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Nov. 19, 1915: Labor Organizer Joe Hill Is Executed

Workers of the world, awaken!

Break your chains, demand your rights.
All the wealth you make is taken
B y exploiting parasites.
Shall you kneel in deep submission
From your cradles to your graves?
Is the height of your ambition
To be good and willing slaves?
Arise, ye prisoners of starvation!
Fight for your own emancipation;
Arise, ye slaves of ev’ry nation, in One Union Grand.
Our little ones for bread are crying;
And millions are from hunger dying;
The end the means is justifying,
‘Tis the final stand.
If the workers take a notion,
They can stop all speeding trains;
Every ship upon the ocean
They can tie with mighty chains;
Every wheel in the creation,
Every mine and every mill,
Fleets and armies of the nation,
Will at their command stand still.
Join the union, fellow workers,
Men and women, side by side;
We will crush the greedy shirkers
Like a sweeping, surging tide;
For united we are standing,
But divided we will fall;
Let this be our understanding-
“All for one and one for all.”
Workers of the world, awaken!
Rise in all your splendid might;
Take the wealth that you are making —
It belongs to you by right.
No one for bread will be crying,
We’ll have freedom, love and health,
When the grand red flag is flying
In the Worker’s commonwealth.


Friday, 2017-11-10, 7:00 pm
ESG Bonn Königsstrasse 88
Nuclear in India: Construction and Resistance Presentation and Discussion with Kumar Sundaram (, India)
Not in the Name of Climate, Not in Our Name!: India’s Poor Resist Nuclear Power
India is one of the very few countries that are expanding atomic power in the post-Fukushima world, providing a lucrative market for the global nuclear lobbies. In doing so, the government is overlooking safety and environmental norms and also brutally repressing grassroots protests. All this is being justified in the name of providing electricity to the poor and responding to climate change. What is the truth? (Speaker: Kumar Sundaram,, INDIA)

For your information.

Puerto Rico, Capitalism, and the Hurricanes: What Does It All Mean for the Fight Ahead?
Friday OCt. 20th * 6:30pm* Elmwood Community Center
1106 New Britain Avenue, West Hartford, CT
(Gain Access via 11 Burgoyne street on GPS)
Hosted by Socialist Action: 
$5 suggested donation, No one turned away for lack of funds
Contact David: or 203-400-3246
Featured Speakers:
* Jason Ortiz – CT Puerto Rican Agenda
* Milly Guzman-Young – Puerto Rican Activist returning from Cuba
* Alexis Rodriguez – CT Puerto Rican Agenda
“Washington set up for Puerto Rico for disaster”. . . Hector Figueroa, Local 32BJ of the Service Employees International Union.

“While Wall Street vultures circle amid an ongoing humanitarian crisis and try to entice Puerto Rico with “relief” offers in the form of more debt. . . Jessica Corbett, Common Dreams.

“The mounting humanitarian crisis in Puerto Rico shows that climate chaos is hitting the people of our nation today. And it’s not going to be Wall Street that protects us from climate chaos. If we are going to face these disasters head on, we have to start standing up for policies that not only move us off of fossil fuels, but also policies that respect the human right to water and prioritize local accountability. That’s why the worst thing we could do is privatize Puerto Rico’s utilities, as some are now eyeing to do—and as others have done in prior disasters, what Naomi Klein calls “disaster capitalism.” Instead, we should consider forgiving Puerto Rico’s debt and federally fund its reconstruction. It’s important to demand federal funding for our precious water infrastructure before disasters happen as well; indeed, this funding was cut off to Puerto Rico because of its debt, making a bad situation much worse when the hurricane hit. . . Wenoanah Hauter, Food and Water Watch.

Join us in a discussion of Puerto Rico, predatory capitalism, and what it all means for the fight ahead.

In from Connecticut Immigrant Rights Alliance Conference

In defying a federal administration based on white supremacy and violence against people of color, Sujitno Sajuti, whom Immigrations and Customs Enforcement (ICE) ordered to leave the United States by October 10, has taken sanctuary at the Unitarian Universalist Church in Meriden.

Sujitno has lived in West Hartford with his wife Dahlia for over thirty years. He first came to the United States in the 1980’s, to pursue advanced degrees from the University of Connecticut and Columbia University. Lacking options to gain status after his student visa expired, Sujitno chose to remain in Connecticut, where he established his home and deep community ties.


We read many years ago that our LGBTQ stories had been suppressed, ignored, omitted, denied and erased. That straights wanting to grab the truth from us rewrote ourstories to suit their agenda and even many times the LGBT person chose the straight jacket over freedom and liberation. Over the last 50+ years our LGBTQ scholars, artists, our story makers have unlocked, kicked down and opened the many locked and closed doors that stood in the way of our people. We here at Furbirdsqueerly rejoice that they have given back to us that which was taken away that which was in the dark, that which was hidden between the lines. That place of not knowing was just another form of oppression keeping us all in down. As Socialist Feminist Nelly Wong said, “Exploring ideas and finding long hidden history (ourstories) is a form of finding voice.” If we ever wish to be truly liberated we must come from a place of a deep understanding of our people’s stories. We are fortunate to be living in these times when we can stand up out and proud where we can find our voice and be silent no more. Yes we can and must talk back to the oppressor. Our powerful movement for justice, freedom and liberation has come a long way since the days of Coopers Doughnuts, Compton’s Cafeteria and the Stonewall Inn but many of us realize that there is much more to do. We are being attacked daily by the present administration in Washington DC and all over the country we see our rights slowly eroding. The fascist right is on the rise and we are a targeted group. We must talk back now more than ever and we must begin to realize that reform which the LGBT movement has been so good at is a dismal failure. If we do not unite with others who are oppressed and fight back against this current threat then we shall go down in which ever way the right choses. Make no mistake about it we will go down.

Many times over the years we have been at the center of controversy when we have tried hard to get our LGBT sisters and brothers to understand that single issue fight is a dead end. So many times with the small victories that have been ours we think, “The battle has been won.” Then years later we see that our hard fought for rights are under attack and we are in the position to lose ground. Again let us remember that “the single issue is a dead end issue. It is an inevitable violation of revolutionary clarity, integrity and responsibility yet it persists because the ruling class confers respectability upon it.” …Clara Frazer. Ms. Frazer agrees that even if we win reforms on single issues like abortion rights, we wind up fighting to retain them year after year. Feminist Socialist Gloria Martin said, “We have to change the system, because as long as the system is the same, we’ll be fighting all our lives for the same thing…” This is our moto and this is our hope and this is what we work for.


Note: Many articles are found over in our pages section that trace ourstories and events and struggles that we at Furbirdsqueerly has been involved in. Check them out during this LGBTQ Ourstory month. 

Action on Thursday October 5, 2017 10am-12am, 450 Main Street, Hartford Ct.

Please join us as we demonstrate for Sujitno Sajuti, a 68-year-old Indonesian man from West Hartford, to remain home! Immigration & Customs Enforcement (ICE) wants Sujitno to depart the United States on October 10. We will convene outside ICE’s Connecticut office to show we will not let them tear a cherished community member from us! We will not let an unhinged deportation regime, and a racist system of state violence against people of color, continue to destabilize our communities!

Sujitno came to the United States in 1981 as a Fulbright Scholar, when US A.I.D. invited him to complete a doctoral program at the University of Connecticut. Without any options to gain permanent status after his student VISA expired, Sujitno continued to live peacefully in Connecticut. Around 2002-2003, Sujitno complied with a post-9/11 special registration program that targeted from Muslim majority countries. His submission to this draconian database brought Sujitno to ICE’s focus. On December 10, 2011, ICE captured Sujutino as he was leaving home to teach a religious studies class. He spent 67 days detained in Eastern Massachusetts, before extensive community intervention compelled his freedom from incarceration. After receiving Stays of Removal for four years, ICE, emboldened under a federal administration based on white supremacy and black/brown genocide, ordered Sujitno to depart the United States by October 10. (more…)

Because We Remember Lynne Stewart

Facebook Page HERE.

Dick Gregory fasted to free Lynne Stewart – We must continue the struggle and FREE THEM ALL!

**Join us as we celebrate Lynne’s birthday!**

6:30-10:00pm ~ Doors open @ 6:00pm
The Theater @ 80 St. Mark’s
80 St. Mark’s Place between 1st & 2nd Ave

Flavia Fontes: Lynne Stewart Documentary

What is a Political Prisoner ?
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Getting Our Political Prisoners On the National Agenda
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