Oh Art Oh Series

Oh! Art Oh! was a series written by the gang of 9 for the blog A Few Queers On The Prowl. Since some of the gang is now alive and kicking over here at Furbirdsqueerly and we love the ideas presented in the 6 part series, all of us said let’s republish these pieces for any of our new readers who would like to know what we think about art. Sometimes.

Now these 6 written works are not the only thing that we think about art. We think about art a lot and do make art like love sometime. Since we are not supporters of the Capitalist system we can not support art or artists that help to prop up this system at all. Now we never say, well at least Mr. Rich Fatpig is spending his money that he stole from the workers buying art which hopefully will lift his spirit out of the murder and mayhem that he creates by his very being. Not us. Today we will leave it at that as we don’t want to offend any of our artist friends who are clambering to sell their art just for the chance to get off their feet doing manual labor. Margaret Ann had a solution to that problem. Make your everyday your art and love every minute of it, while you are doing it polarize it to the point where other workers will join you in forming a united front against what ails you. Now wouldn’t that be something, far better than all of the old style paintings which new artists try to bring forth as new and fresh and really amount to going around and around in the same old circle doing the same old thing but calling it something different. Look at any art magazine and you will see what we mean.

To all of our new readers we hope you enjoy this series. To old friends maybe you and we can learn something new by re-reading and re-formatting these ideas into workable solutions to the problems that our world now faces. Let’s hope so. Anyway, Down with the Capitalist Pigs!! Down with art that supports them!!

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