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and that old union song,

and today the fight is for

Hardly enough when one does the math, but okay we will go along with it meanwhile we demand $20.00 minimum wage.

and remember this:




Sometime overnight, this statue was vandalized in Columbus Park on the City’s west side.

Telling it like it is in Buffalo.

Video Against Fascism


Monday August 28, 2017. 630pm-900pm
Best Video Film and Cultural Center
1042 Whitney Ave. Hamden Ct.
Facebook page HERE.
A collection of videos and trailers to spur discussion on how to oppose fascists  and a tribute to Sacco and Vanzetti on the 90th anniversary of their execution in Massachusetts
Brought to you by Promoting Enduring Peace

Free Admission *** Refreshments on Sale

New Haven vs. The Proud Boys
The Antifascists (new film)
Charlottesville: Heather Heyer, Deandre Harris
Z (Greece)
Killah P I won’t cry, I won’t fear (Greece)
Hell on Earth (new film about Syria)
All You Fascists Bound to Lose (Woody Guthrie)
Here’s to You Nicola and Bart (Joan Baez)
Bella Ciao
and more

How about a little taste:

Here is a reminder from our not so distant past. A great song sung by a great poet about the same old excuse that this country has always used to commit genocide against anyone who doesn’t bow down to their way of thinking. The biggest threats over the years starting with bomb of all time Truman and through each president there after has come the warning to the rest of the world, Watch out, we will bomb the shit out of you if you don’t do as we say. “Well,” says most of the world, FUCK YOU!!”


The International offensive against the Venezuelan revolution has intensified since Sunday. A number of countries have made public statements saying they don’t recognize the results nor the Constituent Assembly. The road is being paved to recognize an alternative government created by the opposition. Today the ambassadors of France, the UK, Spain and Mexico had attended the national assembly session in which the opposition declared they do not recognize the Constituent Assembly. Further sanctions are being prepared. We say HANDS OFF VENEZUELA.