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This piece was first published years ago  on Punkpink is a Bandits Tip. Today we dedicated this piece to our comrades who love buns and know any bun will do. We try to publish this work during the Easter Week in memory of the Miracle In My Studio Kitchen and for all our friends who celebrate this time of year.

Since it is Easter Week for our Christian Buddies I thought we would have a little fun with some Hot Cross Buns. To get us in the festive mood let us all join in singing the Hot Cross Buns song. Now don’t be shy, you can do it. GO______


Now wasn’t that nice? So I want to tell you what I found out about Hot Cross Buns that old time favorite for the Easter Week.  I also want to tell you a little story about a miracle in my studio kitchen that had our  artist friends and many others standing in line, paying a quarter to go through my door. First we will start with the old tale and then work out from there.


This is a picture of a Hot Cross Bun.

According to legend Hot Cross Buns were eaten by the Saxons in honor of the goddess Eostre with the cross cut into the buns to symbolize the four quarters of the moon. Eostre was the goddess of dawn, rebirth and spring. She comes forth dressed in white bringing light to all ending the darkness and cold of winter. Symbols associated with her are the hare and egg. The Anglo-Saxon month Eostur-monath is the equivalent to the month of April.

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During early missionary efforts, the Christian church adopted the buns and re-interpreted the cross in 1361. The buns along with Roman Catholicism was banned in England until Queen Elizabeth 1st passed a law allowing the consumption of Hot Cross Buns only on Easter, Christmas and funerals. (more…)

Marielle Franco, presente! Today is one year since Franco, a Black queer councilwoman, was murdered in Brazil. This week, two former police officers were arrested suspected of carrying out her murder. Her life should inspire us to fight for the rights of the most marginalized sectors as a path to liberate us all.

Meet organizers defending Marielle’s legacy and fighting against the right wing in Brazil at Feminism for the 99% – Women’s Conference


Frank Little Poster

To Frank Little (25th of August 1917)

by Viola Gilbert Snell

Traitor and demagogue,

Wanton breeder of discontent –

That is what they call you –

Those cowards, who condemn sabotage

But hide themselves

Not only behind masks and cloaks

But behind all the armoured positions

Of property and prejudice and the law.

Staunch friend and comrade,

Soldier of solidarity –

Like some bitter magic

The tale of your tragic death

Has spread throughout the land,

And from a thousand minds

Has torn the last shreds of doubt

Concerning Might and Right.

Young and virile and strong –

Like grim sentinels they stand

Awaiting each opportunity

To break another

Of slavery’s chains.

For whatever stroke is needed.

They are preparing.

So shall you be avenged.

What a wonderful poem by Viola Gilbert Snell in honor of Frank Little. We publish this poem today along with a picture of Frank and his motto No War But Class War to remind folks that we have a big job to do here in this country. We can not fight Uncle Scams imperialist wars, take part in the war machine, cross class lines and fight for the Capitalist class but must do everything in our power to oppose those who stand in the way of a new day.

This came through on our facebook page.

Here is some of what was written about it.

A friend shared this I want to include what he said: He is J. Bruce Wilcox and this is what he wrote: “Man’s ultimate inhumanity to man continues on in white supremacy- racism- anti-antisemitism- homophobia- misogyny- religious human hatred of the *other*. We are all one. There is no other. Until humanity grasps this basic reality- we will continue to foolishly hurt each other.”
I would also like to thank Steve Drexler for his wonderful words.

I would like to humbly add:

So many times I have thought, why would god, if there is a god sit out the holocaust and all of the horrors that the world has undergone over the years. Is it to teach us a lesson? Is it to tell us, hey this is wrong and you have got to stop it? Can you learn from this and do better? Why didn’t war end after the dropping of the atomic bomb on Japan? Why didn’t holocausts end after what happened in Germany? Why are the people around the world having to endure the wars and more wars brought to them by men? Can not God strike these war mongers dead? Why won’t God? And why can’t people see this horror and put an end to such leaders and those who use the people as pawns in this game of power. Yes so many people have so many questions of god.

Here is what the original poster Steve Drexler wrote:

Today is the 74th year anniversary of the liberation of the Nazi concentration camp Auwschitz. This is what happens when a madman is in charge and goes unchallenged by power hungry and delusional supporters.

Our president is a narcissistic psychopath. He is demonizing everyone who is not just like him. He is destroying our alliances, relationships, and values.
We owe it to the millions of people who died in the fight against fascism and toxic racism and bigotry, to resist all bullying and to call it out, and defeat it, or we are doomed to repeat the past.
WWII saw the fascists and Nazis try to exterminate not only the Jews as a race, but Jehovah’s witnesses, the Roma people, anyone identified as LGBT, the physically and mentally challenged, people of African ancestry, and countless other people who have never been documented.

We know there were 6,000,000 Jews killed, there are not exact counts for the others who were murdered. This was on top of the millions of people who died as collateral victims as a result of the war. Then there were the soldiers who were killed in the fighting directly, and there were those who died of starvation and exposure because their homes were destroyed.
This is unacceptable!

Never again!

Yes I guess we can only take the idea of NEVER AGAIN to heart and work out from there by opposing all war and all man’s inhumanity to man.

Furbirdsqueerly will continue to follow this thread and publish more comments as they become available.


Dana Martin, 31, of Hope Hull, is the first transgender person reported murdered in 2019, according to the National Center for Transgender Equality.  Martin was found dead late Sunday night, in a car that had crashed in a ditch off Brewer Road in Montgomery. She had a gunshot wound in her head.

The shooting is still under investigation, Capt. Regina Duckett, of the Montgomery Police Department, said in a statement to No additional information was available.

“Please note that MPD publicly identified the victim as male as determined by legal documents and forensic evaluation,” said Duckett. “For MPD, how a homicide victim identifies is a personal matter that becomes relevant to our investigation only if it is determined to be a reason the victim was killed.”

Gillian Branstetter, of the NCTE, said victims are frequently misidentified by police and the media.

Martin’s death has not been classified as a hate crime. Alabama’s existing hate crime law does not include sexual orientation or gender identity.
“Dana Martin’s death is representative of the continuing danger that transgender individuals face simply for being themselves,” Rebecca Seung-Bickley, a spokesperson from the ACLU of Alabama, said in a statement to

Seung-Bickley cited a report from the Human Rights Campaign that found at least 29 transgender people were killed in 2017 and 26 in 2018.
“This violence is hurting Alabama families and communities and we must all stand together to remember her and the other trans lives lost over the years, and to fight for a future where no one has to fear being killed for who they are.”