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We are way over here sitting on the other side of the country but are posting this for our readers who are near Seattle and wish to go to this exciting forum. 100 % support form furbirdsqueerly.

A Queer Anti-Militarism Town Hall
Public · Hosted by The Seattle Public Library

Monday, April 2 at 7 PM – 8:30 PM PDT, The Seattle Public Library Central Library, 1000 4th Ave, Seattle, Washington 98104

If the US military is a central institution of global oppression, why is trans inclusion portrayed as a social justice issue?

In this panel discussion, we will connect the fight for queer and trans liberation with struggles against militarism in all its forms. Instead of calling for the “right to serve” in the US military, this discussion focuses on challenging the violence of the military at home and abroad. Panelists will speak from a broad range of organizing experiences, from challenging structural racism to fighting for migrant justice, indigenous sovereignty to prison abolition, anti-war activism to the movement against sexual violence.

With micha cárdenas, Angélica Cházaro, Nikkita Oliver, Matt Remle, Dean Spade, and Mattilda Bernstein Sycamore

Doors at 6:30 p.m.

The event photo was generated by activists in 2017 and went viral on Facebook, with thousands of people using it as their Facebook profile picture.

– Jewish Voice for Peace-Seattle
– South Seattle Emerald
– NWDC Resistance/Resistencia al NWDC
– International League of Peoples’ Struggle – ILPS Seattle

Facebook page for this event is:


An Afro-Brazilian, queer, feminist socialist councilwoman, who fought for the oppressed and the poor in the favelas and who was critical of police violence and the right-wing government, was assassinated in Rio de Janeiro.
Her voice will be missed. Rest in power, Marielle Franco. ✊✊✊

Over at Diana’s Little Corner in the Nutmeg State Diana a comrade, friend and leader in the Ct. TransAdvocacy Coalition published an article the other day about Ru Paul and his apology to the Trans Community. First let us read what was posted and then a wonderful comment from Diana written in 2014 and after that a updated comment we made on this issue.

I want to believe he is turning over a new leaf, but his actions and words will be the true test that he has changed. In the past he has badly hurt the trans community and it will take a lot to heal the deep wounds.

RuPaul tweets ‘regret’ over controversial transgender comments: ‘The trans community are heroes’
By Joey Nolfi
March 05, 2018

RuPaul has issued an apology for controversial statements he made about members of the transgender community.

“Each morning I pray to set aside everything I THINK I know, so I may have an open mind and a new experience,” the two-time Emmy-winning host of RuPaul’s Drag Race tweeted Monday, two days after the The Guardian published an interview with the LGBT icon in which he indicated he likely wouldn’t allow a post-operative transwoman to join the show’s cast. “I understand and regret the hurt I have caused. The trans community are heroes of our shared LGBTQ movement. You are my teachers.”
In the past he has named segments of the show “You’ve Got Shemail” or the game “Female or Shemale” where you try to identify the cisgender woman; he has far to go to show that he is culturally aware and it is going to take a long time to show me that he changed.

I do not hate drag queens, it is just not my “cup of tea,” I know many “drag queens” and I know many trans women who started off as drag queens, but Ru Paul has hurt many trans women by his comments, let his actions and words show that he has changed.

(Diana wrote) Back in 2014 I wrote this…
Ru Paul
Okay, here is my two cents.

There is a lot of lateral hostility within our community… I’m transgender* you are not… I’m more transgender than you… and on and on.

There are many exclusionists in our community and they usually draw the line under them, drag queens are looked down on by crossdresser, transsexuals look down on crossdresser, post-op transsexuals look down at pre-op transsexuals, and those that can integrate into society look down at those who cannot and call them “men in a dress.” Some transgender people think I am not a “true” transsexual because I haven’t hocked my house to have surgery even though I have been living full time for almost seven years.

So why is this? Why do they want to separate themselves from other people they see as being below them?

The origins of lateral hostility have its roots in our internalized shame as we worked to overcome our own feeling of inadequacy; we transfer that guilt to other people that we see as being below us… I am not like “those” drag queens. We cannot attack those who oppress us so we distance ourselves from those that we see as being below us and oppress them. It is also caused by internalized homophobia/transphobia, our fear of being labeled as gay, transsexuals’ fear of being “just a crossdresser,” and post-op transsexuals who can integrate into society fear being seen as a transsexual.

Another part of the problem is the way the media looks at us. When the media covers a pride event what photos do you see in the newspaper or on TV? Usually it is the flamboyant drag queens or the six foot seven crossdresser, and not the trans-woman who is integrated into society.

We also lump together those that we feel as being below us. Ru Paul is one person, and he is not the “Drag Community” (even though he thinks he is). But we demonize the whole drag community because of him. I am a firm believer that you hate that what you don’t know; so here is a homework assignment for you this Pride month. Get to know a drag queen. That’s it nothing more.

*My definition of transgender is anyone who crosses the gender norm. That transgender is a spectrum from drag queens/kings to post op transsexuals.

We left a comment over with Diana. It has been updated and reworked for this article.

Diana, Excellent piece. Thanks for writing this.

It would be great if we could unlearn all of this crap. This crap that puts down people Why does someone always have to be “lower than us?” Is that what Capitalism teaches us? We know in this system that someone must always be on the lower rung of the ladder and someone must be up higher. Mass unemployment has been a feature of capitalism since it emerged as the dominant social system in 17th century England and spread throughout the world. It is also an essential part of the system — the misery of the unemployed and underemployed fuels the profits, which keep the capitalist economy going. ( 1 ) It is a tool of the ruling class to keep those with a job in line, “Look they will tell us, you could be there, unemployed, getting by with crumbs, losing your home struggling to make your meager ends meet. That could be you down there. Get in line and under my thumb. Then instead of looking at the ruling class and bosses and saying fuck you and doing something about it as Diana says we oppress those on the bottom. When someone puts another person down does it make a person feel better about themselves, does I take the attention off of their flaws, make them feel higher in control?

I have found many times that many of us have not even if we think we have been able to throw off the straight jacket that society has put us in. Most all of us have been forced to wear it all of our lives, to exist between the lines. Forced by family, the church, friends, school mates and many others to be like them. In the early days even some of the so called radical homosexuals stated, “We are just like straights except for what we do in bed.” What bull shit that statement and thinking is. Why in the world would anyone want to be like straights? We know what they are like as oppressors, do we want to love our oppressors? Form ourselves in their mold just to be like them and get along. Why would we want to trade our face, our fabulous beautiful face for theirs? When we put down our comrades in our community we return to that dreadful place we fled from. That ugly place that said, “Burn fag burn.” That ugly place of assimilation into mainstream society. To those who can’t or won’t assimilate we can not say fuck you. We say Fuck the Norm! Fuck the Straights! Fuck the System!

So we say Enough of this dirty rotten system!  Are folks really that miserable and unsure of themselves that we have to point and say you are nothing to someone else. What false gods do we worship that tell us to believe that type of junk? Isn’t that crap a form of bullying.  Isn’t it a shame that a people who are so attacked from the outside and on a very slippery slope with the alt-right threatening to kill us all that we would find others in our community to belittle. If anyone hasn’t read the article, American Neo-Nazi Groups Hell-Bent on Murdering LGBTQ People Are Very Real please do so. It should be enough to bring all of us together. If not then dear friends we have lost and we will allow the pink triangle to once again become a forced fashion statement.

Now how about the person or persons who are doing harm to our community such as gays who are joining the Neo-Nazis or those who support trump, or those such as Ru Paul who is making life harder for our people. What do we do with those folks. We should know from our history and from the history of many others that we MUST fight the right, and the Neo-Nazis. Fight them with everything we have building an alternative vision of what this amerikkka can be. We must never put anyone who are fighting for their lives and the lives of their communities down, or not care if that old beating stick is on their heads. We must fight back and stop the BS of division within our community and towards all oppressed. Remember the saying Divide and Conquer? Of course you do. That is just what the outside is trying to do. Why would anyone who has a target on their backs want to do the same?

As said many times before, when and if they come for us they will sweep us all up in the net of degenerate and it won’t matter one bit what labels we have put on each other, who we like or dislike or what we have between our legs.  Harry Hay once said, “Assimilation is the way you excuse yourself. It absolutely never worked at all.” You may not think your are noticeable. But they know who you are. They know you’re a degenerate, and they’ve never forgotten that. You won’t find out until push comes to shove. And then you’ll find out real fast. Because they’re respectable in the eyes of God and you aren’t.” ( 2 )

Let’s get over ourselves before push comes to shove an we are face to face with an enemy so big that we can not defend ourselves due to our squabbles. But of course then there is the reality of, saying nothing as they take this group or that group away.

Build A United Front of ALL Our People!!  All Power to All People!!!


( 1  ) Al Perlo of the Communist Party USA wrote the article, Capitalism and Unemployment for the Peoples World. It is a very good read which explores this idea.

( 2 ) Cusak, Ann-Marie. “Harry Hay Interview” The Progressive Sep. 1999: n. pag. The Progressive Online. Web. 17 July 2011

Sylvia Rivera in a discussion with Eric Marcus said this:
“Because, straight society always looks, Oh, well a faggot always dresses in drag or he’s too effeminate. You’ve got to be who you are. Passing is like saying a light skin black woman or black male passing for white. And I refuse to pass. ”
You couldn’t have passed.
“No, I couldn’t pass. Not in this lifetime.”

Let’s tell each other its okay not to pass and mean it. Let’s tell each other its not okay to put our community members down. Let’s rise above our petty likes and dislikes.


Over at the site Queer Artists a lot is happening. Seeing art made by queers from all over the world is not only thrilling but connecting with a sense of community. One artist I have noticed and who gave me permission to post his art is Khristopher Khrist. An artist that is working and speaking of and about these times we live in. A queer artist and I am going to say just maybe one of the most important queer artists working today. He has this to say about himself: Illustrator, Collagist, Anarchist, Practitioner of Faggotry.  To connect with Khristopher and to see more art check him out HERE. 

Sometimes we are left with only our gut feeling about an artist and their art. We can’t really explain it fully but just know that what we are presented with is right. It talks of these times. Certain folks may not feel welcomed into its orbit but who cares. We are sure the cops would say, “Oh we are appalled by this work of art, along with the bourgeoisie, and many straight folks. But you know that doesn’t matter. When all is said and done, when it all comes out in the wash, when the new day comes and settles in they won’t matter one fucking bit. It will be artists like Khristopher that will matter. Artists that have pushed and pushed again. Queer Artists that haven’t straightened their genes. Khristopher doesn’t seem to be at all interested in self erasure and we are certainly glad. He knows how to snub his nose and poke. That is what we need more pokers. Pokers at everything and anything. Perhaps when we get done poking it will all be either full of holes or we will come out right. We believe that we will come out right as long as we do not cower and hide. We will come out right as long as we do not allow anyone to erase, omit, denied, or suppressed us. No matter what we must fight on.

Lets just start with one example of Khristopher Khrist’s works, ALL COCKS ARE BEAUTIFUL/ALL COPS ARE BASTARDS. 2018. Khristopher has this to say about this work:

“All day long on Facebook you can view images of unarmed black men beaten or outright murdered by police. You can watch the elderly and disabled dragged from capital buildings for protesting cuts to their healthcare and other services. You can see students maced and body slammed. You can view videos of police brutalizing protesters of color whilst treating white supremacists with kid gloves.
But god….forbid….you see a cock.”


Queers have long know that cops are not our friends. Never have been and never will be. Yeah, yeah, we know that some LGBT folks are cops, some are in the military destroying people and places all over the world and yeah some are republicans. Those warrant a whole essay on why they too are not our friends, and why in fact they come down in the column of enemy.  Here is an excerpt from an article we wrote that we wish to share:

Cops are just one component of the bourgeoisie’s repressive apparatus for subjugating the working class and anyone else that strays from the bourgeoisie norm.

Historically, cops have been perhaps the #1 most dangerous enemy of gay / trans / queer people for decades, and continue to target us today. Diana’s little Corner in the Nutmeg State recently published an article and had this to say:

“How did the rising at Coopers Donuts (1959), Dewey Lunch (1965), Compton’s Cafeteria (1966), and Stonewall Inn (1969) start?

With polices raids on “homosexuals” where they were checking for three items of male clothing. In other words they were looking for trans people.
“Perhaps no one illustrated potential issues between police and LGBTQ communities more than Nadine Ruff. A transgender woman, Ruff said she had reported a sexual assault to New Haven police but was ridiculed. Ruff said the police response re-victimized her, which she said is an experience that’s too common.
“You need to know about this community,” Ruff said. “We fear police.”

In our anti-Klan, anti-Neo Nazi work we know more times than not that the police will protect these scum and many times will beat, arrest and jail those of us who go up against these slime balls. They censor us who speak out because as the saying goes The Police and Klan Go Hand In Hand.

Some say we can educate the cops. So how we gonna educate them? How long is that going to take? Goosey fears it will take a 100 years. How many more Black men and women will be killed as we sit the bastards down and educate them? What level do we start at, kindergarten? first grade? second?  Can they even be educated? We can we sit back while the beating stick is wielded against others and be satisfied that it isn’t our heads at the end of that stick? (more…)

I am not sure how I found the site Queer Artists but I am so glad I did. It is a site for queer artists from all around the world to post their work and have discussions. Also a wonderful chance to learn about what is happening in different places. Just recently we had a discussion about older men when a hot beautiful older man posted a “young photo” and a older photo” of himself and a short essay written to the young. Well what a wonderful can of worms was opened there. We talked about our generation fighting for our civil rights,  before and after Stonewall, we talked of watching our friends and lovers die of AIDS, of young bodies and minds compared to older bodies and minds, we talked of art and the art world and how hard it was for many older artists to get an exhibition in a gallery or show. Concerning the last idea we talked of the ways that older artists and as a matter of fact any artist who is LGBTQ could bet included in a gallery showing. Folks at furbirdsqueerly said, “Hey,” we should publish this discussion with links.” We have readers from all over the world and this way queers who check out our blog can check out both the article an the site.

I want to first copy Han Van der Mijn  ( Mr. Hot who since as become a friend on facebook) posting that set off the discussion and then a link to the discussion.

A discussion that has been going on for decades in the gay male community but one that is still valid. Let’s remember all of our queers who are older now, they stood up and fought the powers that be many years before the young were even a glimmer in their old man’s dick. Fought off some horrible homophobia to get all of us to where we are now. Let us remember also many folks in our community suffer from all sorts of trouble because of the injustice that is thrown their way and the injustice and hurt caused by straight families, the church and by bullying in the schools. It is a wonder and a testament to us that we have survived. That we flourish. It is a testament to the many in our community who lived through it all, got past it all and live on today. Who worked together to throw off the straight jackets that society wanted us all to wear. One thing through all of this and let this be told in every corner of our community and to the world, WE ARE NOT GOING BACK! We as a community have so many outside distractors so many who want us dead we should have no time for bickering among ourselves.

Here is Han’s posting:

“To all the gorgeous, beautiful, athletic and smooth skinned boys: yes, you look good and sexy and bla bla bla.
But remember: you will inevitably age and the tattoo on your back will lose its structure, your skin will dry up and oh lord! all the pubic hair you have been shaving till this day will turn GREY one day.
I kid you not.
I have been there too, you know.
I am an hopeless old fag in your eyes but let me tell you something boys: you will deteriorate into your worst nightmare.
Show some respect, would you?
And for all the gay men who have my age: please take yourselves a little bit more serious and be proud of what you achieved.
We survived AIDS for pete’s sake!
And if you want to share pictures here, or anywhere else, of gorgeous, beautiful and athletic young guys, please do.
But never ever underestimate yourself or pull yourself down; that is sad, pathetic and unnecessary.”

Here is the link to the full discussion: 

Here is a link to the site Queer Artists.

If you don’t like to see a lot of cock, balls and ass (some seem to think that is the only queer art) then please stay away from the site. (at one time many curators thought that art about AIDS was the only “Gay” art) But there is a lot more. I can say one thing it is refreshing to see queer erotic art being brought to another level by many artists working today. Think back how many nude men have you seen in painting? Yes we know all about those ancient warriors with their tiny dicks (another discussion for another time) but how about paintings and drawings that really show what it is all about. How about paintings and drawings that show our queer eroticism?  We have so many talented artists in Queerdom so many artists who are really good at what they do.

We realize that people from all over the world visit our site every day. We do hope that you will check out the Queer Artist site.

Defend and increase SNAP benefits! Say no to harvest boxes! Until the revolution takes hold.


First a note from furbirdsqueerly: Yes Mr. trump you want a parade just like all the other big boys. Yes go ahead and show all of your weapons of destruction. But remember while you show your military might this child and many more like her all across amerikkka. While you are at it remember lots of other things, things that are so wrong. But most of all remember god doesn’t like ugly and you, your administration, your march to fascism, and your supporters are sure damn ugly.

A note to our community, the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and everyone else under our umbrella. Let us remember ourstories from history past. Let us see with our eyes wide open and not walk blinded in the light. We as a people know what is right and what is wrong. We as a people know if we do not fight back we will lose. Our foremothers and fathers certainly fought back let us remember that. In all attacks on our community and on other communities we stood up and said, NO!! We understood early on as the old IWW slogan said, An Injury To One Is An Injury to All.  But let us never forget what happened to our people when madness such as this was allowed to escalate. No folks the pink triangle was not a fashion statement.  When our rights and the rights of others are taken away one by one. When it all has gone too far to fight back. On a small scale if you see a Nazi today trying to parade and recruit in your community fight back. Their movement is growing and ignoring them will not make them go away. Use the rally cry, In memory of our people we fight the Neo-Nazis off.

He wants to be a big boy but in reality he is a big buffoon.

From the Guardian. Alerted by BacktoStonewall HERE. Who added It has been done before, Nuremberg Germany 1937 for example.

Donald Trump orders Pentagon to plan grand military parade!

President reportedly seeks parade in model of France’s Bastille Day celebration, prompting one veterans’ group to call him ‘a wannabe banana republic strongman’

Donald Trump has ordered the Pentagon to plan a military parade that would see soldiers marching and tanks rolling down the streets of Washington, it was reported on Tuesday.
The move was instantly criticized, with one veterans’ group comparing the president to “a wannabe banana republic strongman”.

Trump is seeking a grand parade similar to the Bastille Day celebration in Paris, according to the Washington Post. He outlined the plan at a meeting at the Pentagon on 18 January that included defense secretary Jim Mattis and joint chiefs of staff chairman General Joseph Dunford, the paper said, citing an unnamed military official.

“The marching orders were: I want a parade like the one in France,” the official told the Post. “This is being worked at the highest levels of the military.”

The White House confirmed that an event is in the works, though it did not offer further details. “President Trump is incredibly supportive of America’s great service members who risk their lives every day to keep our country safe,” press secretary Sarah Sanders said. “He has asked the Department of Defense to explore a celebration at which all Americans can show their appreciation.” (more…)