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We have been reading more and more about pats on the back, giving a big cheer for some of our people, celebrating folks, honoring folks lately, that we are wondering just who is doing the honoring and who is getting honored? Who is being accepted into straight society and who is not? Are they rich, are they white, are they beautiful? Do they smell good, fresh as a daisy? Do they sing a good straight song? Can they pass? How well can they ape hetro society? From their wealth how much have they given out? To who? For what?  How privileged are these folks?  How much are they willing to accept straight societies call, “Someday it won’t matter if a person is LGBT,”or try on this for size: “The goal is to reach a point where we stop talking about equality, rights and discrimination like this because we don’t have to.” Good luck as we move backwards.

These points we believe come from a straight perspective, a perspective of excusing oneself, a perspective of not knowing anything about ones culture, its story and the making of a people. We know as well as the next gal that we can never stop talking about equality, rights and discrimination. As soon as we do the shit is going to hit the fan. As long as we allow this system to continue to operate then there will always be some of us on the bottom. Many of us who seek our rights will still have to speak out against discrimination and a host of other injustices that this system heaves on us and other folks. Let us be clear here, if we give a damn about others who are oppressed then we will have to speak up and fight with them, in a united front, on any road they chose to go. If we do not then we have failed, we have failed the very soul of our movement and we have slapped the faces of our elders and all of those who have gone before us.

Equality. We say fuck equality, we want liberation. Why would we want to be equal to this filthy rotten system or any of the folks that uphold it? Gays and lesbians are the most likely to be targeted by the very system that they fall over themselves to affirm and strengthen. So much of the gay and lesbian movement seems to echo the rhetoric of the mainstream establishment. Our brothers and sisters who are LGBT especially a person of color, young or Trans are more likely to come into contact with the criminal justice system. A history of bias, abuse and profiling toward LGBT people by law enforcement has contributed to disproportionate contacts with the justice system. Our people who are poor are likely to end up behind bars, where they are treated unfairly, abused by other prisoners and guards and in many cases kept in solidarity confinement.

Stigma in society, and especially in the workplace for the working poor puts many of us at an increased risk of unemployment, homelessness and involvement in survival economies like drugs and prostitution. This is why many of us work to ban the box on employment applications. This still is a struggle to get employers to give people another chance.  We know that those of privilege will never understand this, hell they can’t and don’t even understand what many of us in the working class face from bosses and folks just like them. One day Emma had a discussion with a couple of comfortable class folks,  “What do you mean if you don’t work you don’t get paid?” What, come on now everyone has paid holidays, paid days off, their birthday with pay.” No honey we don’t get all those little goodies that you get. Paid vacations, forget it the company I work for just got rid of them. No we don’t get paid vacations. Talk about a gulf, between us all. That is just one small part of it all. Just one small part of our lives. (more…)

Tell the Senate: Oppose “foreclosure king” Steve Mnuchin

A bombshell news report recently revealed that California prosecutors believed Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s pick for treasury secretary, and his company may have been responsible for “widespread misconduct” and violations of foreclosure law.1

The latest report comes on top of long-standing reports that Mnuchin, the former Goldman Sachs partner known as the “foreclosure king,” profited handsomely off the financial crisis by foreclosing on thousands of elderly homeowners.2

Mnuchin was already one of the worst of the slimy “swamp monsters” Trump has handpicked for major roles in his administration. We need to seize on the momentum from this report to make Mnuchin’s nomination a major black eye for this corrupt administration.

Mnuchin’s company once changed the locks on one Minneapolis homeowner in the middle of a blizzard. It even took a 90-year-old woman’s home because she owed 27 cents.3 Mnuchin made a huge profit by buying up IndyMac, a mortgage lender, changing the name to OneWest and then targeting homeowners for foreclosures. Mnuchin later sold OneWest for nearly twice what he paid for it, profiting from economic pain.4

Sign the petition HERE.

Under Mnuchin, OneWest ran a foreclosure mill responsible for nearly 40 percent of the reverse-mortgage foreclosures in the country even though it had just 19 percent of the market. Shady lenders made grand promises to sell elderly homeowners on risky reverse mortgages, and Mnuchin then swooped in to take their homes when Wall Street’s fraud was exposed and the economy collapsed. OneWest reportedly engaged in illegal “robo-signing” – falsifying documents – to kick people out of their homes.5

According to the latest report based on a leaked memo from the California attorney general’s office, OneWest faked paperwork to avoid delays that would give homeowners time to save their homes, included backdating paperwork to before the company even existed.6

Steve Mnuchin says he is “proud of his record at OneWest.”7 We need to let Republicans know voters disagree – and give Democrats the backbone to fight his nomination tooth and nail. (more…)

McDonald's sexual harassment stats

After reading the Guardian’s article about the sponsors of Proposition Q, the effort to ban tents of the homeless from the sidewalks of San Francisco we thought to ourselves, Hey its a no brainier, lets give out a Scum at the top of the heap award. You know how we here at furbirdsqueerly like to give out awards to those we feel should be so honored. So folks join us in giving a revolutionary holler and good loud war hoop for the following Scums at the top of the heap.

Michael Moritz, Sequoia Chairman principle donor to Proposition Q. Net Worth $3.1 Billion

Zachary Bogue Commercial real estate investor. Net Worth $300 million. Husband of Marissa Mayer president and chief executive officer at Yahoo.

Ronald Crawford “Ron” Conway (born March 9, 1951) is an American angel investor and philanthropist, often described as one of Silicon Valley’s “super angels”  Conway is recognized as a strong networker] with the ear of many of San Francisco’s most important decision-makers. Net worth $1.5 Billion.

William Oberndorf hedge fund investor. Beside taking away folks homes read this: Oberndorf’s interest in school choice and education reform is longstanding. Oberndorf is a major donor to the California Republican Party and donated over $1 million to the party and its candidates between 2001 and 2011. William Oberndorf was one of the top contributors, giving $1.1 million to an anti-union effort and to help defeat Proposition 30 which would increase taxes for four years on earnings over $250,000 to fund education.  He was a leading supporter of California’s (failed) Proposition 32, an effort to reform the political influence of teacher’s unions and the best yet this statement “If it is Trump vs. Clinton, I will be voting for Hillary,” William Oberndorf, a California hedge fund manager, told The New York Times.  (oh glory be said the liberal he really is a nice guy and he gives so much of his money to causes and really he is young and handsome he’s one of them nice rich guys) Net worth not found.

Opponents of the measure point out that the proposed law does not include any funding for additional housing or shelters, and the city’s existing shelters have long waiting lists for beds. With Proposition Q, we’re just taking away someone’s tent and making them sleep on the cold concrete,” said Jennifer Friedenbach, executive director of the Coalition on Homelessness. “They’re not going to disappear.”

So if that is the case gentlemen we would say for every tent on the sidewalk you want removed you should pool some of your money, (and you got a lot compared to most of us) and build shelters or permanent housing for the poor. Stop your war against the poor! and please stop your bogus concerns for the homeless folks welfare when you are going to steal the one thng that many of them have, a tent on a city street.

Tell Monsanto: Stop Forcing Farmers Into Poverty!

Suicide rates among Indian farmers have skyrocketed thanks to Monsanto, whose viselike contracts have trapped thousands of farmers in cycles of debt and poverty ever since its GMO crops were introduced to the country in 2002. According to the Center For Human Rights and Global Justice, in 2009 alone 17,638 Indian farmers committed suicide, averaging one suicide every 30 minutes.

The biggest factor sending Indian farmers into deeper and deeper debt are the absurd royalties that Monsanto charges when farmers use “renewal” seeds, which are seeds gathered from a previous harvest. The practice of saving seeds to plant the following year is a worldwide, ancient tradition––one that farmers have always relied on to economically produce enough food.

Join us in demanding that Monsanto stop charging royalties on crops produced from renewal seeds!

But because Monsanto’s seeds are patented, the corporation charges royalties for crops produced from the same genetic material as the original seed, slamming struggling farmers with mounting fees they can’t afford. In India, more and more farmers are viewing suicide as the only way out of Monsanto’s financial trap.

That’s why we need you to tell Monsanto to change its royalty policy and stop charging extra for crops produced from renewal seeds. We can’t let Monsanto profit from stacking the deck against hardworking people who feed the world!

PETITION TO MONSANTO: Stop charging royalties on crops produced from renewal seeds.

We have been following  the shooting of Alex Nieto since it happened. Ted Redmond over at 48 Hills has been doing an excellent job of keeping us all informed on the shooting of Alex Nieto as more information comes in. The last bits of information has been most disturbing. Check out the following links to learn more about this shooting in San Francisco.

“Alex Nieto had at least 14 gunshot wounds and possibly as many as 15, including two shots to the head and several to the back, the long-awaited autopsy report shows. The report says the damage was so extensive that it was hard to tell exactly how many bullets hit the young man; the 14 wounds could possibly have been caused by ten bullets.”


Links to Tim Redmond’s articles on the shooting of Alex Nieto:

1. How Chron Missed the point on the Nieto autopsy.

2. Breaking: Nieto had at least 14 gunshot wounds, autopsy report shows.

3. Listening to the death of Alejandro Nieto-and what tan audio recording of the shooting suggests.

4. Police take heat over Bernal shooting.

From Tim Redmond

“The SFPD account also states that the officers handcuffed Nieto after he was down on the ground and shot multiple times with 40-caliber rounds. Paramedics arrived 15 minutes later and tried to treat him, but Nieto was already dead.

Most of the bullets hit Nieto in the front of the body; both head wounds were to the face. But there were at least two gunshot wounds in his back, indicating that he had either turned away from the officers or was already on the ground when those struck him.”

Also check out the Justice for Alex Nieto site.

Rallier arrives to federal building holding banner with Refugio Nieto (Aug. 22, 2014) Photo: Ray Ysaguirre

Check out: Alex Rises! thank you & Rally Speeches at Federal Courthouse.

Breaking: Medical examiner rules death of Alex Nieto a homicide.

Furbirdsqueerly will continue to follow this case and report any updates that we get. We stand up and seek justice for Alex Nieto.

Thanks to Chris and Joshua for providing this link and information.
A mother is calling for justice tonight after her police shot her 18-year-old son with a stun gun and then arrested him. FOX CT obtained video that shows Luis Anglero Jr. stop walking with his hand…
  • In the “related stories” at the bottom of this article: “Hartford Police Chief: City Unlikely To Have Ferguson-Type Situation”
    Video here shows Hartford Police tasing a young man who was standing still after being order to do so. As of the release of this story the individual who was tased (without cause) is still in the hospital because his seizures will not stop. This kind of shit can’t go on any longer, and we need to let HPD know that we won’t stand for it.