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Here are three video’s on the LGBTQI+ struggle. Videos by Jerimarie Liesegang and Richard Nelson.

Sylvia Rivera, She was more than Stonewall.



Queers Without Borders Presents;  Ct. LGBT History 1960-2000



Ct. Transgender Movement.



Enjoy these three videos A collage in the service of the people.

We all know how sick this Capitalist System of Amerikkka is and that Donald trump is just one symptom of this dirty rotten system. He and his boys and girls bring this system to another low.  This man is a danger a big danger.

ut all the while we have artists making art exposing him and his dirty tricks.  Some art that once again tells it like it should be told. Art by our dearly loved Randy Rainbow. While we are at it let’s once again say, Thank you Randy Rainbow.

We love a little song every once in awhile. Here is a great take off of The Preacher and the Slave. Adhamh Roland is one of our favorite writers and singers. This updated version of the old Wobblie song shows us once again of what it is we fight for and of course against. It is wonderful to share a time on the planet with such folks as Adhamh who says it like it should and must be said..



The Nation published an excellent article that all of us in the LGBTQI+ movement should and must read.

The First Drag Queen Was a Former Slave
Who fought for queer freedom a century before Stonewall.
By Channing Gerard Joseph

The article begins this way:

“His name was William Dorsey Swann, but to his friends he was known as “the Queen.” Both of those names had been forgotten for nearly a century before I rediscovered them while researching at Columbia University. Born in Maryland around 1858, Swann endured slavery, the Civil War, racism, police surveillance, torture behind bars, and many other injustices. But beginning in the 1880s, he not only became the first American activist to lead a queer resistance group; he also became, in the same decade, the first known person to dub himself a “queen of drag”—or, more familiarly, a drag queen. In 1896, after being convicted and sentenced to 10 months in jail on the false charge of “keeping a disorderly house”—a euphemism for running a brothel—Swann demanded (and was denied) a pardon from President Grover Cleveland for holding a drag ball. This, too, was a historic act: It made Swann the earliest recorded American to take specific legal and political steps to defend the queer community’s right to gather without the threat of criminalization, suppression, or police violence.”

The article goes on to say: “My research on Swann began 15 years ago, when I stumbled upon a Washington Post article from April 13, 1888. The headline leaped off the page: “Negro Dive Raided. Thirteen Black Men Dressed as Women Surprised at Supper and Arrested.” According to another news account, more than a dozen escaped as the officers barged in and Swann tried to stop them, boldly telling the police lieutenant in charge, “You is no gentleman.” In the ensuing brawl, the Queen’s “gorgeous dress of cream-colored satin” was torn to shreds. (The fight was also one of the first known instances of violent resistance in the name of LGBTQ rights.)”

And ends this way: “Though the Stonewall uprising of 1969 is often touted as the beginning of the fight for gay liberation, Swann’s courageous example forces us to rethink the history of the movement: when it began, where it came from, and who its leaders were. Coming of age at a time when an entirely new form of freedom and self-​determination was developing for African Americans, Swann and his house of butlers, coachmen, and cooks—the first Americans to regularly hold cross-dressing balls and the first to fight for the right to do so—arguably laid the foundations of contemporary queer celebration and protest.”

The article can be read HERE.

This work is a collage of ideas gleamed from many sources.

“If you’ve seen one Redwood, you’ve seen them all.” Ronald Reagan ( 1 )

Let’s make one thing clear right off the bat here, We love trees the more the merrier. we love trees firmly planted in the ground, the roots expanding, reaching out, the trunk growing towards the skies and the branches sheltering wildlife. We know one thing our planet needs all of the trees that it can get, start planting Bessy.

As we struggle to build a new world and fight like hell to save the planet, smashing traditions, toppling and transforming as we go we want to present an idea here that received sort of a funny response in some quarters.  But all of us know the old saying that one idea pushes another.  A very certain thing is that the way some things have always been done is not how they will be done forever. In fact the more of the old, the more of the unnecessary and unsavory baggage we get rid of the better off ourselves and the planet will be. So let’s start with this essay.

Making a buck on the death of trees.

This blog, its authors, and comrades are going to state right here, loud and clear so all can hear we are opposed to the cutting down of fir and pine trees to be used as Christmas trees decorating someone’s home from here to there all around the globe for a few weeks in December. Some facts:  It can take six years to grow a six-foot tree and about 1,000 trees can be grown per acre. A tree typically takes 6 to 8 years to grow (1 foot per year), so you’re tying up the land for quite awhile. That being said, at right around 1500 trees per acre, a 10 acre piece will yield you 15,000 (20 acres 30,000) trees. When the tree gets to the popular height it is cut down by saw or axe bundled up brought home and decorated. Let’s leave it living and breathing and doing its job on the planet. Think about all those trees. I will not only talk to them, but hug them too.

Mr. and Mrs. John E. Smith wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Oh Christmas Tree, Oh Christmas Tree.

I am not sure about this type of business. More making a buck on death. It seems that is what the amerikkkans are good for making a buck on death or if not directly then indirectly. Cultivating for slaughter and a frivolous tradition that has nothing really to do with that which folks celebrate. I recently had a clash about cutting down what is termed Christmas trees. I am of the mind that we need all the trees that we can get and for one group of people to grow trees just to kill for a few weeks pleasure seems to me to be rather anti-healthy planet. Let us plant trees and let them grow. I flatly refuse to argue that these Christmas trees are grown for that purpose to be cut down and used as decorations in pagan households, woops I mean Christian households, as that has no meaning to this discussion. I rebel against cutting down live trees and will use an artificial half tree, yes you read that right, as my space only fits such a thing, and I am once again in my old age feeling rather arty. There has to be somewhere for our many decorations gathered after 40 yrs. of togetherness. I am not nostalgic for those wonderful memories of Christmas past when all was right and we all traveled by horse and sleigh to grandma’s house, then tromping through the woods looking for the perfect tree cutting it down and triumphally dragging it home, lighting it with candles and hoping to god it doesn’t get dried out and burn the house down. Let’s let all the trees grow and end this practice.


This wonderful documentary on the life of our liberation warrior Sylvia Rivera was put together by Jerimarie Liesegang the mother of the Ct. Transgender movement. Enjoy and remember we are still in a fight for our very lives. We need more Sylvia’s in the world today.