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This was posted over at the Call Out to the Trans rally sponsored by GLSEN that is being held this Saturday. The comment was written by John Keogh.
John Keogh

“I attended the rally on 28 March in New Haven. It was meaningful, and most of the speakers were wonderful. However, one speaker was hatefully strident, calling the administration pigs and making insulting comments about the police. Another speaker was similarly vehement, but more sophisticated. We also had a couple of guys from Antifascist Action–the people who turned the Berkeley protests from a definite win to a definite loss, costing us an awful lot of support across the nation. They smoked, in a crowd, along with some woman near the mike. Who does that? How completely thoughtless of people with asthma, other reactivity to the smoke, or just ex-addicts like me.

Listen. I am in the Resistance with a whole heart. But I will NOT be a part of anybody’s fantasy revolution. Anyone who comes on as if it is Russia in 1919 can just do his or her ego trip in private. If you are arranging something like that in Hartford, let us know, so we can boycott this demonstration. Seriously, I am 100% behind trans youth, with all my heart. But I will not insult police or be part of some fist-in-the-air, brain-in-the-sand revolution.

Get it straight now, because we are in this for the long haul.”

A response: Removed by GLSEN. No room for discussion. Teacher knows best.

Oh thank you I am so glad that this is not the revolution of 1919 in Russia even if the current regime has declared war on us and slowly will be taking away our rights one by one until they get to whatever the Christian Taliban has in store for us. I am so happy I don’t have to worry about losing any blood on the steps of the Supreme Court or anywhere else for that matter. It sound awful that people were smoking and smelly. I hate the smell of cigarette smoke or any kind for that matter. I am ashamed that I use to smoke wherever I wanted to regardless of who was near me. PU. Car exhaust really bothers me to know end so I don’t drive a car. The groups that have long been active and that are listed as speakers and supporters all seem like fine democrats to me, all law-abiding citizens with love in their hearts so no worry there. It sounds like a very enjoyable day while we do our thing for our people with our rainbow flags and love, respect and unity of all. Don’t forget to bring your Trans flag.

I am not sure having just joined the resistance last week if change doesn’t come about by all different ways and means. I read somewhere maybe in school that there were a lot of nice homosexual groups back in the 50tis and 60ties and then the young said, to heck with this police harassment and Stonewall happened over those nights in June to me seemed like a break this and that rebellion. My goodness they even threw coins at the police instead of giving them to homeless folks. A friend of ours Stormie DeLarverie a butch drag king said of that first night, “The cop hit me so I hit him back.”  These were the kind of folks who kicked in the door so the many could walk through or so I have been told. When I heard that a little old lady lived upstairs of Stonewall all I could say is, thank the LGBT communities lucky stars she didn’t burn to death. I am not sure and will have to check out more of this history stuff to make sure that people who were and are under attack meet your standards of respectability.You know Mr. Keogh you can thank whatever you thank, that you are not black and trans living on the street. If you were I wonder how much you would love and respect the police how much after being harassed for the umpteenth time how many times you were almost killed before you would lose this attitude?

One thing a big thank you to the groups who are sponsoring this peaceful rally for all of us folks who do not care about fists in the air, leaving our blood behind, smoking at the mic or in the crowd, insulting comments about the police who are always so nice and helpful to old folks who are trying to cross the street or any talk of revolution as that is going just a little bit too far….end of comment.

End of comment. (we thought we went far enough on a respectable pawns of the democrats page.)

Here is what we really will say to the likes of Mr. Keogh and fellow Travelers who are nothing more than pawns in the game of democrat and republicans, who hold back any real advancement and who must be swept away into the dust bins of history. Oh by the way, Mr. Keogh has been nominated for the jerk of the week. Amen to that sister.

Dear Mr. Keogh

Sir, please get your liberal ass out of the way. You are nothing more than a tool of the ruling class, holding everything back and expecting that everyone wants to fight the same old battles over and over again. That does nothing but re-invent the wheel which always ends up missing a few spokes. We need change and we will not get it with or from you. You said “We are in this for the long haul,” yes sir some of us have been fighting since the mid-sixties and you know its your brand of over and over that makes us very weary. It is your brand of back and forth, liberal, than right, right than liberal over and over that will lead us to the path of the first revolution. Maybe a lot of us will die in it but then just maybe you guys will see that it is the only way to go. Or you will act like so many before become a Kapo and turn us all in just because you don’t like our “fantasy revolution.”  Let’s get real here Mr. Keogh. We also would like to add that while you sit home on your liberal ass, the anti-fascist folks in New Haven have been working around the clock building large banners, and planing a response to the Hate Bus that is coming to town. Do you know what the Hate Bus is? Who Citizen Go or NOM is? Who  are these hateful people and what are they saying about Transgender folks? That was the anti-fascist group with the large blue banner speaking about breathing as revolution. Do you know that some of the speakers at trans rally in New Have have been for many years responding to the widespread epidemic of violence against Trans people on a daily basis. There are many reasons we act as we do.

Here is one from my revolution.

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A fantasy revolution? You make us laugh. The revolution is very real. Don’t try to hold us back or the promise from history run all over you and your kind. When push comes to shove, when the present regime lights their Reichstag’s fire and they begin to crack down, which side will you be on? I bet the wrong side of the barricades. You know I told a little lie in my response to your comment. I have been a revolutionary activist for some 54+ years, have met and seen your type in action, and have to say ENOUGH OF YOU!!! You, your thinking are the cause we are still fighting these same old battles over and over again. Hopefully holding us back this time will not be and option that many will take. You are nothing more than tools of the ruling class. Your comments feed into the split, divide and conquer that is being employed across the country. Mr. Keogh you do not lead the band, get out of yourself. No matter what that train is coming down the track and you are not going to stop it. Its been a long time coming and many of us will make damn sure that it pulls into the station. What will be this generations Stonewall? None of us know. Already shots have been fired at our community and more shots are certain to come. A love fest on a Saturday afternoon isn’t going to make it stop, maybe it will make you feel better, or maybe polite society will like you a bit more. Maybe you’ll get on the news and your 5 mins of fame and photos of the day will be all that is accomplished. But you know as Harry Hay once said, When push comes to shove you will find out real fast  that in their eyes you are degenerate and they are not. You will find out real fast that they law you helped to get on the books is no longer there. Here today gone tomorrow. So light your candles in the rain, pray for equality for all, cheer on the speakers as a great philosopher who once wrote on these pages said, “Each one as they may. By any means necessary.” Remember one thing, the powers that be only gave us our rights because we rioted.

 Comments from the page before the removal.
Comment from GLSEN:  John, this is a youth-led and -centered event. Some of the speakers are from allied LGBTQ+ organizations, but most of them are trans youth and friends, parents, or allies of trans youth. There will not only be speeches but some poetry slams and creative performances, chants, and other important gestures of solidarity. While your concerns are understandable, this rally is about respect, affirmation, and unity, not hostility, disrespect, and division.
Comment from #2 Hi John, as an asthmatic, I do share the concern about smoking in the crowd. That’s probably most effective to address on an individual basis, though. I suspect most folks would be understanding if someone near them asks that they move to the edge of the gathering to smoke.

Comment from #2

And while it’s everyone’s choice to decide what kind of expression they’re comfortable being around, I think it’s also important that we respect the very justifiable anger of trans people who have been mistreated by social institutions like police.
Comment from us.  I agree 100 % with Comment #2. The trans community must take the lead in this and I will support them as always by any means necessary by all means possible. I can’t understand why some folks just don’t check out the facts surrounding the police and how they treat the Trans community and other communities. Must live under a rock.
I checked out the GLSEN site and noticed that the posting by Mr. Keog and our comments were removed.
Our brooms are ready!

We have always loved this: The Russian Revolution sent a thrill of joy through the hearts of hundreds of millions of the exploited and oppressed all over the world. Its influence was decisive in the profound wave of revolution which swept eastern and central Europe upon the end of the war. Kings and emperors toppled as this revolutionary upsurge went through Germany, Austria-Hungary, and the Balkans. The whole of European capitalism was shaken to its foundations.

If the peoples of the world were inspired by the Russian Revolution, the capitalists of all countries were profoundly shocked by it. In their fright they trembled at the threatened destruction of their whole system of exploitation and robbery.

The hate bus

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Our girlfriend and comrade Sylvia Rivera

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I boycott Papa Johns and have ever since I discovered how homophobic and racist John Schnatter is. He is a 1%er who has earned his living off of the backs of poor workers barely earning minimum wage. He is a republican scumbag! Now where did we put that guillotine? I am sure there are millions that will untie the rope.

Here she is folks. In From Huffington Post

You have to listen and read this to believe it.

Meet your new principal, America: Betsy DeVos, Donald’s new Secretary of Education. She’s now in charge of the nation’s schools — or at least, in charge what’s going to be left, once she’s finished dismantling them. Betsy’s built her career on undermining public schools; and wouldn’t you know it, among the things she’s likely to take apart are some potentially life-saving protections for LGBT students.

So who is Betsy DeVos? She’s a billionaire fundraiser for Republicans, and a lobbyist for private schools. Back in 1997, she wrote, “My family is the largest single contributor of soft money to the national Republican Party … we are buying influence. … We do expect something in return.” Have you ever heard the term quid pro quo? Don’t worry if you haven’t — your kids won’t either, because there’ll be no one left to teach them.

Anyway, her money seems to have been well spent, because she’s influenced her way into an administration with a plan to move $20 billion out of public schools, where LGBT kids are guaranteed equal access to education, and into private schools, where they are guaranteed nothing whatsoever. But the taxpayers still have to pay for it!

There’s no mistaking Betsy’s ideological slant: Her family’s given upwards of $200 million to groups like the National Organization for Marriage and Focus on the Family — groups that explicitly oppose equality for queer people, and even promote ex-gay junk science. Some of that money went through a foundation that listed Betsy as the Vice President, but when asked about it, she said that was a misunderstanding — she had nothing to do with that family organization, and was simply identified as its Vice President by mistake. For thirteen years. That’s exactly the kind of rigorous attention to detail that qualifies a person to run the nation’s school.

Betsy’s also donated hundreds of thousands of dollars to groups opposed to LGBT equality, and to ballot amendments to block marriage. In 2004, she gave a speech at the Michigan Republican Convention where she said “we support marriage between one man and one woman because that is the way God set it up.”

So how much damage could she do at the Department of Education? A lot. That’s because the DOE has an office of civil rights that protects access to education — or at least, it does for now, until someone comes along and shuts it down. Focus on the Family, a group Betsy’s foundation has helped prop up, has already demanded that LGBT protections to be overturned. And sure enough, during her confirmation hearing, Betsy indicated that certain protections are best taken out of the DOE’s hands and instead left to the states.

That would have a huge, lasting, real-world impact on people’s lives. Currently, the Department of Education is bound to listen to people like Wendy Walsh. Her son took his life after being relentlessly bullied in a district that refused to intervene. After she filed a complaint with the Office of Civil Rights, the district was forced to adopt an anti-bullying policy. But if that office goes away or is even just weakened under Betsy DeVos, victims could have no recourse if local districts refuse to act. You’d just have to accept the bullying or move.

During confirmation hearings, when asked if schools should have to comply with anti-bullying requirements, Betsy replied, “I would look forward to reviewing that provision.” Oh I bet you would.

What else could she review? Well, under Betsy’s leadership, the DOE could adopt a position that being gay is a choice or a mental illness. They could make it official policy to “discourage” homosexuality. They could pull funding from schools that have nondiscrimination protection. And they could adopt policies that explicitly encourage bullying.

It sounds unbelievable, but that’s not hypothetical. It actually happened in Betsy’s home state of Michigan. In 2012, the Senate passed SB 137, a bill that was supposed to prevent bullying, but was amended at the last minute to say that it’s OK to bully and harass students as long as you’re motivated by “a sincerely-held religious belief or moral conviction.” The bill passed the senate exclusively on votes from Republicans — Republicans whose campaigns were supported by influence-buyer Betsy DeVos.

Taking protections away from public school students and giving giving more resources to private religious groups is completely consistent with Betsy’s approach to education. In 2001, she said, “There are not enough philanthropic dollars in America to fund what is currently the need in education … Our desire is to confront the culture in ways that will continue to advance God’s kingdom.”

Remember, this is someone who said that excluding same-sex couples from marriage is “the way God set it up,” whose family foundation propped up groups pushing ex-gay garbage, who wouldn’t commit to upholding anti-bullying regulations, and whose nomination was only approved after a tie-breaking vote by Mike “turn away the gays” Pence.

I think it’s a pretty safe bet that whatever she envisions for God’s kingdom doesn’t include a gay straight alliance.

Let me know your thoughts @mattbaume on Twitter. Subscribe on YouTube for more videos, and check out this video about some of Donald’s other awful Cabinet nominees, and this one about how to fight back against them.

If it wasn’t so scary it would be funny.

Tell the Senate: Oppose “foreclosure king” Steve Mnuchin

A bombshell news report recently revealed that California prosecutors believed Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s pick for treasury secretary, and his company may have been responsible for “widespread misconduct” and violations of foreclosure law.1

The latest report comes on top of long-standing reports that Mnuchin, the former Goldman Sachs partner known as the “foreclosure king,” profited handsomely off the financial crisis by foreclosing on thousands of elderly homeowners.2

Mnuchin was already one of the worst of the slimy “swamp monsters” Trump has handpicked for major roles in his administration. We need to seize on the momentum from this report to make Mnuchin’s nomination a major black eye for this corrupt administration.

Mnuchin’s company once changed the locks on one Minneapolis homeowner in the middle of a blizzard. It even took a 90-year-old woman’s home because she owed 27 cents.3 Mnuchin made a huge profit by buying up IndyMac, a mortgage lender, changing the name to OneWest and then targeting homeowners for foreclosures. Mnuchin later sold OneWest for nearly twice what he paid for it, profiting from economic pain.4

Sign the petition HERE.

Under Mnuchin, OneWest ran a foreclosure mill responsible for nearly 40 percent of the reverse-mortgage foreclosures in the country even though it had just 19 percent of the market. Shady lenders made grand promises to sell elderly homeowners on risky reverse mortgages, and Mnuchin then swooped in to take their homes when Wall Street’s fraud was exposed and the economy collapsed. OneWest reportedly engaged in illegal “robo-signing” – falsifying documents – to kick people out of their homes.5

According to the latest report based on a leaked memo from the California attorney general’s office, OneWest faked paperwork to avoid delays that would give homeowners time to save their homes, included backdating paperwork to before the company even existed.6

Steve Mnuchin says he is “proud of his record at OneWest.”7 We need to let Republicans know voters disagree – and give Democrats the backbone to fight his nomination tooth and nail. (more…)

Jerk of the week!

Posted: January 18, 2017 in jerk of the week

Here are some of Amerikkka’s biggest jerks we could find for our award Jerk of the week.

“Robert Sheridan is a 40-year-old GM worker who voted for Donald Trump. He can barely contain his excitement about Inauguration Day, even though it will be a rough day for him on a personal level.

He’s one of 2,000 GM factory workers losing their jobs on Friday, the same day that Trump will be sworn in as the 45th president.”

Check out the whole story on fools and jerks HERE.

Sheridan — and thousands like him — are desperately hoping Trump will save their jobs.

In from Demand Progress.

How bad is Trump’s nominee for treasury secretary, Steve Mnuchin?

This is a guy who once foreclosed on a 90-year-old woman over a 27 cent-payment error.1

Another woman was negotiating a payment plan with Mnuchin’s bank only to find the locks changed at her house … in the middle of a Minnesota blizzard.2

And these are hardly isolated incidents—Mnuchin’s bank, OneWest, foreclosed on 36,000 homes using tactics a federal judge called “harsh, repugnant, shocking and repulsive.”

If we can get the truth out about Mnuchin, we can stop his confirmation. So we’re aiming to raise at least $10,000 for TV ads to alert the public about how bad Mnuchin is.

We’ll target the ads at key swing states and in states where the foreclosure crisis hit the hardest, the more we raise, the more places the ad can run. And if we’re not able to raise enough money to fund a TV ad, we’ll use it to mobilize grassroots support other ways, like generating phone calls to the Senate.

A lot of people already know that Mnuchin worked for Goldman Sachs for 17 years. But people don’t know that Mnuchin later ran a bank that was called a foreclosure machine. And when people do learn the truth, they’re outraged.

n fact, even Trump voters are feeling betrayed by the Mnuchin pick. One Trump voter Mnuchin foreclosed on says “I just wish that I had not voted.”3

By getting the truth of Mnuchin’s record in front of voters, we have a real chance to stop him. Political insiders are already saying the confirmation will be “bruising” and could be one of the most difficult of Trump’s nominees to pass the Senate.


1. Trump’s Cabinet Pick Foreclosed On 90-Year-Old Over 27 Cents, Yahoo! News, December 1, 2016

2. Trump Picks Foreclosure King Mnuchin for Treasury Secretary, The Daily Beast, November 29, 2016

3. Trump voter lost home, blames incoming Treasury secretary, Associated Press, December 2, 2016

If your so inclined to donate to causes like this see:

Yes, I’ll chip in $5 to help fund a TV ad campaign to make sure that voters know the truth about Steve Mnuchin.


“You know as well as I do,” said Mickey to Moe “that there is a stool Pigeon in every bunch of workers. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, sexes and anything else you can imagine. But they have one thing in common they all have that brown on the end of their nose.” “Yeah,” said Moe, “we got one at work that we never expected to be like that. Always on the left side of liberal, seen it all, can call out whats happening in this country with the best of us but loves that boss so much that you can smell the poop if you get too close.” He’s been stooling around, finking and ratting to the boss about us trying hard to form a union, which we as workers so desperately need. We are talking among ourselves about why we would benefit from a union and all the checks are in the box marked YES.

Hey Stoolie this one is for you and anyone else thinking about loving the boss and sticking with his bull.

We will tell you right up front, at the job we are at now, we lost our vacations, 2, 3, 4 weeks it doesn’t matter, the new company doesn’t even use that word. But wait hasn’t the boss promised that he will make a deal with the new company so we can retain that benefit? Yeah but you know bosses come and bosses go and if there is money coming out of someone’s pocket book pretty soon they are going to squeal, Too Much!, we gotta cut back. We need real protection not singing and dancing to the song Promises, Promises.

Let’s talk about pay rates. You start at anywhere from minimum wage in your state, or maybe get $10.00 per hour, here a person starts at $12.00 and generally gets 25 cents a year. The union is offering $14.00 per hour. We say give us $20.00! Do the math folks and any one who is coming from a privileged position and argues against is a part of the problem and probably is playing kiss kiss with the boss and doesn’t even know it. Another tool of the ruling class.

We have no personal days, and holidays with pay forget it if you don’t work you don’t get paid. But how about this one, the boss wants his friends and former colleagues in positions here and hasn’t a qualm about saying it out loud. Who will be the first to go? Who will stand up for us? Who will stand up as each one of us are picked off one by one?  How about insurance? Well with the union we get free insurance for the worker their spouse and dependents. Take that $68.00 a week fee for insurance that the company has to offer and shove it. You know that is the price for you only, shit how much for the wife, husband and kids. Up Up Up. Yeah shove it, Yeah real deep. (more…)

I never met one up close before a gun nut I am referring to. But last night at my job indeed I did. He said he was from New Orleans and was up here to work on a system for one of the companies in the building.  A overweight, teeth missing, bearded stubble drawling mouth redneck if there ever was one. “I love the cold,” he said, “but wouldn’t live up here for anything.” “Oh why?” said I. “Well he said, you guys up here think that a person like me is a terrorist”.  “A terrorist?” “Yes I have guns and you guys don’t like guns. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people.”  “You have guns?, said Joe. “Yeah all kinds, I have about 50 even an AR-15 and about 12,000 rounds of ammo. (I guess with the AR-15 remark he was trying to get some type of rise out of us being the gun that was used at Sandy Hook Elementary School ) “I can get up a small army in no time.  Name a gun and I bet I have it.” “I always bring a gun with me where-ever I go except up here.” (thank our lucky stars for small favors) You know I just looked at guy, shook my head and said why bother. Either he has been bitten by some type of bug or the heat of New Orleans has gotten to his brain.

Thanks to Gay Star News for this article. We don’t really give one fig for Barney Frank but do care about helping to expose politicans who fight against our LGBT/Q Tribe. As Arvey Jones commented over at the article, “He looks as gay as a picnic basket. So now he will come out and all will be forgiven as he was a poor misguided soul and has now found himself. Yeah okay but let’s draw the line somewhere. One of those poor misguided souls could just maybe someday sign the papers to put us all away.” That dear friends is the real danger, that one of our own may just someday when the shit hits the fan in this country help to put us away. Happened before. So we say expose them all, chase them out, demand an apology, and get one. Stop them in their tracks. One lesson from this is how horrible the closet really is. How horrible straight americkkka can be and how we as a people must unite with others and fight on. You know you can be married but those who hate us fight on, trying harder and harder to squeeze us more and more. Only by a united front with those who are oppressed and those who fight daily against this system will we ever be safe to live our lives to the fullest. With no closets to hold us in. Yes we have a duty and a obligation to end this hypocrisy against our people wherever we find it. We would like to nominate Mr. Schock as Jerk Of The Week.
Frank also defended his jokes about Schock’s homoerotic Instagram feed which has been recently set to private: ‘If [the rumours] are not true, he spent entirely…
another interesting article and must read for the history of this is from GAWKER is: GOP Congressman Aaron Schock Has His Glass Closet Shattered.
Itay Hod who broke this story had this to say:

Below is Hod’s full note, in the event he deletes it:

people always say, no one has the right to out anyone. that coming out is a private matter. i disagree. as you can imagine, not a very popular opinion. but bear with me.

here’s a hypothetical: what if you know a certain GOP congressman, let’s just say from Illinois, is gay… and you know this because one of your friends, a journalist for a reputable network, told you in no uncertain terms that he caught that GOP congressman and his male roommate in the shower… together. now they could have been good friends just trying to conserve water. but there’s more. what if this congressman has also been caught by tmz cameras trolling gay bars. now what if you know that this very same guy, the darling of the gop, has also voted against repeal of don’t ask don’t tell, opposed the repeal of doma, is against gay marriage; and for the federal marriage amendment, which would add language to the us constitution banning gay marriage and would likely strike down every gay rights law and ordinance in the country?

Are we still not allowed to out him?

let me ask another question… doesn’t the media have an OBLIGATION to expose his hypocrisy? if he had done something so hypocritical and he wasn’t gay, wouldn’t we demand journalists do their job? but they can’t… because we won’t let them. you’re not allowed to out ANYONE, we tell them.

we’ve created a situation where even though news organizations know this guy is gay, they can’t report it because he hasn’t said so on twitter.

if we keep saying that being gay is genetic; ergo, it’s no different than having blue eyes or blonde hair… than why are not allowed to mention it? why do we need anyone’s consent to talk about their sexuality? are we not allowed to say someone has blue eyes until they post a fb message telling us they are in fact blue?

we’ve been so effective at convincing everyone that outing people is a crime against humanity, that we’ve made it impossible for any network or news organization to talk about this “hypothetical” gay republican congressman and his hypocritical vote against gay rights. they won’t touch it for fear of retribution from GLAAD or HRC. (in fact when my friend’s network interviewed said hypothetical republican, he talked about wanting to find a nice woman to marry… and the network aired it… knowing it was a lie…

so, forgive me if I don’t subscribe to the notion that you’re not allowed to out anyone… in fact in some cases, i’d celebrate it. but I’m crazy that way.