Half the fun is getting there, a memoir of punkpink

For some odd reason this posting from December 2013 has been getting quite a few hits lately. So furbird said , “Let’s publish it again as folks seem to be interested in old punkpinks life many many many moons ago.” Pink told us that the year was 1963 and both him and Kim were 16 at the time.

Half the fun is getting there, a memoir of punkpink. 

It all began when we formed a hitchhiking club back in high school. Young and rebellious, full of wanting to get up and go, not satisfied to stay where we were, wanting to see what we could see someplace else, that was us. We had simply outgrown the other kids who primed and plucked for the prom, who were satisfied to wear little white gloves, pill box hats, pocket book and shoes to match, who salivated over Monday as dress up day, (got to wear all their nice outfits, outfits that the poor kids could only dream of as hand me downs, seconds from the thrift store or shoplifted from the department store downtown,)  Those kids we all know them those kids who wanted to fit in where ever possible and who thought everything is just okay with the world as long as the world was giving it up for them. A closeness to Mommy and Daddy world that we couldn’t feel even if we tried hard. We were like the bear that went over the mountain to see what she could see, yes that was us. It was those years back then when restlessness and rebellion began creeping into our very souls, biting us hard on our ass and making us jump.

Kim came up with the idea of a hitchhiking club as she wanted to try a new McDonald’s that had opened up in a couple of towns over from ours. Well how in the world two young crazy kids could get over there with no car but to stick out our thumbs and go. We had heard about people who hitchhiked all over the country so we said why not? So a hitchhiking club was born with the two of us as members. We would learn skills that would serve us well in later years. That would be half the fun getting there, seeing who we met on the road, eating hamburgers and then hitchhiking back to our town. Kim said let me stand out there maybe folks will fell sorry for a young lady, (with a big big laugh) and stop for us. We can’t fool around standing on the corner in Goon City for too long I’m hungry for a hamburger and if the cops catch us they will send us back home. Some of you who are reading this must think, why are these kids hitchhiking all the way two towns over just to get a hamburger? Well there was only one place to get a hamburger after dark in Goon City and we weren’t going there ever again having been kicked out for making too much noise, fooling around,  and acting like crazy folk. The owner threatened us that he would call the cops if we ever came into his joint again and have us arrested.  “These kids must be drunk or high on something, they have to be, never saw any kids act this way before. “What’s their names anyway, do you know them? I’ll call their parents in a second flat if I knew.”

Kim and I had taken to smoking pot that Kim would steal from her brother Al.  Al introduced Kim to getting high and she passed it on to me. In those days before all creativity broke loose we laughed, we said crazy things and laughed some more. Of course what did us in was when Kim put her sunglasses into the hamburger sandwich and called over the waitress and told her that somehow the cook must have lost his glasses as they ended up in her hamburger. Nearly falling off our chair in laughter the waitress took off and got the owner who removed Kim’s glasses from the sandwich and told us to get out.  We laughed, how we laughed pointing at the owner’s bald head and calling him an old bald headed eagle and over that we laughed some more. Heads started turning towards us, checking us out, wondering what the hell had gotten into these two crazy kids. “OUT! Old bald headed eagle screamed at us.  Out the doors we flew and ran up the side road to the top of the hill. We got there just in time looking down into the parking lot we saw old police chief Warren pulling in for his evening doughnut and coffee. We ran down the side street, through the woods towards the lake.  No we weren’t bad kids just kids out for some new kind of fun. Bored with the old, in with the new. Shit I left my glasses on the counter was all Kim could say.

Kim stuck out her thumb and I stood next to her. Why we thought would anyone in the world pick up two kids but a red car pulled up and a balding man with a beard said, “Get in if you want a ride.” So we did. He wanted Kim to sit in the front seat with him and before long he was rubbing his dick through his pants talking about wanting it so bad that he could taste some mean pussy. Kim ever the smart one shot back, “Well how much money do you have, you gotta pay up front if you want some of me. Yeah and my friend pink here  gets to stay and watch so no funny business goes on Mr. and that’s that. So what’s it gonna be, some or none?” He pulled over and told us to get the fuck out of the car and drove off. Didn’t get very far with that one. Fucking dud. But we both agreed that maybe there was some money to be made by giving it up to men who picked us up and that should be part of our Hitchhiking Clubs plan. Well at least he didn’t strand us way out somewhere where no cars drive by and we would have to walk home in the dark. That would be just too far as some of those back roads to the next town over were long and scary to walk along. We wouldn’t get home to the next day.

So we tried again. “Ah shit,” said Kim as a blue van pulled up and stopped, “it’s Al.” Al was on his way back down to the city to do whatever he did when he went down there, probably whoring Kim said because he always had a bundle of cash. We told him we were off to get a hamburger at the new McDonald’s that had opened in the next town over and we wanted to try it out. The three of us sat outside eating a hamburger and looking around at all the people who came and went buying hamburgers and French fries, sitting out at the picnic tables, families, couples, singles and us. All eating a hamburger at the new McDonald’s. Little did we know then about pink slime, (no relation to punkpink or any of the pink family) we hadn’t yet thought about meat eating or how much we loved animals and shouldn’t eat them, or what a nasty corporation that McDonald’s was and would become. Right now it was good eating hamburgers out in the night air away from Goon City. Eating and watching.

Al drove us back to the road that went to Goon City so we could start our hitchhiking again. While we were standing there with no cars coming in our direction Kim told me all about Al. They started fucking when she was 14 and Al was 16, she enjoyed it very much then and enjoyed it very much now, Al also did it with guys and he confided with her that he would like to do both of us at once. Damn, Kim why are you waiting till now to tell me. I’ve had the hots for him since the first time I saw him in the showers years back at school. See he was in the gym class right before mine and was a coach helper. Half the time I was afraid to take off my clothes when he was around, fearful that I would stand at attention for all to see. I talked to myself, stop a boner please, stop a boner please, hoping that my dick wouldn’t grow up up there was no way that I could escape the showers, and everyone had to take one after gym. What would these boys think if I got hard around them? In the high school shower that was a no no, except I heard if you were in the shower with coach Manny. Boy talk said that the coach always got hard in the shower and that some of the boys did too. There were rumors that he was after some of the hot jocks who were on the team and some of the boys were after star roles on the team so they could get any of the girls they wanted. High school boy talk maybe yeah maybe.

None of that mattered to me as every year I flunked gym. How I hated it, every second of it. Baseball honey, forget that. Why anyone in their right mind would want to stand there and have balls thrown at them was way beyond me. Once in gym I got up the rope but couldn’t get back down. “Fly Fairy, fly,” I heard from below. It was Bobby Griswold whose talent rumor had it was sucking dick. Yeah, Bobby I am a fairy and when I do get down from up here near the ceiling I am going to break you beaky nose you little cock sucker. Yes sir, once I got off that rope I popped Bobby in his beaky nose as hard as a fairy could, got suspended from school and made to sit in the vault near the principles office. Mr. Stevens the principle of the school gave me  At the Foot of The Cross, The Sorrows of Mary to read while being detained. No Mr. Stevens sir, I have no sorrows and I am sure that Mary has enough to go around the town one hundred times enough for everyone else, just leave me out of it. I don’t care for Mary or any of her sorrows.

I suppose for me reading  At The Foot of The Cross, The Sorrows of Mary came in a close second to gym class as fucked up things in my life.  The country was in a fitness craze and we all had to get fit for Amerikka.  Yes I write amerikkka with a KKKa, yes they rode high at that time. Maybe not in clothing style hanging from the back of pickup trucks, but in the words and minds of some of the folks in Goon City. The N word was flung around like it was going out of style. Not that there were all that many black folks who lived there at that time. If we counted we would count one family and this family had more than every right to be there as there ancestors came over on a land grant from the Earl of Chatham and were some of the earliest settlers. Most of the black people that the folks in Goon City hated were ones they saw on the TV marching for their rights. How dare they put their feet in the reflecting pool old lady Barns told my mother. “Well,” said my mother, “their feet are probably hot and tired from marching for their rights, simple as that.” “You know Mrs. Barns that it is a crying shame that here in America anyone has to march for their rights.” How can you hate people who don’t even live near you and that you have never met is beyond me and a hell of a lot of others. How can you hate a person who just wants their rights? That is still a burning question of this day. How can one hate someone who they do not know, doesn’t live near them, and has never in their life wronged the hater? Then there was me, back in my younger pinkhood sucking and fucking with Freddie the blackest kid in town. Taking what young boys did a few steps beyond what young boys did and then some. Oh yes I love that Freddie, still do to this day.

“Man, Kim, let me at him, with you or alone. I really need a good fling with a man who knows what he is doing. Never mind Moons, he just wants me to lie there still on my stomach while he goes in and out a few times and then that is it. Boy crap, just boy crap playing around. I am sick of boy crap and want the wild thing. I haven’t had anything good since Freddie left town. Left town in a hurry one day and up until my last day in Good City I still hadn’t heard from him.  Let me at Al. I could eat him with a spoon or without a spoon suck him raw with a flavor straw, lick him top to bottom ice cream cone.  Let me at him alone oh la la what a pair we would make. Man I miss seeing him in the showers since he left school, and wish upon the stars for the love of his tool.

Peering in people’s windows was part of our fun as we rode along. Wishing I guess for a nice home like the ones we saw with lights on in beautiful living rooms, curtains pulled back. Some had it all, some had things that we could only dream of.  House beautiful come to life. These homes were outside of Goon City somewhere that we knew we would never live.  If we spotted a bedroom window lit up how we hoped that a naked person would walk by and we would get to see some flesh. But as Al reminded us you would only see that naked flesh in a flash by.  A few times while hitchhiking we got out of the cars outside of Goon City. We really wanted to take a good peek in the windows of some of the fancy homes. Daring almost as daring as fucking in the bushes in broad day light. Yes we were on our way, going somewhere, having fun along that road seeing what we could see and knowing all a long that our worlds were growing and there was no turning back.

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