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Friday May 5th we march in remembrance of our black Trans sisters who have been killed this year, we march for LGBTQ+ rights , we march because we are fabulous and here to stay.
#QueerLiberation #TransLiberation #NewHavenPride #BLACKLGBTQLIVESMATTER #F4J

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Banner in New Haven out to block the bus of hate.

for more info go to HERE.

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Mike Alewitz artist, revolutionary, teacher posted today on his facebook page this for the upcoming International Women’s Day Strike Action. Many thanks to Mike for this revolutionary work of art.

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Mike has this to say about this his work and the women he has painted.


Some gave their lives, Most went to jail. All understood that change only comes when we take it to the street.

In support of the upcoming actions for International Women’s Day, some of the amazing, militant women that I’ve had the honor to paint:

Frida Kahlo (Activist Artist), Elizabeth Gurley Flynn (IWW Agitator), Harriet Tubman (Armed Abolitionist), Louise Michele (Commune Insurrectionist)

Emma Goldman (Anarchist), Mother Jones (Mine Workers Organizer), Rosa Luxemburg (Socialist Revolutionary), Sojourner Truth (Abolitionist/ Feminist)

Clara Lemlich (Strike Leader), Lucy Parsons (Labor Organizer), Lucille Thornburg (CIO Organizer), Rachel Corrie (Solidarity Activist)

Audre Lorde (Feminist/ Poet), Grace Lee Boggs (Marxist Philosopher), Karen Silkwood (Union Activist), Coretta Scott King (Civil Rights Leader)


Let it backfire.

In from the Daily Kos this article by Kelly Macias has some very good reminders and points that we all must consider when we organize. We can not be in this alone. They are too big and powerful.

Trumps divide and conquer strategy pits marginalized communities against one another.

Friday marks two weeks since the inauguration and though we knew it would be bad, the shitstorm that has followed has been no less than a disaster of epic proportions. Trump’s cabinet appointments, executive orders and choice of candidate for the Supreme Court have shown that he has no interest in protecting the interests of the American people. It sometimes feels hard to keep track of all that he and his team are doing to dismantle our democracy. After all, they are moving at a dizzying, breakneck pace. But if we aren’t paying careful attention, we might also miss how they are attempting to pit the most marginalized communities against one another.

The recent executive order that halts refugee resettlement for 120 days (except for refugees from Syria which are barred indefinitely) and bans travel from 7 countries which have large Muslim populations is evidence of how the Trump administration pretends to act out of care and concern for some while directly harming others. (more…)

Our hearts go out to Mr. Scott’s wife Rakeyia and his 7 children. We stand with you and know that somehow together we can and will demand Justice. R.I.P Keith Lamont Scott.

A black man named Keith Lamont Scott was shot dead by police outside an apartment complex in Charlotte, North Carolina on Tuesday night while the cops were searching for someone else.

According to Keith Lamont Scott’s family, he was married and had seven children. One family member told reporters that Scott was a “great man and great father” and he waited at the bus stop for his son every day.

In the wake of his tragic shooting death, a GoFundMe page has been created to help donate money to Scott’s family. The page mentions that Scott was “taken away from his wife Rakeyia Scott and 7 chilren and family who love him dearly.”

The message reads in full:

We unfortunately are here again where police have shot another innocent black man because “he posed a threat”. This can no longer be tolerated it’s time to take a stand! On Tuesday 9/20/2016 Keith Lamont Scott was shot reportedly 4 times while reading a book and waiting for his son to get off the bus. He has sadly been taken away from his wife Rakeyia Scott and 7 children and family who love him dearly. We can’t keep letting police take away our innocent black men from their families the time is now to stand up and support Black Lives! Please donate what you can to help this family in this very sad time! And please lift up prayers for their family as well! Justice will prevail!

Its bad yes its bad. How back check out the numbers on The Counted: People killed by Police in The US. HERE. In 2016 so far 790 people.

“Please, officer, don’t tell me that you just did this to him,” she said, as her boyfriend, Philando Castile, lay slumped and bleeding in the car next to her, fatally shot by a police officer. “You shot four bullets into him, sir. He was just getting his license and registration, sir.”..Diamond Reynolds who witnessed the shooting in the passenger side of the car.

Ms. Reynolds went on to say about the video she streamed in the aftermath of his shooting “I didn’t do it for pity, I didn’t do it for fame,” she told the cameras and people assembled. “I did it so that the world knows that the police are not here to protect and serve us. They are here to assassinate us. They are here to kill us. Because we are black.”

Our hearts go out to Ms. Reynolds, her family and to the family of Mr. Castile. With this we promise to continue to work for justice.