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photo courtesy of Marc Burns

tape, chair, rope, boards, plastic and water

He takes the ordinary and makes it un-ordinary by an almost magical arrangement of materials into puzzles’ and questions that don’t need to be answered necessarily. But gosh when we try we have fun. Draped, wrapped, bound, tied, wound around, mysteries under cover that don’t require me to wonder, what’s under that wrap up? Beautiful presents not to be disturbed by questions of what’s inside. As I sit here writing those words I think “what’s underneath the tarps” never crossed my mind.

Photo courtesy of- Thomas Foran

This art opens up so many possibilities. It doesn’t shut anything down. It doesn’t say aren’t I nice because it doesn’t need to. It is there for the learning, for the moving us from here to there from one place to the next. We don’t always know where we will land or what we are landing on but land somewhere we will. Or then just maybe we won’t, maybe we will keep going, going, going. A push that gives out another push, a new invention inventing another invention.  This work doesn’t say “aren’t I nice for over your sofa,” it doesn’t fit in a nice little nice frame, No telling viewers “I am as slick as slick can be.” It can not, repeat and repeat after so many in the art world and say, “My mommy went to art school and this is what she learned.”  It doesn’t behave itself. It can’t, it doesn’t know how, it won’t, just a few reasons we love it. It doesn’t tell me I am “like” art. It boldly says I am art and means it. For all the reasons, in all the art history we know it is true.

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Photo courtesy of- Marc Burns


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April 18, 2017   4:30-5:30
450 Main Street Hartford Ct.
Tax Dodgers for Trump, Rejoice!
Billions more for the rich. More cuts for working people.
This man thinks he’s smarter than you. 10 out of 10 billionaires agree “Not paying your taxes makes me smart”

Some CT lawmakers agree! Sound Fair to you? Hell no. Let’s take it to the streets on Tax Day.
Hell no. Let’s take it to the streets on Tax Day.

Don your best billionaire costume as we thank Trump for fighting for the wealthy on Tax day.

Disclaimer: We’re not really thanking him. We’re just expressing how ridiculous and unfair his budget is for ordinary working and poor people.

Marc Burns's photo.PR9


· Hosted by Marc Burns
Sunday 4/9 2 ~ 9pm
Tues.,Thurs. 1 > 5pm
Weds. 4.30 > 7.30pm
or by appointment
Marc Burns
860 371 7898

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Banner in New Haven out to block the bus of hate.

for more info go to HERE.

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One night only in Hartford!
Friday, March 31
Direct from Palestine: Shoruq Children’s Debka & Girls Hip-Hop Performance
The Artists Collective (1200 Albany Ave., Hartford)
Event begins at 7pm, doors open 6:30pm
General Admission $15, Student Admission $5
I hope you can join us for this once-in-a-lifetime performance.
Tickets can be purchased online here:
Video of the performers can be viewed here:

Thanks to Josh for sending this along.

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From Badlands

Posted: January 28, 2017 in art, For your information, Ha Ha, we dig it.

Less than 24 hours after premiering a new set of posters made exclusively for the history making Million Women’s March in Washington D.C. and New York, images of the works were banned from social media platforms Facebook and Instagram.

The works, collectively entitled New Proverbs is in part inspired by the protest posters of the infamous Westboro Baptist Church, arguably one of the pioneering Christian hate speech groups in America. The New Proverbs takes visual cues from the color combinations and typographic treatments of the original church signs. But the messages do not disparage the LGBTQ community, Catholics and other Christians, Muslims, Jews, American soldiers and politicians—like the Westboro signs. Instead, the New Proverbs are directed at President Trump, who also happens to demonize the LGBTQ community, Catholics and other Christians, Muslims, Jews, American soldiers and politicians.

Images of New Proverbs premiered on social media platforms the evening of January 19th before the posters were delivered to protesters for the marches in Washington D.C. and New York on Saturday the 21st. The images gained traction online quickly and were reposted on Instagram and Facebook. But on Friday, Facebook sent a notice to Badlands stating the images did not meet “community standards” and were being removed. On Saturday afternoon, Instagram sent a notice stating a similar offense: the images do not “follow community guidelines”. (more…)