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We are getting ready to publish a new essay. Here is a teaser.

Do we have a right to film the police? read the following essay A Major Victory for the Right to Film the Police The court ruled:

Americans have a constitutional right to film on-duty police officers in public, a federal appeals court in Philadelphia ruled Friday. The three-judge panel’s decision is not the first of its kind, but it marks a significant milestone: Half of U.S. states are now covered by rulings protecting the videotaping of law enforcement.The judges’ decision solidifies a growing consensus among the federal appeals courts on this nascent issue. The First, Fifth, Seventh, Ninth, and Eleventh Circuits have also issued similar rulings, starting in 2011, to protect bystanders who record police actions. Their collective jurisdictions now amount to exactly half of U.S. states and roughly 60 percent of the American population. No federal appeals court has ruled to the contrary; the Supreme Court has not weighed in on the subject.

7 Rules for recording the police. Check out the essay HERE. (more…)


When I was very politically active in the LGBTQ rights movement and any legislation or action was being promoted by the group I would always ask “how does this impact the poorest among us?” What if anything will this new way do for them? Its fine and dandy that the middle class or the upper class will make out well but if all of the others (probably the majority) are not lifted then I want nothing to do with whatever is being promoted. I took that stand when the Lesbian and Gay community were fighting for “their” rights leaving the Trans and Bi community behind. I never believed them when they said, we will be back for you and knew that was BS. “No,” I said, “I will sit this out, I do not want my rights if all of our people can’t share with us what is common and decent for all.” Generally most of the folks were too tired after the fight against the conservative bigots to come back for others. (not excusing anyone) I can not pretend that I was anything other than working poor and found more in common with others in my class than with the upper classes.

I came across this quote by the great Black Gay Revolutionary James Baldwin today and wanted to share it.

You know this is bull shit by the way it smells.

Someone asked us once why do you always seem to be against some LGBT folks, like HRC, reformists and liberals. Why do you rally against folks in the LGBT community who believe reform is the way to go? Well be certain of one thing, when we see things like the photo we cringe, we are disgusted, and we know fight on! Many thanks to Pink and Black Anarchists for sharing this on their site. You know we have been fighting for years against those who we say have “straightened their genes”, our essays testify to that. We have called for united fronts with other groups since the late 60’s when we were young out of the closet and fighting what we had hoped to be the revolution. We were out to change amerikkka and amerikkka didn’t like us. But you know we are still here and amerikkka has gotten worse. It makes us very happy when the young rise up and breath the truth into the LGBT movement and far beyond. Political queers who will not take the shit handed down to them. Young queers with their heads on their shoulders, queerly as fuck, standing up to those in the movement who just don’t get it. Not afraid to say so, not afraid to speak truth to power. Not satisfied with only LGBT rights but have the answer to that age old saying we are here there and everywhere. So it follows all issues are our issue. Fight on young folks. Fight on Pink and Black Anarchists. Fight on Blue Lives Murder. Fight on Familia TQLM. Fight on Black Lives Matter. Fight on No Justice, No Pride. This time around the revolution must be won!

Posting from Pink and Black Anarchists:

President of LGBT group killed by Campus Police and the liberals came out with this.

Offensive to say the least. This is the “thin blue line” flag, frequently used as a “police lives matter” symbol in direct opposition to BLM.

A while back we wrote in an essay these words:

Cops are just one component of the bourgeoisie’s repressive apparatus for subjugating the working class and anyone else that strays from the bourgeoisie norm.

Historically, cops have been perhaps the #1 most dangerous enemy of gay / trans / queer people for decades, and continue to target us today. Diana’s little Corner in the Nutmeg State recently published an article and had this to say:

“How did the rising at Coopers Donuts (1959), Dewey Lunch (1965), Compton’s Cafeteria (1966), and Stonewall Inn (1969) start?
With polices raids on “homosexuals” where they were checking for three items of male clothing. In other words they were looking for trans people.

“Perhaps no one illustrated potential issues between police and LGBTQ communities more than Nadine Ruff. A transgender woman, Ruff said she had reported a sexual assault to New Haven police but was ridiculed. Ruff said the police response re-victimized her, which she said is an experience that’s too common.

“You need to know about this community,” Ruff said. “We fear police.”

One of the people who commented on this flag with the blue police line and to a supporter of this flag had this to say. (we think it sums it up for anyone who doesn’t know what this is all about.)

“It’s a bad thing because cops are oppressors who have a long history of targeting LGBT groups and individuals, and the murder of an LGBT person should not be tarnished by using it as an opportunity to show support for cops. Further, even aside from this instance, when there are two groups, and one is clearly oppressing the other, posting something like the above flag is essentially saying “Why can’t I support both the oppressors and the oppressed?” which, in its ultimate effect, is the same as saying “I support the oppressors. Fuck the oppressed.”

Lastly, it’s not projecting if it accurately describes your position insofar as you have expressed it. Stop licking police boots.”… Kana Robert Ewing.

This flag and this liberal was responding to the shooting death of Scout Schultz. At the time of Schultz murder we published this essay found HERE.


To find out more about Pink and Black Anarchist go to HERE. 


“I believe that any person seeking reproductive health care should be able to do so without confusion, deception, or shame.”

What are Crisis Pregnancy Centers?

Crisis pregnancy centers are fake clinics– they are fronts for anti-abortion organizations set up to steer people away from choosing safe and legal abortion.
CPCs do not provide or refer for abortion care, emergency contraception, or birth control, but often try to present themselves as comprehensive reproductive healthcare clinics in order to lure people inside. Once inside, people are often lied to, shamed, and pressured about their reproductive healthcare decisions.
Crisis pregnancy centers are an imminent threat to people seeking reproductive healthcare in Connecticut. Currently, there are about 30 CPCs and only 18 licensed family planning clinics in Connecticut. This website will help you spot the signs of a CPC and direct you to where you can get real (licensed clinic) reproductive healthcare.
At NARAL Pro-Choice Connecticut, we believe that people should never be pressured, lied to, or shamed about their healthcare decisions.

For more information go to HERE.  Sign the petition. Spread the word.


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