Harry Love Benny. OUT in the Woods. Part 10.

The class was getting antsy. It should have started 35 mins ago. No Miss Jones. Everyone wondered where in the world she could be. She was never late in fact she said that she treated this class like one of her kids and that us students were all her kids. Benny and Milly who had palled together since the first day wondered if we should leave and go and get a cup of tea. “Nah, let’s stick it out, she was suppose to give back our stories today with new ideas on where to go from here. Miss Jones taught creative writing and for our assignment she asked us to chose a author that we admired grab an idea from their books and then go out from there. She wanted at least 6 characters with the minimum of 8 chapters. She didn’t care how long each chapter was but it must be in the form of story-telling.

Milly chose Anita Huckleberry and Benny chose Calos Castaneda and his Don Juan series. A good place to start for a aging hippie. Much of Benny’s story has a real life basis and many of the folks who appear in the story were real in Goon City where he grew up.

The door opened and in came Miss Jones. “Sorry folks I am late, never been late before but I was held up at the copy center and then got stuck in traffic but finally I am here. Its a wonder any of you are still waiting for me.” She was flustered we knew it, could go either way today. Either everything is wonderful or everything is full of shit, we all stank to high heaven and will never make anything of ourselves an ought to go out and dig a grave. “You know she would say, the boneyard is hiring.”

Miss Jones began by saying that it never ceased to amaze her why some people took a class willingly and then did work that was just to get by. Must think that it is a easy class and all you have to do is submit pure crap and you will pass. Well you are not going to get anywhere with me. Then other will try hard, I can tell when folks try but don’t succeed very well, those people I can take. I will work with them and if it comes down to it I will give out a passing grade. Maybe just to get them out of my hair and into someone elses. Then some folks get the idea and run with it. Not stopping until they feel that they have given it their all and all. Now those are the people who I want in my class. A few of you did some really good, and interesting writing so good in fact I shared it with other professors. Now we are going to take it further. I want you to take from your story ideas and run with them. Ideas of your own. You know I am a firm believer in the theory of one idea pushes another and then another.  Calling each student up to her desk she remarked to Benny. I want to see you after class. Handing him his paper he looked and all he could say is WOW. I am expecting great things from you and you have a life time of places that you could go with this one work.

Some of the events in these chapters were real. Real in the sense that they came about while doing drugs. That reality was as real as any other reality at least to me.  Other events are “built ons”, a line here, something heard there along the line of the old art theory one idea pushes another. Some of the events are very real a real part of my life, with real people who were in my past lives.

These stories were followed by a few other stories, Travels with Benny, Who is Ruthie Hilliard, Artist in the Run Down Section of Town, and The Story of these Parts by Dottie Daniels.  I like to write stories be they real or not. I am not one to sit around campfires and try to scare people half to death or in a rocking chair talking about the “good old days” which for me the good was usually a selective memory sort of a thing.