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(we republish this post for our new readers in the Hartford area. It was first published this past June.)

You know a lot of removing statues has occurred in our life time. Lenin is gone from most Russian cities, Stalin is no where to be found, Gaddafi’s came tumbling down and his bronze head kicked through the streets, Saddam Hussein met the same fate in Firdos Square Bagdad. Here in amerikkka some in the south are now  facing their racist past and racist present statues of confederate war heroes and war memorials  are falling and have fallen.

Well there is a monument located in our own backyard that some are beginning to question. Ms Elly Jones asked us what we thought about removing it and so we said, okay but tread lightly so we don’t get the intellectual class up in arms again. It seems we are very well capable at pulling off such things. But the truth be told we know that it doesn’t matter what we say or what we write. It doesn’t matter who loves us or hates us, who ignores us or reads our work. We’re going to do it anyway. You know we are going to do it anyway even if even we don’t care all that much for doing it. What’s a few feathers ruffled? In these times.

Perhaps we should re-think as some say our memorial landscapes. Perhaps we should move our memorials into an educational setting. A setting where we all can explore the subject with no holes barred. A setting where our goal is not to sanitize, glorify or deny the past but to reexamine it within the context of a real inclusive history. We like that idea. Hopefully it is spreading in the South and hopefully folks there come to terms with their unsavory past. So let’s take a look however short at a monster of a person who is high up on the pedestal who is responsible for the deaths of millions and who today is glorified by people in this city.

Should Colt go or stay?

As our queer Marxist comrade Eaemaehkiw Thupaq Kesiqnaeh points out: “As indigenists, as revolutionaries, we stand firm in our rejection of all heroes of empire and the distorted histories around them spun by both the forces of the colonial state and its loyal opposition among the so-called left”

Where does the trail of tears lead? Some will say out west but we know that it leads straight to Mr. Colt’s door here in Hartford Ct.. We know that everyone of those faces streaked, that all of the sore feet, those left on the side of the trail to die, the stomachs rumbling for the lack of food, the frozen limbs, the sobs come knocking come calling to tear this statue down. We must take a hard look at our past, move beyond the strong emotional ties to the past glories, we must shake a collective sense of identification with the ruling elite, (a trick of the ruling class for sure) the 1 % of the past as they are not our friend now and were not our friend back then. Free ourselves from the chains that the ruling class binds us with no matter how small or insignificant it may seem. Nothing is small or petty in this process. (more…)


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Activists from left-wing parties and other groups beat with spoon on saucepan during a demonstration at the Place de la Republique against corruption in politics, amid a presidential campaign clouded by a fake jobs investigation and other legal scandals, in Paris, Sunday, Feb. 19, 2017. Protesters especially targeted conservative presidential candidate Francois Fillon, under investigation for alleged high-paying but fake parliamentary jobs for his wife and children. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

Surely our dreams of justice and liberation extend beyond simply a world where Trump is not President but everything else is the same.

One of our favorite blogs is Diana’s Little Corner in the Nutmeg State. We consider Diana a friend and comrade in this battle to set things right. The following piece is from her blog.

The right wing conservatives now want us to get permission before we go the bathroom and this is their craziest idea yet.

Ask Me First Campaign Wants Trans People to First Get Permission to Use Public Restrooms
The New Civil Rights Movement
By Carlyle Addy
September 21, 2016

Campaign Backed by Faith-Based Anti-LGBT Groups“We are moms, daughters, students, athletes, survivors and businesswomen who believe our voices matter.”

This is how the Ask Me First campaign introduces itself.

Ask Me First is an anti-transgender campaign asking politicians to ask women for permission before protecting trans people – whom they call “gender-confused” – who are attempting to use public facilities or participate in public events. The campaign features a few stories on their website from women upset about trans inclusive policies at various levels. They call equal rights “special accommodation.”

“As we all consider the policy changes we’re seeing concerning privacy and safety in restrooms and locker rooms, we think there are certain voices that are being ignored — perhaps on purpose,” Ask Me First accuses, ignoring the fact that transgender people’s voices have always been ignored.

And who is behind this latest campaign, why it is none other than our favorite nemeses,

 The campaign is backed by faith-based anti-LGBT groups, including the Family Policy Alliance, formerly Citizen Link, which is the public policy arm of James Dobson’s Focus on the Family. The FPA is also associated with Tony Perkins’ Family Research Council and the Alliance Defending Freedom.

Some of them have been labeled “hate groups” by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Why can’t they just let us pee in peace.

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lingering question: what if resistance really is futile?


The 26th Connecticut

Gay & Lesbian

Film Festival

May 31- June 8

UPDATE: Folks have asked us to run some of our articles that have been posted in the past. We think that this written in 2013 would be a nice complimentary piece to our National Coming Out Day article. You know folks want to be the same as straights in the military and yes they are as punkpink said. equal killers.

by punkpink

Just a short essay with a few pictures to remind folks that we haven’t really come all that far. We can still be still barbarians even if we are gay and lesbian. Our pink bombs hurt just as much as straight bombs do, and anyone who thinks otherwise is a fool. Of course it is easy to sit at home and go ha ha over pictures of these gays in the military like those above, point to the gains gays and lesbian have made but never leave your arm chair from which you go rah, rah. Never think about what damage you are doing to the world. Yeah, baby your equal. Equal murderers. This is posted as just a reminder about what soldiers do for a living in case some of these ha, ha equal nuts think otherwise. Of course it is always the case and we know many will say, ” as long as someone else is doing it, it’s okay by me.”

Now you guys and gals know me. Love art, love culture, love love queers. But when I came upon the  announcement pamphlet for the 26th Connecticut gay and lesbian film festival and saw sporting military personnel I had to stop and take a gawk. You know my thinking on justice, right and wrong, love and hate, war and peace kicked in and I said ,so we have come to this. I could only say yes, we want it so bad, that acceptance from the straight world, so love  can come showering down from corporate capitalist donors. The love that now speaks it’s name, as swell as any murdering straight boy. Now let me tell anyone who wants to listen, your dear old pink loves a good smooch or a nice feel every once in awhile just like every boy and girl but some how these folks above giving me one or any of us one is a tad bit too much. Let’s leave those funny bunnies and let’s go around asking some folks just what they think of these military personnel and how much they love their antics. Those tender moments, a sigh of relief from their real jobs, that of killing and maiming people all around the world. Let us start with a picture from my time when I was out in the street along with many, many of my trans comrades, my gay brothers and  lesbian sisters, protesting the war in Vietnam. Let’s take a look at one horrible picture brought to us by those smiling, feeling jackasses through out the years. (more…)

Center Church in Hartford is doing some wonderful programs this month in an arts and heritage celebration. On October 12 they will be celebrating their 382nd anniversary of its founding. A wreath laying ceremony will take place at the memorial marker to the Reverend Thomas Hooker founding pastor of the church and leader of the city. The church on October 24 will also celebrate 20 years of being an open and affirming congregation and possibly one of the most liberal congregations in the city of Hartford as far as social work is concerned. But you know all the good this church does, and isn’t that what a church should be doing, feeding the people, tending to the sick, affirming all peoples, many can still hear the screams of Mary Johnson and others who were falsely accused of being witches, tortured and hung. So we feel we must ask a question or two about this churches past and how they are or aren’t coming to terms with this past. As our title asks, Center Church, Is an apology in order from the church for the persecution of women? 

Reverend Samuel Stone, Thomas Hooker’s number 2 man.

In Connecticut (1642):

“If any man or woman be a witch—that is, hath or consulteth with a familiar spirit—they shall be put to death.” Exodus xxii, 18; Leviticus xx, 27; Deuteronomy xviii, 10, 11. (Colonial Records of Connecticut, Vol. I, p. 77).

In New Haven (1655):

“If any person be a witch, he or she shall be put to death according to” Exodus xxii, 18; Leviticus xx, 27; Deuteronomy xviii, 10, 11. (New Haven Colonial Records, Vol. II, p. 576, Cod. 1655).

These laws were authoritative until the so called epidemic had ceased.

Witch Trial, by English artist William Powell Frith

Rev. Stone and crew flees religious oppression in England came here oppressed, accused tortured women. Stone was a Puritan, Protestants who wanted to purify the Church of England of its’ ceremony and other aspects that they thought were Catholic. They wanted the powers of the lordly bishops reduced and condemned priestly vestments, church ornaments and music. They wanted the church restored to its’ ancient purity and simplicity. This attitude put them in confrontation with The Crown and they were suppressed. So our discussion would have to lead us to, When the Oppressed become the Oppressor? What should we be doing to stop this injustice? How that would resound with the current situation of the state of Israel and the treatment of the people of Palestine and many other situations in this country and around the world. (more…)