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Greetings from furbirdsqueerly to all of our comrades worldwide on May Day 2017. We speak to expand the idea of May Day to everyday this month and throughout the year building a people’s powers that will tear down walls of hate and fear, will end once and for all the Capitalist class and their state, will demand and get justice for workers, and that will build in place a just and peaceful world for all. We are workers and as the old saying go “we have nothing in common with the employing class.” This nothing in common is not just one day but everyday of our working lives, from the first day that we enter the workplace to the last day on the job. We must in all of our hearts and minds keep the slogan, Workers of the World Unite, close by as that is the only way for all of us to realize a just future.

As workers we can not support a government that drone attacks or drops bombs on other workers around the world. Frank Little once stated about workers and WW1, “Either you are for their Capitalist slaughter fest or you are against it.” We remain against it. We join with workers around the world who denounce their governments and free themselves and other workers.

A few questions.

So today what does all of this mean for us? Does it mean we chase after what some banners read in support of achieving the American dream? And what is this americkkkan dream? Is it exploitation of workers around the world, is it drone attacking workers and families around the world, is it fighting in unjust wars just to have the americkkkan dream? Is it supporting politicians no matter how good they sound and how bad they are if they support our dream? Is our dream enough? Is my freedom and rights enough?  Does it mean that at the expense of others we get ahead no matter who we step on?  Do we allow unions to make deals with the company owners that are not in our best interests as workers? How do we educate the massive middle class in americkkka to look at themselves as workers in common with all other workers so that they too may have an understanding of the slogan, An Injury to One is An Injury to ALL?  How do we put aside our fears of loosing our jobs if we speak up about the injustice towards others who lose theirs? How do organize the thousands of contracted service employee workers who are at the mercy of corporate americkkka with no support from any unions or other workers? How do we destroy classism once and for all within the work force?  How do we build  an economy that is not based on war and exploitation? We know that many times it comes down to, “No savior from on high delivers.” We must do it ourselves along with our working comrades.  These are just a few questions that we have this May Day 2017. We dedicate this wonderful song to all workers around the world.

No matter what we can not let the employing class step on us. That is in our minds one of the great ideas of our collective past.


The following article, from Party for Socialism and Liberation, via the Kasma Project.

This is what they do. This is their job.

The following article was written by a participant in the Oct. 1 Occupy Wall Street march on the Brooklyn Bridge, and among the 700 protesters trapped and arrested there.

The New York Police Department has been making front-page news recently for repeated acts of brutality and repression against the growing protests on Wall Street and occupations around the country.

After the infamous case of pepper-spraying peaceful protesters, a week later the NYPD conducted mass arrests on the Brooklyn Bridge. Seven hundred marchers, myself included, were trapped by police, arrested, held in flexicuffs for hours in the rain and then given a number of bogus charges and violations.

On my bus and in the cell at 1 Police Plaza, I wound up getting into conversations with people about the police.

There was a clear divide with some arguing that our “brothers and sisters” in the police department are just “regular working people” who don’t make much money, whose pensions are threatened by Wall Street, and who are therefore part of the “99 percent.” (more…)

I am annoyed

Posted: August 29, 2011 in question

I am annoyed

by Emma Furbird

Now don’t get me wrong, I am not easily annoyed. True I am overly annoyed at the folks down in Washington but not for the reasons that most folks find these turds to be annoying. I am annoyed at the pesky fly that keeps trying to land on the potato salad and shit all over the place and then everyone at the picnic eats fly shit frosting on the  salad and think it to be very de-lish. I am annoyed that there are so many cars and more drivers coming of age every year and now there is a run on getting more cars in China and India and pretty soon more cars to foul our air and cause a bigger hole in the ozone, yes I am annoyed as there isn’t a fucking thing I can do about it. But you really want to know what has annoyed me in my 25 years of cleaning up after the office slobs? Those slobs, the white middle class of americka that comes into the city every day driving one to a car, fouling up our air and taking all their hard-earned cash back home to their little wifey poo and children in some suburban town. (more…)