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There are so many but Jim Ziegler, Alabama’s State Auditor takes the prize.

Here is the big pig now.

We used a rather small picture as that is what this man is. Why is he the Big Jerk of the year. Well here goes.

‘Mary Was a Teenager.’ Alabama Republican Uses Jesus to Defend Roy Moore

“While some Republicans at the national level spoke out against Alabama Senate candidate Roy Moore on Thursday in the wake of allegations that he initiated sexual contact with a 14-year-old when he was in his 30s, Republicans from his own state seemed to have a different view — with one citing Jesus’ parents to defend Moore’s alleged behavior.

“Take Joseph and Mary. Mary was a teenager and Joseph was an adult carpenter. They became parents of Jesus,” Alabama state auditor Jim Ziegler told the Washington Examiner on Thursday.
Four women have told the Washington Post that Moore pursued relationships with them when they were teenagers and he was an adult. The women were between the ages of 14 and 18, while Moore was in his 30s at the time, according to the Post.”

For the full story go to MSN HERE.

Hey stupid that bit with Mary and Joseph was up to God. Joseph had nothing to do with it.  Ray Moore is just a nasty pedophile among many other things, is not God nor is he Joseph.

When will we end this nonsense.


PETA Accuses Guggenheim of Catering to the “Twisted Whims” of Animal Abusers
The animal rights organization is calling on the museum to exclude two works from its upcoming survey of Chinese contemporary art.

From Hyperallergic.

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) is echoing the demands of a petition launched last week and addressed to the Guggenheim Museum, calling on the institution to exclude works that involve animals from its forthcoming exhibition,  Art and China after 1989: Theater of the World.

Today, in a letter addressed to Richard Armstrong, the director of the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum and Foundation (which runs New York’s Guggenheim Museum), PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk demanded that two of the three works mentioned in the petition (which has now gathered nearly a half-million signatures) be removed from the show, which is due to open October 6. PETA is calling for the exclusion of Peng Yu and Sun Yuan’s “Dogs Which Cannot Touch Each Other” (2003) and Huang Yong Ping’s “Theater of the World” (1993), but makes no mention of the Xu Bing work also criticized in the petition.

“In this exhibition, you invite visitors to examine a video of dogs trying to fight one another while chained to a nonmotorized treadmill as well as a piece in which live insects and reptiles will devour each other inside a cage,” the letter reads. “These animals experience every emotion that you, I, and our beloved dogs and cats do. They’re emotionally complex and highly intelligent living beings, not props. The animals in these exhibits are not willing participants, and no one should force sentient beings into stressful situations for ‘art’ or ‘sport.’”

Though Armstrong and the Guggenheim have yet to respond to PETA’s letter, the institution released a statement on Thursday defending Peng and Sun’s video (a recording of a 2003 performance involving four pairs of pit bulls running at each other on treadmills) and on Friday explained to Hyperallergic the logistics involved in the execution of “Theater of the World,” a sculptural enclosure that will hold many reptiles and insect for the duration of the three-month exhibition. (Though Hyperallergic obtained an image of “Theater of the World,” the Guggenheim would not provide us with a still from “Dogs Which Cannot Touch Each Other” and a video excerpt on the artists’ website seems to have been disabled.) PETA’s letter cites the College Art Association’s principles for artists incorporating animals into their work, asserting that both Huang’s installation and Peng and Sun’s violate them.
“We have no wish to stifle creativity or talent in art,” the letter concludes, “but we hope you’ll decide to leave real animals and any works that promote cruelty to animals out of your future exhibits.”

Read PETA President Ingrid E. Newkirk’s full letter to Richard Armstrong here.

AND HERE IS A STATEMENT FROM THE GUGGENHEIM CONCERNING THE WORKS:  How many think that they just don’t get it? Whom ever made this decision and wrote this statement is a real part of the problem. A problem that we must not allow to continue.  (more…)

and it is time that we as a people put an end to this foul and dirty rotten system.

Chick-fil-A funds anti-LGBT youth home in Georgia


Atlanta-based Chick-fil-A – which once pledged to treat LGBT people with honor after donating millions to anti-gay groups – is again funneling money to anti-LGBT organizations, including one in Georgia that proclaims homosexuality is evil.

So much for CEO Dan Cathy’s charm offensive and pledge to focus on chicken and not anti-LGBT causes.

The company’s charitable foundation made headlines in 2011 when IRS filings showed it pumped millions into anti-LGBT groups. It didn’t help that soon after Cathy dissed gay marriage and criticized LGBT activists. Cathy later apologized, said the foundation would curtail its donations to anti-LGBT groups and promised to use only his inside voice when condemning LGBT equality.

Nevermind that years later, little has changed with the company’s charitable giving. The foundation’s most recent IRS filings show that it donated more than $1.4 million to anti-LGBT groups in 2015, according to Think Progress.

The donations include more than $200,000 to the Paul Anderson Youth Home, which is in Vidalia. The facility calls homosexuality an evil that is caused by the abuse of children. Via Think Progress: (more…)

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We have been reading more and more about pats on the back, giving a big cheer for some of our people, celebrating folks, honoring folks lately, that we are wondering just who is doing the honoring and who is getting honored? Who is being accepted into straight society and who is not? Are they rich, are they white, are they beautiful? Do they smell good, fresh as a daisy? Do they sing a good straight song? Can they pass? How well can they ape hetro society? From their wealth how much have they given out? To who? For what?  How privileged are these folks?  How much are they willing to accept straight societies call, “Someday it won’t matter if a person is LGBT,”or try on this for size: “The goal is to reach a point where we stop talking about equality, rights and discrimination like this because we don’t have to.” Good luck as we move backwards.

These points we believe come from a straight perspective, a perspective of excusing oneself, a perspective of not knowing anything about ones culture, its story and the making of a people. We know as well as the next gal that we can never stop talking about equality, rights and discrimination. As soon as we do the shit is going to hit the fan. As long as we allow this system to continue to operate then there will always be some of us on the bottom. Many of us who seek our rights will still have to speak out against discrimination and a host of other injustices that this system heaves on us and other folks. Let us be clear here, if we give a damn about others who are oppressed then we will have to speak up and fight with them, in a united front, on any road they chose to go. If we do not then we have failed, we have failed the very soul of our movement and we have slapped the faces of our elders and all of those who have gone before us.

Equality. We say fuck equality, we want liberation. Why would we want to be equal to this filthy rotten system or any of the folks that uphold it? Gays and lesbians are the most likely to be targeted by the very system that they fall over themselves to affirm and strengthen. So much of the gay and lesbian movement seems to echo the rhetoric of the mainstream establishment. Our brothers and sisters who are LGBT especially a person of color, young or Trans are more likely to come into contact with the criminal justice system. A history of bias, abuse and profiling toward LGBT people by law enforcement has contributed to disproportionate contacts with the justice system. Our people who are poor are likely to end up behind bars, where they are treated unfairly, abused by other prisoners and guards and in many cases kept in solidarity confinement.

Stigma in society, and especially in the workplace for the working poor puts many of us at an increased risk of unemployment, homelessness and involvement in survival economies like drugs and prostitution. This is why many of us work to ban the box on employment applications. This still is a struggle to get employers to give people another chance.  We know that those of privilege will never understand this, hell they can’t and don’t even understand what many of us in the working class face from bosses and folks just like them. One day Emma had a discussion with a couple of comfortable class folks,  “What do you mean if you don’t work you don’t get paid?” What, come on now everyone has paid holidays, paid days off, their birthday with pay.” No honey we don’t get all those little goodies that you get. Paid vacations, forget it the company I work for just got rid of them. No we don’t get paid vacations. Talk about a gulf, between us all. That is just one small part of it all. Just one small part of our lives. (more…)

Tell the Senate: Oppose “foreclosure king” Steve Mnuchin

A bombshell news report recently revealed that California prosecutors believed Steven Mnuchin, Trump’s pick for treasury secretary, and his company may have been responsible for “widespread misconduct” and violations of foreclosure law.1

The latest report comes on top of long-standing reports that Mnuchin, the former Goldman Sachs partner known as the “foreclosure king,” profited handsomely off the financial crisis by foreclosing on thousands of elderly homeowners.2

Mnuchin was already one of the worst of the slimy “swamp monsters” Trump has handpicked for major roles in his administration. We need to seize on the momentum from this report to make Mnuchin’s nomination a major black eye for this corrupt administration.

Mnuchin’s company once changed the locks on one Minneapolis homeowner in the middle of a blizzard. It even took a 90-year-old woman’s home because she owed 27 cents.3 Mnuchin made a huge profit by buying up IndyMac, a mortgage lender, changing the name to OneWest and then targeting homeowners for foreclosures. Mnuchin later sold OneWest for nearly twice what he paid for it, profiting from economic pain.4

Sign the petition HERE.

Under Mnuchin, OneWest ran a foreclosure mill responsible for nearly 40 percent of the reverse-mortgage foreclosures in the country even though it had just 19 percent of the market. Shady lenders made grand promises to sell elderly homeowners on risky reverse mortgages, and Mnuchin then swooped in to take their homes when Wall Street’s fraud was exposed and the economy collapsed. OneWest reportedly engaged in illegal “robo-signing” – falsifying documents – to kick people out of their homes.5

According to the latest report based on a leaked memo from the California attorney general’s office, OneWest faked paperwork to avoid delays that would give homeowners time to save their homes, included backdating paperwork to before the company even existed.6

Steve Mnuchin says he is “proud of his record at OneWest.”7 We need to let Republicans know voters disagree – and give Democrats the backbone to fight his nomination tooth and nail. (more…)