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Randy Rainbow is one of the most wonderful queer artists working today. Randy we love you.


Check out more of Randy Rainbow’s work on facebook HERE.

Marc Burns's photo.PR9


· Hosted by Marc Burns
Sunday 4/9 2 ~ 9pm
Tues.,Thurs. 1 > 5pm
Weds. 4.30 > 7.30pm
or by appointment
Marc Burns
860 371 7898

What a wonderful trip down memory lane.  We were lookin around on you tube today and came up with this wonderful posting for our weekend music enjoyment.

Leaping Lesbians: A Tribute to Women’s Music


To add to our enjoyment check out this article by Jamie Anderson: Still finding the fire: Where are women music performers today. Its excellent.

A collection right in our own backyard is housed at CCSU. The Christine Pattee Lesbiana Collection has a treasure trove of Women’s Music, information on Women’s music festivals held in Connecticut and Lesbian pulp fiction books. Check it out HERE. Christine not only collected books, recordings, articles on our movement but was a founder in the early days of the Sexual Orientation Lobby that fought for our civil rights. Christine Pattee generously donated her collection to the Elihu Burritt Library which houses collections from LGBT people and an excellent collection of LGBTQ books. Check out the LGBTQ archives HERE.



Sitting around one Saturday after last Bessy Marie said to Olga, “You know we haven’t gone out to lunch for awhile, can’t even remember when we last did as we are always eating at home on a Saturday and then take a nice little nap get up and start again at what seems like another day.” Olga had to agree we need a little break. Let’s go to the art show a town away and then have a nice lunch at that hamburger place that is all the rave. Nice that would be and we would get in not only a bit of lunch but a spiritual uplift from seeing some art. Olga added that one of the top artists in the area curated and some artists we have heard mentioned are showing in. Let’s see what is out there as one of our favorite artists is showing in that show. Off we went and two buses later arrived for lunch in a busy little café that was quickly filling up a half hour before noon.

Lunch in the freezer. Or we might have well be dining outside in Alaska.

We should have gotten up and left but where else was there to go when one has their heart set on a good hamburger. Nowhere around here in this town. Man is it cold in here, don’t they have any heat? The older lady sitting next to us gals said, “I have to eat with my coat on its so cold.” It feels like a terrible breeze coming from the kitchen door every time it opens. I’m glad I have some soup, which is okay to eat first, hopefully it will warm me up and I can get down to eating my traditional burger with Swiss Cheese and onions.” Damn thought Olga I gotta sit here and just about rub elbows with this couple at the next table. What a crowded place this is. Maybe that is where we will get the heat from each other.

Bessy looked around the dining room and notice that over near the corner no one had their coats on but every table was full. Folks must know get here early as soon as a table was empty someone came and sat down. This certainly  popular place let’s hope the food is as good as the crowds are predicting. We must have gotten there at the right time as the place was filling up rather quickly.

Well finally the waitress came, all bubbly and apologizing for the wait. “Okay, we see you are busy as a bubbling bee and cute as a button to boot,” said Bessy we had fun complaining about the cold weather in here and rubbing our toes together to keep warm. Should have worn my fur lined socks and should have brought a blanket for over my lap and a good wrap. Man eating with my coat on is not my idea of a great time.  Bessy Marie remarked, “I bet there is more heat in a Puritan Meeting House. Foot warmer rocks needed here.”

Scanning the menu Bessy Marie decided on a lunch called, I luv Pastrami, “Wow said Bessy what a great sandwich.” It was a delicious burger with nicely cooked pastrami on top ($11.00). A well grilled hard roll with creamy horseradish, lettuce tomato, raw onion and Swiss cheese. Yum, Yum what a tasty sandwich.  Olga being the traditional one in the bunch ordered a Traditional Burger ($9.00). Honey please the lettuce is limper than a old man’s dick. Nice cheese and a well cooked burger. Its funny Olga said that with all the trouble in the food industry that restaurants would still ask people is they want meat rare, medium rare or well done?  What comes with the burger? Just some coleslaw UGH a slimy mystery pile of wilted cabbage with a weak pickle juice sauce. Strangest coleslaw we had ever tried along with a run of the mill limp Dill pickle. No bite no crunch no dill in that pickle causing Olga to wonder, “Is that pickle real?” French fries were an extra charge, only $3.25 and large enough and tasty enough and we shared a basket. Cute little basket it was modeled after a fryer basket. Better than other places were we have tried the French Fries, not greasy and done just right but what a surprise that a lunch didn’t come with the fries. Now what some would call the piece de resistance was the peanut butter pie, more like a brownie. served on a blanket of confectionary sugar a few squirts of chocolate, a nice dollop of whipped cream.  If this has any peanut butter in it I am a monkey’s uncle. Where is the peanut flavor? Maybe if we sing that song, Found a Peanut some flavor will appear?  Now I’m no pie maker but I bet I could make a better pie 10 miles from the kitchen on a rainy day with only a campfire. “Oh your such an exaggerating old coot you don’t even know how to boil water,” Bessy Marie the baker, the cook, the bottle washer and all around Kitchen Queen exclaimed, setting Olga in her place with that one. “Now hold on here that is just the point I am trying to make.”

We never care for a waiter or waitress who every time he or she passes our table says, “How is everything, are you enjoying your meal?” Well snorted Olga as long as I can keep defrosting the icicles that are forming at my nose so they don’t cut into my lip with each bite I will be okay.  Why do they always ask when you have just taken a bite of lunch and are chewing. Not talking with ones mouth full is a rule that one learns way back, most likely in dining at the table 101 for very young people, along with not spitting out your food, talking with your mouth full, farting, eating with your fingers, wiping your mouth with your sleeve and proper cutting into manageable size bites meat. But we loved her anyway. We always take kindly to our working class comrades and always  make sure to give them a great tip. Our little bubbly bee received $15.00 dollars from us and she thought we had made a mistake. Just take the money and run before we change our minds due to you questioning our judgement. Buy your self something nice and we hope you don’t declare the tip, just put it in your pocket and say, “those old gals, didn’t even leave me a penny.”

We are sure that you don’t make all that much due to the crummy laws in this state concerning what a place of business may pay a waiter or waitress. (1) Now if we ruled the place we would make it a law that all workers must start at a wage of $20.00 per hour. Any tips given for a job well done is for just that and one should not need to declare them.  You know honey a waiter or waitress works hard, always running on their feet all the time, serving all types of people, keeping orders straight, smiling, being nice and taking whatever shit a customer gives out. (2)

One thing this place has going for it is the restroom. They didn’t smell which is such a drawback in any restaurant and bar. These were clean. One was not afraid to park there naked butt on the toilet seat with no worry that a bit later, a itch would start and then another or a pimple would break out or a rash on the ass is no joy of living just because one had to pee using a strange toilet.

All in all we will give this restaurant 4.5 stars outta 10.

Overall this isn’t a place we would come back to. (more…)

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Serena Plasikowsky
Connecticut Dances-A Visual History is a must see for anyone who is interested in not only the history of dance in the state of Connecticut but also our contemporary dance companies who work today in the state.  One of our favorites Judy Dworin Dance Project is of course included in the exhibition. The exhibition is held at the Connecticut Historical Society, One Elizabeth St. in Hartford and runs from January 19-March 4 and is sponsored by Ct. Dance Alliance.
The exhibit includes early days of dance in Ct. with images of the Shakers dancing away, historic performances, leaders in dance, dance from universities and colleges, dance groups, photos of children from dance schools and some great contemporary shots. From little ballerinas in Tu Tu’s, tights and toe shoes, to African Drumming and Dancing, from the Ted Hershey Dance and Music Marathon which celebrates the life and work of Ted Hershey, principal dancer with Hartford Ballet and co-founder of Works Contemporary Dance, who died of AIDS in 1998 to the American Dance Festival held at Connecticut College (1948-1977) which brought some of the greats, a who is who of dance, Cunningham, Graham, Rainer, Nikolais, Taylor, Ailey, Brown, Tharp amazing dance happening right here in our state by pioneers of the dance world.
Wonderful photographs that explore the great movements of dance, exploring the stories, cutting through space, and expiring us to new levels.  Ted Hershey said once in an interview “Dancers use their whole being. Dance speaks without words. You need to look. Each moment is unique, and if you don’t look the moment is gone forever.”  Daring new moves by the modern, the avant garde, the contemporary shining a light on what can be possible in movement showing us new approaches to a very old art.
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Judy Dworin The Witching Hour
The CDA History Project has this to say: The Connecticut Dance Alliance is an organization dedicated to increasing public awareness of dance in all its forms and to serving the needs of the state-wide dance community. Our “Dance History Project: Dance in Connecticut” is looking for photos and images from everything from professional performances in prestigious venues to social and cultural, dancing, and everything in between.” This is what we like, everyone who moves in what we call dance has been invited to participate. Of course like many exhibitions this show is curated but all photos that have been submitted to the project can be viewed by clicking on the link at the end of this article. What an amazing collection.
We have always loved this quote, although not part of the show we include it here.
Related image
Barbara Malinsky Curatorial Advisor of Connecticut Dances in her article on the exhibition says: “In reaching back to Connecticut’s social and cultural dance history, the exhibition comprises a series of portraits of the art of dance that represents the state’s significant dance heritage, including the pioneering work of individual dancers, choreographers, companies, and the impact of schools and teachers.  The exhibition brings to life the valuable contributions that dance has brought to the cultural vitality of Connecticut.” Read the full article HERE.

The CT Humanities, The Edward C. and Ann T. Roberts Foundation, the NewAlliance Foundation and the Greater Hartford Arts Council funded the project.  Exhibition dates are January 19 through March 4, 2017 at the Connecticut Historical Society, One Elizabeth Street, Hartford, CT 06105, 860.236.5621.  Thereafter it will tour the state.

To view the complete project collections of images visit:

After its debut at the CHS, Connecticut Dances – A Visual History will travel to the Handel Performing Arts Center at the Hartt School, University of Hartford, the Playhouse on Park, followed by a tour to venues around the state. Tour listing as it develops can be found at

Hours at the Connecticut Historical Society are:

Tuesday-Thursday 12:00-5:00  and Friday and Saturday 9:00-5:00

After its debut at the CHS, Connecticut Dances – A Visual History will travel to the Handel Performing Arts Center at the Hartt School, University of Hartford, the Playhouse on Park, followed by a tour to venues around the state. Tour listing as it develops can be found at

We want to thank the Dance History Project and everyone who has worked on this exhibition for this extraordinary collection of dance history. We will certainly spread the word about the exhibition.


Ms Malinsky states in her article: “As recently as the 1960s, the United States government forbade Native Americans from performing ceremonial dances on their own reservations.  It was feared that the dances might unleash a host of emotions leading to insurgency.  Religious dances, which are an integral part of native culture, were almost lost forever.  Fortunately, some were secretly preserved by a younger generation of tribal members.”

We would like to add our own tribute here.

One of the first times that we were exposed to (wonderful way of putting this) contemporary dance was in about 1965 at a dance performance by Yvonne Rainer.  Now we are older and want to add this wonderful new work by Ms. Rainer, The Concept of Dust or How do you look when there’s nothing left to move?

In the second video Ms. Rainer talks about her piece.



2016 Digital Be-In poster, feat

For a great article, Big Shebang for Human Be-In written by Caitlin Donohue published on 48 Hills 1/12/2017 go to HERE.

For more info see HERE.

50 Years Out of High School (you know the rest)

Part 4–  By Benny Bean

I looked back over Part 1, 2, 3 and say, Hey you only told a very small part of the story. You’ve said nothing about your art, what you did and where you did it, you know you did it all those years, you only seemed to concentrate on the men you fooled around with. Oh well somethings just turn out that way.  I am not sure where this piece will lead as I have written so much about my times in Woodstock and about some of the happenings in Hartford I will just leave links in the notes, so anyone who may be interested can fill in the blanks.  Or go to anywhere in Pages and take a read. I am sure you will find something that is of interest about these times.

I wondered while I read the blurbs from former classmates why any of them or anyone really needed two homes? Let’s let  the facts speak here. In January 2015, 564,708 people were homeless on a given night in the United States. Of that number, 206,286 were people in families, and. 358,422 were individuals. About 15 percent of the homeless population – 83,170 – are considered “chronically homeless” individuals. In LA area alone there are over 47,000 homeless people. No it isn’t against the law to have more than one home but it is not and never will be justified. But how does one argue with the “fruits of our labors?” I worked hard all my life for what I got? No one is gonna take it from me.”

Ah some would respond, “education. It’s a matter of educating people. Yes that is a nice thing for those among us who have the time, are privileged enough to take the time to be educated on such matters as to what is enough for each of us. Education yes, some have the time but other spend their day on the end of the society’s beating stick. I met a young woman at the Peace and Justice Center who responded when I asked about a movement in town, No we don’t really have a movement here we just try to educate folks about the follies of war and the war machine.”  “Oh,” said I “nice to have the time and the luxury to do that but I wonder about the folks all around the world who are the brunt of Amerikkka’s strikes, who live where the bombs drop all the time, who suffer while you guys sit around here getting educated?” Oh that old divide again rears its head. Of the have and have nots. Of those who get it and those who do not. Well needless to say I was asked to leave the Peace and Justice Center. Guess I wasn’t their brand of Peace and Justice at all.

New York New York-The City So Nice They Named It Twice.

I got off the bus and said, damn back in New York. I took the subway down to 14th and Union Square to meet the artist who I was going to work for. We hit it off quite well, Her studio was 2 doors down from 6th Ave on 14th street. My dream corner as there was a great material store with bolts of fabric out on the street. I checked it out and bought some. Never know when it will come in useful. She gave me the keys to the cabin I was to stay in and a surprise bus ticket. The driver will let you off at the Maverick Road if you ask and I will call ahead for Joe the neighbor down the street to meet you there. I won’t be up this year till mid-June so you can concentrate on some yard work and getting the place spruced up for the summer.  She told me where the key for her house was and that if I wanted to go in and dust around the place and air it out it would be appreciated. Yeah in between getting my cabin in tip top shape as it was only used when some of her family came to visit. I hadn’t realized when she told me it was rustic what exactly she meant. Well here is rustic, no running water, no heat, no bathroom, the only modern convenience was electricity. Jeepers I said, lets hope that there isn’t any wind storm that knocks down some trees and then there goes my power. I spent one and a half years living there. Roughing it as a young man of the mountains.

I met Kenneth one day when I was hitchhiking from Kingston back home. Cute straight looking little guy with a bald head and I fell in love when he rubbed my leg. Tuesday was our day to meet as he was married lived in the big white house right inside of town. He was a graphic artist, not much work up here but I make it and loved to play with men’s asses. Brought me exotic fruit, collage sex art and I always knew he was coming when he came over on another night as I consulted the cards and signs. Taught myself to read them and got my other senses working in his directions a witch perhaps but something other than that. “How did you know I was coming today?” Oh I said I heard it through my mind. Stood outside under the moon naked kissing him goodbye talking of when we would meet again one memory that will forever be with me. Only a small part of me, here is all of the rest kissing hot again wanting to start it up right there. Start it up again go another round, hey we got all night. “Come to Middletown to the baths with me, I want you to meet some other guys.” What dumping me already. Nah, I wasn’t too interested in group sex. He came around every Tuesday and whenever else he could get away. Sometimes he just showed up but I knew took the time to do a catnip enema, bath and wait. Car coming up the hill, yes the signs were right on the money again this time. Kenneth always said, “How did you know I was coming?” “Oh,” I would answer it was in the stars.” It was around this time when we began to hear, Young men missing? One found dead in Kingston. Vigil Held in Middletown for Transvestite Hooker. Who was doing these killings? Folks began to get scared. A guy down the hill warned me, “That guy you are seeing, be careful. I think he was involved with one of the young men that went missing.”

To Hartford—Selections and part of my stories.

I heard at some of the new music concerts that there was a art gallery in Hartford that sponsored quite a lot of new music concerts and  was showing some really interesting contemporary art. Well I said I am sort of sick of living out here in the woods in these rough conditions and maybe it is time to go and live in the city. A friend of mine (he was still a friend then) was already living here and said, Yes come on to Hartford, a lot of art is happening here and you would love it. I have a rather large apartment and the rent is only $97.00 dollars a month, right downtown and Real Art Ways is right outside my window. In fact I can look out the dining room window and see a naked man and woman sleeping on a mattress right now. I went there on Halloween and won a prize. Of course you can use the photo of me dressed as that famous artist and stripper, Pierre. I would love to be in the story.


Pierre, famous artist stripper back in the day.

Hop skip and a jump next door where at the door I was greeted with, Man you look good said with hetro reservations. Any queer reading this knows that sound full of meaning. That nervous straight man doesn’t just really know what to do when confronted with a half nude male except of course when he is in the shower at the gym or taking a piss at the urinal. Eyes straight ahead don look don’t talk just piss, in the shower no looking no staring even if you want that dick and ass just wash yours and get the hell out before you get hard and discover that you really like men and want men and desire men and oh shit next time I will have to shower when no one else is around. I almost got hard the last time. Oh men, straight men, got so much trouble in this world. (more…)