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An artist that we have come to admire not only for his art but also for his political thinking is Oroc Coro. One of the more interesting queer artists working today we first came upon his work on the site Queer Artists. QA can be found HERE. Many queer artists working today are doing some really out of sight paintings and drawing of the male nude in all sorts of poses and actions, others continue to challenge the notion of traditionally female work, (some good stuff is happening in that department too) and sometimes to our delight conversations on art, politics, queer art, gay art, what is it and what it isn’t. (Is a person a gay artist if he paints landscapes?) Sometimes certain artists stand out, artists that bring a something that has been lacking in all the other art on view. Real deal queer art, art that passes by just another hard cock, or a cute nice young man. (nothing wrong with that as we need more full frontal male nudity.)

It is among all the queer art that Oroc Coro stands out. Creating situations with not only his drawing but his body he brings us from here to there. He brings us by challenging us to see, to listen, to feel. We do not always understand where we are going, but know that we are seeing queer art of these times. We know his work captures us. We know we can’t get it out of our mind and we know we will not forget it too soon. This is why we love this work and this artist. Oroc Coro A Queer Artist for these times and times to come.

To view more of Oroc Coro’s work go to HERE.  To connect on facebook go to Here.

With Oroc’s permission we show some of his work here. To say the least we are thrilled. All works are Charcoal on paper except of course when he appears with the work. In this exhibition let the art and the artist speak. Let us take the time to listen. Scratch your head if you must but listen.

Copyright © 2018 OROCORO – All Rights Reserved.

When I talk to myself. 54″ X 40″ 2013

Dripping Delight Fantastic 89″ X 80″ 2016

I Still Believe 52″ X 40″ X 18″ 2016

I Ain’t Nothing But A Hooker. 42″ X 30″ 2011 (more…)

The Mythology Show
a Group exhibition
at Artspace Hartford
555 Asylum Avenue,
Hartford, CT 06103

Public Reception with Live Music, Performance Art & Refreshments
Sat, Jan 26, 2019 from 6-9pm
Gallery open weekends Jan 19 & 20, 26 – 27, 12-7pm
or by appointment at
212.673.9074 ~

Facebook Page for the event is HERE.

New York City curator, painter and sculptor, Antony Zito, returns to his home state to compile a group exhibition on the theme of “mythology”. Featuring 19 New England artists who are represented through a carefully selected array of paintings, sculpture, photography and installation art, The Mythology Show will fill Artspace Hartford’s gallery and its subterranean “Grotto” with contemporary interpretations of the legends and archetypes of humankind. The women and men in this exhibition were selected based on their alignment with the following quote about the function of myths and stories in our lives:

“Shakespeare said that art is a mirror held up to nature. And that’s what it is. The nature is your nature, and all of these wonderful poetic images of mythology are referring to something in you. When your mind is trapped by the image out there so that you never make the reference to yourself, you have misread the image. The inner world is the world of your requirements and your energies and your structure and your possibilities that meets the outer world. And the outer world is the field of your incarnation. That’s where you are. You’ve got to keep both going. As Novalis said, ‘The seat of the soul is there where the inner and outer worlds meet.’ ”
– Joseph Campbell, The Power of Myth (more…)

My, My, My

a decree is sent out: Be thee unafraid of another man’s dick.

by punkpink and Arvey Jones

“My, my, my”, said punkpink on the telephone to me the other day. “I just saw on one of your areas finest blogs a photo of those old fashioned urinals. You remember the times, the great times, the fun times we use to have around those things. Gee I know its not political correct now-a-days to talk about cruising the tea rooms of long ago, oh what seems to me to be long ago but of course not as long a go as some things that happened longer ago than that long ago. Some gay men and other folks would like that part of gay stories to be hidden away and die off with our generation but maybe I should just have a bit of fun and publish this piece. To heck with those who will say, Hey now wait a minute why must you perhaps give fuel to the radical right wing conservatives or those who are freaked out about a trans person using the same restroom as their beloved Buffy and Joey. But let me say right up front this has nothing what-so-ever to do with any Trans person. This has nothing to do with Trans people using the restroom. This has to do with gay history. This has to do with the days that we sought out love and sex where ever we could find it. The days back then and maybe the days now for many, if you are lucky enough to find the place where it is happening without the police interfearing. Seems to be one of their job qualifications, interfere  with folks enjoying themselves. Interfere with folks just walking down the street, getting in the way of life all with power, guns, violent temperaments and ambitious white power. Let’s say it right now, Fuck the Police! Want to read why us old white queers take this position. ( 1 )

Beyond this door one finds joy!

“Hey,” is this the place where all the dicks hang out?” he shouted as he drove his transportation chair into the men’s restroom. “If it is then make room for the biggest baddest dick this side of the river.” All the dicks were hanging out at all the urinals and someone was taking a long piss in water closet number 1. “Oh.” thought Johnny, “the biggest baddest one this side of the river shit I got to hang out awhile longer to see that.” Soon as he said Johnnie’s dick leaped just a bit and he  couldn’t take my eyes off the guy.” Never did a guy like that but I hope that I can do him.”

You know said punkpink, I remember those two quite clearly. I snuck into a stall as I heard one of them say, “Do you need any help?” Later I saw them over at Macy’s shopping together in the underwear department. “Oh,” come on punkpink, “You tell such stories.” “Sometimes,” replied punkpink, “I heard one of the guys say, “Baby its cold outside and you need some new underwear.”


William Sloane House YMCA NYC.. Action City back in the day.

“Oh,” punkpink said, “both of us have such stories to tell here is one for you. ‘ Do you remember the guy named Quacky or something like that? I think his last name was Quackenberg. Well he told me when first landing in NYC back in 1964 he headed for the YMCA on 34th street got a room and headed for the showers. To wash the dust off from traveling from Kansas, washing away all that flatness all that corn and pigs or something like that. It was customary at the time for men who were headed to use the men’s shower and restroom to only wear a towel. Just big enough to go around ones waist and cover what needed to be covered while walking the halls. He headed for a stall to check out if there was any action or not as “love notes” sometimes were left on the stall walls. A silent partner was in the next stall. A foot moved closer, tap tap tap. Not knowing the secrete signals Quacky thought the guy was taping maybe to get out a big one so he though maybe just maybe if I tap along he will be able to do his business. Closer moved the foot until it came to rest on Quacky’s. “Oh I get it he wants to play footsies” But knowing in the rub, how the rub it rubbed, I knew it was something else the gentleman wanted. Why not thought Quacky, that’s what I am here for. Off they went to the older gentleman’s room where he proceeded to lay down face up on the bed. Shit said Quackey he just wants to lay there, like he’s half dead and have me do him. Not my idea of a good time. Maybe all that foot tapping and rubbing tired the old gent out. After about five mins. of laying there giving him a rub Quacky said, “Hey man if I wanted a corpse I would have gone to the grave yard. I’m heading to the showers for some action.” Not a very good start to experiencing the art of cruising. So some are duds and some aren’t and the best action that evening was found by Quacky in the shower.” All of us found action there. Every day we stayed at the YMCA.

men's locker room 1930

Paul Cadmus, YCCA Locker Room 1930

Here is a real campy song. I first heard it back in 1966 when I had cruised a guy in Bryant Park and we went home to his apartment on 22nd street. Yes it tells of what many of us experienced at the good old YMCA before many in both worlds sang along with the Village People. But you know back there in that apartment I met another gay man who was becoming as political as I was. It is where I first heard Shirley Verrett sing from the album Singing in the Storm. Songs such as Oh Freedom, No More Slavery Chains, Strange Fruit, and other songs of the era. Songs of protest, songs of hope, songs of that new day when all of us would be free. Some of the songs I had heard and sung back in my hometown with others who had the light of peace, justice, and freedom burning in them. But this was the first time that I had met a gay man who was listening as well as I was.  His name was Clyde was a member of the War Resisters League knew who was who in the organization and best of all who was like us. Early days mostly closeted homosexual men who found their interests in anti-war, civil rights and other social justice work. More than likely wondering when it was going to get better for us. Sure there was the Mattachine Society in NYC but in the beginning  of the “breaking out of heaven on earth,” it seemed to be rather boring, old fashioned and far to nice. Besides like Clyde said, it didn’t like us Beatnik types, you know those suit and tie Joes who hated us bearded, long hair pot smoking guys. Us pinkos, us commies. You know there has to be something else we thought. Something for our types. Something out of the ordinary. Something that will take all we have learned and say a big fuck you. Fuck I don’t want to be normal. I will never foget those words, those ideas, that were stirring in many of us at the time.

For this piece we shall listen to I’m So Wet! the Shower Song. Love it as its fun. This song Arvey we must dedicated to all of the good fucks we had at the old YMCA on 34th street, NYC.

Just a tad bit of ourstories.

****Men had been meeting men for sex, and this is on record, since the 15th century. (we won’t even consider what went on in the baths of 6th century Greece.) In 1492 in Florence a purge against the “vice of sodomy” took place in taverns, baths and sheds or houses used for sex. The city’s leading criminal court warned the owners of bath houses to keep out “suspects”. The taverns, baths, sheds and houses were raided. The court in Florence convicted 44 men for homosexual relations from April 1492 and February 1494. So the attacks by straights on homosexual men has been going on for many many years.

In England from the early 1950s there was a “witchhunt” of homosexuals with the Conservative home secretary David Maxwell Fyfe vowing to “rid England of this plague” and an estimated 1,000 gay men were arrested each year by undercover policemen prowling the parks, cruising grounds and public toilets.

Throughout history and for a variety of reasons, gay and bisexual men have looked to public bathrooms as places to get laid. Some men enjoy cruising public restrooms because they’re turned on by the exhibitionism and the possibility of getting caught, while others see it as a place to anonymously and discretely have a same-sex encounter in times when being outed as gay carries severe social, political and legal consequences.

Cruising public restrooms has become an ingrained part of gay history with mixed feelings surrounding it. On one hand, it’s considered so seedy, sexy and transgressive. On the other hand, it’s also considered by some gay men to be a dark side of gay sexuality and gay history that has been used to shame gay men for their otherwise harmless sexual proclivities (often in the name of protecting children, public decency or stopping the spread of disease). Most of the LGBT mainstream disassociates themselves with cruising in public and some  yes some have actually turned in men who were cruising and tattling to the police where the popular cruising spots are or were all in the name of advancement of their political agenda and the misinformed ideas that only the closeted men and men on the down low cruise restrooms.

We could write and write about the treatment of gay men who were out cruising and came face to face with entrapment in amerikkka and yes honey don’t think that it is over as it is still going on here today but others can do that job. Bet you ten bucks unless something changes it is going to get worse and bet you a hundred that the lovely LGBT mainstream will continue to look the other way.

Fuck with some of us we will fight back: 

Here is an amazing story about one man who after being arrested fought back and dear hearts a movement just grew and grew.

Dale Jennings, ever hear of him? Here is a bit of his stories: Dale Jennings was a early member of the Mattachine Los Angles. In the spring of 1952 Jennings was arrested for allegedly soliciting a police officer in a toilet in Westlake Park, now known as MacArthur Park. The trial that took place drew national attention to the Mattachine Society and membership increased drastically due to the decision of the Mattachine Society to help contest the charges brought against Jennings. Jennings called fellow Mattachine founder Harry Hay, and they enlisted the help of attorney George Sibley, a member of the Citizens’ Council to Outlaw Entrapment. Jennings was one of the first homosexual men to contest charges such as this one. Most homosexuals at the time pleaded guilty so as not to be publicly scrutinized. His decision to fight back was a pivotal point in the movement. The organization raised funds and promoted Jennings’ case nationally. The trial began June 23, 1952 and lasted ten days. Jennings confessed to being a homosexual but denied any wrongdoing. While there were different accounts of what exactly occurred that day, by the end of the trial the jury voted 11–1 for acquittal on the basis of police intimidation, harassment, and entrapment of homosexuals, and the case was dismissed. While only Dale Jennings and the police officer know the exact details of that day in the park, the trial brought a lot of attention to the Mattachine Society, increasing awareness of the Gay Rights Movement as a whole as well as increasing the organization’s membership. ( 2 )


The fear of seeing another dick freaks a lot of men out. I have heard many men say things like, “I would wait as long as it takes” just to avoid peeing next to another man. Come-the-fuck-on-bro, the dude is probably just trying to empty his bladder the same way you are. There’s no conversation or eye-meeting — unless you’re trying to get something out of it — so why should it be awkward? What did Mommy and Daddy do way back then when you were potty training to give a person such fears? Do you fear another man’s dick hanging out, emptying itself? What are your fears? Next guy may see what a small dick you have? You may get hard? You are hard? You want the next guy but your too afraid to let him know? Afraid that violence always lurks if you even dare to move outside of staring ahead for even a second.

Not the place for a man who is afraid of another man seeing his dick or being seen.

Bread and Puppet Theater in New York City Dec 5th to Dec 16th!
Public · Hosted by Bread and Puppet Theater and Theater for the New City

Bread and Puppet Theater returns to Theater for the New City for it’s annual December residency!

Theater for the New City
155 1st Ave, New York, New York 10003
Show Map

Tickets · On Sale November 1 at 12 PM

Dec 5th- Dec 9th: The Or Else Opera – Eisler/Brecht

A paper maché puppet opera, punctuated by melting ice drops under a starry sky made of garlic. The composer Hanns Eisler, a major Brecht collaborator, fled the Nazis, joined the Berliner Ensemble and now enters the 21st century’s humanity, it’s giant fears and overcrowded spirit, at the moment of re-occurring fascism. In musical collaboration with The Pi Ensemble.

Dec 13th- Dec 16th: The Grasshopper Rebellion Circus

The Grasshopper Rebellion Circus is a large-scale puppet spectacle that explains and teaches riot and rebellion against intolerable situations with the help of state of the art paper-maché weaponry and the appropriate riotous Bread and Puppet Brass Band.

B&P director, Peter Schumann, says of The Grasshopper Rebellion Circus: “Tigers roar, apes drum their chests, horses neigh, and celestial grasshoppers teach ICE agents the basics steps of grasshopper rebellion dancing. A paradise investigation team analyses the earthling’s relationship to paradise, while major representatives of Mother Earth attend a festive Puerto Rican dance of liberation from natural and political disaster.”

*Bread and aioli to be served following all shows! & The Cheap Art Emporium will be open for your perusal.

tickets available at

VOLUNTEERS NEEDED! Please contact for more info if you are interested in volunteering. For more information go to HERE.

“You know.” said Olga, “not to sound corny here or like some greeting card, but indeed sometimes life does get in the way.” When one has to work for their own daily bread there is no time for play unless of course one has a job that includes playing. Once away back in the day I had a job that all I had to do was every once in awhile lift my head up and say “Goodnight.” and that was only for three people. Once they got out of my way I could do anything I wanted. Just lock the door and play, play, play. So for eight hours, sometimes eight long hours I played. Never invited anyone in to play with me as that was against the rules and there were cameras everywhere. Sure as shit Old CG would look at the camera’s every morning. Probably got off watching me play.

Well Bessy had a vacation all planned and Olga had no time off since this was a new job, no playing allowed, in this job, they watch us like hawks watching for their dinner, nosey that’s their name Mr. and Miss Nosey watching the cameras, make one false move, if they like you they will call you on the phone, if not announce for all to hear on the radio what you are doing that is against the rules. You know that power thing. Even all though not one of them have any right to power they have it by hook or by crook and now they wield it like tyrants. Petty tyrants as a matter of fact. Little pinching bugs of the first order.

Go Bessy Marie Go!

Image result for where is brattleboro vermont on the map

Pick a spot, Bessy Marie, any spot and Bessy Marie chose Brattleboro Vermont. Not far away, just a bit over 3 hours, the lay over in Springfield is what gets to one, making all passengers in the Business Class irritable “a fucking 45 mins”, old Joe said, “is just too long to be hanging around in Springfield waiting for another train to come along the track that we need.” Yes folks getting to Vermont is on one track and nothing had better be coming down the track going the other way. “Good thing I don’t have a connection to make,” white hair with heavy perfume yelled out in the air. Nobody is listening, and everyone cares, as no one not Bessy Marie or anyone else riding the train, would want to be derailed and end up in gully, now that would be a delay.


Bessy Marie had reserved a room at the Latchis Hotel in downtown, a Art Deco place built in 1938 by the Latchis family as a testament to the life and work of Demetrius P. Latchis, the building was billed as “a town within a town — all under one roof” because of the multiple shops contained within. Situated in Brattleboro, this hotel is within a 15-minute walk of Brattleboro Museum & Art Center and Brattleboro Common right on Main Street for anyone who doesn’t have a car its a dream come true. Here is my review of the Latchis Hotel in downtown Brattleboro.

The Latchis Hotel

by Bessy Marie

First I must thank Olga for “finding” this hotel. I would be hard pressed to come up with much to complain about here. If anything ever was worthy of being called the cat’s pajama’s it is this Art Deco Style Hotel. I spent three nights as if a small bug in an elegant clutch purse. The lobby floors and furnishings, the glittery check-in desk area giving the absolute feeling of time travel to the late 1930’s were wonderful. The staff were all helpful and courteous. The bed room was very nice with two large windows to look out to Main and Flat Street. The intergrity of the 1930’s is maintained by the choices for furniture and a mirror framed in simple wood. Very clean but old fixtures in the bathroom and very good hot water in the shower. The bed was not at all lumpy, old or smelly as some have complained in reviews nor was there any loud noise outside in the street after dark. How happy I was to find 3 full boxes of tissue, one on each night stand and one in the bathroom. (most of the modern hotels have those thin boxes inserted in the bathroom wall that always run out in no time. Tissue in each room may sound like a minor point but it is really quite appreciated as usually in other hotels I have found that the tissue runs out after a short time. The hotel does allow dogs to stay over night. The room is specially cleaned after each stay. The policy allows one pet, 220lbs and the fee is $40.00 per night. For myself and some other folks who suffer from animal allergies we can only hope that the hotel does specially clean the rooms after each pet stay. Barking is not permitted I hope and that the pet must leave the hotel when its family goes out.

I must say that I have never stayed in a hotel where the front desk closes down at 10:00pm. No check in after that hour. All hotel guests are give keys, yes real keys to the front doors so if they arrive back at the hotel after ten they can let themselves in. There is an emergency number to call if anything happens after 10:00pm.

A real special part of this is the hotel is connected to the Latchis Theater an absolute jewel of a place and the crowing jewel of the Latchis experience. The Zodiac signs on the ceiling, the murals of Greek goddesses and gods, the elegant entry areas all added to the time travel experience. Yes indeed I am a bug in an Art Deco clutch purse; wearing the cat’s pajama’s so giddy that I’ve mixed up the metaphors. Bessy gives the Latchis Theater and Hotel FIVE BIG STARS and hope that this wonderful place goes on for another eighty years.

The wonderful Latchis Hotel in downtown Brattleboro

Part of the Art Deco Lobby

In March 2003, the Brattleboro Arts Initiative, in partnership with the Preservation Trust of Vermont, purchased the Latchis Memorial Building which included the four screen Latchis Theater, the 60-room hotel, a ballroom and various other businesses.

Next door is the Latchis Theater a treat all in itself. Went to see a Star is Born staring Lady Gaga. Well the theater is stunning.

OUT for a Walk

Walking is best when one is visiting a new town. Well its good anytime, not only for health reasons but for all the things one can see in a few city blocks, or out in the woods. A small sampler of what I saw while walking around the town. (more…)

Bread and Puppet Theater’s Basic Bye-Bye Show

Sunday, March 18

Performance at 5:00 pm followed by Bread and Puppet’s famous free sourdough rye bread with aioli and the Old Labor Hall’s delicious soup.
Bread & Puppet Theater returns to The Old Labor Hall with a brand new play, The Basic Bye-bye Show, a manifesto on transformation, inspired by Albrecht Dürer’s apocalyptic woodcuts, birch branches lost during an ice storm, and the daily news.

The Bread and Puppet Practitioners-of-the-Pursuit-of-What String Band will welcome the public.

In The Basic Bye-bye Show a series of quiet object fantasies unfolds in black, white, and grey inside a small fabric stage printed with elementary words — “Resist,” “Bread,” “Yes,” “Sky,” “Riot,” “Byebye.” Outside, an orchestra of nonsense instruments arises, spins, and recedes. A birch forest grows. Sculpted clouds produce hands, chairs, and rain. The storm passes. The episodes that make up The Basic Byebye Show develop in abstract counterpoint to periodic handkerchief-assisted “basic byebyes” to various brutal unnecessities of our current politics.

B&P director, Peter Schumann, says of the show: “The Basic Bye-bye Show is based on the fact that our culture is saying its basic bye-bye to Mother Earth by continuing the devastating effects of the global economy on our planet – which is why our show proclaims the Possibilitarian’s basic bye-bye to capitalism in order to welcome the 1000 alternatives to this rotten system.”

Image of Basic Bye Bye poster

Admission: sliding scale $10-$25; no one turned away for lack of funds. Tickets available online or at the door. Buy Tickets
Bread and Puppet’s “Cheap Art”—books, posters, postcards, pamphlets and banners from the Bread and Puppet Press—will be available for sale.

Spread the word. Click on the image to download a copy of the flyer in PDF.
For more information email or call (802) 479–5600 or text (802) 331-0013

The proceeds of this event will benefit the Old Labor Hall and the Bread and Puppet Theater.

For more Information on the Socialist Labor Party Hall go to HERE.