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This work is gleaned from many sources. It is a collage in the service of the people.


by Tommy Gunn

Oh for the days when things were simple and the hope and inspiration of revolution was in the air. When we stood up and didn’t take it from the cops, the army, guard or whomever was beating us over the head, tear gassing, mace in the face, fire hosing, trying to stop us from being on our way to a new day. Someone said the other day, there is still hope we can educate the masses of people to stand up and be counted against this government. There is still hope, it make take awhile, is a very privileged class statement to make. Tell that to the person who is on the end of the beating stick right now, at this moment, that we speak. Oh wait buddy sorry about your head but we will educate the oppressor and then he won’t oppress you anymore, he won’t beat you over the head, kill your children an level your town.

One of the most stupid things that I have ever heard was that the cops are our brothers in the struggle. Yeah right, by their actions of murder and mayhem we know they are not. Too many, how many, over 1,000 people have been killed by the cops last year. Bull shit on that educating crap. They are the enemy. How about educating the racist trump supporters? Think it can be done? Think again.

fat cat

For years now I have wondered how the hell are we going to overthrow Capitalism, get rid of the rich bastards, and set up that new day. The elite continue to experience a new gilded age while most of the people are left out of the party. Many of people who are left out of the party, subscribe to the philosophy of materialism, the I want, I want. Wall street surges and those in power try to convince us that we too reap the benefits. We know that is bull shit. Those in power and the elite that pull their strings  are getting more and more powerful by the month.  Are we all just a bunch of hot air doing all the talking, with a very few listening, writing books about how wrong all the wrong is, with very few listening, new leaders emerge, with very few listening, a spark here and a spark there, with very few listening, a reformist comes onto the stage and everyone give him a big rah rah and that is about the size of it. You know with reform its in today out tomorrow, laws come and laws go, march on up to the state capitol and change a few laws, new faces, new laws, eat a few crumbs and be glad. Amazing that so many fall for this way of life. Then in a few years the kinder and gentler make way for the bigger nasty that plays with the people like a cat with a mouse. Until that cat eats us all one by one. Our job then must be not to let the cat win. Our job then is to trying our hardest to topple the rich fat cat. To do this we must understand that it will be by any means necessary.

From History Past:

In Luke of the Christian Bible we read these lines. A promise a hope for a better day.

He has shown strength with his arm;
he has scattered the proud in the thoughts of their hearts;

he has brought down the mighty from their thrones
and exalted those of humble estate;

he has filled the hungry with good things,
and the rich he has sent away empty.

Beautiful words from way way back in the day. We are waiting and still are waiting for years. Waiting for the very seats of the rich to collapse under them and down they go. All the way down from their high and mighty places. Oh yes we have been waiting for years. We know if it is all the truth that this action will be one of the greatest leveling ever to take place.  One song we have always loved and this isn’t the song sung around campfires by girl scouts but by slaves calling on the Lord to Come By Here. Come By Here” in its original hands appealed for divine intervention on behalf of the oppressed. The people who were “crying, my Lord” were blacks suffering under the Jim Crow regime of lynch mobs and sharecropping. While the song may have originated in the Georgia Sea Islands, by the late 1930s, folklorists had made recordings as far afield as Lubbock, Tex., and the Florida women’s penitentiary. Bearing witness to the worlds suffereing and asking to be delivered from it. We want to add it here. This version by Blind Willie is the one we love.

Leveling one by one. The cities fall under the onslaught of Imperialist war mongering.

Once thriving civilizations are now in ruin. Of course we bet the very wealthy escaped well before the invasion.

Let’s get this over with as soon as possible. As it will sure get us over with.  ( 1 )


According to Walter Scheidel in his book, The Great Leveler. “Over thousands of years, only violent events have significantly lessened inequality. The “Four Horsemen” of leveling―mass-mobilization warfare, transformative revolutions, state collapse, and catastrophic plagues―have repeatedly destroyed the fortunes of the rich. When we consider our history we see that only through these transformative event have there been a equalization.” The Great Leveler: Violence and the History of Inequality from the Stone Age to the Twenty-First Century Walter Scheidel is a must read.

Tick Tock, Tick, Tock, Tick Tick Tick  TOCK and one big FLASH & BOOM!

The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists advanced the symbolic Doomsday Clock a notch closer to the end of humanity Thursday, moving it ahead by 30 seconds after what the organization called a “grim assessment” of the state of geopolitical affairs. “As of today,” Bulletin president Rachel Bronson told reporters, “it is two minutes to midnight” — as close as the world has ever been to the hour of apocalypse. In moving the clock forward, the group cited “the failure of President Trump and other world leaders to deal with looming threats of nuclear war and climate change.”

The Doomsday Clock.

and the promise of_______________________ where will our primitive attitudes lead us?

Merry lives on 132nd street in NYC. Here is what would happen to her.

Rich bastard lives on Park Avenue it would be the same with him and Wall Street too.

The bomb as many others have stated is indeed the great equalizer. Everyone will die. Leader along with the ditch digger. The big with the small. The rich with the poor. The good along with the bad. All dead. Will something be left? Somewhere?

You want to start a mini war and get called every name in the book. Just say this to a liberal:

Thought for the day

Short takes on equalizing.

We Are All Naked Together

Now way back in the day we got naked together. Took off everything naked as a jay bird, ( 2 ) in our birthday suits. Finding an openness with every man who came into the room, naked as the day he was born. Is he a banker, a butcher, a baker? Ditch digger, waiter or candle stick maker.  When we all got naked, we were equal. Class distinctions went out the window. Just a bunch of Yum Yum. So our nakedness made us equal. My Saint Johnsbury sweater is in a locker next to your Tommy Hilfiger outfit. Our class distinction was left in the locker room along with our watches, necklaces, shoes and coats. Naked and out came we.

Of course says Bobby, “My dick is bigger than yours so we are not equal in that sense.” All the size queens are lining up in a row waiting to take me on and string bean Nelly is waiting for someone who would rather be tickled than choked. Come on Bobby, says Morris, size in this doesn’t really matter. How about the way a person talks? Can I tell if he is educated or from the streets? Do I care once I see him naked and we get down to business. When he rubs me do I say, man your hands are rough day laborer or just enjoy the rub as long as he doesn’t take a layer of skin with him?  He talks to me and I think upper class man, got a bundle well Mickey told me that yeah he did at one time but fell on hard times went down and now is just making it back from the street. He still is an enjoyable cuddle.

Undoing this: 

Has the great social movements that sprang up to equalize things a matter of the past? For now? The great leveling that took place in Russia 1917 has now but been put to rest. The hope of the people for world wide peace and understanding.

The “fools” represented those chosen by God for their lowly status.

An engraving of the Feast of Fools, made in 1559, after it was banned. Pieter Van der Heyden ( 3 )

Trying to undo by protest in mask: Our brothers from back in the day.

One masque group was known as the “Société Mattachine.” These societies, lifelong secret fraternities of unmarried townsmen who never performed in public unmasked, were dedicated to going out into the countryside and conducting dances and rituals during the Feast of Fools, at the Vernal Equinox. Sometimes these dance rituals, or masques, were peasant protests against oppression speaking truth to power challenging the church and the state. The masked dancers in the people’s name, received the brunt of a given lord’s vicious retaliation.  Everyone else but these brave dancers were afraid to speak out as we well know people in power don’t always have a sense of humor about their power being questioned.  These men according to Harry Hay were our people. (more…)


Hartford Forum: Fascism & Anti-Fascism

Sunday, February 4, 2018

1:00 PM – 3:00 PM

Sea Tea Comedy Theater, 15 Asylum Street Hartford Ct.

Hosted by the Industrial Workers of the World

From the Facebook page:

Thank you to Sea Tea Comedy Theater for hosting us! Please join us for an engaging conversation on the dangers of right-wing extremism and its remedies. Connecticut is no stranger to white supremacist activities; in October the towns of Bristol, Southington and Newington were the targets of Nazi-affiliated flyers. The UConn College Republicans have now invited not one but two openly racist figures to abuse anyone who does not fit into their warped, narrow definition of personhood. And on December 29th, 15 white supremacists held a public demonstration in Hartford in broad daylight.

What does all of this mean for those of us who are in their crosshairs? Our friend Roger Benham will lead the discussion. Here is his summary:

Since the rise of “Populist” movements in Europe and elsewhere, and the campaign and presidency of Trump, we have seen the reemergence of far right ideas and movements in the bourgeois democracies.

While those of us with a radical analysis are aware that the ideas of liberal democracy are built upon inequality and imperialism, these ideas have presented a challenge to many of us. This year brought them to international attention with the “Unite the Right” rally in Charlottesville in August. How do we deal with them without reinforcing the neoliberal status quo?

Drawing from the actual histories of these Fascist movements, I aim to give a brief history of them in the U.S., from the original Fascist upsurge in the 1930’s, with the Silver Shirts and the German-American Bund, through their postwar manifestations in the Nazi Party of George Lincoln Rockwell, their intersections with Klan organizing through Louis Beam, the currents that fed into them from the Survivalist movement and William Potter Gale’s Posse Comitatus ideas, through the 1980’s uptick in Fascist and neo-Nazi terrorism and organizing by leaders like William Pierce and Tom Metzger, up through their convergence with contemporary European Fascist movements like Identitarianism, the Nouvelle Droite, and their mainstreaming in rightwing parties like the Front National, Golden Dawn, and the Austrian Freedom Party, as well as their similarities and divergences with contemporary Russian far right figures like Alexander Dugin. And to give a brief overview of the major American Nazi and Fascist organizations today, like the Traditionalist Worker’s Party, Identity Europa, and the National Socialist Movement, as well as “fellow travelers” short of declared Nazis like the Proud Boys and speakers like Milo Yianoppolous, Steve Bannon, and others of the so-called “alt-right” and “alt-lite.”

Ultimately, I hope this will lead to a discussion of how we not only as antifascists but also as working class radicals with a class based analysis and liberatory vision beyond liberal democracy can effectively respond to them.

As for me, I am not an academic, but a self taught historian of these movements. I’m also a street medic and an active supporter of antifascist organizing in the streets and elsewhere. I provided medical support in Charlottesville and elsewhere over the past year.

It’s almost our one-year anniversary—and while we will be bringing our power to the polls in Las Vegas on January 21, Women’s March state organizers are holding marches, rallies and actions throughout the anniversary weekend.

Many people thought the Women’s March was the peak moment of the resistance. But it wasn’t—It was just the beginning. The weekend of January 20-21, we will gather again, in Las Vegas and in cities and towns across the country. Because our resistance is stronger than ever.

Find a march near you. 
We’ve created a map of all of the official Women’s March events taking place on January 20 and 21 to help you find a Women’s March anniversary event near you! And if you can’t find one in your state, use this tool to host one!

2017 was the Year of Women. 2018 will be too.

In community,

Women’s March
P.S. Want to support our work in 2018? Donate to Women’s March today!

Recently in Hartford Ct. the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art held an exhibition, Morgan: Mind of the Collector where they state in their article on the exhibition: “J. Pierpont Morgan (1837–1913) spent over 20 years traveling the globe gathering the largest collection of art and cultural artifacts of his time. Estimated to have exceeded 20,000 works of art, Morgan’s collections represent a broad historical, artistic and geographic range. Acting on his father’s wishes, Morgan’s son donated more than 1,350 works collected by his father to the Wadsworth Atheneum in his native Hartford. Morgan’s story as a collector is not as well known as the story of his business career despite the groundbreaking quantity, scope, and character of his unprecedented collection. His broad acquisitions included sculpture, manuscripts, rare books, prints and drawings, paintings, and decorative arts including silver, porcelain, glass, tapestries, enamels, ivories and bronzes.”

From the exhibition Morgan: Mind of the Collector, Wadsworth Atheneum.

We have always been interested in folks such as Morgan, Colt, Carnegie, Rockefeller, how they amassed their fortunes, how they treated the workers who were responsible for their accumulation of this great wealth and, what they did with their wealth. As we have stated many times we can not change history, we do not seek to do so, but we wish to not only shine a light on the 1 % of yesterday and their misdeeds but remind ourselves and others just what all of this is made of. Many have told us over the years just look, look at all the beautiful objects, the museums, the libiraries, the culture centers that the very wealthy have given us, and without them we would not have such treasures. Well, we would say, those beautiful things came to be on the backs of the workers, the slaves, the exploitation of countries, and the theft of their wealth. Perhaps if we know the past and do not sanitize and glorify it then we can do something about the amassing of great wealth by so many today. These same type of folks are all around us  using all sorts of tricks in and out of the books to work everything for their benefit. With so much support going their way it is hard to believe that in the coming years the people will finally rise up and overthrow this system of injustice and exploitation  and really mean it. That the people will not accept reform, or crumbs thrown their way or shaken from the masters table cloth but real deal all out no holes bared revolution. Its a long time coming but we and others hear that train moving down the track.

J. P. Morgan

To begin with this essay let us read over the words of the Anarchist Congress held in Pittsburgh in 1883. Let these words ring true from this essay and ring out through out the land.

… All laws are directed against the working people. . .. Even the school serves only the purpose of furnishing the offspring of the wealthy with those qualities necessary to uphold their class domination. The children of the poor get scarcely a formal elementary training, and this, too, is mainly directed to such branches as tend to producing prejudices, arrogance, and servility; in short, want of sense. The Church finally seeks to make complete idiots out of the mass and to make them forego the paradise on earth by promising a fictitious heaven. The capitalist press, on the other hand, takes care of the confusion of spirits in public life. . .. The workers can therefore expect no help from any capitalistic party in their struggle against the existing system. They must achieve their liberation by their own efforts. As in former times, a privileged class never surrenders its tyranny, neither can it be expected that the capitalists of this age will give up their rulership without being forced to do it. … ( 1) (1A)

That must be our motto. We must go forth no matter what with those words, never forgetting that the criminal class such as the Morgan, Rockefeller, Carnegie and many others not only back then but today must be dealt with firmly and with a blow that will end their exploitation. There is no hope within the two party system as both parties are beholden to the rich. One party makes no bones about it and the other gives out lip service. Both if pushed in the corner will join together and help to put down any and all that strike out against them. They are Capitalist. There is no kinder and gentler in the world of Capitalism.

Drums of War: Morgan was not averse to using underhanded methods to get what he wanted.

Morgan had escaped military service in the Civil War by paying $300 to a substitute. So did John D. Rockefeller, Andrew Carnegie, Philip Armour, Jay Gould, and James Mellon. Mellon’s father had written to him that “a man may be a patriot without risking his own life or sacrificing his health. There are plenty of lives less valuable.” (this horrible class idea still rears its head today in many ways, the educational system is just one example) Many young people join the military so they can get an education. We like this quote that Queers Against War says, “Some say that we are not considering the fact that working class and poor LGBT people have a right to join the military service in order to go to college. And I say that if we believe that then we uphold centuries of oppression against poor people in stating that only the wealthy are worthy of educating without being asked to risk their very lives to do so.”

J. P. Morgan began his businesses before the Civil War, as the son of a banker selling stocks for the railroads and receiving good commissions. During the Civil War he bought five thousand rifles for $3.50 each from an army arsenal, and sold them to a general in the field for $22 each. The rifles were defective and would shoot off the thumbs of the soldiers using them. A congressional committee noted this in the small print of an obscure report, but a federal judge upheld the deal as the fulfillment of a valid legal contract.  To hell with the soldiers using them. To hell with their thumbs. Whose pocket was the federal judge in?  Maiming those who are fighting for you has got to be a real crime. A crime that should have brought out the crowd with pitchforks and torches. Morgan was 23 years old and this deal was the backbone of his future business. Future businesses brought to fruition by a shrewd and ruthless business man. From this early deal J. P Morgan made over $100,000 ( millions today) which bankrolled his future endeavors. So his start was via murder, maiming and cheating. Hardly a person to look up to. Hardly a person to glorify.


The Panamanian state was originally created to function on behalf of the rich and self-seeking of this world – or rather their antecedents in America – when the 20th century was barely born.
Panama was created by the United States for purely selfish commercial reasons, right on that historical hinge between the demise of Britain as the great global empire, and the rise of the new American power. The writer Ken Silverstein  in an article for Vice magazine two years ago: “In 1903, the administration of Theodore Roosevelt created the country after bullying Colombia into handing over what was then the province of Panama. Roosevelt acted at the behest of various banking groups, among them JP Morgan & Co, which was appointed as the country’s ‘fiscal agent’ in charge of managing $10m in aid that the US had rushed down to the new nation.”

J. P. Morgan led the American banks in gradually turning Panama into a financial center – and a haven for tax evasion and money laundering – as well as a passage for shipping, with which these practices were at first entwined when Panama began to register foreign ships to carry fuel for the Standard Oil company in order for the corporation to avoid US tax liabilities. ( 2 ) The Panama canal begun by the French in 1881  and taken over by the U.S  in 1902 and opened officially in 1914. ( 3 ) Of course as with everything that these types did, strong arm tactics were used to get what they wanted. What they wanted was money and more of it and power, total power to do what they wanted and control, let us control the world and all of its wealth.

Leon Czolgosz

“I am not sorry for my crime. I killed the president because he was the enemy of the good people, the good working people.”

In 1901, President McKinley is shot by Leon Czolgosz, a factory worker who lost his job in a JP Morgan takeover. Czolgosz had joined the growing anarchist movement and McKinley’s big business ties made him a target. Czolgosz worked at the Cleveland Rolling Mill Company, a steel mill in Cleveland Ohio. After the economic crash of 1893, when the factory closed for some time and looked to reduce wages, the workers went on strike, putting Leon and his brothers out of work. The company reached its peak in the late 1890s, at which point it had become a major integrated producer of pig iron, Bessemer steel, and steel products, employing a workforce of over 8,000 people. In 1899 the Cleveland Rolling Mill Company was absorbed into the American Steel and Wire Company of New Jersey, which was in turn merged into J. P. Morgan’s U.S. Steel conglomerate two years later.

The process of creating a monopoly through the elimination of competition and the maximization of profits by slashing the workforce and reducing their wages is named after JP Morgan. But as profits soar, working conditions sink. Pay reduces so that the average worker earns barely a dollar a day, Over 90% of Americans survive on less than $100 per month. Working hours and workplace fatalities increase. In a single year, more men die inside a steel mill than died at the Battle of Gettysburg.” More information on this can be found at HERE.

Morgan was primarily responsible for the creation of U.S. Steel. This company was the first ever to reach $1 billion in value, and went on to dominate the market for a number of years.
Prior to the 1896 election, there was growing outrage at Morgan’s methods, as well as that of his contemporaries. Morganization led to a large number of deaths in the steel mills. In the 1896 presidential election, William McKinley, who was the Republican candidate backed by Morgan and other wealthy businessmen, defeated the Democratic candidate, William Jennings Bryan, who threatened to bring down the “robber barons.”

“The class that has the power to rob on a large scale has also the power to control the government and legalize their robbery”..Eugene Debs.

We must add the words of Karl Marx: “The capitalist state pretends neutrality to maintain order, while serving the interests of the rich. The purpose of the state is to settle upper class disputes peacefully, control lower class rebellion, and adopt policies that would further the long-range stability of the system.”  (1) Below we will see such an idea in practice. (more…)

For more info see Facebook page HERE.

Nov. 19, 1915: Labor Organizer Joe Hill Is Executed

Workers of the world, awaken!

Break your chains, demand your rights.
All the wealth you make is taken
B y exploiting parasites.
Shall you kneel in deep submission
From your cradles to your graves?
Is the height of your ambition
To be good and willing slaves?
Arise, ye prisoners of starvation!
Fight for your own emancipation;
Arise, ye slaves of ev’ry nation, in One Union Grand.
Our little ones for bread are crying;
And millions are from hunger dying;
The end the means is justifying,
‘Tis the final stand.
If the workers take a notion,
They can stop all speeding trains;
Every ship upon the ocean
They can tie with mighty chains;
Every wheel in the creation,
Every mine and every mill,
Fleets and armies of the nation,
Will at their command stand still.
Join the union, fellow workers,
Men and women, side by side;
We will crush the greedy shirkers
Like a sweeping, surging tide;
For united we are standing,
But divided we will fall;
Let this be our understanding-
“All for one and one for all.”
Workers of the world, awaken!
Rise in all your splendid might;
Take the wealth that you are making —
It belongs to you by right.
No one for bread will be crying,
We’ll have freedom, love and health,
When the grand red flag is flying
In the Worker’s commonwealth.