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You know this is bull shit by the way it smells.

You know this happened to us last time when we were up here in Vermont. We were handed a two dollar bill in our change not once but twice. Strange we never see a two dollar bill in Connecticut.

 Well dear hearts if we were in Ecuador this would be our lucky day. A two dollar bill there is considered to be good luck. Here in the U.S and no one knows for sure why the two dollar bill is considered to be unlucky. Well its just plain old money to me and that’s that. I got enough to worry about without some superstitious fools telling me the two dollar bill I got back in change is unlucky. But you know what I will do says dear old Olga, I’ll keep it just in case. Stick it in my box and hope that some how some money will find its way to me and I promise with no fingers crossed that if it does I will then become a believer in the power of the Two Dollar Bill. ( 1 ) Not paying too much attention to the news Olga thought she heard that some man was robbed in his home and among the items taken was a stash of two dollar bills. Police wanted info from folks if they received any two dollar bills and where they got them from. Damn if I know snorted Olga, and does anyone really think that I would hand over my two dollar bill to the police. Nah I’m no fool the next thing you know they would be here in my hotel room asking all sorts of questions and then take my two dollar bill away and I would never get it back. I’ll just keep it and be quiet. The very next day Bessy Marie reported that she also got a two dollar bill in her change. Somethings up at the store across the street.

Out the Train Window

Olga was so happy that in many spots along the route the train slowed down. Really down, a crawl. Better to look out the window and see what I can see. I love looking out the window as everything passes by. Sometimes I go and stand at the back of the train and look out the back door at everything receding down the track. Goodbye, see you on the way home.

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Skunk Cabbage

You know Skunk Cabbage always got a bum rap. Smelly stuff that grew around the sewer outlets in the town where I grew up. One time as children we pick a whole bunch and threw the leaves on old Mrs. Wilson’s front porch. She was a nosy old crone, always yelling at the kids in the neighborhood, calling our parents for anything and just a all around mean lady. Well we were having none of that. I think someone’s aunt told us to go pick some skunk cabbage and rub in and throw it all over old lady Wilsons porch. Well that is just what we did.

A few years later I found out that Skunk Cabbage, (yes it does smell like a skunk) was a healing plant and worked wonders for many a people. I first heard about the use of Skunk Cabbage from Mrs. Bates a member of the Wongnuk Tribe who lived in my home town. Her nephew and I would accompany her out to gather wild plants, nuts, roots, barks and berries in the woods. She told us, people take Skunk Cabbage for a variety of reasons bronchitis, asthma, cough, and whooping cough. It is also used for painful condition such as join and muscle pain, headache and toothache. It is used for treating infections such as worms, ringworm and scabies. Once when old grandfather Bates got bitten by a snake we used Skunk Cabbage and you know he lived to be we think 106. Mr. Bates loves to eat Skunk Cabbage and I cook up a batch of leaves for him. Many times some of the herbalists I know have used the tea for a blood purifier and to stop bleeding from surface wounds. Here is something that I bet not many folks know. The root of the Skunk Cabbage may live several hundred years or perhaps over a thousand as long as the soil that it grows in is undisturbed. Check out a plant if there are numerous leaves then you can bet the rhizome is old. This species has survived through millions of years since the Cretaceous period. ( 2 )

I never saw flowering skunk cabbage but here is a photo I found of what the flowers look like.

Fiddlehead Ferns (more…)

Sitting around one Saturday after last Bessy Marie said to Olga, “You know we haven’t gone out to lunch for awhile, can’t even remember when we last did as we are always eating at home on a Saturday and then take a nice little nap get up and start again at what seems like another day.” Olga had to agree we need a little break. Let’s go to the art show a town away and then have a nice lunch at that hamburger place that is all the rave. Nice that would be and we would get in not only a bit of lunch but a spiritual uplift from seeing some art. Olga added that one of the top artists in the area curated and some artists we have heard mentioned are showing in. Let’s see what is out there as one of our favorite artists is showing in that show. Off we went and two buses later arrived for lunch in a busy little café that was quickly filling up a half hour before noon.

Lunch in the freezer. Or we might have well be dining outside in Alaska.

We should have gotten up and left but where else was there to go when one has their heart set on a good hamburger. Nowhere around here in this town. Man is it cold in here, don’t they have any heat? The older lady sitting next to us gals said, “I have to eat with my coat on its so cold.” It feels like a terrible breeze coming from the kitchen door every time it opens. I’m glad I have some soup, which is okay to eat first, hopefully it will warm me up and I can get down to eating my traditional burger with Swiss Cheese and onions.” Damn thought Olga I gotta sit here and just about rub elbows with this couple at the next table. What a crowded place this is. Maybe that is where we will get the heat from each other.

Bessy looked around the dining room and notice that over near the corner no one had their coats on but every table was full. Folks must know get here early as soon as a table was empty someone came and sat down. This certainly  popular place let’s hope the food is as good as the crowds are predicting. We must have gotten there at the right time as the place was filling up rather quickly.

Well finally the waitress came, all bubbly and apologizing for the wait. “Okay, we see you are busy as a bubbling bee and cute as a button to boot,” said Bessy we had fun complaining about the cold weather in here and rubbing our toes together to keep warm. Should have worn my fur lined socks and should have brought a blanket for over my lap and a good wrap. Man eating with my coat on is not my idea of a great time.  Bessy Marie remarked, “I bet there is more heat in a Puritan Meeting House. Foot warmer rocks needed here.”

Scanning the menu Bessy Marie decided on a lunch called, I luv Pastrami, “Wow said Bessy what a great sandwich.” It was a delicious burger with nicely cooked pastrami on top ($11.00). A well grilled hard roll with creamy horseradish, lettuce tomato, raw onion and Swiss cheese. Yum, Yum what a tasty sandwich.  Olga being the traditional one in the bunch ordered a Traditional Burger ($9.00). Honey please the lettuce is limper than a old man’s dick. Nice cheese and a well cooked burger. Its funny Olga said that with all the trouble in the food industry that restaurants would still ask people is they want meat rare, medium rare or well done?  What comes with the burger? Just some coleslaw UGH a slimy mystery pile of wilted cabbage with a weak pickle juice sauce. Strangest coleslaw we had ever tried along with a run of the mill limp Dill pickle. No bite no crunch no dill in that pickle causing Olga to wonder, “Is that pickle real?” French fries were an extra charge, only $3.25 and large enough and tasty enough and we shared a basket. Cute little basket it was modeled after a fryer basket. Better than other places were we have tried the French Fries, not greasy and done just right but what a surprise that a lunch didn’t come with the fries. Now what some would call the piece de resistance was the peanut butter pie, more like a brownie. served on a blanket of confectionary sugar a few squirts of chocolate, a nice dollop of whipped cream.  If this has any peanut butter in it I am a monkey’s uncle. Where is the peanut flavor? Maybe if we sing that song, Found a Peanut some flavor will appear?  Now I’m no pie maker but I bet I could make a better pie 10 miles from the kitchen on a rainy day with only a campfire. “Oh your such an exaggerating old coot you don’t even know how to boil water,” Bessy Marie the baker, the cook, the bottle washer and all around Kitchen Queen exclaimed, setting Olga in her place with that one. “Now hold on here that is just the point I am trying to make.”

We never care for a waiter or waitress who every time he or she passes our table says, “How is everything, are you enjoying your meal?” Well snorted Olga as long as I can keep defrosting the icicles that are forming at my nose so they don’t cut into my lip with each bite I will be okay.  Why do they always ask when you have just taken a bite of lunch and are chewing. Not talking with ones mouth full is a rule that one learns way back, most likely in dining at the table 101 for very young people, along with not spitting out your food, talking with your mouth full, farting, eating with your fingers, wiping your mouth with your sleeve and proper cutting into manageable size bites meat. But we loved her anyway. We always take kindly to our working class comrades and always  make sure to give them a great tip. Our little bubbly bee received $15.00 dollars from us and she thought we had made a mistake. Just take the money and run before we change our minds due to you questioning our judgement. Buy your self something nice and we hope you don’t declare the tip, just put it in your pocket and say, “those old gals, didn’t even leave me a penny.”

We are sure that you don’t make all that much due to the crummy laws in this state concerning what a place of business may pay a waiter or waitress. (1) Now if we ruled the place we would make it a law that all workers must start at a wage of $20.00 per hour. Any tips given for a job well done is for just that and one should not need to declare them.  You know honey a waiter or waitress works hard, always running on their feet all the time, serving all types of people, keeping orders straight, smiling, being nice and taking whatever shit a customer gives out. (2)

One thing this place has going for it is the restroom. They didn’t smell which is such a drawback in any restaurant and bar. These were clean. One was not afraid to park there naked butt on the toilet seat with no worry that a bit later, a itch would start and then another or a pimple would break out or a rash on the ass is no joy of living just because one had to pee using a strange toilet.

All in all we will give this restaurant 4.5 stars outta 10.

Overall this isn’t a place we would come back to. (more…)

Grow your own 2

Sweet Corn Organic Nursery 

Something for us city folks with no land to plant to try.

Food 2

We have tried this with beet tops and ate delicious beet greens all winter. (more…)

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Keep feeding, comrades!

Fort Lauderdale police charged three men – including two pastors and a 90-year-old man – for feeding the homeless in public on Sunday, the first such cases…
Let us hope that more folks keep stepping up and feeding the homeless. One is arrested another takes their place and then another. Fill the jails. Let this be a movement among folks of good will all across this country where these laws have been passed. Let us hope that from every pulpit, there is a cry out against this practice of arresting folks who are doing these good works. Some say there is or shouldn’t be a line drawn in the sand but we yes get real there is some who care and some who do not.

A couple of readers e-mailed us and asked, “Hey would you gals and guys mind reprinting a few of your Banana Tales once again? We are lonely for a good travel story about the days gone by when some of us were full of piss and vinegar and loved to go about the world like we were living in another one.’ So we said why not, its easy enough to go into our archives and re-print the story.  So here it is Benny’s Banana and other Tales. This story takes place in and about 1967. All the folks who take a place on this stage are real.

As most readers of this blog know we always like to tell a good story among all of the other things we do. 24/7 politicks can get to be rather depressing, and after all that was my life for so many years. Politicks for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. I think that I can give it a rest sometime now-a-days and pick up where I left off with my art. I am old enough, not trying to impress anyone with my revolutionary spirit and certainly don’t care what others think of me. Too much politicks and sorting things out can get me into some trouble.

A year or so back  someone even accused me of being an angry young man. I could only reply, ” honey I am flattered I haven’t been young for years.” Hey what the fuck, shouldn’t we all be rather angry? There is enough to be angry about and then some. They even posted that whining piano singer Billy Joel’s lyrics to the song Angry Young Man. Guess that was a jab at me for trying to tell it like it is and start a  discussion about those who think they are more revolutionary than the rest of us, and think they have all the answers and the rest of us had better grow up to them.   But you know, whatever, I couldn’t care less now-a-days. Every dog has its day, I had mine and the other woof, woofs will have theirs.

So here goes another story, take from it what you will. But most of all enjoy it. It may be a little choppy but as always, as with any of my art you may fill in the chops if you want.

Banana tales and other stories

The other day I needed some nice ripe bananas so I looked around in my grocery store. Well everyone of the suckers were green and long. Nothing with some nice yellow, no little brown spots,none that looked like that were a day over being picked. UGH. Not good to eat bananas that should be yellow with brown spots but instead are pale lime green. So I asked the young man who was working in the produce aisle if they had any ripe bananas and he told me no. He also instructed me that I could take these bananas home and let them get ripe. I asked if he had any in the back and he said no that all the bananas had been thrown away in the compactor. I said, “Damn man why do you throw away the bananas just when they are getting good.  I stopped at one of the Spanish markets and there I found some nice ripe, with brown spots eating bananas. Yummy. Took them home and had one this way. Into the blender put one heaping table spoon of Vegan Rice Protein powder, 1 1/2 cups of Rice Milk, a cut up ripe banana, one tablespoon of Cinnamon, one good pour of red clover honey. Mix it all up and  have yourself a very delicious healthful drink.

Well that got me thinking to another story that we haven’t told yet in our travels to and from the past life of Arvey Jones and the other characters who come out to play every once in awhile on this stage of life. I wonder if getting old has anything to do with it? Is that why so many fine little stories of the past come zipping in, wanting to say howdy do to me and my friends. Well okay lets go there. Let’s get ourselves started with a little song. Now this song is even older than I am. Many a flapper danced around to it. It sure was a hit back when your Grannie was young.


by punkpink

I know, I know I was suppose to send out a weekly report from up here in the woods of Vermont but just haven’t had the time or the inclination to write anything after my last piece that I sent. Yes Furbird I promised even if it was an update about living out in the woods and doing what woods folks do but most of the time living gets in the way and the first winter out in the sticks gets to be quite demanding. But today here I am as I wanted to share with you all a delicious recipe that we made this morning to take down the path to Clara’s house to celebrate her 70th birthday. You remember Clara I am sure. Clara rents us the cabin farm that we live on is a great olde dyke we knew back when we were young. Back in the good old days when we had fun fun fun. Not that we aren’t still having fun, fun, fun but now its a different kind of fun. Fun, Fun, Fun on the Lower East Side of New York back in the day was fun, fun, fun, sorry to anyone who missed out on it.

Clara left the city in 1974 and came up here. At that time she told me she had made a very big mistake by marrying Jake, but at least as she said when she divorced the bastard she took him for a ride and got all the land, the houses and 1/2 the bank account. “I’ve worked hard with what I got off him as a start up and made it on my own since then. Of course the time I was with Missy was beautiful but now she is gone died 6 years ago and I still miss her to this day. At least we had a chance to have a civil union so I could make decisions on her behalf. Now who is going to help me, I don’t know, one of my young friends I guess. ”

Mary Jane who lives over in St. Albans decided that we should all get together and celebrate so about 10 people piled into Clara’s house for an afternoon lunch and little party. We all pulled out papers from a hat two weeks ago with either main course, dessert, salad or side dish. One of the pulls from the hat that our household got was dessert. We wanted to make something different from what we had around in the pantry and Jill came up with raisin pie. We had plenty of raisins, flour, brown sugar and other ingredients so raisin pie it was.

How to make an Old Fashion Raisin Pie (more…)