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NoDAPL: Protest Wells Fargo

Friday, April 7 at 3:30 PM – 5 PM
111 Washington St, Middletown, CT 06457-2817, United States
Middletown residents have been protesting week after week at Wells Fargo, adding to the international pressure on Wells Fargo and other banks to stop funding the Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) project that threatens the land, water, and sovereignty of the Standing Rock Sioux and surrounding indigenous communities in North Dakota.

Now, we plan to ramp up our efforts and bring more people than ever to the Middletown branch. We will disrupt business as usual until Wells Fargo stops funding DAPL.

We’re in solidarity with groups such as Red Warrior Society and other water protectors and indigenous warriors who have been taking direct action to block the DAPL and other fossil fuel infrastructure. They have faced dogs, pepper spray, and imprisonment while struggling against ecological chaos and colonial violence.

Indigenous leaders have called for ongoing actions against DAPL and have said Wells Fargo is a strategic bank on which to focus. See and for more information.

This action is organized jointly by
Wesleyan Coalition for Divestment and Transparency,
Students Against the Fossil Fuel Industry and Dragonfly Climate Collective, along with other Middletown residents. Contact us if you would like to co-sponsor.

Trump Administration Attacks LGBT Community On Three Fronts Over Last 24 Hours

 by Dan Savage Mar 29, 2017

There are, unbelievably, some “Gays for Trump” out there. I would ask one of them to comment on what the Trump administration has been up to over the last 24 hours… but homosexuals for homophobes didn’t have anything coherent to say the day before yesterday and I can’t imagine they have anything coherent to say this morning. Anyway, in the last 24 hours…

Expectations that the 2020 census might start including LGBTQ subjects were raised and then quickly dashed on Tuesday after the U.S. Census admitted that it had “inadvertently” included “sexual orientation” and “gender identity,” in a long-awaited report outlining new categories for the survey. In response, GLAAD’s CEO, Sarah Kate Ellis, branded the move as a “systematic effort on behalf of the Trump administration to erase LGBT people.” Last year, various federal agencies urged the Census Bureau to include sexual orientation and gender in their data as it was crucial to their role in enforcing the law. The survey, which has been conducted every ten years since 1790, includes a wide range of questions designed to gather data on everything from languages spoken to household plumbing facilities.

An executive order President Trump signed Monday has gutted the LGBT protections President Obama implemented for employees of federal contractors — as well as many other protections those workers enjoyed. Trump rescinded the Fair Pay and Safe Workplaces order, also known as Executive Order 13673, that President Obama issued in 2014. That order required companies wishing to contract with the federal government to show that they’ve complied with various federal laws and other executive orders. Notably, Obama issued that order in tandem with Executive Order 13672, which prohibited contractors from discriminating on the basis of sexual orientation or gender identity. This means that there is no way to enforce the LGBT protections granted in 13672..

President Donald Trump’s administration has proposed cutting $1.23 billion this fiscal year from research funded by the National Institutes of Health, according to a White House document sent to congressional appropriators…. A worldwide initiative to help people with HIV and AIDS, known as PEPFAR and heavily focused on patient treatment in Africa, would be slashed by almost $300 million under the plan. The savings would be found by slowing the rate of new patients put on treatment and reducing support to “low-performing countries.” States also would face a $50 million cut that would target “less effective HIV research and prevention activities.”

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The issue is one of marginalizing, ignoring, denying, omitting, erasing, and then their version of a final solution. Anyone ready for a fight? Put nothing past the Christian Taliban.

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Coming to New Haven on Friday March 31, 2017

New Haven AntiFascists posted an update:

Be at the green (Church St and Chapel St) 4:30 to 5:30 on Friday.

note:  The transphobic hate speech bus has changed their schedule and plans to be in the Elm City TOMORROW! Join us from 4:30-5:30 at the corner of Church St and Chapel St on the Green to give them a nice ol’ welcome!

If you happen to see the bus throughout the day, please keep folks updated and respond how you see fit!

Initial reports are that we just SHUT DOWN TRANSPHOBIA in New Haven and that the bus is currently on it’s way to Philly! Amazing show by everyone, all around but BE VIGILANT in case they decide to circle back and return to our city!

Also note that this bigot bus was escorted by NHPD! Who are they really protecting?


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POSTING FROM NEW HAVEN INPEDENDENT Anti-Trans Bus Transitions to Philly

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Banner in New Haven out to block the bus of hate.

for more info go to HERE.

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From Pink News

(Photo by Steve Eason/Hulton Archive/Getty Images)

Christian law firm claims gay people are building an ‘army’ to challenge Trump!

Check out this article from Pink News.

A leading evangelical group is terrified that “radical leftist” homosexuals are planning a coup against Donald Trump. The warning comes from the Liberty Counsel, the ultra-conservative Christian law firm that battles against LGBT rights across the US.

They warned that “an army of radical leftists is gathering… to mobilize against President Trump’s policies on the local, state, and federal levels”

The law firm continued: “Their agenda includes an aggressive pro-LGBTQ campaign that includes fighting against any religious liberty protections that they deem to be ‘antigay’ offered by President Trump or Congress.

“The ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) is already attempting to overturn President Trump’s revocation of the former president’s Bathroom Directive.

“The plans of this radical group are now among the biggest threats to life, liberty, and family in the history of America.

“Now armed with over $80 million in post-election war chest funds, the ACLU is pushing to advance its radical agenda like never before.”

To read the rest of this article go to HERE.

From Furbirdsqueerly

Yes folks if only it were true. We all know that when push comes to shove we will have to stand up and fight back. The fight back will not be in our flashy heels blowing kisses at those who hate us.  We have done it before stood up to creeps like these but never has our opponent been so nasty. Yeah we know there was nasty before but these folks in the DC regime are some of the nastiest people ever to sit in the seat of government. We believe that they will not stop at anything to get what they want. We know damn well that the day is going to come when we will have to, if we aren’t all ready, form a powerful united front against them. A united front with other groups who are under attack.  A by any means necessary brigade as that is what it is going to come down to. Let no one stand there in the future and say we didn’t know. Scream it from the housetops, on the street corners, scream it in the streets whenever the chance arises. We are not backing down. We aren’t going no where and NO we will not sit down and shut up.

A warning shot has been fired by the evangelical group. A warning shot to stir up trouble against our people. Know it baby this is real. These tricks have been used before in history and the results have been devastating to our people. Some folks do not take this warning seriously. Well we do. These Christofascists have an agenda, remove all rights and re-criminalize, and then imprison or worse…..there is a Final Solution for all whom they hate.

zzzzzzzzz In your dreams Christians! zzzzzzzzzz

some scary radical leftist homosexuals, OH MY!!

When we read over this article we were let down a little bit. Here we thought that LGBT people had finally woken up and started to form underground militias and we would set out of camp to bring the right wing to their knees. We were let down to learn that the so called christian group was talking about using the masters tools to dismantle the masters house. The courts, the democrat party, the ACLU, sit-ins, lay-downs, mass arrests, prison time, take the higher road they take the lower,  rather than by any means necessary.  That dear folks will be the cry as we all will see that when their shits really begins to hit the fan there will be no other way to go. Heck we thought, we have scared the daylights out of them. Instead we find just an attempt at scaring some very un-christian folks into giving up their hard earned dollars and joining the fight against LGBTQ folks. No one likes radical leftists, that scary bunch of no good bums, who throw bombs, raped your sons and daughters, cause trouble where ever they go.

So what do we do? Build our strong united fronts. Get out of our one issue closets. Push the liberals among us who believe that the democrats have the answers out of the way, learn our lessons well from history. Take the mistakes and figure out how not to every commit them again. Take the victories and run with them. Grab them by their weakest spots, kick them in their balls. Chip, chip, chip, away that them until their foundation cracks and their walls come tumbling down. We love peace, we love quiet like the next guy but we are afraid that is for the privileged and a luxury. We will never see the new day dawning if we are all dead. Never.

Fuck this shit, the joke is really on all of us.

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We have been reading more and more about pats on the back, giving a big cheer for some of our people, celebrating folks, honoring folks lately, that we are wondering just who is doing the honoring and who is getting honored? Who is being accepted into straight society and who is not? Are they rich, are they white, are they beautiful? Do they smell good, fresh as a daisy? Do they sing a good straight song? Can they pass? How well can they ape hetro society? From their wealth how much have they given out? To who? For what?  How privileged are these folks?  How much are they willing to accept straight societies call, “Someday it won’t matter if a person is LGBT,”or try on this for size: “The goal is to reach a point where we stop talking about equality, rights and discrimination like this because we don’t have to.” Good luck as we move backwards.

These points we believe come from a straight perspective, a perspective of excusing oneself, a perspective of not knowing anything about ones culture, its story and the making of a people. We know as well as the next gal that we can never stop talking about equality, rights and discrimination. As soon as we do the shit is going to hit the fan. As long as we allow this system to continue to operate then there will always be some of us on the bottom. Many of us who seek our rights will still have to speak out against discrimination and a host of other injustices that this system heaves on us and other folks. Let us be clear here, if we give a damn about others who are oppressed then we will have to speak up and fight with them, in a united front, on any road they chose to go. If we do not then we have failed, we have failed the very soul of our movement and we have slapped the faces of our elders and all of those who have gone before us.

Equality. We say fuck equality, we want liberation. Why would we want to be equal to this filthy rotten system or any of the folks that uphold it? Gays and lesbians are the most likely to be targeted by the very system that they fall over themselves to affirm and strengthen. So much of the gay and lesbian movement seems to echo the rhetoric of the mainstream establishment. Our brothers and sisters who are LGBT especially a person of color, young or Trans are more likely to come into contact with the criminal justice system. A history of bias, abuse and profiling toward LGBT people by law enforcement has contributed to disproportionate contacts with the justice system. Our people who are poor are likely to end up behind bars, where they are treated unfairly, abused by other prisoners and guards and in many cases kept in solidarity confinement.

Stigma in society, and especially in the workplace for the working poor puts many of us at an increased risk of unemployment, homelessness and involvement in survival economies like drugs and prostitution. This is why many of us work to ban the box on employment applications. This still is a struggle to get employers to give people another chance.  We know that those of privilege will never understand this, hell they can’t and don’t even understand what many of us in the working class face from bosses and folks just like them. One day Emma had a discussion with a couple of comfortable class folks,  “What do you mean if you don’t work you don’t get paid?” What, come on now everyone has paid holidays, paid days off, their birthday with pay.” No honey we don’t get all those little goodies that you get. Paid vacations, forget it the company I work for just got rid of them. No we don’t get paid vacations. Talk about a gulf, between us all. That is just one small part of it all. Just one small part of our lives. (more…)