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Ernest O. St. Jacques Auditorium
Elmwood Community Center 1106 New Britain Avenue, West Hartford, CT
(Entrance via South Quaker Lane and then to Burgoyne Street)

Endorse & Support the Climate Justice Teach In!

Speakers Include:
Jacqueline Patterson is the Director of the NAACP Environmental and Climate Justice Program. Since 2007 Patterson has served as coordinator & co-founder of Women of Color United. She has worked as a researcher, program manager, coordinator, advocate and activist working on women‘s rights, violence against women, HIV&AIDS, racial justice, economic justice, and environmental and climate justice.

Anne L. Hendrixson is the Director of Population and Development Programs at Hampshire College. In her Critical Social Inquiry course “Beyond the Population Bomb,” Hendrixson critically examines the gendered and racialized ways that environmental thinkers have framed population in relation to resource scarcity, food insecurity, conflict and violence, environmental degradation and climate change.

Sean Sweeney is the director of the International Program on Labor, Climate & Environment at the Murphy Institute, City University of New York. He also coordinates Trade Unions for Energy Democracy (TUED) a global network of 42 unions from 16 countries. TUED advocates for democratic control and social ownership of energy resources.
Martha Klein is the Chapter Chair of the Sierra Club of Connecticut and a leader in the fight to stop the use and transport by pipeline of climate -wrecking fracked gas in our state. With a background in public heath nursing, Klein is well-positioned to explain the ways that regulators, government, and industry have used a false narrative about fossil fuels to pit social justice and environmental activists against each other.

Alexis Rodriquez is the Fairfield Representative of the Connecticut Puerto Rican Agenda and an advocate of decolonization. He has been deeply involved with hurricane relief efforts, the campaign against coal ash dumping in Penuelas, and educating about the relationship of PROMESA and sovereignty to environmental justice.

James Clement van Pelt helps to lead Promoting Enduring Peace, an organization that encourages the productive interaction and mutual support of the peace, environmental, and social justice movements. Van Pelt co-founded and led Yale’s Initiative in Religion, Science & Technology from 2003 to 2012 and has authored, co-authored, edited, and contributed to various articles and books, including Seeking Home in a Strange Land: True Stories of the Changing Meaning of Home (Utrecht: Stili Novi Publishers; in press) and Different Cultures, One World (Amsterdam: Rozenberg Publishers). (more…)


As we travel around, read our emails, and talk to folks we find some very interesting articles that we wish to share with our readers. Here is one such article published in Freedom Socialist and well worth the reading.

Civil liberties — use ’em or lose ’em

The U.S. government, monarchs, dictators and other protectors of the rich hate civil liberties. Because they provide protections to poor and working people against abusive regimes. In the U.S. these are called the Bill of Rights.

These rights were not in the original of the U.S. Constitution, which was written to protect slave owners and big property owners. Radicals and small farmers who threatened to stop its ratification forced the inclusion of the first 10 amendments — the Bill of Rights.
Exercising our civil liberties has never been an easy ride. Slave owners, property owners and big business have been trying to squelch our free speech rights to organize and protest since the ink was dry.

The Haymarket martyrs were railroaded in 1886 to try to stop the movement for the eight-hour day. Socialists, anarchists and unionist immigrants were deported during WWI to chill support for the Russian Revolution. During WWII, masses of U.S. residents of Japanese, and even some of German and Italian backgrounds, were thrown into concentration camps.
Congress passed the USA Patriot Act after 9/11 and renewed it in 2014. It shreds privacy and free speech and denies trials to “terror” suspects.
I admit, it’s tempting to blame Trump for the current assault on civil liberties. He is so contemptuous of protesters who dogged his inauguration, so dismissive of football players who dare take a knee against police brutality. But he is just the latest example of state repression, not the source.

The U.S. media provokes fear about anti-Nazi “violence” at counter-demonstrations, and ignores the real threat to lives and free speech represented by fascist mobs. Its commentaries and reporting after the Charlottesville killing made little effort to explain the profound difference between what neo-Nazis and anti-fascists stand for.
U.S. government “terrorist baiting,” especially against -Antifa — the anarchist wing of the anti-fascist movement, is an attempt to scare us into silence. As is the jailing of Reality Winner for whistleblowing Russian hacking.

But trying to shut us up isn’t working. Hundreds of protesters were arrested in Washington D.C. at Trump’s January 20th inauguration. Many now face felony trials for protesting Trump’s politics. Prosecutors insist demonstrating is a crime. The jury didn’t buy it and acquitted the first six of over 200 protesters charged! All remaining charges must be dropped! (more…)

People from all over the country will descend on Washington, D.C., to say NO to Donald Trump’s War Parade on Veterans’ Day weekend November 10-12, 2018.

This is an outrage! It is an obscene glorification of war and a criminal waste of urgently needed money. At this very moment so many working people are unable to pay their medical bills and rent, millions in Puerto Rico still have no electricity, youth unemployment is still staggering, the drug epidemic is worsening, and the country’s infrastructure is crumbling. The War Parade is aimed at stimulating a new war drive that will bring death and destruction to one (or more) of the countries on the Pentagon hit list, potentially North Korea, Iran, or Venezuela. The over-the-top celebrations of the war machine — in the false guise of “patriotism” — also serve to stifle dissent at home, as Trump has repeatedly shown with his racist attacks on #BlackLivesMatter protesters.

The people of this country, and the world, will not stand for it. We will not be led into the slaughterhouse of war — either as perpetrators or victims — so as to repair a wounded ego or a wounded Empire. Hundreds of thousands will pour into the streets to stop Trump’s agenda of militarism and racism.

Donate to build a truly massive counter-mobilization of the people against Trump’s war parade.

For Facebook information see HERE.

If you don’t understand why an anarchist would want or need to cover their face, you probably aren’t doing many anarchist things yourself.

Listen to our comrade Cass as she speaks at the Women’s march in Hartford. I always said if you want to hear a great speech ask a queer to give it.

Her speech Pussy Hat, Pussy Hat Where Have You Been.  “A written version of the speech I gave at the WMW-CT Anniversary Rally. I cut some parts due to time limits. Some of that is added back into the written version, in italics.”  That version is found on her blog Transcending Chaos HERE.

From the Gay Liberation Network, Chicago


Shut Down Racism, War & Bigotry

on 1st Anniversary of Trump

When Trump and the 1% attack, we will fight back!

A year into his and presidency, Trump, the 1% and the establishment are feeling more confident that they will not have to face resistance in the streets.

They have gone on the offensive, approving the racist travel ban, empowering racist police departments and ICE, attacking Native lands and the environment. They’re promoting the Tax Plan assault which threatens Medicaid, Medicare and Social Security.

They’re threatening LGBTQ rights through phony “religious liberty” laws and a forthcoming Supreme Court decision. These moves threaten equal access to public accommodations, a basic right won by the black-led Civil Rights Movement of the 1960s, today using hostility against LGBTQs as a wedge to attack a basic right that should be guaranteed to all oppressed people.

On an international front, they’re funding and escalating the Saudi genocide in Yemen, preparing for a disastrous war against perhaps Korea or Iran, backing election fraud against a progressive candidate in Honduras, threatening net neutrality, attacking the Arab and Muslim world by declaring Jerusalem the capital of Israel and much, much more.

Trump and the congress of millionaire’s agenda of unrestrained capitalism and white supremacy and the warmongering and fake resistance of democratic politicians can only be defeated by a united people’s movement to stop racist police terror, imperialist war, environmental destruction, the fascist mobilization and the attacks on immigrants and all oppressed people.

We stand with and will continue to defend immigrants, LGBTQ people, Muslims, People of Color, women, workers, the youth, poor people, the disabled and all those who are under attack!

The initiating cosponsors of this action are BLM Women of Faith, Answer Chicago & People United Against Oppression. They can be contacted at 773.885.3991. Please join and share the Facebook event here.

Additional co-sponsors are: Chicago Students Union; Freedom First International; Gay Liberation Network; Illinois Green Party; Centro Autónomo de Albany Park, Chicago; Anakbayan Chicago: International Coalition for Human Rights in the Philippines – Midwest; Free from Harm; Chicago Chapter of Veterans for Peace; La Voz de los de Abajo; Chicago Campaign to Expose Crisis Pregnancy Centers; Kofi Ademola, an activist in the Movement for Black Lives; International Socialist Organization; Refuse Fascism Chicago; Chicago Workers World Party; The Party for Socialism and Liberation Chicago; Chicagoland Teamsters Against chump; Albany Park, North Park, Mayfair Neighbors for Peace and Justice; Chicago Socialist Alternative; Chicago Stop Moving Backwards; No War on North Korea; Party for Socialism and Liberation – Milwaukee; Wisconsin Bail Out The People Movement; Southwest Suburban Activists; March 19th Anti-War Coalition; No Amazon HQ in Chicago; and Justicia en Ayotzinapa Comité Chicago.