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The Madame Defarge Knitting Circle is knitting all across the world. In every village, hamlet, town, countryside, and city we knit. We knit and we knit the names of those who like these take. Its more than a crying shame and off in the distance we hear that train coming in. Its coming, yes it takes time, but mind you its coming. Once it gets rolling there will be no stopping it.  When the people of this world have had enough revolution will happen and the uplifted hands will be around the neck of the fat pig at his dinner table.

This is in today from Daily Kos. Want to scream, want to believe us when we say that this system has got to change. Want to believe some of us when we say, “Death to the Capitalist Pigs!” no other way around it. Or is it like, “I don’t need this drug anyway so this is not my problem.”

Take heed when reading this. If it doesn’t make you mad then something is very wrong with you.

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Pharma chief says 400% increase in cost of essential medicine ‘is a moral requirement to make money’

By Walter Einenkel

Pharmaceutical companies use the weakest, and frequently the laziest, excuses for jacking up the prices of their life-saving drugs. In the end, no matter what they say, it is about money. Their job, as they see it, is to make money. If they keep 100 people alive or 1,000 or 1,000,000,000, it doesn’t matter. What matters is that number on the bottom line on their accounting sheet. If their goal is to make $1,000,000, and they need to sell a pill for $1,000,000 apiece for the only 10 babies who need it in order to achieve that goal, then that is what they will do. Most people, faced with that statement, would say that is immoral. Most people don’t know shit about making that kind of money, baby! Just ask Nostrum Laboratories’ Nirmal Mulye. In an interview published in the Financial Times, he had this to say about everyone making Martin Shkreli out to be a bad guy for raising the cost of one of his own company’s drugs through the roof.

“I agree with Martin Shkreli that when he raised the price of his drug he was within his rights because he had to reward his shareholders […] If he’s the only one selling it then he can make as much money as he can,” said Mr Mulye. “This is a capitalist economy and if you can’t make money you can’t stay in business.”

What is Mulye defending? Well, his “Missouri-based” company, Nostrum Laboratories, just jacked up the price of their drug nitrofurantoin from $474.75 to $2,392. According to the World Health Organization, nitrofurantoin is what they classify as an “essential drug.” It treats bladder and urinary tract infections. Mulye wasn’t done giving a lesson in sociopathy as he continued to defend Martin Shkreli as being within his rights: “We have to make money when we can. The price of iPhones goes up, the price of cars goes up, hotel rooms are very expensive.”
According to Mulye, Nostrum was working the market against Casper Pharma, which makes another version of the same drug and had recently raised its price to $2,800. So you see, Mulye is still offering it up for less! Morality! The guy is a saint!

We are sure as the shit hits the fan over this Mr. Mulye will sleaze his way out or at least try to. Let’s call it like it is. This man is one big Capitalist pig. If you think that one side in this is any better than the other then take a look at who Mr. Mulye pals around with. She’s not the only one.  Bush/Obama/Trump/Clinton. Four cheeks on the same huge ass. These pigs own all of the politicians so go ahead and vote, vote for one of the cheeks, one of the pimples and keep this system going. Well, we aren’t going to be smothered by such puss.

or of course we could take a lesson from the French back in the day and send them all to the Guillotine. Their day will come as things can not remain top heavy for to long.  When that day comes and the top tumbles over what a celebration we will have. In the meantime let us not fall for the tools of the ruling class, let us not fall for mere reform those crumbs they shake from their table cloths. Let us educate the people so they know that the little they get, the soothing, is not all that we expect them to have.

 I say how dare she bring such a sign to the Women’s March. Just think what the political and religious right can do with that sign. She shows to me that she is in bed with them and not the queer / trans community friend or comrade. She is a divider not a person who is interested in forming a united front against the political / religious right, trump, his boys and this dirty rotten system.  She think she is cute. Well she is not. I wish someone had grabbed her sign an ripped it up. She is a pawn for the right. I wish she had been at the same march as us. We would have told her off. Can’t say we would have knocked her cold as that would not be very nice. But you know once this shit from the right really gets rolling there will be no time for silly signs such as this. No time for such people who are in the way of the new day. Off her some would say. We can only say we are glad she doesn’t live near us. Glad she wasn’t near us. There is a war going on and I intend to fight for all of my people. The person in the photo need not apply. She sleeps with the bosses. She sleeps with those who would be delighted if they could get rid of us. No she is not our friend and not our comrade.

I will never forget back at NYC PRIDE in 1973 when folks like her tried to boo our sister Sylvia Rivera off the stage. Some of us tried hard to fight back. All I could think was how dare they. How dare they do this to one of our revolutionary sisters. How dare they do this to one of our liberation warriors. How dare they do this to our trans sister who had always been out front in the fight when some of these white suburban gays and lesbians where just coming out.

In 1999 as a member of the Ct. Stonewall Foundation and Congress I had the privilege of introducing Sylvia at our forum. Nasty letters had been circulating via the G & L rag the Metroline denouncing drag queens, trans folks and the Bi-community. We were honored to bring Sylvia to town who spoke to a crowd. Somewhere out there in You Tube land is a video of me introducing Sylvia and her speech. All in all what I want to say is that for me whenever I hear a knocking from our people I fight like hell to open the door. I stand up against anyone who tries to bring our trans sisters and brothers down. ( I don’t give a rats ass who they are as I can make noise with the best.) You try to tell us shit like the women in the photo. Nah, I don’t sit down for it. I stand up and fight. I thought that someday it would get better. Well it hasn’t.

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You know this is bull shit by the way it smells.