s pre-major advisor Jamie-Lee Josselyn.   To read more go to HERE.

These neo-Nazi scum mean business. We must form a united front with all who oppose them and send them packing.

For more on this see from Huffington Post White Supremacists are Targeting College Students Like Never Before.


January 25, 1663. Hartford, Connecticut Colony. On this day Nathaniel and his wife Rebecca along with Mary Barnes are taken by ox cart to the gallows in Hartford located at the cow pasture. Upon arrival on this cold January day Nathaniel and Rebecca, husband and wife, are first to be hanged. After their lives are turned off Mary Barnes is next led to the to the gallows and thus she will be remembered as the last witch hanged in Connecticut. Rebecca Greensmith was survived by two daughters from a previous marriage, Sarah Elsen 18 and Hannah Elsen 16. Mary Barnes is survived by four children, Sarah Barnes, Joseph Barnes, Benjamin Barnes and Hannah. Because of the notoriety of their shame for the crime of, “not having the fear of God before thine eyes thou hast entertained familiarity with Satan,” they will be buried at an unconsecrated, undisclosed location.
Anthony Griego 2018… from Ct. WITCH Memorial.

Take the time to read My 8th Great-Grandmother The Witch of Hartford, Connecticut for a family history of Rebecca Greensmith.

Furbirdsqueerly has an essay about the Ct. Witch Trials, Center Church. Is an apology in order from the church for the persecution of women? and the role of the pastors of Center Church and other churches in the area at the time.

Someone asked us, Why are you interested in this history? Well we said we do not like it no matter if it was 200 years ago or any time for that matter when people are falsely accused by others. When hysteria takes over people who then find a scapegoat for their troubles and act on their fear. We have seen this played out over and over in history. We see it today played out by the right wing in this country and we must learn from our history and the history of others so we are not to repeat these mistakes. We have often wondered what happened to the property of these folks who were accused? Who profited from their deaths? Is reparations in order? We agree 100 % that a pardon by the state and an apology by the churches who pastors were involved with this must be made. A lot of stones were casted, and a lot of bearing false witness, by members of their churches and by their congregation’s.   Yeah, yeah the times were different back then but that doesn’t let those folks off the hook.


From Blue Lives Murder and Shaun King.

55 in the first 19 days of this year. 

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Black Lesbian Kerrice Lewis, 23, Shot and Burned Alive in Washington DC

Written and Posted by Riese 1/7/2018

On December 28th, residents of the 800 block of Adrian Place SE in Washington DC called police after hearing multiple gunshots, and officers arrived around 7:20 PM to find a Lexus on fire, and a woman’s body inside it. Some residents now say they could hear the victim, 23-year-old black butch lesbian Kerrice Lewis, screaming from the trunk, where she’d been stuffed before the car was set on fire. She was unconscious, suffering from multiple gunshot wounds, and by the time medics arrived, she was gone.

Lewis’s grandfather, William Sharp, raised Lewis from when she was around 11 years old, after her mother died of a brain aneurysm. Her father was tragically murdered in Washington DC a year later. “Anytime you lose a family member, especially like this, it just rips your heart out,” Sharp told Fox 5.

Sharp described Lewis as a “free spirit” who was “full of life” and that she would “light up a room, just talking and laughing.” Lewis had understandably struggled as a teenager after the deaths of both of her parents, and her grandfather said she’d spent time in jail, but had been doing well lately and doing construction work. Her grandfather said she “was very excited because she had just finished taking some classes and was looking forward to taking some more.”

Her ex-girlfriend and best friend, Mercedes Rouhlac, still talked to Lewis every day, and said, “No matter what, she still loved me and my son.”

Lewis was murdered just a week after a brutal quadruple homicide in upstate New York took the lives of a family that included a 5-year-old girl, and 11-year old boy, their 36-year-old mother and her 22-year old girlfriend who, like Lewis, was masculine-of-center. An arrest was made in that case a few days later. (more…)

The founder of the Miss Trans America Pageant was found stabbed to death in her Massachusetts home on Friday. Mark Steele-Knudslien, 47, has been charged in the murder of his wife, Christa Leigh Steele-Knudslien, 42, after confessing to the crime. He is being held in the Berkshire County Jail without bail.

Monica Roberts of Trans Griot who first reported this sad news can be found HERE. As Ms. Roberts says, “Rest in power and peace Christa! Everyone who loved you will not rest until justice is served in this case.”

Kelli Busey over at Planet Transgender has an article found HERE.

This makes us sick. So many murdered over the years. Something as got to give.