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Listen to our comrade Cass as she speaks at the Women’s march in Hartford. I always said if you want to hear a great speech ask a queer to give it.

Her speech Pussy Hat, Pussy Hat Where Have You Been.  “A written version of the speech I gave at the WMW-CT Anniversary Rally. I cut some parts due to time limits. Some of that is added back into the written version, in italics.”  That version is found on her blog Transcending Chaos HERE.


The love song of Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un
With Roy Zimmerman and Sandy and Richard Riccardi
Parody lyrics by Roy Zimmerman and Melanie Harby


An actress is not a machine, but they treat you like a machine. A money machine.”
—Marilyn Monroe

Marilyn Monroe targeted by FBI for pro-socialist views.

Written by Preston Wood and published in Liberation newspaper for the Party for Socialism and Liberation.

Marilyn Monroe targeted by FBI for pro-Socialist views.

Fifty years after her death in August 1962, files that document the FBI’s close scrutiny of actress Marilyn Monroe have finally been released. The files, not made available without extensive redactions until now, show that the star, highly exploited and at the same time greatly admired by millions of people around the world, was the target of intense FBI surveillance. This was because of her close association with communist activists, militant trade unionists and other left-leaning currents in the U.S. political movement, especially in the months prior to her untimely death.
FBI surveillance began after Monroe—along with other entertainers—applied for a visa, to visit the Soviet Union in 1955, and continued until her death in 1962.
In addition to her associations with communists and left-leaning liberals of the day, the files show that the FBI was especially concerned about Monroe’s contacts with American ex-patriot Frederick Vanderbilt Field, residing in Mexico, who himself had been disinherited by his ruling-class family due to his leftist views. Of particular note in the FBI files is an account of a trip that she took to visit Field in Mexico several months before her death.

In his autobiography, “From Right to Left,” Field described Monroe’s deep passion for justice: ”She told us about her strong feelings for civil rights,” he wrote, “for black equality, as well as her admiration for what was being done in China, her anger at red-baiting and McCarthyism and her hatred of (FBI director) J. Edgar Hoover.” (more…)

Telling it like it is and should and must be told again and again. Here is none other than Roy Zimmerman in another great song.

Because We Remember Lynne Stewart

Facebook Page HERE.

Dick Gregory fasted to free Lynne Stewart – We must continue the struggle and FREE THEM ALL!

**Join us as we celebrate Lynne’s birthday!**

6:30-10:00pm ~ Doors open @ 6:00pm
The Theater @ 80 St. Mark’s
80 St. Mark’s Place between 1st & 2nd Ave

Flavia Fontes: Lynne Stewart Documentary

What is a Political Prisoner ?
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Getting Our Political Prisoners On the National Agenda
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Take a listen to Atty. Peter Goselin explain the new anti-BDS bill now in the congress.

and from Dan of Socialist Action

To fighters for what is right that we are proud to know.

The Queer Insurrection: “These Faggots Kill Fascists”

By Andrew Phillips, Out Magazine, 7-25-2017

The first LGBTQ military has been established to combat the Islamic State (ISIS). The volunteer organization known as The Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army(TQILA), is a subgroup of The International Revolutionary People’s Guerrilla Forces (IRPGF), an anarchist movement working alongside Kurdish units in northern Syria.

Over the past three years, LGBTQ people have been frequently targeted by ISIS. The Islamic State openly condemns homosexuality, and its supporters are believed to be responsible for brutally killing captives suspected of being gay, in many cases, stoning them or throwing them off rooftops. The perpetrator of the deadly attack on the Pulse Nightclub also pledged his allegiance to the Islamic State.










The Queer Insurrection and Liberation Army is pushing back against these atrocities. In a public declaration of goals posted to the IRPGF’s twitter account, TQILA writes:

“The images of gay men being thrown off roofs and stoned to death by Daesh was not something we could idly watch. It is also not only Daesh whose hatred for Queer, Trans* and other non-binary peoples leads to religiously motivated hatred and attacks. Christian conservatives in the global northwest have also attacked LGBTQI+ peoples in an attempt to silence and erase their existence. We want to emphasize that queerphobia, homophobia and trans*phobia are not inherent to Islam or any other religion… It is this necessity and desire to strengthen the gains of the women’s revolution while advancing the Queer struggle that has motivated Queer comrades of the IRPGF to form TQILA.”

The exact size and number of LGBTQ members in TQILA is being kept confidential to protect the members of the unit, but its spokesperson Heval Rojhilat told Newsweek, “Many of our comrades are within the LGBTQI+ community. We are already fighting in Raqqa.”

To read a full account of this go to the Newsweek site HERE.

“It is unclear how deeply entrenched the LGBT unit is in the battle for Raqqa. But if the new battalion can help deal one of the final blows to the caliphate, it would be the sweetest of victories for members of the LGBT community who have suffered at the hands of ISIS. In that event, the group plans to mark the community where the symbols of ISIS once stood, Rojhilat says. “We will fly TQILA’s flag, the IRPGF’s flag and the rainbow flag!”