Harry Loves Benny. OUT in the Woods. Part 5

It was so many many moons ago that I live out in the woods beyond Goon City with a man who every one refered to as Snake Oil Johnson (Harry) that more times than not I wonder, do I really remember all of this or am I making it up as I go along. Harry told me one day how he got the name Snake Oil and if my memory will now serve me correct I can tell all of you. It was away back before I was born way back in the day. Harry told me that it wasn’t very nice how that name got attached to him. It was those hooting, howling, rolling around on the ground types that anointed his head with the name Snake Oil. Don’t think that they were Pentecostals as no fire appeared on their heads but they did holler out in words that only some say the devil himself would understand. But they weren’t of the devil no not them, they had one way tickets, first class bought and paid for with the believing blood of their savior directly up to the lord on high. No stopping here, no stopping there just go go go, up you go. And they each and everyone one of them expected to cash in on that ticket that they worked so hard for by condemning everyone else and their religions too. It was those folks who started to talk one day and mind you that crony June Daly was right in there with them. That old man Johnson who lives out in the woods by himself he’s a devil, a real snake if you ask any of us we will all tell you. He’s got all them potions he mixes up and have you seen him? Why he doesn’t look a day over 30 and I know he aint cause he want to school with my aunt and she is old. Shes old enough to be the grandmother of dirt. He got something around that place that protects him. Snake that’s a good name for him. He’ll put a whammy on you as quick as the wind blows through. You know these here are the end times look what it says in the book of Revelation, “And he laid hold on the dragon the old serpent, which is the devil and Satan, and bound him for a thousand years.” (Revelation 20:2) Someone ought to be brave enough and go out to that old devils place get hold of him and bound him up. Turn his land over to the church and let the church hold summer camp there. One way to get the devil out of the woods.
“The elder at my church the Vine of the Living Hope Springs Eternal told us all to stay away from that Snake. You know he’s of the devil, goes around doing what the devil wants, slipping and sliding all over the place sneaking up on someone and then bam! he’s got you. Lita Swanson says that she had to fight him off one night when he came walking by her place. Tells that she was out in the yard and he came right up to her and tried to bite her on her big red lips. You know how that woman likes to paint her lips up. Now if she came to worship with us at our church the elders would tell her cover up your painted face you look like a whore and we don’t want no whores in this place of worship. Nope no sinners are welcomed here. Can’t let them get in our way climbing Jacobs ladder, way up through the clouds and on the golden highway to heaven. See us go, flying way up high, up above the sky.” That’s us with the little white angel wings flapping, flapping flap, flap. Here’s a chart of how a snake bite will affect you. Take a good look. Don’t let that man near you.”

So they named him Snake Oil, as he was of the devil. No one ever saw him do any of the devils work but they heard it from some who knew what it looked like and what all the signs were when someone was doing it. They know damn well that he was involved in the disappearance of Mary Talbert. He ate her, that’s what he did. Ate her skin, meat and from her bones made soup. Bet her remainders can be found if one knew where to dig. But Liddy Taylor says there no remains to be found, when that old devil Snake Oil Johnson eats you up he eats you up. One thing is for certain you’d never get it out of Old Snake Oil what he did with Mary Talbert.

Some of my notes are crumbling having been down in my storage trunk all these years. I guess I got the story of Snake Johnson right. When Freddie and I first saw him that day, way back in the day now his long fat dick was all tied up with red yarn and other strings we said that his name came from that. He had a great big long whanger that looked just like a one eyed snake. A big long whanger, one that everyone would like to try to ride if they got the chance. That must have been how he got that name. The boys he use to swim around with in Bevan’s pond, naked as the day they were born probably gave him that name. I’m sure more than one played around with it, boys always played around with each other’s whangers. Someday I’ll ask Harry if he ever put that pole up someone’s backside.

Now no one ever called Clara Palmer a witch because she knew about herbs. Saw her just the other day on her way to William’s meadow to pick some red clover. The field is full of them this year. Clara is old, yes she is 82 next month and still gets around. Knows all about the herbs. Not many folks around here called her a witch because of her knowledge. Crazy old women and other nasty names they called her nasty names she being a black woman but never a bad old witch. Guess she helped out too many people. Can’t afford a doctor, call on Clara. She’ll help you for free if you have no money. She will even except a chicken, some vegetables, or what have you and if you don’t well that doesn’t matter one bit. Call her anyway and she will come out to your place and see what ails you. They call her a healer, a wise woman, a knower of the ways. Some say she even helped the old well digger with his cancer, yup they say she used red clover, that’s what she used. That’s what’s funny about this whole mess. They say that Old Snake Oil Johnson is just a devil who used magic and snake oil preparations in his work and Clara is a godsend, a helper, a healer. This old queerartist will never understand why folks are the way they are. How these rumors get started in Goon City and then become fact in the mythology of the goons that live here. Well from that day on I never called him anything but his given name and that was Harry. Mr. Harry Johnson as Clara told Freddie and I years ago. I wouldn’t want to be tied in with those jump a mile for Jesus foolish folks even if you paid me.

A bit on Red Clover. See notes for more.
Preliminary research suggests that red clover may help reduce risk of prostate cancer. In a 2009 study of prostate cancer cells, scientists found that treatment with red clover led to a decrease in prostate-specific antigen (a protein found at elevated levels in men with prostate cancer).
Red Clover-Trifolium Pratense

Red clover is an important herb to know. The blossoms are easy to pick and the few tiny leaves that sometimes are attached can also be included in the harvest. Use the flowers as a tasty accent in your salad or freeze individual blooms in ice cubes for a pretty addition to a pitcher of lemonade or tea. Red clover blossoms are traditionally used for menopause issues, as they are said to help balance the estrogen levels during this time. Red clover is also used in herbal cancer fighting treatments. This herb does have a blood thinning effect, and should not be used by anyone taking blood thinning drugs. Red clover can be used as a cover crop in your garden area, as well as wildcrafted from clean, wild places.

Harry sent me out one morning, “Go on down to the meadow and pick some bags of red clover blossoms. Pick until you can’t pick no more. Just snap off the blossoms, and bag them. Don’t go pulling on the plant and pull it up or do anything else that will disturb it. Now over to the south side of the meadow there are some clover plants that you should pick last. Pick them right before you are going to leave to come home. Those flowers will be used for some fresh tea and a salad this evening. When I think back I remember how much freer we were back then. No one had to worry about ticks or Lyme disease when walking into a field with high grass. Never heard of it back then. Nope wade right in the grass do what you came to do and go out. No searching your legs for those nasty creatures. When I brought the clover home later that day Snake Oil set to work out in the drying shed. There were large screen racks that the blossoms after being cleaned of any leaves and tiny little black bugs were set out to dry on the screens. Now Red Clover takes a  bit of days to dry. Be sure to keep all buds out of the sunlight. The clover was stored in large glass jars, you know the type the large pickle, relish, mayonnaise types one finds behind a restaurant. Take them home wash them up and you got some good large storage jars. These jars were set in the back storage room of the barn. That summer as each wild herb became available Harry and I went out to pick it and dry the leaves, seeds or berries. The Yarrow, the Tansy, Plantain, Golden rod, Burdock, Nettle leaves and Queens Anne lace. We picked Elderberry berries, raspberries, Sumac berries and up at Donald’s abandon farm Currents for jelly, Peppermint, Fennel and Comfrey. Every thing was put to use that Harry knew could be used. Everything was entered in my book. “Well, Well,” said Harry, “your book is looking good.” Harry always said just pick enough that you will use for that year. But be sure to pick some for your neighbors in case they come down with something that you don’t get. I’ve been blessed, haven’t had a cold in years and here is why. I make elderberry syrup out of the berries and have a tablespoon each and every day. Builds up one’s immune system. Yarrow is another good thing to drink.

Our BathTub

Down on the other side of the meadow was a large pond. It was spring fed and clean. Harry said “now I wouldn’t even be afraid to drink the water of that pond if I had to. It’s the same water that bubbles out of the spring up near the house. “As long as you don’t mind swallowing a guppie or some frog eggs. In the warmer months all baths were taken down near the pond. Harry had set up an area where he built a fire pit for heating up the water and a dumping spot where the used water ran into the ground. If I don’t take care of my own little piece of mother earth who the hell will. I don’t want any of your used bath water running back into the pond no telling what would begin growing there that comes off of you. The poor little fish just may get irritated eyes can’t stand it flip over and die right on the spot and we’ll find them floating on top and washing up on the shore stinking up the place as they rot in the sun. Now anyone else would be so hurt and offended if Harry made such a remark to them, but me I know what he is doing. Build a thick skin boy, don’t let shit, minor shit bother you. That crap can run you into the ground so fast. I know you don’t have anything on you that could damage the whole system of the pond but we not going to take any chances. That’s why the bathing area is about 300 ft. from the pond. Taking a bath this way of course wasn’t as easy as turning on the water of your shower. One had to draw the water from the pond, heat up a few good buckets of the water, draw a bucket of water for rinsing, stand in the large wash tub. I’ve never filled the tub up with water as that would require too many buckets of water for just one little bath. Never felt much like lying around in all that dirty water anyway, my motto is do what you have to, get done and go about doing something else. If it’s a nice warm day go sit on a rock in the sun to dry off. Harry approached me sitting in the sun drying off and sat down next to me. He told me he loved me but we had 20 more days to wait until we could do anything about it. I asked him, “Why, why must we wait and I drew closer to him and put my arm around him.” “Just believe me, we have to wait before any knowledge, the start of the knowledge can begin to flow into you.” For now be satisfied with I love you and this, he kissed me. We laughed as both of our dicks began to get hard and stand up at attention. I’ll wait Harry but you know the wait is what is killing me and I have a hungry hole.

Harry thinks his house was built in 1809 by his kin on his mother’s side of the family. Harry’s father died when he was very young and the widow and her boy moved back to the family compound. It was all different then Harry told me. Even the back side of the house was moved to its present location from up the hill. Now I remember that as I was a teenager my grandpa had just died and my uncle came to stay here to help out. He was a single man from out of Texas who had gone down there to work for his fortune, turned around and came back when he realized that there was really no fortune to be made for a backwoods gentleman. Besides he was needed at home to take care of his mother, my mother and me. Don’t know if his type of taking care mounted to a hill of beans as grandma use to say his was just one more mouth to feed. He never married and preferred to get it on with a man or two on the side when ever as he said, he got the itch and his man juice was building up so much it him that it would come bursting out if he didn’t do something about it. He never really liked to burst it out on his belly but preferred a nice smooth boy ass or mouth. “That was my job,” said Harry, like the male temple prostitutes of old, a vehicle for collecting sperm. “I enjoyed my job, my uncle enjoyed himself and all was right when we were together. One day I will always remember it May 10th, he was walking into Goon City after polishing off a jug of home-made Hooch he was crossing the viaduct bridge when a train came along, he started to run, he fell and the train ran over him. So that was the end of my uncle Butch. Some of the men came around and cleaned him off the track or at least cleaned what they could as some of his parts had been eaten by animals and some had fallen into the river below and heaven knows where they floated to. All least the fish were fed and the man-eating eels probably got drunk off of his pickled flesh.

Buster Weir the Keeper of the Dead.

We were able to give what they could scrape together of Butch a respectable burial up in the Pine Grove cemetery that is used for folks around here. Good thing that Buster Wier keeps maps as very few of the folks who have gone on to their great rewards could afford to have one of those fancy carved tomb stones like you see in Goon City. Most just use a large rock, a wooden cross or in the case of Harry’s family his grandpa being a mason, a marker made of all sorts of stones cemented together. Many of the graves were now unmarked and folks are glad that Buster had a mapping system and could tell them right off the spot where their loved ones lay buried waiting for the dreaded judgement day when they can all jump up, go Alleluia and fly on up to heaven. The folks down beyond the stone wall didn’t even have any markers as they were buried years ago and the wooden crosses had returned to the earth. Buster knew some of their grave sites from when he was a kid and his father told him about each old-time family. Early settlers that came out here to escape the folks who wanted to persecute them.

Buster’s map was a simple board placed in the ground and at the top of the board was a number. He kept a ledger book that Mary Palsgrave gave him. “Since my last name is Plasgrave, guess it’s up to me to spring for a ledger book,” she always made sure to tell folks. There was always those big black birds sitting up in the trees watching when anyone came around to the grave yard. Those birds are the departed ones who can’t depart very well but stick around to watch. Don’t get any ideas about digging up anyone and stealing their jewelry as them birds will swoop down and that will be the end of you. They get all nervous when the grave-digger comes around and starts digging. Grave digger knows what’s up and sings to them and pretty soon the birds quiet down and let him go about his business. Funny things they are out in these parts.

In the ledger book that I keep I write next to each number the names of the dearly departed. 1. Hannah Whipple, 2. Moses Handcock. 3. Mary Fransworth, 4. Astrid Penifiled. 5. Joesph Donalds. 6. Little baby Donalds, 7. Summer Whipple and on and on. Some of the folks who still lived in the area came around and decorated the graves and get their knickers in a twist if I’m not home to guide them to their loved ones final resting place. “Can’t do nothing about that,” I always said, “as I’m not sitting home waiting for someone to show up to place some flowers on graves around here. Got things to do and places to go, folks to meet and business to attend to. Wanna pay me $30 dollars a week I’ll sit around here all day waiting for you to show up. A good idea like I told Mrs. Ponfield Dart would be to write down the number of dear Bossy Dart’s grave so each time she made the trek out here to the woods could go about her business without bothering anyone. “Most folks didn’t bother any more, they had moved on to new heights forgetting not only where they came from but also any kin that were left behind 6 feet underground. All the forgotten, all the remembered their here, all of them sleeping in the same grave yard, together under the good earth of the cemetery.

You know someone has to keep maps as without maps we may bury some folks on top of each other and then there may be hell to pay. Some people just don’t like each other and stick those folks in the same grave, Lordy, Lord watch out, don’t come around that burial ground at night when the spirits flow out of the grave. Try that sometime come on up before dark and take a seat. Wait awhile and you will hear them rolling over in the grave. I’m getting too old now to do all this work by myself even if I like this place. It’s so peaceful here. Probably Harry and myself will be the last to ever be buried here and then the place will return to weeds and overgrown. There isn’t any young folk within 30 miles of here that would want to keep up a graveyard. Bet they’re afraid of spooks. Well spooks can really spook you if you let them. I pulled a good spooking on some kids who came around here once. It was so funny how some things just work out. I was sitting behind old Benny House’s stone, he’s one of the few that even has one, I was having a good drink of my homemade wine, and these kids came walking right up to his stone. Guess they wanted to read all about him, ‘the good, the kind, the philosopher,’ the helpful, one of the nicest persons that I ever knew, well here comes these kids. So I screamed a deathly scream like I was out to kill and eat them, jumped up from behind the grave stone, flapped my arms a bit and growled like a mad thing from the great beyond. Man did those kids run. Big boys screaming all the way home. I think it was the Hancock kids and the Whipple boys.

Got to say though that old Benny House was good. He did help folks out during the long winters when not many of us could get the supplies we needed. Would bring them back in from town. Always gave a ride to anyone that asked. Just say, “you going into town today Mr. House?” and even if he wasn’t he would say, why sure. Along the way if anyone was walking he would stop and say, Howdy, want a ride into town. Many times by the time we got to town, just about all the folks from out here in the woods would be riding along in his truck. He owned the saw mill in town, now this was years ago and he made quite a good stash over the years. He lived down the main road past the Daley’s in the big white house. His family had always been around here since the area was settled, he knew everyone and we all went to his funeral. Biggest funeral we ever did see out here. It was held in his barn and the preacher came over from Wellby. After the ceremony we all went back to his house and ate some real good food on the lawn. Now back in those days everyone brought a dish to add to the table that was already full, as Mrs. House hired some women from Wellby to come over to do the cooking and cook they did. She told our folks not to make anything as she wanted them all to just have a day to sit and relax and visit with each other. But not one of our women heeded her instructions, won’t be right to come and not bring along a little something. That is just the way it was. When the day was over everyone got some leftovers for each person in their family to take home and have the next day. I could hardly sleep all night as I wanted to eat more of that food. I wanted to eat it for breakfast but Ma said, “No Buster you can’t have any of that food until lunch time. So I had to wait.” I think Mrs. Dart’s Heaven Coconut cake is the best out of all the cakes. Now don’t go thinking that I won’t eat a nice piece of applesauce cake or a big piece of Harriet Smith’s Chocolate Cake. Give me a slice of each one and when one of the ladies comes along I will say, “Best cake ever, give it a ribbon. Always would get a bigger slice that way.

Harry is set out to work the fields.

When Butch died I cried for weeks and weeks, I cried for months, never let my ma or grandma see me cry as may mother said, “Harry you got to work to help us out my mother told me. I was only thirteen when I went off to work for Plowly Donald’s father on his farm. He paid me good and filled a paper sack with just picked vegetables and fruits when they became available. You come from some good people he told me and when I see good people that need some help I help as much as I can. Plowly’s grandmother was considered to be a wise woman and a wise woman she was. Some say she was a witch, but a good witch who came from a witch that had fled the persecutions years ago. When I look back now I remember that these woods and this area near Goon City was had its share of witches or healers of some kind. We always said in later years when we did quite a bit of LSD and the mind channels were opening that the Goon City area had something very different about it. Almost like one of us would discover a hole and in that hole a tunnel, to go down and down into another world. Almost like dear Alice and maybe just maybe if you went far enough you would come up on the other side of the earth. Maybe somewhere way up in the sky there was a hole to go through and get into what ever is up there in the sky. Jeepy always said there is a place in this town where you can go through and change the dimensions. I just got to find it so we all can escape now wouldn’t that be interesting. She never did find any holes but left town late one summer. Went off to school to make something of herself as her mother Doris told everyone.

Don’t know the reason why the healers gravitated to this area. But do know if you had a healer in your family then you were all set. No doctor bills that most of us couldn’t afford to pay. If someone took sick and couldn’t afford a doctor my grandmother use to say, “Go over to Clara Palmer and talk to her.” She knows more than all the doctors combined and she is good at healing. Not out to take every last cent you have, not out to fill your body with chemicals but out to see that you get well. Out to treat you as if you were one of her own babies that had been nourished with her breast milk. She doesn’t need to build up her reputation so she can make more money and more money builds prestige and a bigger home, maybe a summer cottage by the lake or a new car every year. Of course the two western style doctors, the ones who give you one pill after another and send your for one operation after another and you still don’t really get well, told all the folks that they could, “Stay clear of that old nigger witch woman.” No telling what she might but in your stew.” Why last year I heard she was boiling old shoes in a large kettle for some type of remedy that she served up to old Olsen Urra and how that Olsen Urra did dance for two days and then drop dead on the spot. Grandma said you believe that I will sell you the Catholic Church and all the popes rings and gold. Olsen Urra according to his wife Marybell died of a heart attack because he never cared about his weight or the things he ate. Marybell would serve him some good food and he was always in line to clean the pot of any leftovers. Many times old Olsen Urra was found down at Joe’s dinner on Rt. 66 eating a whole other meal and finishing it off with a large piece of pie and another desert. Mrs. Galvin said that he was like a large worm that had to be fed and he was feeding it everyday. His death had nothing to do with old Clara Palmer nor did she ever boil shoes for any remedies. If she had any shoes in the cooking kettle it was to clean them up from all the sweat and germs so they would be nice and sweet for her husband Ed and her son Noah.

Plowy’s grandmother taught me a lot about herbs. When I wasn’t busting my ass off working in the fields I was expected to go with her to pick the wild herbs, listen to her story about each one, help her string them up to dry, or lay them out on racks, bag or jar them and place them on the shelf so she would be all ready with a herb that fit the sickness of someone. Old grandmother didn’t travel far, it’s the duty of all healers to heal in their areas. Now I don’t need to go down to Clara’s area and try to start a business there. She’s got the folks covered. Nor would she come knocking at doors around her. Now don’t get me wrong many times over the years when either of us or any of us healers were stumped on a sickness we sent out a message to each other. Hello there, got any ideas on this one or that one. We weren’t and aren’t greedy to this day about healing. Why should we be. How can I be greedy over getting Alba Johansen as a patient when all she can afford to give me is a chicken in payment. But I figure the good lord put all these herbs in the ground around here for me to go out and pick. He hasn’t yet but a price tag on their stems and told me, You gotta pay me for healing. So sometimes I say, I don’t even want a chicken, never mind your 25 cents, just get well. But most people don’t think like that. They become so happy that they have been made well that they are more willing to give me what they can. I feel so bad many times as I got all these vegetables here, a strong son, a good hard-working grandson and a family with more than 40 acres and a mule. I should be giving them something to help them stay well.

I’m not needing for anything and I am going to teach you Harry how not to need for anything either if you choose to live out here in the back wood away from all the trouble of the world. Away from folks who want to grab what you have and call it theirs. When I was coming up just about a mile down the road from here this is all that I ever wanted or needed. But I know that it won’t be the same for Plowly or maybe even you.

But I don’t really know about you. I think you’ll always stick close to your families homestead and that you will learn the ways of the enlightened ones who came before you. You see right there on your shoulder, that line with the three dots. That tells me a lot. Probably doesn’t say much to you but heed the call and you will begin to understand. That scared me all that talk at that time. I was all ready sad since Butch died and now I had to work from sun up to sun down and had no time to play with my dog or build forts in the woods. I didn’t want to be confronted of things from the other side. I just wanted to play sometimes on my times off and not have to be afraid that something was lurking behind a bush and I had better know the magic words to chase it away before it did damage to my kin folks and any one else that wandered along. But things like just being were not to be for me, for like the ‘out there,’ some of the folks around here all had designs on my time and my life. I couldn’t figure out how to break free and keep on going once I got free.


1. What about the menopause red clover connection?

Recently, research has unveiled the presence of many isoflavones in red clover. Isoflavones are plant-based chemicals that mimic the effects of estrogen on the body. Thus, isoflavones are potentially of significant help in managing the symptoms of menopause within the body. It is believed that they could be helpful in a number of conditions, from hot flashes to osteoporosis to improvement in cardiovascular health. Studies have not been conclusive as yet, but anecdotally, there is evidence that the ability of red clover to mimic estrogen in the body re-mediates the rapidly fluctuating hormones in the body, thereby reducing the side effects of menopause (such as hot flashes).
Red clover is a promising natural treatment for menopause, and other similar conditions as well. Because many of the discomforts associated with the transition to menopause is derived from rapid hormone fluctuations, the unique ability of red clover to induce a balance in these hormone levels (through isoflavones’ ability to mimic estrogen) is an excellent way to reduce these symptoms.

Particularly because of the low risk of side effects while trying to obtain menopause red clover benefits, red clover is definitely worth discussing with your health care practitioner as a potential way to mitigate the symptoms of perimenopause. As a medicine, red clover has been used in connection with cancer, mastitis, joint disorders, asthma, bronchitis, spasmodic coughs, jaundice, and skin inflammations such as psoriasis and eczema. It increases urine and mucous production, improves circulation, and stimulates the secretion of bile. Red clover may help relieve symptoms of menopause like hot flashes. It can also help with cardiovascular health and bone loss associated with osteoporosis.

2. My grandmother told me once that she had heard from Mabel Weir whose family had settled in Goon City when it was just woods and injuns that the folks who lived out where Harry did in the woods came out of Salem Massachusetts and some came down from Hartford Connecticut. There good religious Puritans during that period were hysterical over the presences of witches in their towns and set about killing them all off. Some families ran away, get the hell out of there and they came to the woods and lived. Of course as we all well know not all of them were witches but families who were persecuted for one reason or another. There was a lot of that going on back in those days. The land of freedom and liberty had a crack bigger than all the cracks covering a hundred folks butt holes. Could stretch many a mile some said. That’s why that liberty bell cracked. So any time any of these patriotic bull shitters wave the flag in your face give them one right in their kisser.

3. Now I remember an old coot that lived in my neighborhood saying that if you let Clara Palmer into your yard with her black magic then it was all over for your yard. He said Nigger Heads would start taking over your grass. I asked my grandmother about that and she told me this. That man is stupid, real stupid. Clara told me all about those plants once and the Plantain Ribwort or Plantago lanceolata was a wonderful plant and if such a plant got in your yard you should tend it as you would any precious plant. Move it to the garden, sow more seeds. Got a snake that bites you, use some Plantain leaves on the bite. It will draw out the poison.









Middle Path has this to say about Plantain: Plantain can be used as a tea, tincture or Homoeopathic remedy therapeutically, and is wonderful for detoxifying the body, and helps when a person is giving up smoking. A poultice on all-skin ailments and burns works quickly and bleeding stops immediately when you place a leaf on a cut. Psyllium husks are the dried seeds that come from Plantain, these can be used for roughage with your food for the bowel. They have the remarkable property of being able to absorb about twenty times their weight of water. We use Plantain chopped up in salads, stir fry, as a cooked green, soups, herbal tea, and add the juice occasionally to orange or pineapple juice for a green Chlorophyll hit in our daily food intake. You can also cook Ribwort like spinach.

Plantain will heal any wound or cut real fast. Here’s what YEA says about Plantain:

“Plantain is also excellent for bee stings, just crush the leaf up by rolling it between your fingers (traditionally it was suggested to crush it by chewing it a little mixing it with saliva to apply as compress) so that it’s damp and wet, you’ll definitely notice when you’ve bruised it enough, then rub over the bee sting or mosquito bite. Very effective and works quickly.
When I was visiting Lancaster, Penn a man there told me the Amish harvest plantain by the bushels to make compresses and other applications to be used for tendonitis, arthritis; I had a sprained knee at the time and I did rub the plantain leaf on my left knee as many times a day as I thought to, probably 3, 4 or 5 times ….within a couple of weeks I was completely out of my knee brace. People will think you’re nuts as I have had many people snicker at me as I’m constantly picking plantain and rubbing it on either a bug bite or tennis elbow area.”