Essays on LGBT Pride

Political Pride

Political Pride, Hartford Ct. 2006, l-r Eve, Goosey, Arvey. (The other side of Goosey’s sign say, “Can I just say Nazi?”

These are some articles that we have published on PRIDE. That once a year gathering that LGBT folks get together to celebrate the Stonewall Riots. Oh wait, nothing could be further from the truth now-a-days. We gather together to celebrate how far we have come in the oppressor state of americkkka. How many corporations love us, how many states we can get married in, and how many bombs we can drop on our sisters and brothers all around in world in the name of freedom. We gather together to celebrate some of the most vile, who we walk hand and hand with.

These essays posters, leaflets are just some of the work that we have been involved with over the years in expressing our continuing disgust in the direction of the lgbt movement.  We are sorry that we can not publish more of our work with Queers Without Borders as the person who was in control of the site deleted it.

front banner of jeri and us.












Pride NYC. Jeri in pink holding banner, Arvey behind in Pink, Frank in Blue, Rickie with shorts, and way to the left Paul with arm in air. This was the Bradley Manning Coalition at Pride.

There is some new excellent work being done by the young now in response to this corporate pride, in response to HRC and in response to the assimilation of so many lgbt folks. Harry Hay once remarked that assimilation is a way that a person excuses themselves. So sad that there are so many sorry ass excuses for people running around. I never thought that we would reach the day where the majority of folks want to be just like straights. Damn didn’t you folks learn any lessons? To the young who are working on opposing this sorry state, we say thank you. Use what you can from here if you wish. One last thing we are very proud of you for keeping alive the revolutionary spirit of our people. Keep it up and out.

1. Our Thoughts On Pride from Furbirdsqueerly, 2014

2. Pride With Queers Without Borders: OUT: The Making Of A Revolutionary.

3. LGBT/Q Pride, On The Radical Side

4. Queer Without Borders Presents: No Pride in Apartheid: Free Palestine.

5. Pride 2011: Punkpink Tells It As It Should Be Told.

6. Let The Words Of The Young Guide Us.

7. 30 Years of Pride, Hartford Ct. Hello, Hello, Hello

8. Pissed Off Trans* Folks, Queers and Friends Descend on Seattle Trans* Pride.

9. Stonewall Warriors Pride 2011.

10. Say No To Military Recruiters at Pride.

11. Pride Is More Than A Trinket Tribe.

12. We Take No Pride, Leaflet Pride Hartford Ct.

13. Queers Without Borders, Pride Leaflet

14. Political Pride, Federal Building Hartford Ct. 2006

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