Oh! art Oh! Part 3

Well, we just had to do it. We just had to publish another essay on art. We like art. After our last two essays some people asked us if we even liked art.  They thought our ideas to be very crazy, not art and we were trying to pull the wool over everyone’s eyes. The best response came from a person I saw on the street that accused me of being a lazy artist. HA! I will take a nap or two any day. Beats standing around painting, dragging a lot of heavy shit to install somewhere or talking in old art language.  Let’s make it clear now. Just so anyone can stop scratching their heads, we of course like art. We just have our own ideas on what we like.  This essay, Oh Art Oh-Part 3 will not go into our philosophy so much as show a very few pieces that we have enjoyed over the years and that our mailing list, and people who have seen these works on the street have enjoyed. We do want to show some ideas that we found down in a box. We have been going through a number of our boxes, of course the elite will say “our archives,” but we will say our boxes to see what we have stored away. Today we were in boxes that are down in the storage room. Within one large box we found other size boxes. One labeled the MADA ART PARTY has some fun works in it. We publish a few in this posting.  Works shown here are from 1994, 2000, 2001, 2006, 2009. The Photo’s of Emma Furbird’s art tools, and the Wall Scratching were sent to us this year.  The photo’s of the G-20 protests are from the Pittsburg Tribune.

Miss Williams was over to our place the other day to help us out going through the MADA ART PARTY boxes. We found this piece of George Bush and the Queen of England and thought it to be funny. Miss Williams thought we should publish it on this blog under a section called “A BLAST FROM THE PAST.”  Miss Williams said, “you know it isn’t nice to kick a dead horse but this one is alive and kicking and there is no telling what it is up to.” Baby has a bad temper, pound his fist and stamp the globe. Just because he is quiet at this time doesn’t mean a thing.” “Okay,” we said, “we will publish it.” We don’t remember when or where this was used but do know the how of it. This piece was wheat pasted up in the streets. We publish it here in case anyone missed it the first time around.

HA HA Picture Gallery



Everyone was introduced to Miss Emma Furbird in past postings the notorious toilet cleaning artist who went on to open up a mail by night art gallery, and now only comes out every once in a while when she feels the urge. Emma sent in this wonderful picture of her art studio and told us it is called:

Oh Art Oh

My Art Tools

Are ready to go!


Pass The Mop Once A Day All Clear Clean Art

On: One lobby floor

With: One wet mop

            One mop bucket

            Two caution-wet floor signs

Pass the mop across the floor. All wet. Wet spotted floor so nice as it dries in the  afternoon light. Feel 100% as the picture evaporates.

Emma also told us about another piece that she would like everyone to try once in a while.

Master line drawings. Continuing to draw with something other than a pen. 1971-2009.

Get out a long extension cord or two. One artist flipping, snapping, whipping, and flinging the long lines in the air. Let it hit the floor in any style.

You can try this out with any cord. See what you can come up with.

The next piece is a wall scratching. The piece is called Wall Scratching. No one knows the artist or the location of the art work but it was sent to us and the artist requested that we include it in our new posting. Of course we said, “Of course we will.”


Wall Scratching

by unknown artist in unknown location.

GUM spots, GUM spots

One person’s ugly is another person’s art.

The MADA ART PARTY has long loved the idea of random spot art. Most random spot art has given us more pleasure in our log lives than all the fine art within a museum. Gum spots along with rain spots are a real pleasure to us. We have always been intrigued on how the chewed gum gets from a mouth to the sidewalk. Other questions that we have entertained are… Are these spots germy? Do these spots attract rats at night that like a good chew? On a hot day how many goody two shoes have gotten sticky gum stuck on them? Where do they track it to? Is that place a new spot of spot art? How do those who do, get it off their shoe? How long does it take before a gum spot finally melts all away? How many people don’t even realize that these spots are gum spots? How many people like gum spots and agree that these spots are highly regarded sidewalk art?

GUM spots near the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art



We became overly interested in GUM spots on the sidewalks of Hartford when in November of 2001 a press release was sent out by Hartford Proud and Beautiful. The release was titled “Gum on the sidewalks is history in Hartford.” (just another failed project by the powers that be, now filed by us in Crazy ideas by lunatics in power.) Here is the full press release and two of the many photos that our roving reporter, Miss Quicktoseeandtelegraph took on Monday, November, 19, 2001 at 11a.m.

GUM on the sidewalks is history in Hartford.

Hartford, CT– Chewing gum is a nuisance that can be found on streets and sidewalks in cities and towns throughout the country. In downtown Hartford, however, several sidewalks will soon be free of those unsightly dark gum spots as a crew of gum removal specialists is currently working to rid several city streets of gum.

Hartford Proud & Beautiful, an affiliate of the Greater Hartford Arts Council, is working with Gumbusters, a national company with a franchise in Stamford CT, to do a trial cleaning project in downtown Hartford. The company will be working in downtown for several days starting today cleaning gum from Pratt Street and a part of Main Street.

On Monday November 19, 2001 at 11 a.m, Hartford Proud and Beautiful, the Greater Hartford Arts Council and Gumbusters will provide a demonstration for property managers and property owner in Hartford Proud & Beautiful’s  Adopt-a-Block program to show the effectiveness of sidewalk cleaning process. The demonstration will be done in front of One Financial Plaza on Main Street.

Gumbusters employs a patented cleaning system to remove chewing gum in a unique, effective and environmentally friendly manner. Gumbusters has done work for Bradley International Airport and several colleges in the state as well as numerous cities throughout the country.

Hartford Proud & Beautiful mission is to administer programs for a clean and attractive city. Michael Zaleski, Community Services director for Hartford Proud and Beautiful and the Greater Hartford Arts Council explains, “Clean streets and sidewalks are and important part of a successful city. Hartford Proud & Beautiful works on a daily basis to keep the streets of downtown litter-free. Removing ugly gum marks from sidewalks is a logical next step.”

The Greater Hartford Arts Council enlivens the spirit and economy of Connecticut’s Capital region by planning, promoting and raising funds for cultural programs that are building one of our nation’s most vibrant communities. By creating a total cultural and entertainment experience for all residents and visitors, we are making Greater Hartford on of the best places in America to live, work, and play.”

Well, well, well. They sure did entertain us on that day. None of the property owners that we know of jumped at the chance to have the gum spots on the sidewalks removed and taking a look around today as we walk-about the gum like the flag is still there.  Here is a photo of a Gumbusters getting out those damn spots off the sidewalk. We loved watching the gum spots disappear and we watched in awe as the wet spots left behind slowly faded by the November sun.



       50 invitations were sent out inviting people to go to any indoor parking lot and observe what “ready-made artists” were doing as far as art that winter. These shows were very popular and well attended. At the time of the showing Queer Artist 727 thought cars, winter snow, ice, oil, sand, freezing, cold, heat, warming, melting refreezing and anything else that entered to make these pictures on the parking garage floor to be just dandy.

Who makes art? LA LA LA LA LA LA, Who makes art?

Pretty Kitty and Yappy Dog were also working in the arts at the time of the MADA ART PARTY. Yappy dog now lives in Seattle with Lucy and is still making art and learning subtraction. Yappy Dog taught us all a thing or two about drawing and we enter a poster from those years of Yappy doing fine art in Hartford.


Fluffy was a big black cat who loved any and all things to do with art. Give Fluffy a cardboard box and by the end of the day you would have a fine art cardboard sculpture. Chewing and scratching, rolling around and breaking it down was the art process employed by Fluffy. Fluffy also loved to play “be a ballerina,” with a nice size piece of toilet paper tied to tail and chasing a long piece Fluffy would jump and twirl around. On the front porch Fluffy had a toy box. Well twice a year Fluffy removed everything from the box and dragged it out on the floor. Never played with the stuff nor bothered with it all year. But fall and spring cleaning by Fluffy was in order year after year for seventeen years of living the good life making art and being the best cat in town. We found this wonderful piece of mail art announcing the opening of the Fluffy Math School. Training Yappy was almost a full-time job as all Yappy wanted to do was make drawings.


And last but not least in this posting series is the famous artist Mr. Dickie Lee. Dickie’s claim to fame was that he made some very nice mono-prints of his private part, added a little message and sent the print out. Mrs. Emma O. Furbird and Miss Cassey Role were the recipients of one of Mr. Lee’s prints when they were running the Oh Art Oh Mail Gallery of Art. This print was published in the Oh Art Oh catalogue in 1994. We found a copy of the catalogue and wanted to share this artist and his print with our readers.


<Okay we had our fun time listen up>

Now we are in for some scary shit, hope you make the best of it. 

Scary Dancers after those who oppose.


Who are these thugish  men who march against their own brothers and sisters for the banksters and politicians that have stolen from them?  Are they on that much of a power tripping high that they don’t see they are helping the powers that be destroy what is left of their fellow citizen’s civil liberties and rights granted to them by the constitution and bill of rights?  Do they think, in the end, by serving the corrupt they will somehow be saved from the slaughter?  They better think again……~jg

Music by fascists hurts our ears. .  There is no end to their madness.

The Police in Pittsburg during the G20 deployed for the first time in the United States the Long Range Acoustic Device (LRAD), a machine that emits an ear-splitting noise that can reach up to 15 decibel, intended to subdue or disperse crowds and capable of causing permanent hearing damage.


The following video is posted on you tube by Anonymous Truther and is from Discovery Channel’s “Future Weapons.”  Within is an interview with the inventor of the Long Range Acoustic Device. We shake our heads and say, damn you pig, damn you fascists, keep it in the war zone. This weapon should not be used against the people here in the streets standing up as our constitution says that we have every right to do. We have always felt that if we stand up and be counted in opposition to capitalism, war, and the expanding of fascism here in the United States, then we expect to get what they dish out and we should be prepared for anything that such low scum sends our way. We fully realize that they are and have been capable of doing anything to try and stop us. But what gets us mad is when the pigs use weapons that will have a harmful effect on citizens who are just sitting in their living rooms, going about their business, or when their actions hurt children. We are warriors in the fight we expect to be attacked not the civilians. But then again, fascists beware, you attack the civilians once too often they just may get up from their chair and join in total opposition to you. Oh glory glory rush on that day. There is no turning back. It’s all for one and one for all against the pigs that prop up the old order. They use to march to the beat of a drum, now their black boots thump in the street to the screeching of the LRAD machine.

    We Will Win! Keep On The Road!!

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