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One thing about giving out JERKS of the Week awards we will never run out of jerks. Read all about the Pacific Justice Institute and their new crazy attacks. Many thanks to Nick Duffy of Pink News for this article.

Right-wing group claims care homes will be forced to open gay brothels for the elderly.

An anti-LGBT conservative legal group is claiming that religious care homes in California will be forced to operate homosexual brothels for elderly pensioners if discrimination protections are put in place. The surreal claim comes from the so-called Pacific Justice Institute, which is lobbying against a California bill to protect LGBT care home residents. The Democrat-backed LGBT Care Home Residents Bill,  would include explicit discrimination protections for elderly residents “on the basis of a person’s sexual orientation, gender identity, gender expression, or HIV status”.

The law, which extends existing anti-discrimination protections, is intended to protect vulnerable elderly people who identify as LGBT encountering institutional homophobia.

But the Pacific Justice Institute claims it would lead to the “nuns caring for the elderly and disabled” being forced to run “bordellos” from their Catholic care homes.

In a letter to the bill’s authors they claimed: “For religiously conservative facilities… this [brings] issues related to sexual intimacy and biology.

“SB219 prevents a facility from restricting a resident’s ‘right to sexual intimacy’ which includes receiving visitors.

“Conservative religious institutions typically hold the view that sexual relations are confined to a man and a woman who are married to each other.

“Is it the Author’s position that a Catholic facility should enable residents to have sexual relations with whomever they please? Such an arrangement would resemble a bordello more than a religious healthcare facility.” The letter continues to claim that forcing care workers to respect the identity and chosen names of transgender people constitutes “compelled speech” that “violates freedom of speech”. It insists that residents who identify as transgender “may have delusions that should not be imposed on caregivers”.

California has some of the most progressive LGBT legislation in the United States.

The Governor of California recently signed a law introducing education about HIV-preventing PrEP drugs into the standard routine for those undergoing HIV tests.

The law ensures high-risk HIV-negative individuals receive information about methods that reduce the risk of contracting HIV, including PrEP and PEP, during HIV post-test counselling

How the hell does a little queer blog like ours pick a jerk of the week when there are so many running around this country. After debating and debating Goosey Bell said, “You know I am getting damn sick and tired of people telling me to get over it!” Trump won, you lost.” Move on. “We don’t want to hear your whining.” “Give the man a chance.”  So Goosey said, “Let’s pick them, for they truly have their heads screwed on wrong, ass backwards, fools at that. ( we no longer speak to 4 family members who voted for Trump and don’t plan to any time soon.) Let’s pick them because here we are members of a targeted class of people who will be in danger from the new regime in DC. Let’s pick them and let them know that we as queers will help to build a forceful united front against this new regime and we will win. No turning back, forward together!

You know jerks of the week, family members, co-workers and others. We have been fighting the good fight since Anne Fielding spoke to us about the Ban The Bomb marches back in 1963 and Freddie’s older brother taught us the song, Oh Mary Don’t you Weep, Don’t you mourn, Pharaohs army got drowned. Yeah we are older now but still got a lot of fight in us.

So the Jerk of the Week or should we say Jerks of the Week Award goes to all of those folks who tell us, some with glee, “to move on, get over it, stop your whining,’ and other stupid statements, who disregard the present and future danger, who will look away and who speak from a place of privilege, you are some of the biggest jerks who have ever opened your mouths around us.


Now don’t get us wrong here. We are not and never will be supporters of the democratic party. No thanks! (don’t think we even needed to say that but just wanted to make sure no one would think we cry for Hillary.)

After reading the Guardian’s article about the sponsors of Proposition Q, the effort to ban tents of the homeless from the sidewalks of San Francisco we thought to ourselves, Hey its a no brainier, lets give out a Scum at the top of the heap award. You know how we here at furbirdsqueerly like to give out awards to those we feel should be so honored. So folks join us in giving a revolutionary holler and good loud war hoop for the following Scums at the top of the heap.

Michael Moritz, Sequoia Chairman principle donor to Proposition Q. Net Worth $3.1 Billion

Zachary Bogue Commercial real estate investor. Net Worth $300 million. Husband of Marissa Mayer president and chief executive officer at Yahoo.

Ronald Crawford “Ron” Conway (born March 9, 1951) is an American angel investor and philanthropist, often described as one of Silicon Valley’s “super angels”  Conway is recognized as a strong networker] with the ear of many of San Francisco’s most important decision-makers. Net worth $1.5 Billion.

William Oberndorf hedge fund investor. Beside taking away folks homes read this: Oberndorf’s interest in school choice and education reform is longstanding. Oberndorf is a major donor to the California Republican Party and donated over $1 million to the party and its candidates between 2001 and 2011. William Oberndorf was one of the top contributors, giving $1.1 million to an anti-union effort and to help defeat Proposition 30 which would increase taxes for four years on earnings over $250,000 to fund education.  He was a leading supporter of California’s (failed) Proposition 32, an effort to reform the political influence of teacher’s unions and the best yet this statement “If it is Trump vs. Clinton, I will be voting for Hillary,” William Oberndorf, a California hedge fund manager, told The New York Times.  (oh glory be said the liberal he really is a nice guy and he gives so much of his money to causes and really he is young and handsome he’s one of them nice rich guys) Net worth not found.

Opponents of the measure point out that the proposed law does not include any funding for additional housing or shelters, and the city’s existing shelters have long waiting lists for beds. With Proposition Q, we’re just taking away someone’s tent and making them sleep on the cold concrete,” said Jennifer Friedenbach, executive director of the Coalition on Homelessness. “They’re not going to disappear.”

So if that is the case gentlemen we would say for every tent on the sidewalk you want removed you should pool some of your money, (and you got a lot compared to most of us) and build shelters or permanent housing for the poor. Stop your war against the poor! and please stop your bogus concerns for the homeless folks welfare when you are going to steal the one thng that many of them have, a tent on a city street.

Who are these thugish  men who march against their own brothers and sisters for the banksters and politicians that have stolen from them?  Are they on that much of a power tripping high that they don’t see they are helping the powers that be destroy what is left of their fellow citizen’s civil liberties and rights granted to them by the constitution and bill of rights?  Do they think, in the end, by serving the corrupt they will somehow be saved from the slaughter?  They better think again……~jg

We haven’t given out a Jerk of the Week Award in awhile but here it is. A big jerk who by his words just might get some of us killed. No he is not our friend.

thanks to  I Acknowledge Class Warfare Exists

“If someone is gay… who am I to judge?” Well, Pope Francis, you just proclaimed judgment against the LGBT community… again.
While Pope Francis has expressed much kindness and tolerance toward the LGBT community, he is by no means a supporter of LGBT civil rights. On…

This is some of the most disgusting news to come out of the religious right and their allies. Shame on the state of Michigan and shame on the people who helped to pass this bill.

Michigan has passed a bill that exempts emergency medical personnel from treating gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in a crisis. READ MORE: ‪#‎RFRA‬

Michigan has passed a bill that exempts emergency medical personnel from treating gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in a crisis. READ MORE:  #RFRA

Michigan has passed a bill that exempts emergency medical personnel from treating gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender people in a crisis. READ MORE: ‪#‎RFRA‬

This truly has to be one of the most offensive things I’ve seen in a long time… Proving once again how deeply damaged and DANGEROUS religious fundamentalists really are! REGARDLESS of their religion.
Michigan House Republicans just passed a religious “license to discriminate” bill, which would allow anyone to refuse service to anyone and claim their…

Facebook is messing with drag queens. Big mistake

By Tom Temprano

Facebook is ruffling quite a few wigs this week after sending notices to a number of notable drag queens, who locally include Heklina, Sister Roma, Monistat, Lady Bear and others and others, informing them that their drag names do not constitute “legal identities” as per the social media site’s new arbitrary policy.

48hillstomstownOh Facebook, if only you knew the 11th Commandment: Don’t fuck with drag queens. Drag queens start riots, drag queens publicly highlight the deficiencies of others for a living, and most importantly drag queens generate more compelling and interactive content than just about any other users on your platform.

Facebook has a long history of deciding what queer people should and shouldn’t identify as, and this is just one more insult in a long line of injuries. Remember how long it took them to add adequate gender options? My hope is that this wrong will quickly be righted lest drag queens start getting really angry. There’s already a petition withover 4,000 signatures demanding a reversal of the policy. I’m also hearing growing rumblings of an impending drag queen protest at Facebook’s headquarters which, ironically enough, would likely be the most social media saturated protest of the year.

I asked a couple of the abovementioned local queens to share their thoughts on the new change:

Sister Roma (currently going by Michael Williams):

I’m outraged by the autocratic and demoralizing demand by Facebook that I use my legal name “as it appears on my driver’s license or credit card” on my personal profile page. To me it signifies the commercialization of Facebook. It is a slap in the face to all things creative and disregards the fact that many of us are known exclusively as our personas. We’re not trying to fool or deceive anyone. Worse than that I find it discriminatory to transgender and gender nonconforming individuals who are finally at peace with their identities on Facebook. Many of us CHOOSE our name and that is what makes it “real.” Ask anyone and they will tell you my name IS Roma.

Lady Bear (currently going by Senora Oso):

I had always perceived Facebook as a way to empower and promote yourself and your work –well I don’t feel empowered right now. I really don’t think the decision makers at Facebook are thinking about their users -or at least the users that don’t look like or have lifestyles similar to their own. In that sense it smacks of hetero-normativity & exclusion. The whole point of Facebook is to connect people- drag & burlesque & musicians that use stage names are “power users” that connect thousands of people -far more per capita than a typical Fb user – thousands of willing, Happy participants. How can fb think curtailing that is going to foster community & connectivity?

We too are outraged and join this fight and give FACEBOOK our Jerks of The Week Award. Oh yes Don’t Fuck With Drag Queens as they got many friends.