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The Mythology Show
a Group exhibition
at Artspace Hartford
555 Asylum Avenue,
Hartford, CT 06103

Public Reception with Live Music, Performance Art & Refreshments
Sat, Jan 26, 2019 from 6-9pm
Gallery open weekends Jan 19 & 20, 26 – 27, 12-7pm
or by appointment at
212.673.9074 ~

Facebook Page for the event is HERE.

New York City curator, painter and sculptor, Antony Zito, returns to his home state to compile a group exhibition on the theme of “mythology”. Featuring 19 New England artists who are represented through a carefully selected array of paintings, sculpture, photography and installation art, The Mythology Show will fill Artspace Hartford’s gallery and its subterranean “Grotto” with contemporary interpretations of the legends and archetypes of humankind. The women and men in this exhibition were selected based on their alignment with the following quote about the function of myths and stories in our lives:

“Shakespeare said that art is a mirror held up to nature. And that’s what it is. The nature is your nature, and all of these wonderful poetic images of mythology are referring to something in you. When your mind is trapped by the image out there so that you never make the reference to yourself, you have misread the image. The inner world is the world of your requirements and your energies and your structure and your possibilities that meets the outer world. And the outer world is the field of your incarnation. That’s where you are. You’ve got to keep both going. As Novalis said, ‘The seat of the soul is there where the inner and outer worlds meet.’ ”
– Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth (more…)

And the revolution continues… Thank you to all of the young queers who still understand and fight the fight as it should be fought. Compromise and reform are no way to win the battles. As Socialist Feminist Gloria Martin said, “We must change the system. If we do not we will be fighting the same old battles over and over.”

You know we hadn’t had a Jerk Of All Times Award up until today when we saw this article:

Republican Blurts Out That Sick People Don’t Deserve Affordable Care

Some one should take this man to the woodshed. We are sure that many among us would think of some better things to do with this jerk but this being a nice respectable family blog we shant say it. Here he is folks, one fucking big asshole jerk for all times.

Republican Reprehensible  Mo Brooks of Alabama

and here is what the big jerk said:

Republicans usually defend their health-care position with an array of buzzwords like choice, patient-centric, or competition. In a CNN interview, Representative Mo Brooks, an Alabama Republican, makes the case for Trumpcare in much starker terms: It will free healthy people from having to pay the cost of the sick. “It will allow insurance companies to require people who have higher health care costs to contribute more to the insurance pool that helps offset all these costs, thereby reducing the cost to those people who lead good lives, they’re healthy, they’ve done the things to keep their bodies healt explained Brooks. “And right now, those are the people who have done things the right way that are seeing their costs skyrocketing.”

It is certainly true that the Republican health-care plan will spur insurance companies to charge more money to people with expensive medical needs, and less to healthier people. (It will also transfer hundreds of billions of dollars from the poor, who will get reduced Medicaid and tax credits to buy insurance, to the rich, who will receive a large tax cut.) The idea that morality dictates healthy people pay less, and sick people more, has been floating around the margins of conservative health-care thought. John Mackey, the libertarian owner of Whole Foods, made this case in a 2009 Wall Street Journal op-ed denouncing Obamacare:

Rather than increase government spending and control, we need to address the root causes of poor health. This begins with the realization that every American adult is responsible for his or her own health.

Unfortunately many of our health-care problems are self-inflicted: two-thirds of Americans are now overweight and one-third are obese. Most of the diseases that kill us and account for about 70% of all health-care spending—heart disease, cancer, stroke, diabetes and obesity—are mostly preventable through proper diet, exercise, not smoking, minimal alcohol consumption and other healthy lifestyle choices.

When Democratic Senator Tom Harkin in 2010 proposed that it was time to stop segregating Americans on the basis of health status, the conservative health-care analyst Jeffrey H. Anderson scoffed, “Having people pay their own way is apparently an injustice akin to segregating them by race or creed.”

Of course, you can’t pay your own way if you’re too poor or sick to afford your own projected medical costs. Indeed, sometimes people who are healthy at the moment find one day they are not, or they have a sick child, or maybe they simply want to have a baby. (The cost of bearing children is another one Republicans want to be borne entirely by those doing it.) The Republican plan expresses one of the core beliefs shared by movement conservatives, and utterly alien to people across the globe, right and left: that people who can’t afford the cost of their own medical care have nobody to blame but themselves.

Article from NY Magazine May 2017.


  1. One thing for certain when enough people get sick and tired of folks like Mo Brooks there will be and heaven help them all such a just uprising and the big push them out of the way will happen. Mo Brooks many have your number and many more will we promise you. You know its a sad day when folks can not lend a hand to those who are down and out, to those who are sick and to those who need help. This is greed and if there is a god it is certain that this type of greed is purely wrong and shall be dealt with.
  2. Like other large employers, the government pays a large share of the cost of coverage. On average, the government pays 72 percent of the premiums for its workers, up to a maximum of 75 percent depending on the policy chosen. For example, the popular Blue Cross and Blue Shield standard fee-for-service family plan carries a total premium of $1,327.80 per month, of which the beneficiary pays $430.04. Washington, D.C.-based employees who prefer an HMO option might choose the Kaiser standard family plan. It carries a total premium of $825.15 per month, of which the employee pays only $206.29.
    In addition, members of Congress also qualify for some medical benefits that ordinary federal workers do not. They (but not their families) are eligible to receive limited medical services from the Office of the Attending Physician of the U.S. Capitol, after payment of an annual fee ($491 in 2007). But services don’t include surgery, dental care or eyeglasses, and any prescriptions must be filled at the member’s expense.
    House and Senate members (but not their families) also are eligible to receive care at military hospitals. For outpatient care, there is no charge at the Washington, D.C., area hospitals (Walter Reed Army Medical Center and National Naval Medical Center). Inpatient care is billed at rates set by the Department of Defense…Fact Check.Org. HERE.
  3. The Average Joe of Congress (there are 529 of them) gets paid $174,000 per year. But not everyone is average; the Speaker of the House gets $223,500 a year, while the majority and minority leaders of both the Senate and the House, along with the President Pro Tempore, get paid $193,400 per year…for more on this see HERE.

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Connecticut Bail Fund is a nonprofit organization that protects the rights of the accused by paying bail for those who cannot afford it. Since late November, the Fund has provided bail for fifteen individuals — 9 men, 5 women, and 1 child — all of whom would have otherwise languished in pretrial detention due to poverty alone. Thanks to our intervention, these individuals were able to maintain their jobs, custody of their children, access to healthcare, and shelter placements — without enduring the traumas of jail time. Moreover, they can now fight their charges from a position of freedom, instead of pleading guilty just to get out of jail. As a donor-funded operation, our success in combatting wealth-based jailing is entirely dependent on the generosity of the community. Because bail payments are refunded after case disposition, Connecticut Bail Fund operates on a revolving basis, with all contributions assisting defendant after defendant, family after family.

Yeah amerikkka’s promise, Russian Flags.

Well, here’s a story that definitely doesn’t speak well of the American education system. At the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), shortly before Donald Trump’s (bonkers, nonsensical, self-aggrandizing) speech, a prank genius passed out what seemed to the crowd to be pro-Trump swag.

That swag? Small red, white, and blue flags with TRUMP written across them. The problem for those CPAC attendees? They were Russian flags.

Check out the story HERE along with a video of the person responsible for this wonderful action.

Lets tell the villages to come and collect their idiots real soon. This crowd is a very good example of why some folks should not breed.

Hows this. Let’s not be fooled when we are asked to join with the demo-crats. Let’s remember to look beyond and say No Way No Way. Old boss same as the new boss, been there done that. Here is a little song to ruffle some feathers, scare the horses and upset the apple pie of the amerikkkan dream. We really don’t believe that any of our readers think that we think the republicans are hotsy totsy to them we just gotta say Nazi. Oh and let us not forget President Obama the great deporter in chief go ahead and make up some lines for him..

Recently when just looking around the net I’ve found some interesting songs. I try to save ones that I think will help to illustrate partly the philosophy of this blog. Many times the song works and the visuals don’t. So many folks when doing a you tube video ruin a good song by adding crappy visuals. I prefer either just the words and maybe a picture of the singer. I hate songs with lots of photo’s of the singer in all stages of their career. You know boys the song isn’t about the singer. One of our favorite songs from back in the day, back in the day when we were full of piss and vinegar, when even a strong man couldn’t keep us out of the streets, (he would have a hard time now too) was the song Love Me I’m A Liberal written and sung by Phil Ochs. How we laughed when we first heard the song. Well here it is years later and many young songwriters have re-written the lyrics to the songs for the times we live in now but usually keeping the last lines. Pete Seeger once said, that the test of any good folk song is that it can be adapted, lyrics changed to fit the times and when it still stands we know that it is a good one. Here is one of those songs an adaption of Phil’s song Love Me I’m A Liberal adapted and sung by a man quickly becoming our favorite, (politicks aside, he plays Jill Stein rallies and we do not believe that capitalism can ever be kinder and gentler) Ben Crosscup. Thanks Ben for this song.


We always with each year ending like to scan through our hits and see what posts that our readers liked published during the year. Furbirds was shut down for awhile in 2016 due to the visual artist in us acting up and trying hard to once again make some art without the thoughts that have plagued us for many years. Well we found that one can indeed do more than one thing at once so we dropped off of facebook, painted pictures and reopened Furbirdsqaueerly in June. We came back stronger than ever with these words and this song:

“We here will continue to fight war mongers and war, the police in their racist attitudes, the right wing and their anti-Trans agenda and anti-LGBT laws, the ugly choices that they give folks everyday, racism, queerphobia, sexism, xenophobia, and any other shit that tries to keep folks down. Capitalism (need we even say that??), and the move to the right by the candidates for president of the US. (Yeap, this does mean we have to fight harder)

Fully the lines are drawn in the sand and barricades are being erected and soon the big day will come. A long time coming it has been but man what joy it will bring.  The big question now is as once is and has been Which Side Are You On? Yes, this video may be a few years old now but it still speaks and is speaking. Take a listen.”

The times now after the election of Trump what can we say. We know where we stand and which side we are on.

One work that gained quite a bit of attention, (was it because of the anonymous asshole pictured in Part 4 or because folks were very interested in Benny Bean’s life 50 years after graduating from high school. We will never know. The piece in 4 parts generated over 75 hits (had to be that hole that kept them coming back). We see now that there is a lot of interesting information in those 4 pieces.

This essay is in 4 parts.

Part 1 go to HERE

Part 2 go to Here

Part 3 go to Here

Part 4 go to HERE.

One of our favorite artists of all time and one that we have celebrated was finally given her due. Charlotte Moorman Avant grade musician and so much more We were delighted to travel down to the city for this exhibition. Yes Charlotte  we love you and that is forever.

Another piece that keeps on giving out to readers, we had one yesterday from India, two from France and one from Sweden, with six from Amerikkka is Do you hate the rich as much as we do? Here is a line from Part 1:

“I hate them when they take away our homes and confine us to squatting on blankets holding out our hands or sleeping in tent cities or overflowing shelters. We firmly believe housing, like health care, is a human right, that it should not be based on ability to pay, and that any system that doesn’t cover everyone isn’t a success and that system must and has to be abolished. Let us base the struggle on our needs not on the needs of the developers, the business community or the politicians.  No matter how many times these people tell us that we the homeless have done something wrong, that we take drugs, are lazy, that we are losers and should be scorned we must answer them, no it is you that is the problem and it is you that we must unite and fight against. Too many people still are playing Mr. and Mrs. Nice. Isn’t it time we get over that? Playing nice is a tool, a tool used by the rich and the ruling class.”

Part 2 of this essay. 

Of course the conclusion is as obvious as the nose on our faces, NO WAR BUT CLASS WAR!!  and that dear friends will be a challenge that we will be facing in the coming year and in the years to come.

A newer piece has been quite popular. In our city folks are organizing now for a union. Well where we work there is a stool pigeon among us. Runs to the boss with our every move.  Check out the essay, There’s One in Every Bunch. A Stool Pigeon Among Us, Here.

The essay begins this way: “You know as well as I do,” said Mickey to Moe “that there is a stool Pigeon in every bunch of workers. They come in all shapes, sizes, colors, sexes and anything else you can imagine. But they have one thing in common they all have that brown on the end of their nose.” “Yeah,” said Moe, “we got one at work that we never expected to be like that. Always on the left side of liberal, seen it all, can call out whats happening in this country with the best of us but loves that boss so much that you can smell the poop if you get too close.” He’s been stooling around, finking and ratting to the boss about us trying hard to form a union, which we as workers so desperately need. We are talking among ourselves about why we would benefit from a union and all the checks are in the box marked YES.

 banner over the balcony

We love it when readers search the archives and read all about it. One piece in two parts that is a dandy among all of the dandies is, A Response to HRC’s Municipal Equality Survery. On these giants shoulders we stand. Check out both essays HERE.  The photo is from a direct action at Hartford’s State Capitol Building.

In November of this past year Gina Petry of Radical Women and Patrick Burns of Freedom Socialist Party went to Standing Rock. They did some excellent report backs and these can be found  in our archive section in the month of November. Check out their reports.