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Here is a song for this day when we remember workers killed on the job.

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Family fleeing US bombs, where a US bombing attack killed about 200 civilians, men, women and children in Mosul, Iraq.

Hopefully people will get out in the streets for PEACE. U.S. OUT OF SYRIA/IRAQ NOW!! Everyone has been so preoccupied with what the bad guys are doing to them that many have forgotten what Amerikkka’s beating stick has been doing around the world. Our cries about ACA and other amerikkkan issues are minor to what the regime and former regimes are doing. We are nothing more than cry babies compared to what the family in the above photo is living. They are living what we are allowing this regime to do.

War is not healthy for children and other living things, let’s remember that slogan and go forward putting peace and the end of war on the front burner of our agenda once again.

We must get in the streets and demand an end to this U.S. aggression on the people of Iraq and Syria. We at this site do not support war no matter what any of the powers that be are telling us it is good for. The only thing it is good for is nothing. There is no two ways about it, either one is for their slaughter fest or one is against it. We stand against it. We must be ready to stand against any future wars on North Korea, China, Iran or anywhere else that amerikkka wishes to use its beating stick. NO WAR!!

Check out they have been active during all of these amerikkan troubles.




posted by Mother Mags on Daily Kos

artist: Karen Fiorito

The article has this to say in its opening lines:

Phoenix’s “Art Detour” has been going on for decades—one of those community events where most of the art galleries and many other businesses open their spaces to patrons. Thousands of people attend, and you can spend the entire weekend visiting dozens of attractions, listening to music and enjoying demonstrations. Today, art lovers along Grand Avenue will also have another work of art to admire.

A billboard depicting President Donald Trump’s face next to explosions and dollar signs created with typography imitating Nazi swastikas went up in downtown Phoenix on Friday afternoon.

The back of the billboard shows five fists forming sign language letters with the word “unity” beneath the fists.

For the full article go to HERE.

Just a little music to round out our work. We have played this before but want to play it again.


We have a choice either to let it keep on rolling or to try to stop it in its tracks. We here chose to stop it in it’s tracks…… and if we lose, well at least we tried and if we win we will send up a shout of joy and celebration that will be heard around the world. Just think the more people that the regime alienates the more that will join us. We must remember to not be deceived by their tricks, by their plots, by their creating an alarming situation. We must continue to stand as one against this common enemy no matter what. Come hell or highwater, by any means necessary, by any means possible. ONWARD!!!!!

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We have been reading more and more about pats on the back, giving a big cheer for some of our people, celebrating folks, honoring folks lately, that we are wondering just who is doing the honoring and who is getting honored? Who is being accepted into straight society and who is not? Are they rich, are they white, are they beautiful? Do they smell good, fresh as a daisy? Do they sing a good straight song? Can they pass? How well can they ape hetro society? From their wealth how much have they given out? To who? For what?  How privileged are these folks?  How much are they willing to accept straight societies call, “Someday it won’t matter if a person is LGBT,”or try on this for size: “The goal is to reach a point where we stop talking about equality, rights and discrimination like this because we don’t have to.” Good luck as we move backwards.

These points we believe come from a straight perspective, a perspective of excusing oneself, a perspective of not knowing anything about ones culture, its story and the making of a people. We know as well as the next gal that we can never stop talking about equality, rights and discrimination. As soon as we do the shit is going to hit the fan. As long as we allow this system to continue to operate then there will always be some of us on the bottom. Many of us who seek our rights will still have to speak out against discrimination and a host of other injustices that this system heaves on us and other folks. Let us be clear here, if we give a damn about others who are oppressed then we will have to speak up and fight with them, in a united front, on any road they chose to go. If we do not then we have failed, we have failed the very soul of our movement and we have slapped the faces of our elders and all of those who have gone before us.

Equality. We say fuck equality, we want liberation. Why would we want to be equal to this filthy rotten system or any of the folks that uphold it? Gays and lesbians are the most likely to be targeted by the very system that they fall over themselves to affirm and strengthen. So much of the gay and lesbian movement seems to echo the rhetoric of the mainstream establishment. Our brothers and sisters who are LGBT especially a person of color, young or Trans are more likely to come into contact with the criminal justice system. A history of bias, abuse and profiling toward LGBT people by law enforcement has contributed to disproportionate contacts with the justice system. Our people who are poor are likely to end up behind bars, where they are treated unfairly, abused by other prisoners and guards and in many cases kept in solidarity confinement.

Stigma in society, and especially in the workplace for the working poor puts many of us at an increased risk of unemployment, homelessness and involvement in survival economies like drugs and prostitution. This is why many of us work to ban the box on employment applications. This still is a struggle to get employers to give people another chance.  We know that those of privilege will never understand this, hell they can’t and don’t even understand what many of us in the working class face from bosses and folks just like them. One day Emma had a discussion with a couple of comfortable class folks,  “What do you mean if you don’t work you don’t get paid?” What, come on now everyone has paid holidays, paid days off, their birthday with pay.” No honey we don’t get all those little goodies that you get. Paid vacations, forget it the company I work for just got rid of them. No we don’t get paid vacations. Talk about a gulf, between us all. That is just one small part of it all. Just one small part of our lives. (more…)

Mike Alewitz artist, revolutionary, teacher posted today on his facebook page this for the upcoming International Women’s Day Strike Action. Many thanks to Mike for this revolutionary work of art.

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Mike has this to say about this his work and the women he has painted.


Some gave their lives, Most went to jail. All understood that change only comes when we take it to the street.

In support of the upcoming actions for International Women’s Day, some of the amazing, militant women that I’ve had the honor to paint:

Frida Kahlo (Activist Artist), Elizabeth Gurley Flynn (IWW Agitator), Harriet Tubman (Armed Abolitionist), Louise Michele (Commune Insurrectionist)

Emma Goldman (Anarchist), Mother Jones (Mine Workers Organizer), Rosa Luxemburg (Socialist Revolutionary), Sojourner Truth (Abolitionist/ Feminist)

Clara Lemlich (Strike Leader), Lucy Parsons (Labor Organizer), Lucille Thornburg (CIO Organizer), Rachel Corrie (Solidarity Activist)

Audre Lorde (Feminist/ Poet), Grace Lee Boggs (Marxist Philosopher), Karen Silkwood (Union Activist), Coretta Scott King (Civil Rights Leader)


The following is a longer version of a leaflet that we plan to pass out at the March 25 Equality Demonstration in Hartford Ct.

*Greetings to all who gather today*

Today as concerned queers we gather with others who oppose the regime in Washington DC. We gather to raise our concerns not only to this nation but to our community the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender, Queer and allied.

Many years ago, when our movement was young we learned that as LGBTQ folks we were here, there and everywhere. We learned that as Queers in the Gay Liberation Front we could not survive unless we formed a united front with others who at that time were under attack. We fully understood that we must not only seek the liberation of our people but of all people and join with the movements around the world in solidarity and in fighting for liberation.  Later we learned from the great Black, poet, author, philosopher, teacher Audre Lorde when she said, “There is no such thing as a single issue, as we do not lead a single-issue life.”

If indeed we are here, there and everywhere we must stand in support of all causes that are represented here and all people who gather here today.

We stand for our Transgender Youth who are taking the first blows in our community from Jeff Sessions, Betsy De Vos and Donald Trump. We stand with our Trans sisters and brothers who are held in detention and terrorized by ICE. We support Sanctuary cites and an end to deportation. We support our Trans comrades in the front lines of fighting back no matter where they live. No Human is Illegal. Stop All Deportations!

We stand with the Black Lives Matter Movement and support our sisters and brothers in the struggle. We call for an end to Trump’s executive orders that expand the discretionary power of police enforcement which are a clear attack on freedom, justice and equality. These new polices are intended to further criminalize, imprison, and deny justice to the nation’s most targeted populations including people of color, people living below the poverty line, and LGBTQ people. We support full civilian review boards controlled by residents not the elected officials or police. We join with those who say, Racist Cops Out of Our Neighborhoods!

We stand with the immigrant community who are now at the end of amerikkka’s beating stick in what Trump has called a military operation. We offer full support to this community. Tell us what you need.  No More Deportations! Free our sisters and brothers in ICE custody.

We reject this regime’s war against the Muslim Community. We reject this administration modern day exclusion order. We don’t want to just put a pause on the ban—it needs to be thrown out entirely because of the way it targets Muslims—and only Muslims. Lift all bans! No racist, xenophobic ban! Re-enact the refugee settlement plans.

We stand for ending Climate Change and strengthen the rules and regulations that deal with this. What good will anything be if we do not have an earth to live on?

We stand for PEACE. We stand to put PEACE back on the front burner of our agenda. We can not only care about how this regime is affecting any of us but must remember that many others just like us around the world are now at the end of amerikkka’s military beating stick. We do not support war no matter what the powers that be tell us it is good for. Either you are for their slaughter fest or are against it! We stand against any war with Iran, North Korea, China or anywhere else that this government wishes to go push its weight around. We call for an end to the war against the people of Syria. We call for freedom for the people of Palestine.

We support animal rights. We once saw a sign that said, “Extend your circle of compassion.” That is our goal. We call for an end to unethical and inhumane practice of testing where animals such as dogs, rabbits, birds, mice, and monkeys are forced to comply with painful experiments. Some methods that take place during animal testing include: Pouring corrosive chemicals on their bare skin, Injecting chemicals into their eyes, repeatedly force fed large substances, Forced inhalation of toxic gases and other means of torture. We ask that the activists involved with this movement do what they can to lead and organize opposition to the abuse, and murder of animals.

We stand against the so called “religious freedom act” or sometimes disguised as The First Amendment Defense Act. This act allows and encourages discrimination against LGBTQ people. FADA prohibits the government from holding any business or person accountable for discriminating against LGBTQ people. Specifically, it would allow people and businesses to discriminate based on the beliefs that marriage is between one man and one woman, and sex should only happen within such a marriage.

We stand against a National Right to Work Law and see it as a continuing step to dismantling unions.  One of the most successful lies in modern US politics has been that of “right to work” laws, which break unions under the guise of protecting workers. Right to work laws already exist in more than half the states in the country, where unions are weak or nonexistent, wages are correspondingly low, and workers are correspondingly disposable. In theory, these laws are about guaranteeing workers’ freedom of association. In practice, they’re about keeping workers from forming unions, by making unions financially unsustainable.

We fully support Planned Parenthood, the right to reproductive freedom, free abortion on demand, maintaining Roe v. Wade, and for clinics providing health care to women be established in all states. Stop the war on Women!

We fully support the Affordable Care Act and call for expanding insurance coverage to all. We call for free health care for all. Stop Trump and his regime from dismantling the Affordable Care Act taking insurance from many of our people living with HIV/AIDS and leaving many in the Transgender Community without health care. Stop all deregulation of the FDA. No exposing patients to costly, ineffective, and potentially dangerous drugs. We must be allowed to import needed safe drugs from Canada.

We call for the removal of Donald Trump from office. But we cannot stop there for we know quite well that our dreams of justice and liberation must extend beyond simply a world where Trump is not President but everything else is the same. We call for the removal of his cabinet, of the white supremacists, KKK and Fascists who are working closely with him. We denounce them and seek justice by any means necessary.

We stand not so much for equality but for liberation. We ask who would want to be equal to a system that long ago we knew was a dirty rotten system, a system that enslaved, that committed genocide that denied rights to other americans, a system that our mothers and fathers had to fight hard to overcome. We stand against going back. We stand to go forward. We seek liberation from this system not assimilation into it. We seek to abolish the systems that marginalize, criminalize, imprison, and kill our people. We continue to build on the legacy of racial justice and liberation movements. We call for an end to Capitalism.

Notes to the LGBTQ Community

We as members of the LGBTQ community have been given a great burden. If we except the fact that we are here there and everywhere then it is up to us to prove it. We indeed do have the weight of the world on our shoulders. We must speak up when the drones fly and the bombs drop. We must speak up when people are rounded up by ICE, detained and then deported. We know full well from our stories what happens when authorities keep and use lists against communities. We know what it is like to be scapegoated and arrested under false pretenses. We know what it is like when we are denied, omitted, erased.  Our youth are still thrown out of their home by parents who will not accept them, many times in the name of religion. We have felt the sting of pain when our churches have called us immoral and have rallied against us from their pulpits. (more…)

Part 1 we asked the question Where Have All The Peacenicks Gone when they are needed now more than ever. It seems everything except military spending will be offered up to the cutting board maybe even Grandma’s Social Security all in the name of defense and other ugly meanness that is beyond a decent persons comprehension.  Defense spending world wide is growing and growing as everyone is afraid of everyone else and we all want to make damn sure we can blow each other to hell and and guess what you may not be back. America already spends more on it’s military than the entire world put together why do they need to spend more.?  Check out this pie.

Last year, the United States spent more than $596 billion on the military, a total greater than the next six countries in the world combined. But the Republican-controlled Congress is looking to increase that number for next year. On Wednesday, the House passed its version of the annual National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA), allowing for $602 billion to be spent on the country’s defense in 2017, but the way the money is budgeted could mean that total military spending could actually end up being far higher.

I bet when the present regime in DC is done with it there will be crumbs in place of some of those slices.

We here like this pie better:


There really isn’t any need to say much more than this. Just please put peace on the agenda.

“What difference does it make to the dead, the orphans, and the homeless, whether the mad destruction is wrought under the name of totalitarianism or the holy name of liberty and democracy?” –The Mahatma Gandhi

Are you already against the next war? Damn right we are. All it takes is just one glance at the photo below and we know were we stand. We don’t care what cause people wrap murder in we stand against your murderous cause.

Syrien Humanitäre Katastrophe in Aleppo

War is for losers, if you have nothing better to do with your life except to join a government killing machine, to kill your fellow man then you’re a loser, especially in this day and age, where the truth is freely available

Check out the group World Beyond War.

Which of these three campaigns would you like to help with?

Click one. Read about it. Use the form at the bottom of the page to tell us you’d like to help.

Divest public funds from weapons dealing.

Close military bases.

Support global justice.

Support World Beyond War’s work by clicking here.

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Poverty in Amerikkka. Low on the priority list HIGH on ours. (more…)