Oh! art Oh! Part 5

Oh Art Oh Part 5.

Oh Art Oh Part 5 here goes. Rumpa just said, “This has to be the last Oh Art Oh,” let’s leave it at part 5 as five is an odd number just like you queerartist.” Rumpa was over today for dinner and wanted to put 2 beans in to the pot. Yeah Rumpa, we will say this is it. No more Oh Art Oh for now. But we may pop up at any time and say here we are, do you like us? Maybe we will ask one of our buddies to tell us a story, sing us a song one if by land 2 if by sea. Maybe we will take a good vacation from this blog and do nothing at all. Maybe, maybe baby we’ll go out and play in the snow with Alvin and Moe.

Welcome friends to Oh Art Oh Part 5.

Whistler’s Auntie Gert Sleeping in Her Chair.

Living Room 2009


Arrangement in Grey and Black

Whistlers Mother

What is tilting over up to?

“In those days, we didn’t do the same kind of audience research we do now,” remembers MFA curator Carol Troyen, who worked on the 1983 exhibition. “But the exhibit galleries were always crowded. There was a special crowd around that picture almost all the time.”..Speaking about Whistlers Mother.

Dear old Whistler’s mother hasn’t always been treated too kind and here are 2 videos for your enjoyment. We think the videos say a lot. (P.S. we hear she was a stern old bitch.)

Part 1

Part 2


Let’s eat and talk talk.

“It was all about the arts for the 300-plus people at the Hartford Club Thursday–the art of creative wardrobe, including feathered hats and lots of red; the art of helping others; the art of beautiful food and wine; and the art of caring about the arts.” art art art.

The Cocktail Party, Marisol, 1965-1966

“It was hard not to feel good, given that there were non-stop pours of beers, ales, tequilas, bourbons and wines and table after table of treats ranging from pear and bourbon-infused short ribs to ravioli-like Mezzaluna gremolata Parmesan clouds. It was the perfect opportunity to work the room for your own cause.”

And cupcakes yes Kerri we added these cupcakes just for you. Jump in and grab some before Mrs. Mighty Big gets to them. She can put away those little suckers faster than you can say Jack Sprat. Why not she drops a lot of moo-la in the art basket, can kiss kiss in the air better than any art whore around. Some say she is fun to be with, legs up in the air and all that but we say sure if she is paying we might get down for a fuck or two.

“Loved the installation. You can read a more refined synopsis of the artist’s work here, although I’m trying to reflect my reaction without reading too much. I’ll dig into others interpretations later….I was too busy schmoozing to catch the artist’s talks, sadly.”

Some people are left speechless by Italian art. Maybe that is because their mouths are full.

The Temptation of Adam and Eve

Michelangelo Buonarroti

“Why that looks as pretty as a picture.”

Pretty as a Picture: Very attractive, as in She looked pretty as a picture in her new hat. The noun picture alone was used to describe beautiful objects from the early 1800s on; this locution, however, dates from about 1900.

“Pretty as a picture, Giving you a gift.

pretty as a picture


“We stood there in awe. Neither of us could talk. We just looked out across the water and finally Mary said, “Now that is as pretty as a picture.” Take a photograph Stewart so we can take it home with us.”

Image result for pretty as a picture landscape

Charming the rich and pleasing the crowds, bring in that money boys.

If you got an art museum you know that you had better bring in the money or your sunk. You had better spend a lot of time smooching with the wealthy who love to be pampered and listened too, love to go out to dinner and love to tell other rich friends that they were out with you the director of the museum. But like all money given these rich folks want something in return. Maybe they give some bucks to host an exhibition then put their names up in lights. If they give some big bucks you can bet they want a gallery named after them. If they give you even bigger bucks then many a whole wing of the museum and if they give big, big big bucks or lots and lots of art then we don’t give a blast name the fucking museum after us. That’s part of the deal, raw or not. We don’t care how many years it was call “A” name it ”B” after me. It’s nice many people say that the rich love to give away their money to the arts and at least art isn’t killing people so they are a much need commodity. They love art and art loves them. We need the rich to help put on shows, pay the staff, make sure there is heat and lights, and a host of other things that the rich do for us. Once a person in an alternative gallery when speaking about support for an exhibition by United Technologies said, “Well at least the money they are giving to us is not being used to make more war machines.” Well honey you are missing the point. That money is money that has been made from the war machine. Many of us opposed also any involvement with exhibitions that Philip Morris sponsored. We knew like they knew, that cigarettes were and are killing people. So why would we want to be a part and parcel to killing people? We all have to draw the line somewhere in the sand and stop supporting these the rich who make their money exploiting  the workers and killing people. Everyone of you could go ahead add all the other things that they do most foul if you wanted to in the comments section. There is an old poem that is now lost where old poems go that poets lose that talked about blood on ones finger tip, on fingers, hands and arms. The poem went on and soon we were standing gazing at the some of the wealthy with blood up to the tip top of their heads. Can’t say that blood on the finger tip if it is someone elses blood is at all okay in a queerartist book.

I am rich. I made my money burning and bubbling the skin off of people. I love and support the arts. Do you love me? 

We once new a rich patron of the arts who was from the Dow family. Now do any of you know what Dow made and why Dow became so un-famous. Well Dow Chemical Company made napalm. That suff that was dropped all over Vietnam. That stuff that if gotten on your skin burned and burned and you couldn’t get it off. Their slogan was, “We bring good things to life.” Damn you fuckers burned, children, women, men, cows, pigs, chickens, deforested land, incinerated homes and on and on. We should love you and kiss your butt now because you support the arts?

Here what Kim Phuc a napalm victim has to say:

“Napalm is the most terrible pain you can imagine,” said Kim Phúc, a napalm bombing survivor known from a famous Vietnam War photograph. “Water boils at 100 degrees Celsius. Napalm generates temperatures of 800 to 1,200 degrees Celsius.” Be sure to click on Kim Phuc to read about what happened on that day.

Put this in your pocket-book and smoke it Ms Dow Chemical heavy supporter of the arts. May the ghosts of those napalmed haunt you and let it be known no matter how much money you give and give the naked burning flesh is on your hands.  And fuck you art galleries, museums, artists that bubbling burning flesh coming off people just like you and me gets on your hands when you say yes to Mrs. Dow and her evilness. Please cut the shit out when you say, “Well at least she is giving her dollars to the arts.” Fuck that she should be setting up hospitals, and care for all of her victims. Yeah but we know that money talks, bullshit walks and art whores are everywhere.

8 June 1972: Kim Phúc, center left, running down a road near Trang Bang after a South Vietnamese Air Force napalm attack. (Nick Ut /AP)

In an interview many years later, she recalled she was yelling “Nong qua, nong qua” (“too hot, too hot”) in the picture.

Modern napalm is composed primarily of benzene and polystyrene, and is known as napalm-B,[2] super-napalm, NP2, or also Incendergel. The commonly quoted composition is 21% benzene, 33% gasoline (itself containing about 1–4% benzene to raise its octane number), and 46% polystyrene. The mixture is difficult to ignite; a reliable pyrotechnic initiator, often based on thermite (for traditional napalm) or white phosphorus (for newer compositions), has to be used.[4][6]

Original napalm burns 15–30 seconds, napalm-B can burn for up to 10 minutes.[6]

Napalm 877 was used in flamethrowers and bombs by the US and Allied forces, to increase effectiveness of flammable liquids. The substance is formulated to burn at a specific rate and adhere to surfaces. Napalm is mixed with gasoline in various proportions to achieve this. Another useful (and dangerous) effect, primarily involving its use in bombs, was that napalm “rapidly deoxygenates the available air” and creates large amounts of carbon monoxide causing suffocation. Napalm bombs were notably used in the Vietnam War.[2] (69)

When will all of us draw the line. We have to somewhere and somehow.

So what are the rich good for besides eating if you like meat? Many of us don’t so we must find something else to do with them. Any ideas dear readers that you can add to the pot is very much appreciated.

Here are a few of the exhibitions and please note these are only a very few of the exhibitions that the rich have sponsored and the bourgeoisie have ga gaed over, and the working poor have stayed away from in droves.


  1. Put on an exhibition of the Impressionists. Pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty, pretty.
  2. Put on an exhibition of Robert Mapplethorpe. Be sure to show the X portfolio. This will bring out a large number of folks including demonstrators.
  3. Put on an exhibition of Chihuly. Oh say can you exclaim beautiful. Art after the Impressionists can be pretty.
  4. Anything Wyeth. Safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe, safe.
  5. Colt’s guns. Bang, bang, I shot you down, bang, bang you hit the ground. You have been killed with a very elegant gun.
  6. Faberge’ eggs. Out of the goose up on the mantel. From the collection of the late Czar and his late family.
  7. Anything Egypt. (be sure that your advertising has lots of mummies.) Here’s one that will bring in the working class.
  8. Hold a fashion show or two exp. of Versace or Armani. Be cool. Be fun. Be plastic.
  9. Show the Chinese Terracotta Army. Hudge draw. (Everyone likes war, except those who war is being waged on.)
  10. van Gogh, Cezanne, Monet, Picasso, Koons. All safe bets, crowds pleases, and money makers. Can’t see the picture for the crowds.
  11. fine jewelry of any kind. Show rich people’s stuff. The rich will love you and the poor will want to be rich so they can dream of being rich too. (keeps the system going)

Mr. Director and Museum officials:

Be sure to invite all the rich donors to a private preview dinner party so they stay in your corner eat some good food, be with others of their kind, and if all works out be written up in the next days gossip column saying very stupid things. The people, yes the people the everyone else can sweat it out, jump up and down trying to see the what’s on exhibit. That is if they can afford to pay the price of admission.

pARTy Favors

Our pictures are like pARTy favors. Something to take home from the fun and games of our pARTy Hardy Walk About finding art that we know our dear heart will like and become all enthused and join our band of hoodlums. We had the art and we loved every minute of it then we moved on and waved our byes to the spot where art it dwelled. So take a look at what we found while out and about one day.

Sleigh woven into a fence.


Queerly colored landscape with 3 snow balls melting.

White line with fallen iceberg.

Evil Dirty Snowman

Let’s end it with Evil Dirty Snowman. One doesn’t think of a snowman as being evil, and dirty, maybe the balls have a few leaves and there is some  grass and a bit of this and that in the snow body, but not evil or dirty. (here we could use the term dirty as in a dirty deed.)  Do you think that this has anything to do with what we are talking about above? Miss Mary May thinks that it looks like Ms. Dow on her best day.

EEK! GADS!!! run everyone, run away!! Before she drops some art on you.

a P.S.

Just when we thought we were done our dear friend Margaret Hansen sends us an essay from the Editorial Notebook of the New York Times. The article by Eduardo Porter The Power of Art can be found by clicking HERE. This article appeared in the Times on February 16, 2010 the same day we published our Oh Art Oh Part 5.  Here is just a bit of the shit in the article. Stuff we have been talking about and telling what we can do about it in Oh Art Oh Part 1, 2, 3, 4, and 5.

Here are a few lines from the essay. It starts:

“As it turns out, the very rich did feel the pain of the global financial crisis — just not for long.”

Art, of course, is a window into the soul. It builds meaning from thin air. It measures the pulse of culture, the heartbeat of civilization. All that. But it also is a neat indicator of the unique economics that govern the lives of the Masters of the Universe who buy it.

Works of art are among those peculiar commodities whose appeal grow as their prices rise. They are Veblen goods, named after Thorstein Veblen, the economist who posited that conspicuous consumption has an inherent purpose as a signal of status. They work a little like that short-lived “I Am Rich” iPhone application, which for $999 flashed the picture of a red gem.

Evolutionary biologists argue these conspicuous purchases do the same job as peacock tails — signaling to peahens that they are fit enough to expend an inordinate amount of energy on producing colorful feathers. The French sociologist Pierre Bourdieu argued that aesthetic choices are social markers with which the powerful signal their power and set themselves apart from other, inferior groups. Anybody can buy stocks. Hedge fund managers can buy pickled sharks by Damien Hirst.”

“That’s why the record set by Giacometti’s “Walking Man I” is so significant. Not only does it signal that the plutocracy believes it successfully eluded financial Armageddon. At a stroke, the sale made clear that the rich are back in their rightful place at the apex of the world.”

Go and read the whole essay. It isn’t long. Anyone who continues to support such bull shit should be met with the full force of a revolutionary art army.

(69) Info on Napalam from Wikipedia

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