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Furbirdsqueerly has long stood with the Puente Movement and we will continue to stand and work with them until justice is won.

When the 2016 legislative session began in January, we witnessed a wave of anti-immigrant bills like we had not seen since 2011.  By the time all the bills were proposed, there were 12 of them aiming to further criminalize and incarcerate our people, prevent police departments from collaborating with ICE, and keeping cities from creating municipal IDs.  We know the legislature felt emboldened to put forward these anti-immigrant bills because of the hateful messages and fear being spread through the “Trump Effect.”

For four months we waged a hard battle against these bills coming into law, alongside many other community organizations and faith communities.  Through the power of organized people, we were able to stop 10 of the 12 bills from being signed into law!  In particular, we were able to stop SB 1377, a bill which, in it’s original form, would have forced undocumented people to serve the MAXIMUM possible sentence for any crime committed, without opportunity for parole, plea bargain, or any alternative diversion program.  At a moment in history when Brown people are under serious attack from leaders of this country, who are labeling us rapists, murders, and thieves, the power of our organized community was able to stop a bill that was seeking to put our people in prison for as long as possible.

The win against SB 1377 is a win for the immigrant community in Arizona and it is also a breakthrough in the political consciousness and practice of our movement—one which has truly taken a stance for our incarcerated loved ones and all those who could be in the future.  The fight against SB 1377 was not the ‘good immigrant’ fight, but one that visabilized and lifted the humanity and dignity of our incarcerated people.

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Cuando la sesión legislativa comenzó en Enero del 2016, hemos sido testigos de una oleada de propuestas de ley anti-inmigrantes como no lo habíamos visto desde 2011. Por el momento todos los proyectos fueron propuestos, había 12 de ellos a fin de seguir criminalizando y encarcelando a nuestra gente, impedir que los departamentos de policía colaboraran con ICE, y mantener las ciudades de creación municipal de IDs. Sabemos que la legislatura se envalentonó a presentar estas propuestas de ley anti-inmigrantes a causa de los mensajes odiosos y temen ser discriminado a través del “Effecto de Trump”.

Durante cuatro meses hemos librado una dura batalla contra estos proyectos de ley anti-immigrantes, junto con muchas otras organizaciones de la comunidad y las comunidades de fe. A través del poder del pueblo organizado, pudimos detener a 10 de los 12 proyectos de ser firmada en ley! En particular, hemos sido capaces de detener la propuesta SB 1377, un proyecto de ley que, habría obligado a los indocumentados a servir la pena MAXIMA por cualquier delito cometido, sin posibilidad de libertad condicional, declararse culpable, o de cualquier otro programa de reorientación. En un momento de la historia cuando nuestra gente está bajo ataque grave de los dirigentes de este país, que está etiquetando nosotros violadores, asesinos y ladrones, el poder de nuestra comunidad organizada fue capaz de parar un proyecto de ley que buscaba poner a nuestra gente en la cárcel por mucho tiempo.

La victoria contra la propuesta SB 1377 es una victoria para la comunidad inmigrante en Arizona y también es un gran avance en la conciencia política y práctica de nuestro movimiento-uno que realmente ha tomado una postura para nuestros encarcelados a sus seres queridos y a todos aquellos que podrían ser en el futuro. La lucha en contra de la propuesta SB 1377 no era una lucha de un “buen inmigrante”, pero uno que visabilicaba y levantó la humanidad y la dignidad de nuestra genrte encarcelada.

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In from Radical Women

On January 27, Marissa Alexander served her last day behind bars as was agreed to by a plea deal arranged in November 2014. She still has two years of house arrest to serve, but will be able to work and attend her children’s school functions. Please read the press release below that was put out by the national Free Marissa Now mobilizing campaign.

Radical Women took up the defense of Marissa because our experience has shown that justice for women who defend themselves is won through grassroots community organizing as much as it is in the courtroom. It is thanks to the collective efforts of many individuals and groups that Marissa is out of prison. Your phone calls, letters, demonstrations and actions pressured the courts to overturn her conviction and 20-year sentence.

This was not the ending many of us had hoped for when the case began – full acquittal was the goal. But the state relentlessly persecuted her, and State Prosecutor Angela Corey threatened a 60 year sentence if a jury found Marissa was found guilty at her second trial. So she accepted a plea deal.

Justice was not served in this case, as it so frequently isn’t for women of color and those who are physically or mentally abused by their partners. Marissa Alexander was a victim of spousal abuse who attempted to defend herself and found herself portrayed as the attacker by a racist and sexist legal system. Racial stereotypes that depict Black women as aggressive and full of anger helped stack the cards against her in the courtroom.

Radical Women joins the call for expunging Marissa Alexander’s record. We also demand the passage of a strengthened Violence Against Women Act, and an end to race and sex discrimination in the criminal justice system, including a stop to mandatory minimum sentencing.

In addition, Radical Women calls for massive increases in funding for jobs, aid to families, and shelters and services for everyone fleeing domestic violence regardless of their race, sexual orientation or immigration status. In the end, we need to overturn capitalism, the vicious economic system that so often forces women to stay with abusive partners, and create an egalitarian world that is safe and just for all.

Margaret Viggiani
Radical Women
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In from US Uncut

Victory!! A Florida judge has ordered Ft. Lauderdale police to stop arresting people for feeding the homeless. Last month, 91-year-old veteran Arnold Abbott made national headlines after being arrested twice for feeding the homeless, something he has done for 20 years. Share if you agree feeding the homeless should never be illegal. LIKE our pageUS Uncut!

Story: ‪#‎homelesshatelaws‬

Victory!! A Florida judge has ordered Ft. Lauderdale police to stop arresting people for feeding the homeless. Last month, 91-year-old veteran Arnold Abbott made national headlines after being arrested twice for feeding the homeless, something he has done for 20 years. Share if you agree feeding the homeless should never be illegal. LIKE our page US Uncut!     

Story:    #homelesshatelaws

CeCe McDonald was set free from prison today. We celebrate with all folks of goodwill who together worked hard for this day.  For updates see Support CeCe McDonald blog site HERE.

See story by Tony Merevick on Buzz Feed LGBT  “After 19 months in Men’s Prison CeCe McDonald Released.”

For an excellent story on CeCe see Sarah Karlan’s “Why everyone Should Be talking About CeCe McDonald.” on Buzz Feed. (more…)

We posted September 2 an appeal from about our gay brother Miguel Caceres being held in Federal detention. The article titled ICE Let Our Brother Go can be read HERE, The following update on Miguel’s case came in today and is printed as was stated.

Good news: Just weeks after you signed a petition calling for his freedom, Miguel Caceres has been released from prolonged federal detention.

Miguel endured beatings and death threats in his home country of Honduras because he is gay. He came to the United States hoping for a better life, but instead found himself thrown in an Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) detention center. Even after a judge ruled that Miguel would not be sent back to Honduras, ICE continued to detain him without reason.

But then more than 11,000 members — including you — spoke up. And now Miguel is free.

“I am very happy,” Miguel says. “I didn’t think I was going to be able to get out [of detention]. There’s nothing like freedom. Thank you to everyone who supported me.”

The good folks at Heartland Alliance’s National Immigrant Justice Center got the ball rolling for Miguel by starting a petition on, and with your help, Miguel is a free man.

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