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Holy Sheet!



Let’s start this right. Here we go.

I noticed on the calendar that October 16 is celebrated as Bosses Day. To this we must say what a load of Bull Shit. Its a day set aside for workers to honor their bosses. Well we will give a big BOO and then some for such a stupid idea. What are we suppose to do, give the boss a gift of $, flowers, take him out to lunch, get her a nice vase? In many offices foolish employees will take up a collection, get a card have everyone who donated sign it. How does anyone think that the employee who can not afford to contribute the money will feel? Like maybe the boss will look at her in another way and think up ways to get rid of her. Tradition would hold that the boss should be the one giving to the employees not the other way around. There are acutally websites that have gift giving ideas and a list of do’s and don’t for Bosses Day.

We have nothing in common with bosses. Nothing at all. Bosses represent the ruling class and the ruling class is not us. The boss keeps us in line day after day and thwarts our every move to organize to make our lives and the lives of our fellow workers better. He very rarely will bend any of the rules for us. He never misses an opportunity to show you who’s in charge and believes that employees are little more than worker bees who obey orders and follow the rules. In return for their good behavior, and if they’re lucky, employees may get to keep their jobs. The rallying cry of these bosses is, “Do what I say or else.” To them, there’s nothing that another rule or policy can’t fix. He says,  “Don’t tell me your story as I don’t care ones rat ass, that you have a problem with childcare, your car doesn’t work, your mother’s sick or your fathers dead. Too bad.” We got a job to do here. You haven’t been here a year yet why should you even think that you should get a day off? Sick, no pay poor boy. What is a boss? I don’t even like the word even if you find a good one among all the rotten apples they still play by the rules set up by their bosses.

I once worked with a woman to whom I was very close. She was from Vietnam. She never could make the connection that the term was boss and she would always add a y to boss and called him Bossy. Yes she got it right he was a bossy boss. Why he even bossed where he shouldn’t be bossing. I know best I am boss. “Well,” said a couple of women, “we have been doing this cleaning when you were still in diapers so don’t tell us how to do our job.” Lucky for the workers they were organized into a union and soon the boss was finding himself a new place to boss and hopefully as Marion said, has learned a lesson here that he can take with him no matter where he works. Number one, Don’t mess with us! Number two, you don’t know the job so don’t act like you do. Another boss that was so dreadful that one day someone who knew he would be running around a corner put a good mess of cleaning fluid on the floor and wham! down he went and was out of work for months. You know people can only take so much. Nothing brightens up a room like your absent boss and you know its not even a matter of the cats away and the mice will play. You know its that strut, that looking down their nose, their better than you, their I am boss, their BS, their always right never wrong, how about their very being.

We won’t even get into where all the profits go but we know not to the workers who do the work.


We do not need a boss to do our work. We can all learn to be leaders on the job, doing what we must do to get the work done. But this will take training of ourselves so we don’t become bosses in any leaderless situation.


From the WE HA News.

Legendary West Hartford Halloween House Features Pirate ‘Ship of State’

The annual Halloween scene on the front lawn of West Hartford resident Matt Warshauer’s North Main Street home makes another overtly political statement this year.

By Ronni Newton, Photos by Joy Taylor

Even Matt Warshauer admits that he has outdone himself this year with the Halloween scene he has created on the lawn in front of his West Hartford home.

Warshauer, a professor at Central Connecticut State University and a political historian who has become known for creating elaborate and message-laden Halloween displays for well over a decade, built an elaborate and overtly-political “Trump wall” last year that garnered national and even international attention in the midst of a vitriolic election season. Past displays have included a Vietnam scene complete with a downed helicopter and the the Roman Colosseum.

It didn’t take long for Warshauer to get inspired for this year’s display.

“I got this idea earlier than I ever have – literally the day after the election,” he said. “It’s been disastrous on so many levels,” he said of the Trump presidency.

“I said to myself, ‘My God, the ship of state has gone totally off course,’” Warshauer said. “So I built a giant pirate ship.”

The ship is 50 feet long. The sides are 10 feet high, and the masts and rigging stretch 20 feet into the air. “It’s a bit of a feat of engineering – and mania,” said Warshauer.

He prefabricated the ship in pieces, crafted from cardboard attached to a lightweight wood frame, and staged the display in his backyard. It was ready to be screwed together and set up, as is his custom, on the last weekend in September. His three daughters, some of their friends, and some of his friends also helped and Warshauer estimates that he personally put in at least 80 hours this year.

To read the rest of the article and to view photos go to the WE-HA News article. (Many thanks to We HA News for sharing this amazing art.  HERE for more.

Professor Matt Warshauer has a web site found HERE. (Well worth the trip to see other Halloween displays.)


Telling it like it is and should and must be told again and again. Here is none other than Roy Zimmerman in another great song.

“Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back.  Do to others as you would have them do to you.” Luke 6:30. One person who I have admired for many years having had the wonderful opportunity to not only work at several houses of hospitality but to participate in many of the non-violent actions and programs is Dorothy Day. Miss Day reminded us, “The Gospel takes away our right forever to discriminate between the deserving and undeserving poor.” This I understood is where the judging comes in, we do not do it under any circumstance. Is this woman who asks of me going to do this with the money? Is he going to do that? I always had to answer so what just give. Miss Day also reminded us that, “We can not be meek in the face of injustice.” Poverty no matter the reason is an injustice! People hungry not matter what is injustice!

That is what I was taught from a very early age on. Give, no questions asked. Some say, well that man you just gave a dollar to will most likely buy a bottle of wine. To which I answer, I can not judge him. So if that is what that man needs at this time to get thorough the blows life have delivered to him and what blows happen every day, okay. Now I haven’t been a full fledged Christian for many a years and my early days of being one has lead me to a certain philosophy of life that I try hard to embrace in my every day living. Yes it is a struggle a real deal struggle. Last week the local newspaper, which by the way I never read, (how did that issue land in my lap?) had a very interesting article about a new Little Food Pantry that had opened on Laurel Street. Just a short walk down the street up over the bridge down the other side and shortly one is there. A women name Carol Padberg has the structure in front of her house. A give and take, little place that judging by the last three days needs more folks giving to keep it full.

The person who came up with the idea Azua Echevarria had this to say, ” There is a lot of shame and guilt when asking and receiving.” How well I know that. I was one of the worse panhandlers back in the day. I was so afraid to ask and needed such a push from folks I  hung with. We at Furbirdsqueerly love this little pantry idea. No appointments needed. No paperwork to fill out. No, only come here once a month. No, standing in line wondering who will walk by and see you. Welcome, come and take what you need.

We love what our friend Grace had to say when we discussed this little pantry and one of the people took the attitude that maybe a crack head was taking all the food and selling it for more crack. Go get him Grace. I said “Grace write that down and here is what she gave me.”

“The point of grace isn’t that the recipient is worthy – it’s all about the giver of the grace and how much they love. We deserve nothing from God yet He gives us everything. If we are wanting to follow Him then we have to have the same attitude as He does towards the poor. Love them without restraint. Don’t judge them or think you know them or treat them as a “mob” that you think you have all the answers on.
And who the heck is “more worthy” of eating??? It’s a basic human right – I don’t care if you’ve spent your money on crack – if you are hungry I’m going to give you food. Period. Starving never taught anyone anything except that people don’t care about them and they are worthless. And that’s a lie because the “worst” or “least” of us is who Christ died for.”

We have always like these instructions “But when you give to the poor, do not let your left hand know what your right hand is doing, so that your giving will be in secret; and your Father who sees what is done in secret will reward you.

We thank Carol Padberg, Azua Echevarria, John Meder an architect who built the pantry, Jordan Conover who posted and set the pantry in concrete for their kindness to our neighbors in need. We will continue to do what we can and encourage others to help make sure that no one goes hungry in these troubling times.

The full article published in the Hartford Courant can be found HERE.



Posted by Marke B in 48Hills.

It’s been a long and winding road to bring a celebration of the 50th Summer of Love to the park — permit kuffufles, safety glitches, and communication frustrations abounded in the cosmic quest to feed the heads. But finally the huge, fifth annual Peace in the Park (Sat/23, 11am-6pm) is gonna be THE ONE — and it even features the valiant Boots Hughston, who tried so many times to make it happen during the actual summer.
This half-century long-hair blowout (not to be confused with the Human Be-In, which held a peaceful, oddly tech-funded 50th commemoration festival of its own this past January) promises to fulfill everyone’s dreams of spiritual connection, and perhaps a little astral projection, on the Music Concourse. Swing by before Folsom Street Fair and witness a whole different kind of Electric Ladyland.

(We just had to add this still wonderful song by Scott McKenzie)

Some performers include: Wavy Gravy; Katdelic; Pamela Parker, Diamond Dave; Alstar Family Band feat. Mark Karan, Jordan Feinstein, Sunshine (Garcia) Becker, and Robin Sylvester; Michael Pritchard; Laxman Panthi; Third Thursday Band Feat. Kevbot (Kevin Lash); Temple of Isis Feat. Jil Love Revolution; Bruce H. Lipton, Ph.D; Milton Rosenberg; SOUL Twin Messiah, Peace Awards with Bill McCarthy, Boots Hughston, Catherine Enny, Michael Gosney, and others
The time is NOW to come out for peace! Let’s honor and celebrate the 50th anniversary of “THE” Summer of Love! Join us, with flowers in your hair! Enjoy a sunny September day at Music Concourse of Golden Gate Park in San Francisco, California on 9/23. Bring the kids, celebrate peace, get crafty, be artistic, relax with gentle yoga, chill to live music, find some zen with other meditators, and leave happier, refreshed, and connected to your inner calm. Vegetarian food stalls like Amma’s Kitchen & Donna’s Tamales available!
Partners include: Brahma Kumaris, SOUL – Summer of Unconditional Love, Peaceful World Foundation, Baha’i Faith, PeaceDay Global Broadcast, PeaceDaySF, CODEPINK: Women For Peace,, Earthdance Global, and San Francisco Recreation & Parks Department.


Sometime overnight, this statue was vandalized in Columbus Park on the City’s west side.

Telling it like it is in Buffalo.