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Here is a song for this day when we remember workers killed on the job.

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Press Conference: 6 Workers Sue Hamden Restaurant for Wage Theft.

Thursday April 20, 2017, 4pm-6pm

Hamden Town House Restaurant, 2256 Whitney Ave, Hamden Ct.

Join six workers as they announce a lawsuit against Hamden Town House Restaurant. They were paid as little as, in some cases, $3.14, $4.20, or $5.97 per hour. They worked between 52 and 72 hours per week.

According to Connecticut law, they should have been paid $9.60 per hour, plus overtime when they worked more than 40 hours per week.  Wage theft is everywhere, and Connecticut is doing very little to stop these abuses. It’s up to us as a community to say NO MORE. Join the workers this Thursday as they courageously break the silence!

Nearly half of restaurant workers (46.3%) experience overtime violations, according to a national study (“Behind the Kitchen Door Multi-Site Study” 2011). While some restaurant workers earn a living wage, people of color are systematically confined to the lower paying and “back of the house” jobs like dishwasher, even when they have the same qualifications as white workers. Restaurant workers of color earn 56% less than white restaurant workers and experience poverty at twice the rate (“The Great Service Divide” 2014).


In from Freedom Socialist

No to U.S. bombing of Syria!

The Freedom Socialist Party forcefully condemns the latest U.S. attack in the Middle East – the cruise missile strikes against Syrian airfields on April 6.

Two days earlier, the Bashar al-Assad regime had launched a vicious, abhorrent attack on civilians in the town of Khan Sheikhoun, apparently using chemical weapons. This assault drew the wrath of new U.S. Commander-in-Chief Donald Trump, who hypocritically mourned for the dozens of Syrian men, women, and “beautiful babies” who were killed. But Trump would deny these same Syrians entry into the U.S. as refugees with his multi-country, anti-Muslim travel ban.

Trump, perhaps, only remembers what he sees on Fox News for a week or so at a time. But many of us remember the more than 500,000 beautiful Iraqi children killed after the first Gulf War, during Bill Clinton’s White House tenure, by sanctions and “collateral effects” of the war. There is no question about the suffering in Syria, or Assad’s culpability. But the claim that U.S. military intervention can improve the situation is denied by history. In fact, U.S. wars and occupations — driven by its economic and geopolitical ambitions — are directly responsible for the chaos, misery, and death that people in the Middle East are experiencing.

How can this possibly be resolved? Only through the actions of the Syrian people themselves, in concert with other workers and revolutionaries in the Middle East. Our job in the U.S. is to give them political support and raise hell with our own government.

Hillary Clinton had called for bombing Syria before the strikes were made. Immediately afterward a bipartisan, multi-media chorus of approval kicked in to support Trump’s perilous warmongering, which threatens wider conflict in the Middle East and a U.S.-Russia showdown. Working and oppressed people can place no faith in Democratic and Republican politicians to halt the bombs. The need is for a revitalized domestic and international anti-war movement to raise and fight for demands including:

  • The U.S. military must stand down; all U.S. troops and military contractors and advisers out of the Middle East.
  • Open U.S. doors to refugees!

Freedom Socialist Party, April 7, 2017

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Connecticut Bail Fund is a nonprofit organization that protects the rights of the accused by paying bail for those who cannot afford it. Since late November, the Fund has provided bail for fifteen individuals — 9 men, 5 women, and 1 child — all of whom would have otherwise languished in pretrial detention due to poverty alone. Thanks to our intervention, these individuals were able to maintain their jobs, custody of their children, access to healthcare, and shelter placements — without enduring the traumas of jail time. Moreover, they can now fight their charges from a position of freedom, instead of pleading guilty just to get out of jail. As a donor-funded operation, our success in combatting wealth-based jailing is entirely dependent on the generosity of the community. Because bail payments are refunded after case disposition, Connecticut Bail Fund operates on a revolving basis, with all contributions assisting defendant after defendant, family after family.

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Come out and say no: · Hosted by New Haven AntiFascists and Dragonfly Climate Collective


New Haven AntiFascists   POSTED TODAY 3/28 WITH THIS UPDATE.

*******************POSTED TODAY 3/20/17: Be at the green (Church St and Chapel St) 4:30 to 5:30 on Friday.******************

Looks like they’ve got their new route planned. Get ready to shut down the hate speech bus this Friday! Please share widely!
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The bigots are on a tour with this bus. All we can say is bullshit. To read more about this bus see: This bus is on a road trip to convince you Transgender People are not real.

A bigoted group called Citizen Go is coming to New Haven on Saturday and possibly into Sunday, in a bus covered in transphobic messages. Let’s shut this garbage down.
Time and location TBA, we will update any information ASAP.
We can not allow transphobic propaganda and representation in our city.
Looking for LGBTQ orgs to sign on or speak.
Glitter and “dancing” shoes encouraged.

March 24 – March 26
Mar 24 at 9 PM to Mar 26 at 9 AM
Yale University, New Haven
As more info becomes available as to day and time we will update.


This bus originated in Spain, funded by a small group of ultra-catholic transphobic and homophobic rich people. Hazte Oir, the Spanish version of the organization, are widely seen as a joke in that country.

A court in Madrid banned the HazteOir bus from the city until it changes its transphobic message, basically calling it a hate crime: “The Office of the Prosecutor argued in its brief that the campaign of the group was ‘an incitement to hatred and discrimination against people who exercise their sexual identity in a different way than those of who identify as heterosexual,’ according to what is stated in article 510.6 of the Penal Code.”

The Navarra Parliament passed a resolution saying they will do anything they can to stop the bus from coming to their territory: “The approved declaration, submitted by UPN, Geroa Bai, EH Bildu, Podemos, PSN and I-EE, also asks the provincial government to take appropriate measures to ‘try to prevent its arrival and the realization of this campaign in our territory, given that it goes against respect for diversity, and in particular sexual diversity and respect for the transgender community.’”

Fuck yeah Spain. Let’s shut this down, New Haven style. Bring your glitter, bring your music, bring your drums and trumpets, bring your dancing shoes. We’re gonna laugh and dance these transphobic bigots out of town.

Update: Bus with anti-transgender message is vandalized in NYC. GOOD!!! Go to HERE.

It may push the arrival of the bus forward a day to Sunday. Keep checking on the New Haven Anti=Fascist page for updates.

Here is a good article HERE.



Based on the information we received, they will in fact be in Rhode Island sat. Sunday they will be in new haven. If this is misinformation the likelihood of them arriving at a reasonable time Saturday is slim, due to some unexpected delays. We will plan for Sunday, and if they do show up Saturday we encourage autonomous disruptions to greet them.

Check back to the New Haven Anti-fascists group for more details.


· 42 mins ·

Collectively we may have enough eyes to spot em. I-95

Accident or Traffic Jam? Report It!   We are looking for the bus, a big orange hateful bus.
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Banner to be used when the bus rolls into town.  What a wonderful job!
The Banner on the Green in New Haven
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New Haven Rally and March: Fight for Trans Rights

Hosted by Party for Socialism and Liberation

Tuesday March 28, 2017 5:30-8:00pm

121 Elm Street New Haven Ct.

Facebook page for the event is HERE.

The trans community is under attack across the United States. The Trump administration has emboldened the extreme right wing, enabled laws against basic civil rights for trans people, and withdrawn federal guidelines to protect trans students. Assaults, murders and fearmongering continue as our humanity is trampled.

March 28 was the day 17-year-old Gavin Grimm’s case was scheduled to be heard by the US Supreme Court, begining a fight for bathroom access and basic rights for trans students everywhere. SCOTUS has since abruptly refused to hear the case, in light of the Trump administration’s transphobic actions.

The people of Connecticut are coming together to show that we stand with trans people in our state and across the country. We need a broad, united movement to protect the lives of our most vulnerable youth and adults. We are parents, educators, activists, lawyers and young people. Trans rights are human rights, and we will speak out and march to show that Connecticut is ready to build a coalition to set an example for all other states. We will not stand by and wait for legislators to have a change of heart — we will fight back, defend trans lives and demand trans liberation now!

ENDORSERS WANTED! Contact or 203-416-8365 if you would like to endorse this action.
Action currently sponsored by:
Party for Socialism and Liberation
ANSWER Coalition
Women Organized to Resist and Defend
Jim Collins Foundation
Re-Entry Central
NARAL Pro-Choice CT

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The official flyer for the CT Rally to Support Trans Youth. Please share and spread the word!

If you’re interested in becoming a coalition partner and/or would like to speak at the rally (we’re particularly interested in youth speakers), please e-mail #ProtectTransYouth #ClaimYourRights

Facebook page HERE.

We’ll be posting a list of planned speakers very soon! Continue to check this site for rally updates.

It’s time to RISE UP and JOIN IN SOLIDARITY to protect trans youth in our state! Let’s FIGHT BACK with this youth-led effort to #ProtectTransYouth and #ClaimOurRights! Bring your signs, support, and energy to this rally that will be held directly in front of the center and west doors of the CT Supreme Court on Saturday, April 1, 2:30-4pm.

Our state’s and nation’s trans, gender non-conforming, and queer youth are under attack. In this time of fear, anxiety, and uncertainty about our most basic civil rights, we must continue to ensure that transgender, gender non-conforming, and queer youth are affirmed, respe See More